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  1. sscomp32

    Why was Jadeja n Ishant Fighting on-field ??

    Please translate. :)
  2. Oh yes I forgot we only play white ball cricket this season. Tests next season. Sent from my SM-G611F using Tapatalk
  3. Not yet. Sa and Eng are done. Aus is going on and Nz to come. Still 40% left. Sent from my SM-G611F using Tapatalk
  4. Sorry this may sound like a broken record and it's going to be a year now but kohli dropping Rahane in sa cost us the series. Overseas is his forte and the bad England series can happen with anybody. Like kohli in 14. The shots rahane played today were not shots but a statement that he is back. Sent from my SM-G611F using Tapatalk
  5. Chutiya hai kya be. Ishant has been Indias 2nd best pacer for sometime now behind bumrah. I am bigger bhuvi fan than you but he should comeback in place of ICF's darling Mr Umesh 'I don't have Brains' Yadav not Ishant. Some really wierd gaanja this phhhaaassttt bowling group is on.
  6. sscomp32

    Test Career predictions - Kohli

    He forgot to mention I said if kohli remains injury free. [emoji14] Otherwise I am more likely going with Slickr. Sent from my SM-G611F using Tapatalk
  7. sscomp32

    Rohit actually looked “alright”

    Kohlitics at it again.
  8. sscomp32

    Will Kohli skip WC if Anushka gets pregnant?

    MS didn't. Neither will kohli. Garbage thread. Sent from my SM-G611F using Tapatalk
  9. sscomp32

    Glenn Maxwell, Aaron Finch opt out of IPL auction

    INgram should be a sureshot pick even at 5 crores. Just shows how much ICF is disconnected IPL is the biggest league but NOT THE ONLY League. Infact INGRAM and Curran are the only 2 names worthy of that price tag in that list. Everyone is either too old or just a TTF.
  10. sscomp32

    This series will mark the arrival of Shaw

    You are being harsh on Rayudu. Yeah i agree he is aged and he was **** but he developed himself very well recently. Should be given a proper chance to prove himself. But i definitely agree about maul and shocker. These 2 should be banished from representing India at any level.
  11. Ideally it should read 4 wins/3 wins after this series since this is the weakest aussie team but you never know. Its aus in aus and they are always tough.

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