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  1. cricketpitch

    Why do Dhoni fans hate Pant?

    who are these Dhoni fans you talk about? Is there a Dhoni fans club all over India who are spreading hate on other Wicket keeping batsman? Or is it just some mythical group made up by the ICF posters?I don't see anyone belittling Pant's knock anywhere, probably a few here on ICF who are doing the same. Is ICF representing the whole of India? Fantastic innings by Pant and he would get picked for the Indian team soon.
  2. We are taking Afghanistan test too lightly. Hope we don't get embarrassed. I remember when we played with a full strength team against Bangladesh on their debut, they surprised us with 400+ in the first innings. Only due to innings from Sunil Joshi and Sourav Ganguly were we able to get a marginal lead. We blew them away in the second innings though. With so many regulars missing Afghanistan who are much better team than Bangladesh was in 1999, will have a chance to beat India A team. Nabi, Rashid and now Mujeeb are playing in India and know how the young Indian batsman play and know how the pitches behave as well.
  3. cricketpitch

    Now will Kohli do the honour of stepping down from RCB captaincy?

    He is fit now. He did have some issues at the start of the tournament but he is fit now and should be picked right away. He is an active player at the international level and his experience will help RCB. Both him and Woakes need to be in the X1 for the next game.
  4. cricketpitch

    Now will Kohli do the honour of stepping down from RCB captaincy?

    Virat has been poor with selections in the Indian team has well. RCB have Tim Southee sitting in the dugout and also have Navdeep Saini. Why aren't these two playing? What is the point of playing two kiwi all-rounders when you are not even bowling one of them in the entire match? Grandhomme has been active playing cricket for NZ but Anderson has been injured and out of the game for a long time. He gave him 4 overs to bowl in the game. RCB's problem is with bowling. They need to get rid of Cory Anderson and play either Chris Woakes or Tim Southee. They also have the option of having Parthiv Patel opening the batting and benching Quinton De Kock to play both Woakes and Southee. This will mean that they have 2 good experienced international bowlers and they can try Saini in the place of Siraj. Patel Kohli ABD (INT) Mandeep CDG (INT) Sundar Woakes (INT) Umesh Saini Southee (INT) Chahal The above looks much more balanced X1 than the one they picked for the game today. They have Sundar and Chahal as the spinners. Woakes, Southee, Saini and Umesh to take care of the pace bowling. CDG can give Kohli couple of overs if needed. So that gives them 7 bowling options and 2 all-rounders in the middle. They cannot play QDK and the two Kiwi all rounders in the X1. If they still want to play QDK, they can drop Woakes and play Saini and Siraj but that is not ideal.
  5. cricketpitch

    Foriegn players who should not playing this IPL edition

    People forgetting Andrew Tye as well as he was holding the purple cap not that long ago. Dwayne Bravo has been good for CSK. Narine and Boult have been good as well.
  6. cricketpitch

    Ishant Sharma county performance thread

    Good to see Ishant bowling full and swing the ball. Hope he does not go back to "back of a length" as soon as he plays for the national side.
  7. Why should they? IPL is a franchise league people are free to support whom they want. I know people who are born and bred in Illinois and don't support Cubs (their local base ball team). If you look not many teams in IPL have too many locals playing for them anyways. CSK built their fan base as lots of local players played for CSK in the first few seasons and MS Dhoni who was the biggest brand in 2008 captained CSK. In the first few seasons, CSK had Vijay, Ashwin, Badri, L Balaji, Aniruddh Srikkanth in their team, the rest of the IPL teams had very few unknown names playing for them. Mumbai probably was another team which had Sachin captain them and few locals playing for them.
  8. Australia did not need an all-rounder because they had great bowlers who could bowl opposition out. The all-rounder theory only comes about when your 4 bowlers cannot do the job. 5th bowler is a luxury unless you have a Kallis who was a great batsman and bowl 140 KMPH. The Australian bowling attack of McGrath, Warne, Gillespie, Lee, Fleming, Kasperowicz, McGill et all did the job for them. West Indies did the same, their 4 prolonged pace attack were menacing enough but again they did have Larry Gomes, who could roll his arm over if needed, even though he wasn't required to bowl a lot. Viv Richards also bowled some part time stuff but again, West Indies and Australia did not require all rounders. If you have 4 very good bowlers who can maintain pressure and pick wickets, the 5th bowler is a luxury. Unless your 5th bowler gives you runs regularly, he is a waste of space. Teams like India need the 5th bowler because the 4 bowlers mostly don't do the job. Even now Australia is only playing 4 bowlers in the Ashes and they did the job for them. Australia did not play Cartwright or Marsh in the first test.
  9. cricketpitch

    This is India's best chance to win a series overseas.

    India won test in 2006 series and in 2010/11 series in South Africa. Not sure what you are talking about. Even last series India came close to winning the first test in SA. We have been competitive in the last 3 series there.
  10. cricketpitch

    This is India's best chance to win a series overseas.

    MSD wasn't. His field placing was point on when he kept Kohli in kind of straight mid on for Brendon McCullum. Lo and behold, McCullum hits one straight to Kohli and it is as easy as they come and our current captain shells it and rest is history. India's catching through those 2 years was pathetic which was the reason we struggled to compete. Nothing to do with Dhoni's rigid captaincy. Even in England India went into the third test leading 1-0 and Cook who was in Woeful form, edges when he is still in single digits and it was a straightforward catch, the slip fielder drops it and Cook goes on to get 90 odd. His confidence restored and India get hammered in the rest of the series. It is easy to blame one person for everything that went wrong but that is not entirely true. Dhoni was a bad test captain but all was not his fault.
  11. cricketpitch

    This is India's best chance to win a series overseas.

    2010/11 was our best chance to win a test series in SA. Our bowling blew it after having SA on the mat. March Boucher who was out of form through the series suddenly strung a partnership with Kallis to pull them out of the woods. After having them 130/5 we should have bowled them out for 200 odd and chased the score. This has been the case with our bowling all the time. 2003/04 1-1 we batted way too long in the first innings (187 overs to score 700 runs) and did not leave enough time to clean up the Aussie line up. Those were the two series which will haunt me to for ever. We could have already won the series in both those countries but failed to do so. It is almost like we are afraid to win series in Australia and SA that we start to choke the moment we get closer to one. 2013 series wasn't bad, we should have ended up 1-1 at least and we should have won 2-0 in NZ. Instead we ended up losing 1-0 in both. Stop blaming the spinners, our pace bowlers choke worse than the spinners. Our pace bowling attack needs to perform similar to how our spinners perform at home for us to have a chance of winning. It is easy to blame Ashwin or Jadeja for all our overseas woes but to be frank our pace bowlers haven't maintained enough pressure for the spinners to attack.
  12. cricketpitch

    Sachin Tendulkar vs Steve Smith - Comparative Analysis

    Who said it was not a good innings? Ashwin's 100 in that game was a very good innings which helped India to good total. Even though a physical game, cricket is played between the ears too. The innings like the one Smith played in extreme pressure situation needs to be lauded. Same with Ashwin, even though the opposition was not great, that innings was crucial for India. Kapil's 175 no is still talked about even now even though it was played against Zimbabwe as it came when India were tottering at 17/5. If Kapil had gotten out, India would have faced their most embarrassing defeats in a long time.
  13. cricketpitch

    A great article on Hahane's state of mind.

    So you guys want to drop Rahane as well and play some rookie in SA? We are already going to play Rohit who will be a walking wicket in SA. Rahane is a brilliant player outside Asia. He has the technique and shots to score runs everywhere. You just don't drop players because they are going through a bad patch.
  14. cricketpitch

    Best non-indian spinner in indian conditions??

    If you are talking about visiting spinners, there have been Saqlain Mushtaq, who had a brilliant series in 1999. He also did very well overseas. Saqlain averaged 34 in Australia, 25 in England and 30 in NZ. Greame Swann is another fantastic spinner who visited India and had a great series in 2012. So no I don't think Lyon is the best visiting spinner. But Lyon surely is one of the best finger spinners in last 2 decades.
  15. cricketpitch

    Sachin Tendulkar vs Steve Smith - Comparative Analysis

    We are not talking about the quality of the innings. Please read again. It does not matter what pitch the innings comes in. Steven Smith showed lots of mental resolve to play that innings. If he had gotten out at that time, England would have ended up with a Sizeable lead and the game could have been different. He dragged his team from 84/4 to 20 odd runs lead. England tried to frustrate him but he still remained unfazed. That is what is called a great innings. It is strange that you think that the Gabba innings wasn't special.

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