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  1. PCB left red-faced over compensation claim from BCCI

    Lol... Tu dil pe mat le yaar abhi relative pe kyun ja raha he..
  2. Beigairat quom for a change showing self respect... Let's see if they can stick wid their stance..
  3. Happy Diwali to all !!!

    Happy Diwali all!! Light and Peace on the earth!!
  4. We are blessed

    There is a pure money angle to this.. Lankan board is really corrupt. This is how BCCI can buy their votes. (Either that or i blame Bunty Sajdeh for this )
  5. this will be an out of control issue in few years.
  6. Netflix

    The Wire on Amazon Prime.. its about how drugs get available in the hood (Baltimore ghetto)..
  7. I think that's the case for many... i fundamentally dont hate anyone and i believe in peaceful world.. but some of their acts just forcing me to hate them, specially when you see that a lot of others are doing so much good to save humanity.
  8. Terroristan !!!

    Isn't that a major reason to like BJP and RSS?... Clear agenda... Thru n thru nationalist party..
  9. Ind replies to Terroristan

    Shoot.. what a response!!... Who is she?
  10. Pakistanis up in arms over Mahira Khan photo.

    Agreed.. and shame on you for putting 'paraya mard' in your dp..
  11. I have a general understanding that Bengolis are most literate ppl of India... What happened to that? May be they just became too liberals...
  12. wait.. that is permitted by the law? i doubt since they arrested those men..
  13. May be we are missing something that Bengali hindus are not. Its always better to look at root cause...
  14. Interest rate in FD

    I lost money due to currency fluctuation.. invested in FD with dollar rate of 46....

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