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  1. Shubman Gill or P. Shaw --- who is better?

    We badly need some left handers... anyone?
  2. Some excellent points.. But he is still not admitting that Practice match was much needed... two would have been great but we got None. May be he thought HE doesnt need practice match.. but others might have wanted it and it turned out they definitely needed one or two practice matches.. Other mistake was selection.. Bhuvi is actually a very good supporting batsman also.. he could have contributed in runs. If you dont admit your mistakes then face the consequence. He must be hell of a lot mad at Pujara and Pandya for giving them easy run-out wickets..
  3. Right and left combo was a good idea..to cut off the angle for LBW..
  4. you gotta make changes slowly..
  5. Just 1 batsman

    This reminds me of Rahane counter punching in Australia... Ozzies were really going after Kohli's wicket and Rahane came in and started counter punching Johnson.. both ended up with centuries i think.. Rahane should have been in both test matches... this was a blunder.
  6. Extremely poor running from Indian batsmen

    Hate Ravi as a coach... But all 3 mistakes pointed above are taught at junior levels on how to avoid... Don't blame these on coaches
  7. Kumar Vishwas

    What a fire brand!.. I wish he was in Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha.. just for his speeches and debates People like him you know that he'll put country first and party next.. Respect!!
  8. What is wrong with some people here?? You want to show how great your country is on basis of this incident? Get something better to do in life.. First try to be better person then think about putting down padosis..
  9. Bat: VIJAY Bowl: BHUVI Field: SAHA
  10. what is this one BS thread after another from a moderator?
  11. I dont support Dhawan or Rohit.. both should be restricted to ODIs and tests in asia.. My point was that people are making KL Rahul as the savior of our crisis.. but i dont see that would be the case.
  12. Just saw the interview clip above.. looks like they are hurt which is good to see.. i dont want him to cry lol. Most disappointing part of interview was his statement on Rohit's selection because he scored runs in last 3 matches (ODI matches, seriously?)
  13. Arent we hyping up KL Rahul too much? He has failed many times so not sure if KL Rahul is the answer..

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