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  1. 18 runs when faced with the best batting conditions on the tour so far and when India was under no pressure! Pandya is a unique gem, bowling all-rounder when India bats, batting all-rounder when India bowls!
  2. That strategy has won him dozens of loyal supporters!
  3. Guy had fight, even in hopeless situations he is'nt giving up. Pity u look at the batting order now, the guys walk out as if they already wet their trousers!
  4. He has the swag of an all-rounder! I don't think anyone playing this England India test series has Pandya's swag.
  5. shortbread

    Does Shastri play the scapegoat's role too?

    Shastri is like a villain's side kick in action movies, the one you know will be the first to be killed when the revenge mode kicks in!
  6. shortbread

    Whats this agenda that India Today is running against Pandya?

    The problems can be easily resolved if Pandya puts in a performance that counts! It's his 3rd test in England and let him prove his worth. Rest assured Kohli will play him. If it's few docile overs again along with a 10-20 odd when batting, then there's no point in blaming others.
  7. shortbread

    Whats this agenda that India Today is running against Pandya?

    There's no agenda. If one is a die-hard fan then everything will look like a conspiracy theory! To others it's shocking the guy is playing in the side. Imagine if u see Stuart Binny playing in this team, he scores 10-20 runs every odd innings, a handful of docile overs, few lucky wickets.....u couldn't bear to watch it. One would think how is he even in the side? It's the same feeling, only this time the guy is thinner, has 'swag' and wears jewellery. If there's a campaign to see him off the test team, I'd join in as well!
  8. shortbread

    Whats this agenda that India Today is running against Pandya?

    What if they are of the same opinion? They gain nothing by going after him.
  9. shortbread

    Whats this agenda that India Today is running against Pandya?

    Pandya does not deserve the all-rounder tag in Test cricket. Being mediocre in both departments of the game doesn't deserve that tag. Presently his fan following are simply dwelling in the failures of the rest rather than reasoning with what he really delivers on the field. He presently hurts the balance off the side. I would still stick with 2 spinners and 3 'genuine' pacers. Albeit, none of this matters, Kohli likes Pandya and his swag. He'll play all 5 tests!
  10. shortbread

    Is Ashwin the best choice for captain in Tests?

    Need to wait till the end of the series before taking such a call.
  11. Tbh.....apart from Kohli he's the only other batsman that looks like he wants to be on the crease.
  12. shortbread

    Cricket Equipment advice

    Thanks a lot Tattieboy, much appreciated. I take it you are based in Dundee. By the way 'Tattie'boy, makes much more sense now. Instead of the veg related name, I thought it meant something totally different, u know in a colloquial Hindi sort of way!
  13. shortbread

    Cricket Equipment advice

    It's for indoor nets batting/bowling practice. Any particular brands, I spotted sg ones on Amazon. Aberdeen Will check it out. Thanks guys
  14. shortbread

    Ashwin - Top scorer in both the innings !!!

    He has said more than once that he likes bowling with the fresh hard ball. Outside India the guy relies on bounce as much as spin. So Kohli brings him on when the ball is almost 40 overs old! I'm not saying that he would have picked up wickets, but need to question how much trust the captain has in his bowler. Ashwin needs to be India's first change, left handed batsman or not. The guy even got the better of Root the previous test, 15th over.
  15. shortbread

    Cricket Equipment advice

    Mods, if this is the wrong place kindly relocate the thread as necessary. I could not find any thread on a similar topic, hence! Advice for plastic/fibre practice cricket ball. A season or two back during the winter indoor sessions (in Scotland), a player was hit on the head with a hard ball causing severe permanent damage. To cut the long story short the council has since banned using leather balls for indoor practice since. Therefore I come seeking advice on a replacement ball and would really appreciate and guidance on the matter. The first priority is it cannot be a regular leather ball. At the moment we use Bolla bowling machine balls, which kind of make-do but are a poor replacement. The bowlers do not get a feel of gripping the seam and it's not the same size. We have a couple of mates travelling to India for holidays and therefore considering buying an alternative while there, especially since there will be plenty of options. Would anyone know/advice on what would be the closest like for like replacement? Hardness is not an issue (strangely the council is ok with anything as long as it's not a leather ball.....I know and we tried to explain but of no use!). Ideally we are looking for a non-leather senior size ball with weight of regular cricket balls. Also would like something that is hard wearing as it will be used for regular net sessions for 3-4 months. Thanks!

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