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  1. ICF - IPL Fantasy League 2018

    Good match yesterday, got 654 points
  2. Old is gold !!!

  3. Chuskies is fine, same as Bambis or Bewdas. But Lungi is not, how about if we call indian women team as Sarees team or Indian men as Dhoties team. How is that not offensive? If Ghatis (Indians from Ghat areas) is offensive then name calling people by their attire is even more so!
  4. Old is gold !!!

    Rashid could be the oldest of the lot!
  5. Okay, make it as "haven't won a cup" then
  6. Even having all 3 plus Kohli and ABD, RCB could not reach an IPL final.
  7. So RR going in with 4 spinners and one pacer? - Binny, Unadkat, Gowtham, S Gopal the spinners and Laughlin the pacer
  8. You got the exciting youngster Binny to watch.
  9. Lol, Binny replacing Dhawal - A Super trundler replacing a Trundler
  10. ICF - IPL Fantasy League 2018

    Standings at end of 19th Apr: RANK OWNER POINTS 1 Shraddha K Janu 5614 2 Kajubadamchor 5475 3 Jack Attack 5468 4 Sourab10Forever 5309 5 Avengers 5167 6 T20 Specialists 5165 7 PBN Champs XI 5115 8 Forever Indian 5073 9 Gold Cloaks 5035 10 Galav Cricket 4846 11 Fire Freezers 4800 12 OB's Babies 4723 13 Avengers 4720 14 RKC 4484 15 gochennai 4154 16 JaFengers 4006 17 Bleed Blue 3700 18 gopats 3685 19 Nash 3465 20 ShraddhaLKC 2672 21 Dhokla Munchers 2671 22 DHONIADDICTXI 2009 23 Lunatic Kingdom 1788
  11. Chennai Super Kings' remaining home games shifted to Pune

    CSK arranges chartered train for diehard fans Chennai Super Kings' home matches in IPL 2018 have been moved out of Chennai, but they won't be lacking in support in Pune, as the team management has arranged a chartered train called 'Whistle Podu Express' from Chennai to Pune for about 1000 fans. All the expenses of the fans, including food, accommodation, local transportation, train and match tickets, will be borne by the CSK management. The arrangements have been made only for the game against Rajasthan Royals on Friday, but CSK officials are keen to bring the fans back for the remaining 'home' matches in Pune too. http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/23241245/csk-arranges-chartered-train-diehard-fans
  12. Speed,Swing &Performance of Fast Bowlers & Swing Bowlers in 2018 IPL

    One season wonder like Swapnil Asnodkar
  13. He can hit it only when he throws slow like his bowling.
  14. Speed,Swing &Performance of Fast Bowlers & Swing Bowlers in 2018 IPL

    108k, 105k, 128k ( surprise faster change up)

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