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  1. Twitter messages

    This pic is old pic but was cropped. I guess he was waiting for the official tag to post full pic.
  2. Pakistanis up in arms over Mahira Khan photo.

    Ishant Gupta? What an autocorrect. I am sure you meant Esha Gupta
  3. Program Whitewash loading - 60%

    In T20's in 2016 and In Tests in 2013. SHould be our first in ODIs if we do it :)
  4. Virat Kohli+ MS Dhoni

    Whats this? Have seen this a lot. Here is an article too.
  5. Virat Kohli+ MS Dhoni

    Samjha Karo. ICFers are in alternate universe.
  6. Pant's case looks exactly like Samson 2.0 TBH Just another hype Boy.
  7. Kohli is real special and everybody else is hype.
  8. The Birth of T20 Revolution.
  9. Downvoting/Negative Reputation has been disabled

    What do you expect from a troll mod who goes on whining that people downvoted him? Knows only abuse of power. And no one is even bothered to look into this after several complaints.
  10. LMAO. Brilliant. We could make a collection of these gems
  11. This has the thisara perera dismissal which was not out. But such is a reputation of MS that umpire didnt even refer to the 3rd umpire.

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