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  1. Indians in County Championship 2017

    Ashwin has done well with the ball in the chances he has received. The pitches except for the first game has been pace friendly. He has supported the pace bowlers of his side well with the ball with crucial wickets and also has scored those important runs. If he can repeat this next year, India will do well in that series.
  2. MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    When you you still have 100+ runs to score, you don't farm the strike and hit boundaries. Dhoni had faith in Bhuvi's defensive technique, that's the reason he gave the strike to him. Bhuvi mentioned that Dhoni told him to bat like he would do in tests as there were lots of overs and there was no need to hit out. If Bhuvi had gotten out, Dhoni would have done what you said. You cannot farm the strike and score 100 runs with tail, that is never going to happen. If you watch Steven Waugh bat, he would always give a lot of strike to tail enders, one's who are worse than Bhuvi. He chickened out as well right according to you? When you require less than run a ball, Dhoni taking majority of the strike and trying to hit boundaries would mean that India would have fallen behind the run rate or worse would have lost Dhoni.
  3. That's not true in tests. His economy rates are always hovering around 3-3.2. Between 2013 till now Ashwin's economy rates in those countries is just 3.18 which is better than anyone except Jadeja. Our fast men have close to 4, Yadav has close to 5. No matter what you or I think, Indian management would not be dropping a guy with 300 test wickets on any pitch unless he miserably fails to perform. So you can be rest assured that he is going to play in SA.
  4. It is wrong and insulting to call people like Ashwin, Murali Vijay being in the team for the wrong reasons. They both are world class players and deserved to be in the X1 with or without CSK. Even Jadeja who was ridiculed a lot and backed by Dhoni is India's second best spinner right now and I think this CSK thing has been brought here too often. I don't think it is entirely right. We have a world number 1 spinner and India's best test opener currently from CSK. You are saying they should not have been picked or backed by Dhoni? Also lets look at overseas thing, Only Vijay and Ashwin played from CSK in overseas test matches. In ODI's possibly Mohit Sharma from CSK played. Vijay was our best batsman overseas behind only Rahane and V Kohli and Ashwin was our best bowler behind Umesh/Shami in the world cup. Jadeja did well in SA and England in the chances he got. Not sure whom you want to pick instead. The downfall of Dhoni was not due to CSK, it is because of our batting legends all flopping at the same time and possibly the negative captaincy by Dhoni himself. CSK and their players have nothing to do with India's failures overseas. It does not even make sense.
  5. The Five Bowler Theory

    5 bowler theory is already out of the window to play rohit. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  6. Countdown to 300 wickets for Ashwin

    Indian pacers don't have to do all the job but should not be giving 4-5 runs per over. Let me give you a statistic. India played 5 pacers in Australia. 3 of them went for more than 4 an over. One bowler went for 6 runs per over. The average for the pace bowlers on wickets they should have been taking the lead is 50 at an economy rate of 4.30. So tell me this, if the pace attack who dominate in overseas conditions taking wickets at 50 runs per wicket and giving 4.3 runs per over, how can a spinner attack from the other end? The captain goes to the lead spinner and says control the runs and he bowls defensively. I understand your point about pacers not bowling long spells in India but again what about bowlers like Ishant? Umesh? who have been there for a long time. Umesh has been playing since 2012, Ishant since 2008. If you are saying that these bowlers are not capable of adjusting to overseas conditions then they have no business representing India. Even in the 90's we had Venky and Srinath who hardly bowled at home. In fact India used to play 3 spinners with Ganguly sharing the new ball with Srinath but still they bowled brilliantly overseas whenever they got chance.
  7. Countdown to 300 wickets for Ashwin

    The biggest problem for India would the performance of the pacers while traveling overseas. First test against NZ is the prime example. Most of the time when spinners play overseas, the pacers take the responsibility like how the spinners do while playing at home. Ashwin and Jadeja did bulk of the bowling and took most of the wickets while Shami, Yadav gave crucial breakthrough's when needed. The onus is on the spinners to do majority of the damage in conditions like these. When we go overseas, most of the wickets are not conducive to spin bowling and the onus is on the pacers to do the same thing but Indian pacers except for WI haven't done that. When you are relying on your spinner to win you games on concrete roads of Australia, you are not going to succeed. Spinners in Australia are the support cast and yes when they get a pitch like 2013 Durban or 2014 Adelaide, the spinners will step up but on other pitches it should be the pacers with the spinners ending up with 2-50, 3-70 sort of figures while pacers do majority of the damage. Ashwin and Jadeja have struggled because the Indian pacers are not consistent.
  8. To be really frank, Kohli's backing of Dhawan and Rohit could mean the end of Vijay and Pujara for good. Since Rahul has done well, he will keep his opening spot and with India not playing overseas for another year and a half, Kohli might continue with Dhawan as the second opener. I don't know if Rohit will succeed or not in tests. He did succeed in ODI after 5-6 years of continuous backing in spite of failures. Now he he is receiving the same amount of backing in the tests, he surely is the luckiest cricketer ever to play for India.
  9. Is Joe Root the best English batsman you have seen?

    He is if you were born in 2010. England had some amazing batsmen in the past. In the 90's you had Thorpe, who was fantastic. we had KP who was and still is a magnificent player. Cook and Trott are also brilliant. Before you had Gower, Gooch etc all. I am not even going to the 70's and 60's. Root is a fantastic player but calling him the best English player would be premature at the moment.
  10. Ashwin,Vijay or Rahane-Who is India's Test player of the year?

    It is funny that two guys who were called quota picks are topping the ratings lol...Ashwin for me as he was instrumental in India winning a test series in SL after 22 years.
  11. Couple of interesting answers in Ashwin's interview: R Ashwin loves to talk. He gets agitated and takes a dig at the media if he is asked about India's 'tailor-made pitch theory at home' in recent times, but he doesn't mind going into great depths while discussing various other issues. The 29-year-old had a fantastic 2015; he was easily India's player of the year, setting up two Test series wins ­ against Sri Lanka and South Africa. In a week's time, Ashwin will be off to Australia, trying to win an ODI and T20 series Down Under. Before that, he spoke to TOI about the year gone by and his plans in the coming year. Excerpts: It's been an incredible 2015 for you. What do you feel about the year? It's been really good. I was a bit disappointed by the way 2014 ended when I was not part of the Test team on quite a few occasions. It was the right time when Ravi Shastri (team director) and Bharath Arun (bowling coach) came in and they have been instrumental in turning things around. I hope I replicate the performances in 2016 as well. How have Shastri and Arun helped you? They have allowed me to make mistakes. They have either told me how to correct those mistakes or pointed out where I was going wrong. I am somebody who likes communication - I want to be spoken to and I want to speak to people. They have not mistaken me when I have gone and spoken to them on issues and they have only added value. Earlier people had mistaken me for speaking out but that hasn't been the case with these guys. What was your highest point of 2015? It's the Man of the Series award that I won in Sri Lanka. It was my first Test win abroad. I was a very important part of that tour along with a young captain and I hope we live many such moments this year as well. Your most satisfying scalp of 2015? It has to be AB (de Villiers) in Nagpur. I hadn't bowled the carrom ball to him for a while. During that innings, he was getting outside the line of leg-stump, trying to get the LBW out of the way. I beat him on the leg side once, then I beat him with off spin and after that I landed one on the stumps. He thought the ball would turn, it didn't. Over a period of 10 balls I built that dismissal up and it was one of the best of my career. Carrom ball is a delivery that you use quite brilliantly. How is it different from the doosra and do you think doosra can be bowled without bending your arm? Carrom ball is a proper knuckle ball and it can't be bowled with an offspinner's grip. It is a finger-spinning ball and you don't use the wrist or elbow to bowl it - it's like a legal leg-break. But I don't think the doosra can be bowled without bending your arm, may be the topspinner but not the doosra. Getting back to last year, who was the most difficult batsman to bowl to and why? It's a difficult pick when you have a good year (smiles). But because we played one Test in Australia, I would probably say Steven Smith. He is a great batsman, uses his feet well, and even though has got out to offspinners quite a bit, his quick feet, quick hands make him a difficult batsman to bowl to. You have the happy knack of getting the best opposition players out. It was AB against South Africa and Kumar Sangakkara against Lanka. So during the Australia series, who is your target, Smith or David Warner? Well, I am not targeting any batsman. I am just hoping for a very good challenge. I think I am a little better equipped this time to win a series abroad and I hope I contribute my best to the team's success. Australia are struggling with a few retirements and injuries. There's already a buzz that India have a great chance of winning the series. Your thoughts... Every team goes through difficult phases and Australia are going through that. But all teams are very strong at home and when you are playing there, it's about how well you start. It's true that with the kind of players that we have, there is a decent chance, but the most important thing is to enjoy the tour and relish the challenge. You have spoken about how you enjoy playing under Virat Kohli. Is it difficult to adapt under two captains in two formats? And how different are Virat and MS Dhoni in their captaincy? I don't think it's difficult to adjust playing under two captains. I know both of them very well and they have both shown confidence in me. They are very different as captains but there is no one method to winning a game. Virat is more of a communicator who inspires, motivates and leads from the front. Dhoni is a better handler of emotions - he is all to himself and takes everything on his chin and handles it with a lot of maturity. MS is not playing Tests any more but Virat stands out in the way he tries to push players up and it's a great quality to have. But a comparison can only be made when Virat has led the side for seven to 10 years. You are always developing new deliveries. What's new up your sleeve? I always keep trying things. I feel if a batsman can play a reverse sweep, I can also bowl leg-break. With that thought, I have been trying the leg-break and I think I have mastered it now. But I will be sure when I unleash one in a match situation and take the top of off-stump. The next one is probably the googly and the flipper, but I haven't tried those. You take your batting seriously. Are you working on it, more so with the ODIs and T20s coming up? One day I aspire to be the best all rounder in ODIs. I am creating an environment where I can achieve that and I am very sure I can do it. I have no issues working with anybody and I am open to any advice. I am ready to give everything a try. We know you firmly believe in the 'tailor-made pitch' theory. Do you think it will continue next year, when India will play about 12 Tests at home? There's no point me talking about it. Fighting against the media is like hitting the wall. Media is always going to find someone to explain on their behalf and any opinion that a cricketer gives is going to be countered by an ex-cricketer because media pays him. I don't see a reason why we should have a debate on the pitches because you have already decided what you want to say. All I can tell you is that we don't prepare the pitches. We play on pitches that are given to us, we don't complain when we go abroad. Curators are paid to prepare pitches, we are paid to play, the fans are paying to watch, and you are paid to write. So I am not going to get into this pitch debate. That's fine but are you OK with Test matches getting over in only two-and-a-half days? Probably the batsmen coming from abroad can bat a little better so that the matches don't get over in two-and-a-half days. When England came here a couple of years back, Test matches did go on for five days, didn't they? Finally it seems you have got some good spin bowling back-up in Ravindra Jadeja and Amit Mishra? Mishra's a senior bowler, he is not a back-up. He is a bowler from whom I have learnt from and Jadeja has always done well in Test cricket. He has sometimes been blamed for things that he hasn't done too wrong - he is a fine Test bowler and bats decently lower down the order. So I don't think Jadeja's rise to form is a surprise and I am happy for him. Source - Cricbuzz
  12. Rohit Sharma return to action Red carpet thread

    Dude Smith was dropped from the team. He made a comeback. Rohit needs time off the team to work on his game in FC. India don't have to play him for 30 tests just to give him a chance to succeed. Drop him, send him back to first class, if he really wants it he will work hard and get back into the test team. Smith did that, Hayden did that, Gambhir did that, Vijay did that and there are so many examples around the world. Rohit is no golden child to be treated differently than other players.
  13. Rohit Sharma return to action Red carpet thread

    Ishant is a good bowler but for a guy to play 70 tests and average 37 with a SR of 67 isn't ideal. Ishant is way to inconsistent for a front line bowler. For a 3rd bowler with two good front line bowlers he is fine as he might have averaged lesser then. He seems to have improved now. Ideally we would want our front line bowler to average at least 30 and SR of 57-58. Hope he gets there.
  14. Rohit Sharma return to action Red carpet thread

    The reason we need to give the fast bowlers a longer rope is because we are thin in that department. We cannot compare Rohit and Ishant. If India were rich in fast bowling department, Ishant wouldn't have played so many tests. I will be surprised any pacer around the world who has played close to 70 tests averaging 37 among top teams. The possibility is only with India and Sri Lanka as they have been pretty thin in that department. In terms of batting we are not lacking in options or talent, therein lies the problem. If India had no options and are struggling to find decent batters, I agree that we need to stick with Rohit but that is not the case at the moment. we have good young players who are waiting in the wings and are not getting in because we have decided to give a guy numerous chances more than anyone in the history of Indian cricket.
  15. Rohit Sharma return to action Red carpet thread

    It is unfair that one player gets so many chances while the others don't. Rohit has played 29 innings in test cricket which is quite a lot. There have been players who have been discarded after one or two failures and never made it back to the team. In the 90's and for most part of 2000's lots of batsmen did not make it to the X1 because of the talent we had in the batting. But that was due to the fact that we did have legends playing in the X1. Now we have some mediocre players holding up places while the youngsters are waiting in the wings without a chance to play in the X1. We need to do something about this. Let Rohit go back to first class cricket and come back as a changed player. I am not saying discard him for good but we need to be fair with other players too. By trying to give time for Rohit to fulfill his talent we should not miss out on other talents who can actually make the difference in the X1. Rohit's place is the only spot which is up for grabs as we already have Rahul waiting to take Dhawan's spot. Kohli, Vijay and Rahane are here to stay.

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