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  1. He's been playing International cricket for TEN YEARS! No point in still blaming the coaches, NoH!t must be able to realize by now!
  2. Rohit Sharma Becomes Kagiso Rabada's 'Bunny'

    NO, HE HAS NOT! Stop lying He struggled in CT 2013 held in England, thankfully Dhawan was in top form and made up for the balls Rohit wasted. Rohit failed in all the initial games apart from a 50 against WI. Failed against Pakistan as well. Then failed in the Semi Finals and failed in the Finals! How is that 'doing well? Prithvi Shaw did well in the recently concluded World Cup In 2017 he scored against the minnows (surprise, surprise!) and made runs against SL and Bangladesh. Failed again in the finals against Pakistan. He will fail again against quality attacks and has been exposed on this tour! He made his debut more than 10 years ago.....TEN YEARS..... and still cannot remove the FTB tag! I know the mumbai NoH!t fans association are campaigning vigorously to have this clown captain the National side, but it will not happen. Kohli will outlast him! I another 5 years you will hear his voice on Star Sports with rest of his tribe like manjrekar etc.., 'Ailaa Kohli nne six maara', uska aukaad utna hii hai, commentary karne ka!
  3. Rohit Sharma Becomes Kagiso Rabada's 'Bunny'

    So what is your solution to NoH!t's ineptness, give all decent international pace bowlers an Indian citizenship?! NoH!t will be a walking wicket against all the decent teams in England during the World Cup! Kohli now hides him in the slips as well, his fitness is perhaps on par with Ashwin. The guy gets chubbier every passing day!
  4. Weeding out deadwoods. But How?

    My fear is it will be too late by the time the team management realizes. Heading to England, only the top four teams will qualify out of 10. Apart from Bangladesh and Sri-Lanka every other team has a gun pacer. On a fresh English wicket even if flat, combined with a new ball and overcast conditions, Rohit will be a walking wicket. This will then expose Kohli early on. In the two Champions trophies played in England, he has failed against every decent opponent scoring only against the likes of WI, SL, Bangladesh! This time though India plays against every one of the 9 other competing sides, so the top six will be in a dog eat dog battle. If Dhawan doesn't fire in even one of these games India will be staring at being two down immediately. What's worse is that Rohit is a very slow starter.....his numbers this series Game1 - 20 (30 balls), Game2 - 15 (17 balls), Game3 - 0 (6 balls), Game4 - 5 (13 balls)!! He will be out within 10 overs and leave India with a low run rate piling pressure on batsmen following.
  5. Weeding out deadwoods. But How?

    We should be looking for a replacement opener already. His stats are the biggest 'lie' in world cricket at the moment. Based on stats alone he should be scoring 50s regularly, in this ODI series the guy has barely managed to make 20 RUNS!! Stats my foot! Not like he was just drafted in all of a sudden, almost 2 months he's been in SA. A pet ape would have been acclimatized to the conditions by now, but apparently not the 'greatest batting talent' in the team! Failed in the tests, failing in the ODIs, if deadwood has to be epitomized by one name, then that is.........ROHIT SHARMA!!
  6. Let Prithvi Shaw replace Rohit!

    His Coach is perhaps the best technicians of the game the country has ever seen. Dravid will have known what works for the kid rather than try and turn him another 'mcc manual' clone! India has an opening slot available in both ODIs and Tests. Lets start with the ODIs and see how the boy responds. Kohli debuted when he was 19 as well. Prithvi will be a much better player than NoH!t, and will hopefully have a more productive career than one based on milking scores against minnows for longevity!
  7. Let Prithvi Shaw replace Rohit!

    True, the team now is a squad of 10 players with NoH!t contributing absolutely NOTHING! Failed in 10 INNINGS on this tour but shamelessly makes it into the playing 11 everytime.
  8. NoH!t is guaranteed to flop outside India against a decent pace attack. Need a new opener to accompany Dhawan.
  9. The only thing in favour of NoH!t at slips is that gravity pulls all that mass to the ground. Nothing else, no spectacular catch or stops!
  10. Either have Rahane at slips or get in a second slip!
  11. We are to blame for Pandya...... he's a bits and pieces cricketer who's maybe not fully ready for International cricket. Sang him praises way too soon. Well let see what he does with ball in Hand.
  12. Why is NoH!t spared? He failed every time he went out to bat in SA.....Thatss 10 INNINGS! No other batsman in either team India or SA have failed like how NoH!t has!
  13. NoH!t is a terrible liability! Because Dhawan is in good nick, it saves the top order despite the 'Mumbai Manhoos's faliures. Imagine if Dhawan has a bad day, India will be 2 down. NoH!t needs to be kicked out.

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