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  1. shortbread

    I accept Dhoni as the Lord and Savior

    Most likely a loss, but atleast a contest. The middle order looks as pretty as a crystal vase, also as fragile as one! Dhoni is well past his prime but he can still put up a fight. India lost the game, but wasn't humiliated.
  2. shortbread

    I accept Dhoni as the Lord and Savior

    The only advantage Dhoni has over the rest of the batting lineup is experience and grit! When the batting line up is on a song and the top order fires, Dhoni's batting is a liability. But on days Dhawan and Sharma fails (looks fragile now), Dhoni is the only thing in the middle order that stops bowlers running through the batting order like hot knife through butter! The swagger of Pandya, the 'biriyani' of Raydu, the street smartness of Jadhav, the 'brilliance' of Karthik all goes missing on days like today! None of these guys have any fight in them.
  3. No he'll make more money from this. Plus theres a lot of people who will encash on a celebrity's stupidity. If it's not this guy then it will be some other random journalist.
  4. It's their own fault, no one else to blame! Not the board, the country, the host, PR agencies, etc...etc.... The fault lies with both players. I do not think the punishment is fair and very much over the top, but they should have seen this coming! I can see they thought all this was cool but man it was stupid. Lessons learnt one hopes!
  5. shortbread

    Hatsoff Kohli-Shastri !

    How many times does he have to fail for people to understand the obvious!
  6. Shastris standards of fitness are very different from BCCIs
  7. shortbread

    Life has come a complete circle for KL Rahul

    I will miss that little hand wave fist punch celebration of his everytime he crossed a milestone! Oh wait its not coming as there's no milestone in the foreseeable future!
  8. Marathi manhooss fans trying to justify Vihari becoming a sacrificial lamb for the greater cause..... i.e having NoH!t Sharma back in the test squad. Mumbai's curse on Indian cricket, that overweight double chinned flat track bully!
  9. He will come in, very sure about that.
  10. I think 3 pacers and a spinner-all rounder to do the holding job will suffice. Makes room for 6 batsmen.
  11. Isn't that essentially creating a longer tail?! After Rahane it's the march of the walking wickets, zombies stepping into a firing range after India is just 4 down! While what you said is likely, I do not agree with it. Vihari should not be dropped after just one game. He had two starts and can chip in with the ball. Dropping after a single game is unfair!
  12. Don't be surprised if Pandya walks into the test squad for the next test! So once Vihari goes India's epic tail starts. - Pant: Short fuse, sooner or later will fall to Lyon - Pandya: Squared up repeatedly in England, same against Aussie pace trio - Shami: Go out to bat, hoick, get caught, come back to dressing room - Ishant: All heart, will fight it out, hopefully 10 runs from him - Bumrah: 'WTF do u expect from me!' AMEN!
  13. shortbread

    Umesh- what has gone wrong with Umesh?

    It's not his fault! Horses for courses, something the clueless management does not understand. He is excellent at home, where his endurance enables him to run in and bowl at pace. He is very skilled with the SG ball. But don't expect him to do the same when India travels all over. Keep him as a back up pacer. Umesh does not have the skills or brains to extract the best from helpful pitches.
  14. The team management does not know it's best team. Kohli never gets the right XI on any said pitch to win the game. The issue is there is no one that will challenge him. Shastri the marathi manhoos leads a pointless existence and simply wants to fatten himself and his wallet.

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