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  1. shortbread

    Is Umesh really that great strike bowler?

    Injuries to fast bowlers is not a new phenomenon! The task is workload management which sometimes BCCI management is completely inept at. His injuries aren't due to a lack of personal discipline or work ethic! The guy has picked up pace and has only looked stronger from his debut days. The problem lies with both the captain and the team management. Kohli wants the likes of Bumrah and Bhuvi in pointless bilateral odi series when they need to be rested for the test games. Then what we get is a second strung bowler like Yadav is abroad then stepping in as a replacement in tests, where is the friggin logic?!If Bhuvi is fit and bowling he should be picked over Yadav anyday!
  2. shortbread

    third test pandya

    Apart from and English brain fade moment that gave the imitation 'Sary Gobers' 5 wickets, he was equally useless with bat and ball. He hardly bowled in most other games. Neither was he a revelation with the bat. Anytime a discussion about his pointlessness came about, Sary Gobers fans would pounce on some stupidity like how he batted better than a batsman who got out for a duck?! Pointless test cricketer.
  3. shortbread

    Is Umesh really that great strike bowler?

    The only cloud is an imaginary one on top of peoples heads! Bhuvi is one of the most capable bowlers overseas and brings a different dimension to the attack with his control, swing and economy. Yadav is brainless but his ability to bowl long spells on dead low pitches makes him an asset at home. Outside India he is a brainless bowler who gives opposition batsmen pace to work with.
  4. shortbread

    Latest from Perth: Ashwin and Rohit out of 2nd test

    Rumours are that Rohit's stomach cramps started a soon as he saw the green top laid out for the Perth test! Bhuvi is an ideal selection, can keep things tight and useful with the bat.
  5. Australia has a very potent pace attack playing in home conditions, Cummins, Starc and Hazlewood. While the Indian line up does carry similar pace and skills, the Aussie trio have the endurance and fitness advantage. Lyon can bowl extremely long spells and keep it tight, it's a role he does very well. Plus they have a good all-rounder (a real on not like the fake Sobers) in Mitchell Marsh if required for future games.
  6. Karthik taking his time and showing good application. Just what he needs to do when playing tests in England......oh wait!
  7. That finals win against Bangladesh is going to cost India dear! DK has been trolling team India for 7 months since!
  8. shortbread

    Importance of Hardik Pandya

    Pandya is not the finished product and it's unfair as the all-rounder tag holds a lot of responsibility. Pandya should find more discipline with his bowling and perhaps be able to adapt when the team needs him to bide time with the bat. Because if this continues as it is, he might simply be dropped forever!
  9. The bowlers need a break, asking them to step out today will be tough on them. Need to bat till the end of the day.
  10. A review would not have saved both wickets since, pandya or pant!
  11. Cringe! to follow up a poor bolwing performance. If you still both jobs poorly, you still get classified as an all-rounder!
  12. Ashwin 30 not so sure! England have him sorted this series, he likes driving outside off. They just swing it away, dangle it there and Ashwin hands it to the slips.
  13. Listen to TMS, brillinant English commentary, albeit biased. But anyday that over listening to Bogle, manjrekar, harbhajan etc http://en-gb.radioline.co/listen-to-bbc-radio-5-live-sports-extra
  14. Man....sooo disappointed with Dhawan. He did the hard yards and just needed to stay till lunch. Before chasing the wide ball you would think such thoughts would be in his small brains. But noo, yell 'Jai mata di' chase a wide one and fingers crossed! We need smarter batsmen.
  15. He's a simple minded northerner! The intricacies of Test opening in challenging conditions are too hard for his brains to digest. I don't mean this in a rude way, but he's an uncomplicated man facing a bowler setting the trap for him.

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