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  1. Proves the glory of the sacred game of test cricket which attained heights of of divinity or regions of the sublime in this test match. .It had the effect of a sensational twist and turn in the plot of a Hollywood epic with continuous ebb and flow. This match was a witness that no sport possibly has such dramatic twists or enthralling climaxes like test cricket.Peras innings is an embodiment to the glory of cricketing art.It re-defined the glory of the game of test cricket.
  2. This innings proves that ultimately test cricket is the ultimate form of the game where pinnacle of glory is attired at a height as in no form of cricket.It represented technical skill ,determination and temperament at it's highest zenith in sport .Kusala Perara ressurected Sril Lanka from the grave or the depths of despair to reach the pinnacle of glory.To take the team across the finishing line rather than just lose out at the brink of victory was the hallmark of this knock.The audacity of his strokeplay in the darkest of waters was simply breathtaking.He simply carried the entire burden of the team on his shoulders like a captain single handedly steering a ship in a storm. Perera blended icecool nerves of a military general with the power of a boxer,skill of a surgeon and imagination of a painter.It posessed every ingredient of a perfct cricket innings. Kushala Perera played arguably the best test innings of all time considering it was played away and for a nation whose cricket literally hit the rock bottom.When the standard of test cricket has been in decline it has virtually written anew chapter in the history of the game ,resurrecting it's past glory.
  3. Harsh Thakor

    Which batsmen played the great Carribean pace attack best?

    I almost agree with you.Great post.However Wasim Raja more consistence.No doubt Gooch right up there.
  4. Harsh Thakor

    Which batsmen played the great Carribean pace attack best?

    Fantastic statistically staggering record.However often undone by short rising ball as in the 1980's.
  5. Harsh Thakor

    Which batsmen played the great Carribean pace attack best?

    Great choice But only 1 series?Where would you rank him overall against West Indies?
  6. This is my selection of batsmen ranked in order of merit who statistically performed the best against the best West Indian pace bowling batteries.I have asessed strength of attacks and situations in which runs were scored .Adjusted stats in that light. 1.Wasim Raja- Averaged 57.71 in the Carribean in 1977 against the most ferocious of pace bowling.His 117 and 71 at Barbados retrieved Pakistan from the depths of despair to come within the brink of a famous victory.Displayed courgae at its highest zenith like a soldier .Also ever consistent at home in 1980.Always came out on top when his team faced a crisis. 2.Graham Gooch-In 1981 played the greatest attack ever better than any touring opening batsmen ever while in 1991 at Leeds played one of the 3 best test innings ever.Also scored 123 at Lords and 83 at the Oval in 1980 and 210 at Trent Bridge in 1988.Masterful hooking and driving taking domination to its deepest depth.Averaged over 57in the Carribaen in 1981 with a classic 153 at Kingston and 116 at Barbados. 3.Greg Chappell-Adding the 5 WSC supertests in the Carribean Greg was the premier batsmen against the West Indies pace attack.He compiled 621 runs at an average of 69 runs with 3 centuries.Sadly he lost form in later series at home both in 1979-80 and 1981-82.Developed vulnerability to the short rising bouncing ball.Scored 702 runs at 117+ average in 1975-76 but against only Holding and Roberts and not the foursome. 4.Alan Border-The ultimate wall in the Carribaen in 1984 when he averaged over 74 ressurecting Australia from the grave with an epic 100 and 98 n.o at Trinidad.Also a model of constituency in home series n 1981-82 when he averaged over 67. 5.Mohinder Amarnath-In 1983 in the Carribaen the best ever being the ultimate epitome of batting perfection.No batsmen took the greatest attack ever to the sword like Mohinder then.Scored 598 rusn at 66.8 average which was remarkable.However lost his form in India in the home series.Watching him drive and hook the great battery was a sight to behold-a meditation for cricketers. 6.Alan Lamb -3 centuries at home in 1984 and some very fine knock sin the Carribaen.Displayed improvisation at its finest with mastery in the pul and cut shots. 7.Dilip Vengsarkar-At home in 1983-84 and 1988 revealed phenomenal skill over express pace ,particularly on the leg or onside.Played at his best when India were in dires straits to score most of his best knocks.Glorious driver.Topped averages in 1983-84 and 1987-88.Played the great foursome better than even Gavaskar. 8.Sunil Gavaskar-Not at his best against the quartet in 1983 bur sensational in patches.His 90 at Ahmedabad and 129 at Delhi were classics and so was his unbeaten 236 at Madras.Out of form in the Carribaen in 1983 although scoring unbeaten 147 at Georgetown and relatively inconsistent in home seroies in 1983-84.His best form against the Calypsos was not against the great quartet.Proloific aginst Holding and Roberts on slower Trinidad wicket and when there were 2 and not 4 genuine quickies. 9.Ian Chapell-In a crisis the ultimate man who would overshadow brother Greg on fast wicket like at Perth in 1975-76 when scoring 156 out of 328 ,141 in the 3rd WSC supertest in 1977-78 and when scoring 85 as an opener at Kingston in 1979 .Great West Indian bowlers prized Ian's wicket more than brother Greg . 10.Majid Khan-Dealt brilliantly with the likes of Roberts,Croft and Garner in 1977 averaging 53 runs including classic match-saving 167 at Georgetown.Mastery in driving and hooking. Although not as flamboyant elegant or correct as many it was Wasim Raja who came out on top against the Carribaen pace battery and was best in a crisis..I placed Gooch 2nd as he opened the batting and was at his best in the worst of conditions and situations against the foursome attack.Greg Chappell had super stats but was not at home on the bouncy pitches or against the short,rising delivery.Border was a model of consistency but mainly defensive and not so prolific in latter part against the Calypsos.Mohinder was only outstanding in one series,otherwise he was right up there with Raja.Most of Gavaskar's centuries were not scored against the great pace battery ,and in that light Dilip Vengsakar and even Alan Lamb eclipsed him.
  7. This is my ranking in order of merit of the best pair of left-handed batsmen fused into one.I have combined technical skill and solidity with natural ability or flair and attacking agression.Criteria is not sheer class and statistical record but the fusion of contrasting qualities. 1.Brian Lara-Alvin Kalicharan-Like the fusion of a poet with a technician and boxer. Lara took artistry to regions of the sublime while Kalicharan had glorious technique blended with power. 2.Gary Sobers-David Gower-perfect fusion of technique and power with grace and creativity.Gower posessed grace of the divine while Sobers was closest to the consummate batsmen. 3.Brian Lara -Alan Border - 4.David Gower-Alvin Kalicharan 5.Alvin Kalicharan-Clive Lloyd. 6.Alan Border-David Gower 7.Alan Border-Graeme Pollock 8.Alan Border-Gary Sobers 9.Gary Sobers-Neil Harvey 10.Gary Sobers-Graeme Pollock 11.Gary Sobers-Alvin Kalicharan 12.Gary Sobers-Brian Lara In my view Alvin Kalicharan was technically the best of left-handed batsmen,like Rohan Kanhai the other way around.Sobers was just a shade behind in this respect.For pure flair or natural talent Lara and Gower towered above everybody displaying the innovative ability of painter Rembrandt.In termsof creative genius Pollock and Sobers were just a notch behind.To bat for your life ior for solidity Border was the king or wall.For sheer power Sobers and Lloyd were the ultimate men.The most complete posessing every facet wee Kalicharan an Sobers.Placed Lara-Kali combination at top because it perfectly blended creative genius with power and technical skill. Combination like Sobers-Pollock or Lra-Sobers rated relatively low as they do not have vital element of contrasts.
  8. Brilliant comparison assessing comparative merits of Zaheer and Vishy most analytically.The fairest verdict was a draw in test cricket.
  9. Please consider the no of times Vishy scored centuries in a crisis,on difficult wickets and to turn games.Vishy had a much better record against West Indies and in a crisis than Zaheer.
  10. In Ist class cricket Zaheer was the best batsmen of his era and close to 2nd best to the Don.However International cricket is the criteria.Still at his best Zaheer was good as anybody .The Bradman of slow wickets.
  11. Correct. Zaheer was ahead in ODI cricket by some margin and a better player of spin and on slow wickets,Vishy was the better batsmen in a crisis and on bad wickets as well as genuine pace.See Vishwanaths record against West Indies home and away.Overall Zaheer was better but it was probably a draw in test cricket.
  12. Great post agree on Asif Iqbal-A maestro on his day.Great in later part of career.
  13. Harsh Thakor

    Who were the most elegant or stylish of all batsmen of all ??

    Cricket is also an art and has an aesthetic aspect.
  14. Harsh Thakor

    Who were the most elegant or stylish of all batsmen of all ??

    Great choices sir.VVS and Jaya right up there with the best stylists.Damien close
  15. Harsh Thakor

    Who were the most elegant or stylish of all batsmen of all ??

    Not Ponting.Lara and Dravid debatable .

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