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  1. sscomp32

    MS Dhoni Videos

    @Shunya @velu @Ankit_sharma03
  2. sscomp32

    MS Dhoni Videos

    Already doing that but the problem here is a few of pre 2010 matches are no available anywhere publicly. Either they are with some private collectors or maybe some video dvd shop. I tried looking for some odi Matches like sa series in 05/06 with no luck :( Anyways I will make the collection with whatever I have and post when I have time.
  3. sscomp32

    MS Dhoni Videos

    Kuch aur bhi hai. Actually twitter is great if you follow and interact with like minded people. else its a bigger garbage. https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:HDDDT3GmY-IJ:https://www.wisdenindia.com/cricket-blog/the-dhoni-school-of-life-remarkably-unhurried-supremely-efficient/269810+&cd=13&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=in Got deleted so i posted a cache link .
  4. sscomp32

    MS Dhoni Videos

    https://tarequegetsporty.wordpress.com/2016/01/30/dhonilytics/ read this :)
  5. sscomp32

    MS Dhoni Videos

    One more MSD IPL Stumpings
  6. sscomp32

    MS Dhoni Videos

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JLPjMqFfYAinsJ4YhyqR3qxkNvxh41Nz/view All t20 stumpings @Shunya Uploaded but forgot to post.
  7. sscomp32

    Grievances thread

    That's partially true but I haven left yet. The lack of dhoni videos is due to my teaching job. :) Have a lot to upload but time nahi hai bhai. But you are right in the fact that whenever I had to post anything, the group of hounds will start attacking dhoni. And by anything I mean anything. They would turn a simple 2+2=4 post into "what does dhoni think about that? " It's that toxic. Anyway i would post soon when I get time from school.
  8. sscomp32

    Your 16 man squad for Asia Cup?

    Rest/Drop/whatever kohli. He shouldnt play. Do whatever with others.
  9. sscomp32

    Your 16 man squad for Asia Cup?

    Bhai look clearly. Every csk player is marked as winning mentality.
  10. sscomp32

    Your cricket bucket list

    No time bro. Maybe kabhi vacations me. Atleast need 3 days. 2 days travel and 1 day watching at the least.
  11. sscomp32

    Grievances thread

    @beetle@beetle What happened to ignoring the mods? I am seeing the dhoni obsessed mod's post again. 
  12. sscomp32

    Grievances thread

    Yes. I can see everything.
  13. sscomp32

    Grievances thread

    What happened to ignoring the mods? I am seeing the dhoni obsessed mod's post again.
  14. sscomp32

    Grievances thread

    I wish i was allowed to speak my mind, but the moment I say anything a bunch of hounds wil start attacking Ms. :)

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