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  1. cricketpitch

    Virat Kohli - Worst Ever Captain In IPL

    He is a horrible LOI captain for India as well. We saw his amazing tactics or lack of it in the final two games against Australia when Dhoni was absent.
  2. In Australia YuppTV is an option as well for IPL at least. They are giving it for AUD $22.
  3. cricketpitch

    Really humbling day for Pant

    I know that leg-side stumping is difficult and I am not blaming him only for that one miss. His overall keeping against spinners is not good. Also he is not a good enough fielder to play as a batter alone in the team. You need to be able to field well to play as a batter.
  4. cricketpitch

    Really humbling day for Pant

    Don't care about the crowd but Pant needs to improve a lot as a keeper. That stumping he missed, Turner was so far down the track. He just need to collect the ball and the batsman had no chance. He just has really hard hands standing up to the stumps. He needs to work a lot on his primary skill. It does not matter if he is the greatest batter India ever produced, if he cannot keep, he should be nowhere near the Indian team, unless he can field like Jadeja. He is young, so I am giving him the benefit of doubt, lets see how he develops and improves himself. His mental fortitude also will be tested in the 5th ODI. India seems a confused side now as I don't think the team management knows what is their best squad or even their best X1.
  5. Do you know how many years Kumble played before becoming decent overseas? A good part of 10 years. He was very ordinary on the 1996 tour to SA, 1996 tour to England, 1997 tour in WI, 1999 tour to Australia. His started evolving as the overseas spinner only after 2001 (His debut was in 1990). He used to keep things quiet but did not pick many wickets except for few innings here an there. The 2003 Australia tour you are talking about was 13 years post his debut and at least 10 years post him becoming regular in the Indian team. Spinners develop late and Ashwin is at the stage of his career where he will start to deliver for us. Don't expect spinners to run through batting line ups on seaming conditions overseas. Like how we should not expect our pacers to run through batting line ups in India. He did well as the support act, picking up 2/40. Also Sam Curran survived a very close LBW shout, only saved because of the umpires call. He took 7 wickets in the first game at Edgbaston, I sure that was a minefield?
  6. On a day 1 wicket a spinner takes 2/40 and we are still complaining? The basic fact is that the moisture in the pitch dried up and it became a good batting wicket in the afternoon, like it always does in England. Sam Curran is a good young player and he just played positively and scored runs. Ashwin did well to keep runs under check and picked up 2 wickets. On an overseas tour, this is the best you can expect from your premier spinner on first innings of a Test match. I know some people just want to get rid of him from the team for Good, but that aint happening for the moment, so scream as much as you want, Juddu isn't getting in.
  7. cricketpitch

    India squad at Asia Cup

    Asia cup is not world cup. Kohli is playing through bad back now and in the heat of UAE, he might worsen it and might be out for couple of months. The last thing we want two months before the Australian tour. Bumrah just came back from injury and has shouldered heavy work load in the third test. He might do the same in Southampton as well. No need to play him in the heat as well. Rohit and Dhoni are sure starters, Kuldeep and Chahal will be there as well. India has a chance to try out young pace bowlers for this series. I will not play Yadav or Shami as well. Rahul or Dhawan can be part of the team as well. Kohli and Bumrah are our top Test players at the moment and we should not play them in Asia cup right after as 2 month tour in UK. Kohli would have played all the games (3 T20s, 3 ODIs and 5Tests) and it will be stupid to make him play Asia cup which in large scheme of things matters for nothing. India won the last edition, not sure how many people even remember that now.
  8. cricketpitch

    India squad at Asia Cup

    No point in playing Bumrah and Kohli in Asia cup. Bumrah has just returned back from injury and Kohli has been having bad back. These two are crucial for India's chances in Australia. Bhuvi has returned, so I am assuming he will be part of the squad.
  9. cricketpitch

    What happened to Bhuvi's batting?

    Do you do any research before opening threads? If I remember correctly, he was India's best batsman besides Kohli in South Africa. Which series have you been watching? Averaged 33.6 with the bat in two Tests he played. Better than any batsman other than Kohli in that series.
  10. If Rahul is dropped, it is due to his own doing. He started with a hundred and then was underwhelming in the next 4 innings with the bat. So he was dropped for the 3rd ODI. We have all been advocating for him in the side but when you have competition you cannot afford slip ups. Rahul cannot be a player who scores once in 4-5 matches and goes missing after that. He needs to be consistent. We need consistent batters in the X1 and we don't have any besides Kohli.
  11. The first Test between India and England was a fantastic one. The game was in balance almost until the last moment and both teams had a fair chance to win. Unfortunately for India though, England just had that little bit extra in their tank to get to the finish line. The Indian problem was once again related to the batting. The bowling attack did extremely well and in spite of some uninspiring captaincy, managed to bowl the opposition out in both the innings. The batting struggled once again to stand up to the pressures of Test cricket outside sub-continent. Virat Kohli was brilliant with the bat but did not receive any support from the rest of the batting lineup. This was not a one-time occurrence, as India faced the same issue earlier this year in South Africa. A series which everyone in India believed the visitors should have won. The batting lineup has been struggling for consistency outside Asia for a long time and the first England Test was just the proof of the same. India’s last Test tour outside Asia before the South African series was in West Indies. A series again in which the batting suffered. Ravichandran Ashwin saved India from the blushes twice with two hundreds. The fact that the hosts were lacking experience helped India to crawl out of those holes they dug themselves in. The Indian team needs more than Virat to win, at least for this series. Ajinkya Rahane and Murali Vijay are probably the most disappointing of the lot. Both the above-mentioned players were part of India’s last overseas leg and scored runs everywhere. The other problems for India are KL Rahul and Shikhar Dhawan. Both the opening options have been struggling for form and India don’t have any replacements at the moment. The wicket-keeping spot as well needs a look in. Dinesh Karthik not only struggled with the bat, his glove work wasn’t that great either. With just a few days between the first two Tests, India cannot do anything drastic in terms of preparation but would need to somehow dig deep to see how they can turn this batting problem around. Cheteshwar Pujara might come back into the team for Lord’s and it will be interesting to see if India gambles with Rishabh Pant in place of Dinesh Karthik. The opening combination will be interesting as well as all three of them failed in the first Test, so it will be a lottery of sorts as to which combination plays in the second Test. The bowling attack looked good in both the innings. If Jasprit Bumrah is fit he will mostly replace Umesh Yadav in the line-up. The other position in question is Hardik Pandya. No one is sure what his role is in the XI. His batting doesn’t give India enough runs and his bowling is non-existent. India has the option of playing either Ravindra Jadeja or Karun Nair in his spot. India still has a great chance of winning the series and for that to happen the batsmen have to fire. Virat Kohli is the only world-class player in the side and the gulf in class showed in the first Test. The experienced players in the lineup need to step up and if that does not happen, the one man army will struggle to win consistently outside the subcontinent. India has invested lots of time on players like Cheteshwar Pujara, Lokesh Rahul, Ajinkya Rahane and Murali Vijay, and this is their chance to reprise that faith.
  12. cricketpitch

    Is this best opening day India had overseas in last 20 years?

    We have had better opening days in the past, couple of them come to memory: 2003/04 Pakistan tour, India finish on 350 odd for 2 with Sehwag batting on 220+ 2009 NZ tour, Bowling out NZ for 279 and being 20 odd for no loss at the end of first day.
  13. cricketpitch

    Why do Dhoni fans hate Pant?

    who are these Dhoni fans you talk about? Is there a Dhoni fans club all over India who are spreading hate on other Wicket keeping batsman? Or is it just some mythical group made up by the ICF posters?I don't see anyone belittling Pant's knock anywhere, probably a few here on ICF who are doing the same. Is ICF representing the whole of India? Fantastic innings by Pant and he would get picked for the Indian team soon.
  14. We are taking Afghanistan test too lightly. Hope we don't get embarrassed. I remember when we played with a full strength team against Bangladesh on their debut, they surprised us with 400+ in the first innings. Only due to innings from Sunil Joshi and Sourav Ganguly were we able to get a marginal lead. We blew them away in the second innings though. With so many regulars missing Afghanistan who are much better team than Bangladesh was in 1999, will have a chance to beat India A team. Nabi, Rashid and now Mujeeb are playing in India and know how the young Indian batsman play and know how the pitches behave as well.
  15. cricketpitch

    Now will Kohli do the honour of stepping down from RCB captaincy?

    He is fit now. He did have some issues at the start of the tournament but he is fit now and should be picked right away. He is an active player at the international level and his experience will help RCB. Both him and Woakes need to be in the X1 for the next game.

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