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  1. Kohli should start following the horses for courses policy as he at times does with pacers. If there is not much spin expected from pitch then Kuldeep should play, as both Ash and Jaddu are ineffective on non-spinning pitches. So it will all depend on the pitch.
  2. Nothing is impossible for Kohli the Captain!
  3. Competition

    Anyone knows standings or has snapshot of CT FL in Fandromeda? Seems like Fandromeda delete all data soon after the tournament
  4. Yes, before that series he was going boom or bust by either scoring single digits or Century.
  5. Adding Bumrah as well.
  6. Well after IPLs started we have won a WC and CT. Only thing missing is a WT20 trophy which was screw•d up by Yuvi. So no complaints regarding winning World Events! Even better that the team is doing all this without relying on individual brilliance.
  7. I am wondering if Ashwin is no longer the same bowler even in tests after getting the Sports Hernia. He was outbowled by Jaddu even in Aus home tests.
  8. I am not sure about Jaddu yet. If it is a very flat deck then Kuldeep should be 1st choice, if it will take some spin then Jaddu becomes a beast.
  9. Ishant Shawarma as usual giving freebies and going for 22 runs in 4 overs against A team. Surely Bhuvi could have been played in his place!
  10. Seems like we should all start following this real Team India rather than Kohli's Friendship Team.
  11. Competition

    Sorry guys, have been busy off-late and did not update the ICF Hub points for last tournament. I will do it before the SL series starts!
  12. Lots of scratching each other's back going on. Keep it up Team India!
  13. This article from Aug 2016 says 6.25 crore as Kumble's salary, so 6.5 crore seems about right.
  14. When the opposition team have options to review why would you even have to walk?