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  1. EPL 2017/2018 - OILFC won in november

    Red kunt
  2. Is Indian Tennis Scene ever going to pick up?

    In recent years tennis facilities have improved in India. I am lucky to have Tennis courts near by my home, but its little expensive. Maybe one day i will be able to ....
  3. The Australian Open 2018

    Pathetic Australian open. They closed the roof and assisted Federer. Cilic clearly not happy with Roof being closed. With DJokovic undergoing surgery mostly, dont see him playing till Wimby. With no djokovic, murray in French open federer might give it a try in FO.
  4. The Australian Open 2018

    Looking forward to Cilic vs Federer final with chung retiring at midway of the match.
  5. Is Indian Tennis Scene ever going to pick up?

    More than the loss, his injury is what worries me.
  6. The Australian Open 2018

    Chung vs Federer. Don't think Chung can pull this off at this biggest stage. Federer to play cilic in final and cilic will bendover like Wimbledon.
  7. The Australian Open 2018

    Nole's injury is not fully healed and he lost to Chung today. Looks like another AO title for Federer unless Dimitrov steps in.
  8. Tennis :2017 season

    Nadal with an easy draw in AO. Tough draw for Nole considering he is making a comeback from injury. Wearing the sleeves His serve motion has changed too Hope his elbow is fine Initially there were doubts regarding his participation. Looks like Nole will play the tournament. Practiced today with his team including Agassi
  9. EPL 2017/2018 - OILFC won in november

    De Gea protected by a fking bus every week
  10. Football 2017-18 Thread | Also Fantasy PL thread

    Tottenham has always been a tough opponents for city always. Sensing an upset tbh.
  11. EPL 2017/2018 - OILFC won in november

    The Perfect Goalkeeper For Man City | Ederson Analysis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xq0U8ZqVlP0
  12. Football 2017-18 Thread | Also Fantasy PL thread

    BTW whose username is this?

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