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  1. Ind replies to Terroristan

    Shoot.. what a response!!... Who is she?
  2. Pakistanis up in arms over Mahira Khan photo.

    Agreed.. and shame on you for putting 'paraya mard' in your dp..
  3. I have a general understanding that Bengolis are most literate ppl of India... What happened to that? May be they just became too liberals...
  4. ICF Official Thank you thread

    Lokhandipurush is the word i am familiar with..
  5. wait.. that is permitted by the law? i doubt since they arrested those men..
  6. May be we are missing something that Bengali hindus are not. Its always better to look at root cause...
  7. Interest rate in FD

    I lost money due to currency fluctuation.. invested in FD with dollar rate of 46....
  8. Census Fraud in Pakistan

    Till now there has been party politics in each province.. Sharif in Punab (Lahore) and Bhutto/Zardari in Sindh (Karachi).. Currently Sharif family is in central govt so it favors them to lower Karachi population so they can send more fund to Punjab province.. This is similar to how BJP gives more attention to states where their rule is.. or Gerrymandering in USA politics.. just that Pakistani do this at ghatiya level.
  9. If anything this will make center government stronger and more willing to deport rohingyas..
  10. I had no clue about this. Indian army not only helped bangladeshis to get their independence from Pakistan Army.. but, at the end, they also helped pakistani army by protecting them from bangladeshi people. Indian Army stayed back in Dhaka to safely transfer POWs across border so that bangla people and mukti bahini(?) dont ambush pakistani army.. pakistan is one f*ing thankless country.. Indian media / Bollywood should make a documentary/movie highlighting this..
  11. Bunty Sajdeh says ''keep praying suckers.... Rahane is here to stay till he is under my banner"
  12. Jimikki Kammal [ Viral Hit]

    lol.. he must have thought they are saying his name in the song..
  13. Wrong time to release these expensive phones. People are still looking at hurricane Irma, Harvey affected news, pictures and video.. and they'll hate to see these expensive, not-needed,commodity hitting the market..
  14. Why India is not in World XI?

    Cuz not meeting them does more harm than good.. we would lose 2 points in those tournaments which could eliminate us from the qualifying rounds.. We gotta be rational about this and not stupid...

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