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  1. Forever Indian

    'Dont have to prove anything to anyone ' Syndrome

    Jaddu had nothing to prove to anyone so bowled crap today. Next match also he may bowl well or crap, that's his wish
  2. Seems like it's going to be Ind vs Afg final, should be relatively more competitive
  3. Oldest to retire, fifty, hundred, 5 wickets, piss, poo etc... All these records will be made with Kohli at the helm
  4. Forever Indian

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar is Overrated in ODIs?

    In LOIs most wickets come that way. He has also been economical to boot.
  5. Forever Indian

    Kedar Jadhav - Fan Club - Player with X Factor

    He hardly gets to bat and doesn't waste any balls whenever he gets a chance. Also with the ball is either economical or picks wickets. The real passengers in the team are Dhoni and Karthik, Jadhav is a good option till WC 19.
  6. There is another ICF member @maniac who sells those. If you give a double blessing to Rohit to make comeback to test squad he will even give it for free.
  7. Forever Indian

    Dhoni is the temporary coach for the asia cup !!!

    Is this Kohli and BCCI's plan to make Shastri look better?
  8. Forever Indian

    Why has Rishabh Pant been underwhelming in domestic ODIs?

    Could be bit like Sehwag syndrome who was also similar. Also if I remember correctly, last year Vijay Hazare he was made Delhi captain and failed with the bat whole series due to burden of captaining seniors.
  9. Forever Indian

    Secret behind success of Dhoni in Asia Cups?

    Harbhajan Singh in commentary will say: The bigger the Asia Cup, the bigger the Dhoni becomes.
  10. Forever Indian

    Two matches in Two Days? (Asia Cup)

    He won't, opener will finish the minnow bashing.
  11. Forever Indian

    Secret behind success of Dhoni in Asia Cups?

    And smash he does when he likes what's in front of him
  12. Forever Indian

    Secret behind success of Dhoni in Asia Cups?

    Thisara Perera + Pakistani trundlers + Naagin dancers = MahendraSingh Bradman Dhoni
  13. Any Naagin dance at the end?

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