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  1. Finn Allen from NZ. I am sure someone will emerge from AFG.
  2. What do you expect when he is dropped for raina who returns a pair? Whats the guarantee he wont do it again?
  3. I can try my best to search, will post if i have any update.
  4. The Unpopular Cricket Opinions Thread

    Has anyone mentioned yet that Koach is an ABSOLUTELY **** CAPTAIN. If we have to compete in u19 wc Rohit has to take over ODI captaincy.
  5. Kohli will be the first captain to get us whitewashed in SA it looks like.
  6. Or maybe tell nupur to join the power circle of ayesha-ritika-anushka ;)
  7. Duck face phuker LMAO Never seem rkt this angry
  8. Why settle for for someone who can't bat overseas in test when you have rahane on the bench who can both bat and is a better captain than koach?
  9. Bhai, Rahane ne tera kya bigaada hai...

    Radhika failed to join the power circle. Also rahane displayed better captaincy than him in dharamshala which everybody praised so he got rid of the danger to his throne. Next is rohit. Koach scored More than rahane in mcg but people still talk about Rahane's slap to Mitch but nothing about kohli. Rahane has a Lords 100 before koach. How dare he.
  10. I was part of that too. I said he won't play bhuvi 2 matches in a row and I was correct.
  11. Goose's Player Predictor - please read

    Sorry goose not interested now after what the koach did right now.

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