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  1. kumar713

    Football 2017-18 Thread | Also Fantasy PL thread

  2. kumar713

    WIMBLEDON 2018 discussion (and grass tune ups)

    Y don't u support djoko then
  3. Fraud keeper DDG
  4. kumar713

    WIMBLEDON 2018 discussion (and grass tune ups)

    Nole is officially back Proved so many people wrong Sweet 13
  5. Germany by far looking good compared to others
  6. kumar713

    WIMBLEDON 2018 discussion (and grass tune ups)

    Glad that Nole is playing too. Facing qualifier in 1st round after that it is getting tricky
  7. kumar713

    Fifa WC 2018 Matches [16th June]

    C'mon Argentina
  8. kumar713

    Is Indian Tennis Scene ever going to pick up?

    Long way to go.
  9. kumar713

    WIMBLEDON 2018 discussion (and grass tune ups)

    Murray fit for Queen's tourney. Facing Kyrgios in first round
  10. kumar713

    French Open 2018

    So as many guessed it is Nadal vs Thiem in the final. La Undecima coming soon Don't see Thiem pulling an upset here. Rafa in straights with tight first 30 mins maybe.
  11. kumar713

    French Open 2018

    Good draw for Nadal. NID he will be in final. Decent draw for Nole
  12. kumar713

    Liverfool vs Real Madrid !!!

    lolpool Real Madrid
  13. kumar713

    The ATP Tour 2018

    Nole vs Nishikori in Madrid 1st round Kei will be high on confidence after reaching final in MC. Tough match awaits for Nole.

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