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  1. The 25 best innings ever played in the world cup ranked in order of merit. 1.Alvin Kalicharan 78 v Australia at the Oval in 1975 2.Sachin Tendulkar 98 v Pakistan in 2003 3.Clive Lloyd 102 v Australia in 1975 final 4.Kapil Dev 175n.o v Zimbabwe in 1983 5.Collis King 86 v England in 1979 final 6.Inzamam Ul Haq 60 v New Zealand in 1992 7.Steve Waugh 120 n.o. v South Africa in 1999 8.Zaheer Abbas 93 v West Indies in 1979 9.Viv Richards 138 in 1979 final 10.Adam Gilchrist 149 n.o in 2007 final 11.Gundappa Vishwanath 75 v West Indies in 1979 at Edgbaston 12.Brian Lara 111 v South Africa in 1996. 13.Aravinda De Silva 66 at Kolkata in 1996 versus India in semi-final 14.Ricky Ponting 140 v India in 2003 final 15.Mohinder Amarnath 80 v West Indies at Oval in 1983 16.Mohsin Khan 70 v West Indies in 1983 17.Alan Lamb 67 n.o v West Indies in 1987 18.Majid Khan 81 v West Indies in 1979 19.Viv Richards 181 v Sri Lanka in 1987 20.Virendra Sehwag 48 v Pakistan in 2011 semi-final 21.Aravinda De Silva 107 n.o in 1996 final v Australia 22.Mahinder Singh Dhoni 100 in 2011 final 23.Sunil Gavaskar 103 v New Zealand in 1987 24.Sannath Jayasuriya 82 v England in 1996 25.Imran Khan 102 v Sri Lanka in 1983 1.Kalicharan 78 at top because of domination against the fastest paceman in Brdamanseque proportion which was close to the most merciless onslaught against a pace attack ever.Blended the power of a bulldozer with the artistry of a musician.Made the likes of Lillee and homson at their fastest look pedestal. 2.Tendulkar's 89 v Pakistan was closest to the perfect innings revealing skill in regions of the sublime,punishing the best of deliveries to the fence. 3.Cllive Lloyd took domination of bowling to it's pinnacle enabling his team to win the inaugural world cup.Rose to an occasion like few cricketers have ever done with a series of blazing strokes all around the wicket. 4.Kapil Dev ressurected his side from the grave to the pinnacle of glory like no cricketer ever in his unbeaten 175 and above all set the turning point from which India went on to capture the title. 5.Collis King ,more than Viv won the 1979 world cup for his side with a blitzkreig of hitting all around the wicket. 6.Inzamam in 1992 turned the fate or complexion of a world cup semi-final like nonone ever with a dazzling display of strokeplay .Crafstmanship at its supreme height. 7.Steve Waugh displayed discipline , organization and grit of a military commander with the most balanced innings ever in a run chase in the world cup. 8.Zaheer Abbas's 93 was the connoisseurs delight revealing artistry in depths rarely crossed,putting Paksitan on the verge of an improbable win against the best pace attack ever.
  2. Here I am ranking i order of merit the most entertaining left-handed batsmen of all.It ranks not in terms of class or statistics but in terms of aesthetic pleasure given to spectators. 1.Adam Gilchrist 2.Chris Gayle 3.Sanaath Jayasuriya 4=.Brian Lara/Gary Sobers 6.Graeme Pollock 7.Alvin Kalicharan 8.Saed Anwar 9.Roy Fredricks 10.David Gower 11.Clive Lloyd 12.Kumar Sangakaara
  3. Harsh Thakor

    Who was the most entertaining batsmen of all?

    Please check again Afridi is at no 8.
  4. Harsh Thakor

    Who was the most entertaining batsmen of all?

    Misses out by a whisker .See my corrected list.
  5. Harsh Thakor

    Who was the most entertaining batsmen of all?

    See new List Added Shahid Afridi who was mind blowing Added Majid ,Zaheer and Javed as well as Gower,Kapil and Botham.
  6. Here I am rating in order of merit the most entertaining batsmen of all.The criteria is not records,technique ,artistry or pure class but the pleasure they radiated amongts the crowds putting them virtually on the edge of their seats. 1.Viv Richards -Intimidated bowling attacks at a height never equalled like a bomber raiding an airbase.No cricketer ever looked more in control of proceedings . 2=.Virendra Sehwag/AB Devilliers- Took batting domination to it's supreme height crossing regions unexplored.Unbelievable imagination 4.Chris Gayle-As explosive as Viv but not as skilled. 5.Sannath Jayasuriya -Power and grace personified giving opening in batting a new dimension 6.Adam Gilchrist /Gilbert Jessop-Both made the impact of dynamite exploding 8.Shahid Afrid-relatively short career but on his day another form of a Gayle or Gichrist capable of putting a stadium on fire.Played some of the most swashbuckling knock ever. 9.Brian lara- Took batting aesthetics and inventiveness to regions of the sublime executing strokes that were surreal. 10.Kevin Pieterson-Blazed away against the best if bowling attacks and in his day resembled Viv as a middle-order batsmen more than anyone. 11.Don Bradman -The ultimate cricketing machine like a creature from another planet. Amassed runs at an unimaginable rate.Equivalent of a great emperor striding out to greet his subjects. 12.Barry Richards-Epitome of batting perfection 13.Sachin Tendulkar-Closest to the perfect batsmen with Barry Richards No batsmen performed better in the 'v' 14.Walter Hammond -Unfortunate to play in era of the Don who took domination to the height of divinity. 15.Gary Sobers-A more refined form of Lara with better technique and more power.Closest to the perfect left-handed batsmen. 16.Everton Weekes-A ressurected form of Bradman with an unorthodox style.Few batsmen ever as pugnacious. 17.Rohan Kanhai-In full flow the closest to Bradman and arguably the most imaginative of all batsmen 18.Zaheer Abbas/David Gower revealed poetry in motion more than anyone posessing grace of the divine 19.Gundappa Vishwanth-Never hit a six in his life but took batting aesthetics to regions unexplored. 20.Majid Khan-Limited footwork but on his day in the Viv or Barry Richards league. 21.Ian Botham/Kapil Dev-Few batsmen ever struck the ball harder and enjoyed their batting more 24.Greg Chappell- The purists delight with a great range of strokes 25.Javed Miandad-Not elegant or so correct but still had some strokes of his very own like the pull shot which thrilled fans.
  7. Not even Vishy?Remember his artistic genius.
  8. Sorry if an error but the great Viv Richards felt Sehwag resembled him more than anyone.Viru has more mammoth scores with 2 triple centuries and scored his double centuries at a better scoring rate than Tendulkar.For sheer domination even if my a slender margin he surpassed Sachin.
  9. Sorry remember Laxman's classic batting in Kolkata and Adelaide in Australia ?The ultimate match-winner in a 4th innings and better player of genuine pace than Azhar or Sehwag.Compare batting in Australia of the 2.
  10. Azhar was extremely stylish and elegant but not as talented as a Sehwag,Vishy or laxman.Nevertheless only a shade below.Ofcourse posessed artistry in region sof divinty.and ultimate genius in leg-side strokes like glance and flick.
  11. Sehwag more attacking but Inzy better against genuine pace and on fast tracks.
  12. This is my list in order of merit of the the most talented or gifted batsmen ever from the sub-continent.It does not consider statistical records , technique or overall class but only the degree of natural genius posessed by the batsmen. 1.Gundappa Vishwanath- Equivalent of a magician to batting taking artistry to regions of divinty.Wristwork of mythical proportions.,being the best ever executor of the square and late cut. 2.Majid Khan-On his day could punish the good balls like Viv Richards taking batting aesthetics to depths of the sublime.The best ever exponent of the hook shot from the sub-continent 3.Virendra Sehwag-Took batting domination to its ultimate zenith and wizardy to regions unexplored.Some of his strokes were simply surreal like his square drive to balls 10 onches outside hi soffstum. 4.Sachin Tendulkar-Mastery like none able to hit the best of balls to the fence through the V'.Best ever batsmen in the 'V 'area and of the straight drive. 5.V.V.S.Laxman-Another version of Vishwanath taking artistry and inventivenes to mythical proportions. 6.Inzamam Ul Haq-In his era bated more like Viv Richards than anyone with lightning reflexes. 7.Virat Kohli-I have never seen a batsmen place a ball with more precision or insight.Best at the cover drive. 8.Zaheer Abbas-The batting equivalent of a poet or painter whose deft touches would send the best balls racing to the boundary.No batsmen was a better exponent of the drive through extra cover. 9.Saed Anwar-Almost as punishing as Sehwag but much more graceful and poetic. 10.Roy Dias-Artistry in region sof the sublime with his strokes like the sound of a flute. 11.Aravinda De Silva-Capable of taking any attack apart in any conditions and turn a game. 12.Javed Miandad-Not elegant or graceful a but a master in manipulating the field with his great improvisation.Posessed strokes which had touches of genius like his pull shot. .
  13. This is my list of the best batsmen in order of merit on bad or broken wickets.On flat tracks most were were overshadowed by some but on pitches with cracks they were masters. 1.Majid Khan-I have not seen a batsmen surpass his 156 on a broken wicket at Swansea.Artistry in regions of the divine.Bishen Bedi ranked Majid as the best batsmen on a bad wicket. 2.Javed Miandad-The ultimate street fighter who even if not technically perfect was master at improvisation with a genius of his own kind.Ultimate cratfsman who could farm in a desert. 3.Gundappa Vishwanath- Master of touch art with wrists of steel which enabled him to cope and dominate bowling in the worst of conditions.Reminded one of a surgeon.Overshadowed Gavaskar on bad wickets like in Wellington in 1976 or at Madras in 1978-79. 4.Vijay Merchant-No batsmen has equaled Vijay Merchant in 1936 and 146 on wet English wickets since the war.Technical skill in regions of the sublime reminscent of an architect or engineer. 5=.Sunil Gavaskar/Sachin Tendulkar -Epitome of technical batting perfection and both had colossal concentration powers. 7.Rahul Dravid -Determination personified with most refined technical adjustments on bad wickets.A medley of Gavaskar and Vishwanath.Proved it at Leeds in 2002 and in KIngston in 2006. 8.Aravinda De Silva-Technical mastery and artistry which would enable him to tackle tracks with great unevenness of bounce. 9.Mohinder Amarnath-grit and determination personified being the ultimate one to bat for your life.Batting in West Indies and Pakistan in 1982-83 is a testimony to this,where he played great fast bowling arguably better than anybody ever. 10..Salim Malik -Proved his prowess on a wet Leeds pitch both in 1987 and 1992 as well as on a bad pitch at Trinidad in 1988. 11.V.V.S Laxman-the best ever in a 4th innings run chase who could manipulate a ball like a magician. 12.Saed Anwar-Posessed a majestic touch which enabled him to dominate in the worst of conditions.
  14. Harsh Thakor

    Who was the most entertaining opening batsmen ever?

    Roy definitely deserves a place.Will make a seperate tset and ODI list.

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