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  1. shortbread

    Most Worthless Player of IPL 2018

    I dislike Noh!t, but Yuvi was worse!
  2. shortbread

    M31 | RCB v MI | Chinnasawamy 1st May 8 PM | #WeStillHope

    That chubby buffoon NoH!t will be a walking wicket in England! Struggled in both ICC tournaments in England. Only the gauthi manhoos wants to see this guy in the National team.
  3. shortbread

    The legend of Chubby cheeks

    Yup, chubby keep going......runs or no runs!
  4. shortbread

    This is the best IPL season so far!

    Yes good IPL so far, plenty of close games. Good to have RR and CSK back......Pune, Gujju franchises were like cheap imitation replacements!
  5. shortbread

    Standard of IPL dropped?

    Is as ignorant as a comment as an 80 year old English OAP saying that Indians cannot win tests in England, have standards decreased?! lol The fielding within some teams have been disappointing but the fact of the matter is unlike the earlier editions, we are no more in awe of impressive catches, diving stops, catch-release-catch boundary takes, direct hits etc. Remember IPL started with some big name old legs Laxman, Ganguly, Tendulkar, Dravid, Sehwag, McGrath etc.......those days we were impressed to see a half decent catch. Not anymore......nowadays it's expected and disappointing if a half-chance isn't converted to a wicket. Imagine these guys in today's IPL, will be fish out of water......the benchmarks have been raised. The bowling standards have improved especially the younger Indian ones. New tricks of the trade like knuckle ball, slow bouncers etc.... big names like NoH!t, Gambhir, Yuvraj are struggling to put bat to ball. But at the same time batsmen still believe 16-20 run an over chases are possible. The games have gone both ways, teams chasing down massive totals as well as teams defending 6 runs an over and snatch victories. BRILLIANT IPL so far. But I can understand if all this is a lot to digest..........one can always watch youtube clips of India's odi games from the 90s and be impressed watching teams huff and puff while chasing 220!
  6. shortbread

    Humble pie for Dhoni haters

    No point......uneducated northerners! muh kholte hee aukaat pata chalta hain! Reflects their upbringing.
  7. Shastri/Gavaskar all had a crush on young NoH!t because of the gaauthi thing. Even when getting bowled NoH!t reeks of talent.....cringe!
  8. Ashwin's fitness....or lack off.....costing the team.
  9. Saha should do a Pujara, forget all this T20 stuff and focus on his test career. A county stint will help him cement his test spot rather than keep struggling in the IPL.
  10. shortbread

    How rubbish is Kohli's captaincy?

    I was impressed with Dhoni's innings yesterday and was also caught up in the following hype. 24 hours later my perspective has changed. He played well, respected the in form bowler, ran quick singles, hit the big shots when needed, it was in some ways vintage Dhoni. That said this was a much poorer bowling attack. Dhoni will not face the sort of pie-chuckers Kohli seems to have packed RCB with, anywhere else in the cricketing calendar. That was a club level bowling attack as well. Plus he had excellent support from Raydu and Bravo. So all in all, it was an epic innings against a weak opposition in friendly batting conditions. That said I sincerely hope this innings and this IPL per se, reignites some of Dhoni's old form and confidence. Because India will need it if there's any hope of winning the WC. The Mumbai Minions trimurtis, a.k.a NoH!t, Pandya and to some extent Bumrah.....they are a big setback to the teams prospects. They will play nonetheless but do not deserve to. I hope Rahul replaces NoH!t. Dhawan and Kohli are good at the top. Then rest of the batting line up is a lottery. Dhoni in form will help proceedings a lot. There is no other reliable keeper batsman available to replace him atm.
  11. shortbread

    Humble pie for Dhoni haters

    Yes, in form Dhoni is vital for WC19 hopes. 2 reliable batsmen at the top, Dhawan, Kohli, followed by a number of passengers including NoH!t, then a few 'fake' all rounders...Jadeja....Pandya etc......In this scenario Dhoni is vital. U cannot rely on any other Indian keeper batsman.
  12. shortbread

    Humble pie for Dhoni haters

    If there's any Indian keeper batsmen that is capable of doing it, must be Dhoni. The replacements that keep turning up, Saha, Patel, Karthik are nowhere close to him as an all-round package. The guys walks into the team and deserves to.
  13. If Kohli will be leading the Indian side for the upcoming WC, Dhoni must be part of the squad in order to actually captain on the ground!
  14. Mumbai will win today.....amazing team.

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