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  1. sscomp32

    D Chahar- quick rise to first team

    Valid point but bhai just one game. And came in as injury replacement. Won't get any game with everyone fit. And you will never know how someone is unless you try them.
  2. sscomp32

    I know what to expect in England: Ashwin

  3. His dedication in Bangladeshi style facebook memes is commendable.
  4. sscomp32

    Jos Butler

    Reminds me of this.
  5. Still wrong. 1-0 in 2014 series. Could have easily been 1-1. We were thrashed this year.
  6. Bewda is a cheerleader only. Kohli is the Koach.
  7. What happened after this was carnage.
  8. sscomp32

    Captain Kohli and his love for past it cricketers.

    +1 KL Rahul is a prime example. He is by the best all format young batsman we have IMO but wasted for more than a year giving stupidly idiotic reasons. Also rahane's growing stature as a test player. When it comes to MSD, even he knows he needs MSD so does not touch him at all.
  9. The biggest thing for me in this match will be captain rahane. Was good in Dharamshala so looking forward. :)
  10. sscomp32

    Scotland vs England - Only ODI -Edinburgh, Jun 10 2018

    Don't go by title , its last ten overs
  11. sscomp32

    Grievances thread

    I have 30+
  12. sscomp32

    Grievances thread

    Late addition after i said you can't. Or maybe recent addition because it sure wasn't there some time ago. I tried.
  13. sscomp32

    The Never Ending Thread

    You don't have a wife.
  14. sscomp32

    Pujara's county performance thread

    This is embarrassing
  15. sscomp32

    Ishant Sharma county performance thread

  16. sscomp32

    Twitter messages

  17. Shakib wasn't wrong when he said this : Afghanistan favourites in series against Bangladesh - Shakib
  18. sscomp32

    Grievances thread

    Thanks. No more of obsessed mod.
  19. sscomp32

    Grievances thread

    What if i want to ignore mods ? You can't do that here.

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