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  1. To me the best all-rounders to have played in world cups include Kapil Dev,Imran Khan,Ian Botham,Richard Hadlee,Chris Cairns,Shaun Pollock,Jacques Kallis and Gray Gilmour.In this list I am ranking in order of merit the best all-round performance in a world cup. My ranking in order of merit of best performance by an all-rounder in a world cup. 1. Yuvraj Singh -2011 2.Lance Kluesner-1999 3.Kapil Dev -1983 4.Steve Waugh-1987 5.Asif Iqbal -1979 6.Imran Khan -1987 7.Mohinder Amarnath-1983 Yuvraj was a revelation in 2011 lifting India from dire straits with bat and ball doing justice to 'cometh,the hour,cometh the man.Rated at no 1 because he won India the title with spectacular performances in the knockout stages.Although not statistically as Impressive as Lance Kluesener he scored runs and captured wickets in more crucial stages.-,thus making his intervention morally more impactful. Statistically no doubt the champion of all world cup all-rounders and would have been at the very top if the Proteas had won the 199 world cup.No doubt Lance Kluesner was the more spectacular hitter than Youvraj on a consistent basis and had better statistics but it was more his giving shape to the innings at the end at the death. Gave Kapil Dev such a high rating because he also played a role as a skipper and above all won the world cup for India.His unbeaten 175 literally resurrected India from the grave He also captured wickets at crucial junctures. Steve Waugh in 1987 with both bat and ball played with perfect tune to the situation and his performance had a lot top do with Australia's eventual triumph including some breath-taking escapes against India and New Zealand. Imran Khan was at his best with the ball but also showed great responsibility with the bat in the semi-final v Australia and in a league match versus West Indies. In 1979 Asif Iqbal as a skipper came very close to taking Pakistan to the final with some top class innings with the bat and crucial wickets. Mohinder Amarnath's all-round efforts won India the 1983 semi-final and final.
  2. This is my list of the best captains of winning teams in world cup history in order of merit. 1.Arjuna Ranatunga 2.Imran Khan 3.Clive Lloyd 4.Alan Border 5.Mahendra Singh Dhoni 6.Kapil Dev 7.Steve Waugh 8.Michael Clarke 9.Ricky Ponting Arjuna Ranatunga was the ultimate tactician.Imran Khan the ultimate man to ressurect a side from dire straits.Clive Lloyd a garet motivator and father figure.Alan Border a master in knitting young talent.
  3. This is my selection of the most elegant left-handed batsmen of all in order of merit 1.David Gower 2.Alvin Kalicharan 3.Brian Lara 4.Gary Sobers 5.Neil Harvey 6.Saed Anwar 7.Arthur Morris 8.Yuvraj Singh 9.Sauarav Ganguly 10.Sannath Jayasuriya I placed David Gower at the top as there was no one who surpassed his languid style resembling a ballad dancer.No left-hander negotiated or caressed the best bowling with such effortless ease reminding you of a mother putting a child to sleep or the touches of a painters brush.Grace in region sof divinty. Alvin Kalicharan was elegance personified taking cricketing art to its zenith.A Rohan Kanhai the other way around who could tear the likes of Lille and Months with the fury of a tiger but still retain the grace of a musician. Lara wast he ultimate epitome of creativity who posessed a sublime touch. Gary Sobers had awesome power but still posessed feline grace. Neil Harvey posessed classical composure in nay conditions. Saed Anwar could launch a blitzkreig but still exude the grace of a pianist tapping the board. Arthur Morris could tear any attack apart in any conditions but still exude a divine touch. Yuvraj was simply a connoiseurs delight on his day and amongst the most attractive ODI batsmen of all. Ganguly had shades of David Gower and on his day was a sight to behold. Jayasuriya batted in the manner of circus acrobat taking attacks to shreds with the most attractive strokes.
  4. In the end Pakistan were defeated by a convincing margin of 44 runs by Australia but the scores did not reflect the true intensity of the tussle which resembled a hard fought boxing match with fortunes continually twisting. Pakistan seemed coarse when Babar Azam,Inam Ul Haq and Mohammad Hafeez were batting .They counter -attacked the Aussie atack with a most organized and clinical display of batting and looked as though looked like taking Pakistan home like a Ship in the Ocean moving in complete harmony.Sadly due to mistiuming of shors both Inam and Hafeez perished a major dent was made in the Pakistan battingand the game had a 180 degrees twist with a precipitated middle order collapse.At six down it literally looked game,set and match for Australia before 2 spectacular resurgency by Pakistan launched by first Hasan Ali and then Wahab Riaz .In partnership with Sarfraz Ahmed they resurrected Pakistan from the grave with a bout of spectacular hitting.Although Hassan Ali's tenure was much shorter his blitzkrieg of 32 of a mere 14 balls re-lit the spark in the batting which Wahab Riaz turned into a prairie fire.From the depths of despair Pakistan came withing touching distance of famous win before Wahab's dismisal when Paksiatn were a mere 48 runs adrift.Unlike Hasan Wahab too time to launch his counterattack.Wahab Riaz's inings may rank amongst the best ever in a world cup or O.D.I. at no 9 position. This game had 4 features.The 1st was the collapse of Australia to 308 when they seemed destined to reach a total of around 340-350.The 2nd was the most clinical approach by the Pakistan top order in the 1st half of the chase.The 3rd was the sensational middle order collapse after 25 overs.The fourth was the spectacular resurgence of Pakistan from the depths of despair to come so close. The standard of cricket was not at its best but few matches have ever had so many twist and turns.The Pakistan chase reminded you of a spark being lit at every point when afire was on the brink of being extinguished.Maybe not one of Pakistan's most gallant defeats or Australia's best wins but the ebb and flow possibly makes it an all-time great world cup or O.D.I.game.Pakistan were defeated honourably and to me lack of temperament was the deciding factor. As a cricket fan I rooted for Pakistan who proved that they had more than the talent required to overcome Australia.It reminded me of the Pakistan teams of 1975 and 79 that came so close to beating strong teams but lost out because of approach.
  5. This is my dream all-time world cup xi comprising only of all-rounders.Would like to pit it against a specialist World Cup xi,comprising only of great batsmen and bowlers and specialist keeper. All-rounder all-time World cup XI Shahid Afridi Adam Gilchrist(W) Jacques Kallis Michael Bevan Steve Waugh Kapil Dev Imran Khan(C) Lance Kluesner Richard Hadlee Ravichandra Ashwin Wasim Akram What a competitive team with the great all-round prowess of fast bowling all-rounders like Kapil,Imran,Hadlee , and batting all-rounders in Kallis,Bevan and the likes of Viv,Sachin,Lara and Ponting batting in team and Waugh in addition to Gilchrist as a wicket keeper all-rounder.By itself it would make the best world cup pace attack.Openers Afridi and Gilchrist could simply blast the opposition apart. Specialists all-time World Cup xi Sachin Tendulkar Matthew Hayden Viv Richards(C) Brian Lara Virat Kohli Ricky Ponting Shane Warne Malcolm Marshall Deryk Murray(W) Joel Garner Glen Mcgrath Greatest batsmen and bowlers here .Imagine the likes of Viv,Lara,Ponting and Kohli batting in tandem and a bowing attack posessing the skill of Garner,Marshall and ,Mcgrath.Viv and Sachin would also bowl a few overs. I would back the specialists World Cup XI to win by a slender margin of around 2 wickets or 15-20 runs.It has greater match-winners with the bat and almost on par skill with the all-rounders XI with the ball.
  6. Ofcourse he was unplayable in the 1990s .I was only refuting an accusation.I support what you wrote.Even Viv Richard rated Wasim as the hardest bowler he ever faced.
  7. Now it is customary to tamper a cricket all to produce swing.Wasim would simply be unplayable in todays day and age.
  8. Why are you denying the Pakistan bowlers the accolades of cricketing magicians and ultimate exponents of wizardry?Wasim did thing s with a cricket ball noone ever could do.You mean other great pacemen did not tamper with the ball?Pkistani pacers took pace bowling art to regions of the sublime .
  9. Harsh Thakor

    Which country has the greatest all-time cricket world cup XI?

    Inzamam played close to the best ever innings in the world cup in 1992 and also played some match-winning knock sin 1996 and 1999.On his day he could be the ultimate match-winner.Here we are discussing pure talent.Pakistan even in 1970's had the best batting line up and overall have more doth than nay side.No team has more variety in bowling attack or as great a leader as Imran Khan?Zaheer Abbas was in the Viv Richards class while Miandad wast he ultimate man for the crisis.Even if you rank Australia ahead which I don't mind you cant deny Pakistani team greatness.Pakistan even has more all-rounders than Australia.We are not analyzing no of titles won but cricketing talent.
  10. Harsh Thakor

    Which country has the greatest all-time cricket world cup XI?

    We are not discussing statistics of teams.We are talking about great individuals.South Africa have not won a world cup but ben the best team arguably 3 times if not 4.The criteria is man to man talent.West Indies won their titles in an era when ODI cricket did not have the same standard as from the 1990's onwards.Remember the variety in Pakistan bowling attack,the depth in batting , all-rounders nad to top it all the leadership of Imran.
  11. Harsh Thakor

    Which country has the greatest all-time cricket world cup XI?

    Do you asess the depth of Pakistan with batting almost upto no11?Do you note the no of all-rounders in Pakistan and greater variety in bowling attack?GOAT ODI bowler is Wasim Akram as wel las GOAT ODI allrounder with Kapil Dev.West Indies does not also have a great spinner.Australai are overall ahead of the Calypsos.
  12. Please read my replies even in previous poss and then make statement
  13. I meant reversal of fortunes in a single game.In this respect Pakistan's was above everyone's if you asess how weak the oponents were relatively who thrashed them in the earlier game.To be down and out in 11 consecutive games including 4 against England ,including a big loss against one of the weakest ranked teams and come back so spectacularly to beat the best team in the tournament or in ODI cricket is a remarkable achievement.In the period of a single match it is the best leap or ressurection.
  14. appreciate attitude sir.
  15. Untrue,I respect the game most above all and I have been a great admirer of Pakistan team sof the past-particularly from 1970-2000.For pure cricketing talent they ranked with the very bets in that period which is undisputed.

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