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  1. Lets see if this Thampi guy can bowl under pressure..... or whether he'll be taken to the cleaners!
  2. Whats the guys pace? trundler?
  3. A couple more overs of Negi instead of Stoinis. RCB would have been comfortable. Dhoni's belief in himself is incredible! He's nowhere close to the batsman he once was, but Dhoni is convinced otherwise.
  4. hehehehe....... gauthis and their gujju masters lose!
  5. shortbread

    Dhoni you arrogant SOB!

    He's buying a 2 match ban! He's been struggling for fitness and I think being disciplined looks better in his books than having to sit out injured!
  6. shortbread

    Dhoni you arrogant SOB!

    He has definitely over stayed his welcome and should have retired a couple of years back! But everyones going over the top, he's not the biggest issue Indian limited overs cricket faces atm.
  7. shortbread

    Dhoni you arrogant SOB!

    Baba'ji that's the problem! U spent all ur time on the couch watching fake wrestling! Try owling for real especially when ur over decides the game's fate. Stokes was struggling against the left handers but was on the ball against Dhoni. They're humans not laser guided missiles that 'never miss the target!'
  8. shortbread

    MS Dhoni IPL batting tracker [ 2019 ] !!!

    I thought the only keeper batsman options India had were Karthik and Pant?!
  9. shortbread

    Dhoni you arrogant SOB!

    Ailla.... how dare u bring this up?! Those wins dont count to gauthis since Sachin'paaji didnt score centuries in either!
  10. shortbread

    Dhoni you arrogant SOB!

    Arre these marathi manhooss folk arent thankful! That ban gave u lot an IPL cup, thank urs and nita autny's lucky stars. Cherish those moments cos it aint happening again. CSK'ne tera kyaa ukhaada hain? We even took the serial groper Bhajji of ur hands! Mukesh'ji still has nightmares about that evening!
  11. shortbread

    Dhoni you arrogant SOB!

    U have a captain who goes all MC BC the moment something is out of his control (thats 99% of the time), the last thing one needs is a loud mouthed keeper as well. The guy is close to 40 and perhaps is playing his last IPL..... emotions can go overboard!
  12. shortbread

    Dhoni you arrogant SOB!

    Arre ur team is run by India's second most corrupt family! Take this win over serving under gujju overlords anyday.....wether as a team or the whole friggin state!
  13. shortbread

    MS Dhoni IPL batting tracker [ 2019 ] !!!

    2 Indian keepers on that list!
  14. shortbread

    Dhoni you arrogant SOB!

    AILLA... gauthis and their obese gujju masters cant swallow another csk win! lol
  15. shortbread

    I accept Dhoni as the Lord and Savior

    Most likely a loss, but atleast a contest. The middle order looks as pretty as a crystal vase, also as fragile as one! Dhoni is well past his prime but he can still put up a fight. India lost the game, but wasn't humiliated.

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