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  1. Yeah, the biryani guy is a lot luckier than the others isn't it. His suspect bowling action meant that Kohli had to continue with Siraj and that was something that the think-tank overlooked Kedar should play the next game
  2. The irony about Cricket being a team game, most matches are won in individual brilliance especially in the limited overs domain. Pant is an impact player, there is no doubt about it.. I want to see him playing white ball cricket, and see where does he come in the pecking order
  3. The way Pant has played I think he should be our first choice White ball WK.. No disrespect to MSD, but with Pant our chances go up a notch that much higher.. I'm sure this will come up in their discussion. With Dhawan Rohit and Kohli at the top, we need an enforcer who can play with the tail.. And that's definitely Pant for me
  4. The wicket has not deteriorated as much and the rains may make it better. Kuldip and Jadeja are comparatively fresher and Vihari can contribute as well I still think there is a result which means India must not let off the intensity and go for the kill instead 2-1 is good, 3-1 is a dream come true
  5. Yes, the curious case of BK indeed. There is something that they know of BK, that we don't..if BK doesn't get wicket with the new ball, you will find him missing altogether and that's like 1 bowler less.. Kohli doesn't like that I suppose. The T20 overs dint go as per script for BK, I think
  6. Heres the problem that has been plaguing India from time immemorial.. 'Playing for a Draw'. Thankfully, Kohli is different from the lot and one thing you can be sure of, is he will always play for the win. The good part is the Aussies will surely go for the win, and that will ensure we will have a result, India needs to be awake... All the time!
  7. The last Ashes test at SCG, Aussie batsmen sent the poms for a leather hunt. In as many as 3 of them got 100's (khawaja and Shaun Marsh got big ones) and this playing on 2nd 3rd days batting second..Pat Cumming took most of the wickets then in both innings. My point, the toss is not such a factor at the SCG unless weather plays a part, and the other is that spin was not the clincher . Something to ponder on isn't it
  8. afan

    Playing 11 for Sydney Test

    Can't change much, except bring in Pandya In place of Rohit, and Ashwin in place of Ishant Sharma.. Batting order remains the same. This way you still have 3 medium pacers and have the extra spinner as well,Ashwins batting may seal the deal in his favour over Kuldeep
  9. Incomparable isn't it.. Pandya is a better batsman and a third change bowler at best, while Bhuvi is a better new ball bowler and nothing much after that. But here's the point, Mitch Marsh has a better height than Pandya and needless to say better experience bowling in Australia, but look what happened ?
  10. Will be interesting if India is forced to bowl first at the SCG. We need good batters to face spin in the 4rth innings, and I think Pandya can be drafted in place of Rohit Is Ashwin likely to play,?
  11. Ending the year on a high, here's hoping we begin the new year with a famous win as well. Everything went well for Kohli in this match. The toss, The openers gamble, middle order holding up, pacers running through the Aussie batters.. I would still like us to make that one change and bring in the wrist spinner for the Sydney test..lets wait and watch.
  12. Not sure if Kohli was thinking it is better to get 100 runs in the 3rd innings, than get 100 in the 4rth and hence chose to bat again.. Which means he is still not sure of the pitch. The follow on was there for the taking, and some times over thinking makes you do silly things isn't it India has enough on the board already but if the aussies get them, then nobody deserves it more than them. This is a captivating series, one of the best outside the Ashes
  13. The declaration was a surprise since we didn't see much urgency from the batsmen before that.. There isn't anything in the pitch that suggests Aus will lose 20 wkts in the next 3 days. Looks like a Draw, unless the pitch deteriorates substantially..would have been interesting with Kuldip in the 11
  14. Here's hoping that we bat first and put 300 in the board to say the least.. Our bowlers will do just fine. I was hoping to see Kuldip make the 11, but Jadeja will ensure that the tail wags as long as it can.
  15. Can the Indian batsmen last a good 120 overs in the first innings.. If so, we can at least see a fight coming up from the blue corner

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