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  1. Even after 70 tests there is no guarantee that the player will improve
  2. On the bright side, we will atleast not have a one sided home series after a long time
  3. Thanks for taking it on board. Criticizing Dhoni or any other player for that matter is absolutely fine. But please refrain from targeting other posters because of who's fan they are. All posters have their own preferences and we need to respect that.
  4. Really hope he proves me wrong this match. He definitely has the temparement to do well, it's just the technique against spin which remains a question. He plays quite a few length balls on back foot which will be dangerous on this pitch.
  5. Agreed, also we don't need 3 spinners or most tracks, as one spinner will always be underbowled. Would rather have an extra bat especially in low scoring matches.
  6. Not much hope on Rahane, he really needs to work on his technique against Spin. Hope Pujara or Vijay stick with Kohli.
  7. We can keep our hopes alive this way. I would be happy if we can take it close, atleast that will give our batsmen practise on spin decks which will help in rest of the series.
  8. With you being a Moderator, one would expect you to behave more responsibly and not initiate/fuel unwanted hatred posts. People have their preferences on which player they like or not and we should learn to respect it. ICF needs positive discussions not posts initiating hatred. This is just my humble request.
  9. Faster over rate doesn't mean being relentless. If they took half catches then that would have been a relentless display, instead they shelled a lot of straight forward catches. Smith itself was let off 4 times if I remember correct.
  10. Exactly. The single biggest blunder that Kohli did. It brought Aussies right back into the game, as it also gave them confidence that they have a par score.
  11. Should skip IPL and concentrate on getting fit for Internationals. He is desperately required in ODIs and tests for India.
  12. Ishant has been pretty bad in India offlate. Similar to Bhuvi he is also dependant a lot on conditions, so needs to be considered for only overseas tests. If Shami was fit obviously he would be our first choice in India. We need to desperately find another couple of bowlers who are used to getting wickets on flat decks. We should also try a leftie like Aniket for variety and the left armers angle which will complement the other right arm pacer.
  13. As an Indian I hope they pull off the impossible. But practically speaking the match is as good as gone!
  14. Still the same!
  15. O' Keefe reminds me of Monty Panesar when we lost at home to India. Same accurate Slow Left Arm spin and Indian batsmen falling like 9 pins