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  1. Dhoni da man... Plan is to retire in a home series.. Cry you people..
  2. Dhoni da man... Plan is to retire in a home series.. Cry you people..
  3. veer

    Bumrah as Captain?

    Ok ultra genius.. didn't know Bumrah tells you all of his planning.. brilliant
  4. veer

    Bumrah as Captain?

    how did you get that? Bhuvi is a better option than Bumrah.. One of my issues with current team is lack of batting skills among bowlers.. Bumrah, Chahal, Kuldeep, Shami are good bowlers but should learn how to whack a few every now and then.. These pure bowlers cant be captains..
  5. Trust me.. I know what you guys saying.. I may be more pissed at Kohli than you guys and I know he ain't a captain material.. he is one of those who would win matches for India on his own but fail to pull the entire team with him, like Williamson.. but, in this thread, you or some others blaming or cursing him for taking part in windies tour... That ain't fair.. Our admins got no balls to boot him out from captainship.. Rohit should be ODI and 20 captain and Kohli can be test captain... (Actually now Rohit should be back in test side..he is grinding well these days)
  6. Really? He got absolute jaffer from Boult that got him.. that could have missed stump by a millimeter.. I agree Kohli is a pathetic captain and we won't win any trophy under him.. but damn .. i would put that to lack of leadership skills and dont diss him because of that..
  7. Hate towards Kohli is unbelievable here.. ..one notch below Dhoni but still i thought we were 'Indian Cricket fans'..
  8. veer

    This is more depressing than India's loss

    Felt really bad for Kiwis.. specially for some players like Williamson, Boult, Neesham, Taylor etc.. but some other players really didnt deserve to be in Winning WC team.. like Guptil, Nicole, Latham etc.. all good guys but common they are not ODI players.. And then you compare those to English player.. all of them are super ODI players.. All in all... Kiwis punched above their weight and they shouldnt have been in Finals in the first place.. but god they didnt deserve this heart break.. they should have lost much easier way..
  9. veer

    Gutted !

    I felt the same.. but then Rain and Dhoni run out tells me that this was our destiny... I am for some reason ok with this outcome.. it needed God's intervention to throw us out of the cup.. and i am glad it happened against NZ and not any other team.. and i hope NZ wins the cup..
  10. veer

    Shami of the field

  11. veer

    Manju strikes back vs Jadeja

    I think he said 'Get Jadhav In' and then decide on other spinners based on stats and conditions.. He is not wrong this time... but, again, he shouldn't have named Jadeja in his original comment
  12. how did Dhoni got into this thread... ? Lol.. Nice way to cover up Pants weakness ..
  13. And got no choice but to back him in next 1 or 2 games...
  14. Pointing is his Delhi's coach.. if we play against Australia in Final, he will be a walking wicket... Can't believe some past cricketers are calling him quality batsman..
  15. veer

    Pakistan deserved to play in semifinal

    Question was not about who was more exciting or boring team.. question was who deserved to go in semis...

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