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  1. Can the Indian batsmen last a good 120 overs in the first innings.. If so, we can at least see a fight coming up from the blue corner
  2. afan

    Pujara's county performance thread

    Unlike Dhoni, Kohli has limited patience with his players.. That won't help with players who are trying to come back to form. Pujara will have to bat with Kohli and if your captain is not a big fan of your batting style, it's going to be a lot tougher If that is the case, it's better if they don't play Pujara at least in the first 2 games and wait till he has earned his slot. I'm not saying that Pujara will prove them all wrong and win them matches, I'm just saying that he deserves a good run in the test matches when they have run out of all options in England
  3. I dint see France dominating the midfield as they are supposed to...lacklustre performance by the French, and Australia will be kicking themselves not to come out with a point
  4. afan

    Axar Patel for Pandya?3rd odi

    I feel SA have better net bowlers with them than Pandya.
  5. afan

    Axar Patel for Pandya?3rd odi

    A slow left armer can add a bit more variety,besides I don't think Pandya 's spells are that threatening either isn't it. I also don't feel that Dhoni needs the cover of Pandya In the lower middle order..Pandya will get sorted out soon , it's only a matter of time
  6. Now that we know that the springboks are clueless with the wristies, isnt it time to bring in another spinner and close out all exits for them. Axar can do what Pandya can do with the bat, and I don't think he will have to do much either, with the way things are shaping up . Will Kohli bring Axar in place of Pandya?
  7. Throwing out your standout performer.. Indian fans won't forgive Virat for this. Maybe Bhuvi needs to learn some cuss words, grow a beard,get a tattoo.. And then hope for the best
  8. Dropping Bhuvi indicates that common sense is lacking.. Complicated thinking always gives more problem than otherwise isn't it.. Shastri and Virat will have to cope up with some serious stuff after this game
  9. Nothing wrong in what he says.. Good thing is that, there are competition for almost every position in the 11..and that will result in some gritty performances. For India to do well, you need the openers to show the intent and Kohli to stand and deliver ..if Kohli and Pujara can do what they are capable, all we want our is Pace trio to find the African length and hoping the pitch and batsman error to do the rest.
  10. afan

    4 quicks or 3 +1(hardik)..

    If it's 6 batsman, then Rohit is the 6th one. 3 quicks..bhuvi Shami Umesh Lone spin Ashwin
  11. Rohit should play.. If it's 6 batsmen that India is going in with

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