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  1. Forever Indian

    OFFICIAL 2019 RCB Thread - E Saal Cup Namade!

    RCB fans every year
  2. Forever Indian

    IPL 2019: Match 1 – CSK vs RCB, 8pm IST on 23rd Mar 2019 at Chepauk

    Yes, 1st match of 2019 edition
  3. Forever Indian

    ICF IPL 2019 Fantasy League

    I am in the UK and able to login without issues. I am using my Gmail account to login. I think if you signup from scratch they are asking for an India mobile number, so use an existing gmail account if you have one.
  4. IPL 2019 is beginning with a mismatch, but the inaugural match had to have the most followed & popular T20 cricket franchise on the planet plus the Defending Champions: So here we begin the first match against unarguably the worst faring team over the years despite it’s rich resources, no prizes for guessing: and this is what has happened to their fans: Kohli’s mindset on seeing his team sheet and then at the end of the season/matches can be aptly summarised in this expression: Whereas CSK always play with freedom and enjoy their game as much as their loyal fans: Will RCB be able to put up a fight or will it be Business As Usual for both these mismatched teams? We shall find out on Saturday!!!
  5. Forever Indian

    ICF IPL 2019 Fantasy League

    Yes, once the first match of a round starts you cannot make any changes for that round. Whatever changes you do will be applicable from the next round only. Eg. Round 1 - Match 1 to 8 Round 2 - Match 9 to 16 Round 3 - Match 17 to 24 ........etc...... Changes made before start of match 1 will be applicable for first round. Any further changes made will only be applicable from match 9 (Round 2) The 5 subs/ trades are the number of changes you can make before each round. Makes more sense?
  6. Forever Indian

    ICF IPL 2019 Fantasy League

    The one good thing though is people don't have to invest a lot of time this time as you can't make changes for every match.
  7. Forever Indian

    ICF IPL 2019 Fantasy League

    I considered cricketweb, but the issue is that it has 300 subs and deducts 6 subs for captaincy change each match. We usually use it for bilateral series when captaincy change is usually not required.
  8. Forever Indian

    ICF IPL 2019 Fantasy League

    @Rasgulla@sscomp32 @Lord @VS319 @tweaker @Pollack @Laaloo @zandubaam @-Robin-@StriKe @mishra @adi B@30markhanreturn
  9. Forever Indian

    ICF IPL 2019 Fantasy League

    @zakk@Straight Drive @Scarface @JaFanatic @HippoSucks @koksmayu @BlueBee @Bleed-Blue @silly_point @Sid_SuhaiL @Zestian @chewy @velu @Ankit_sharma03
  10. Forever Indian

    ICF IPL 2019 Fantasy League

    Hi guys, we will be playing the Fantasy League at the official IPL site this year. I considered other sites like Cricketweb but they were even more useless than this competition. There are a lot of changes this year with Dream 11 replacing Fandromeda for hosting the competition. With the change in hosting there are significant changes to the rules as well. There will no longer be a requirement to change teams before every match, instead subs/trading of players should be done for a group of 8 matches or so together. Some of the key things to note are: Matches are separated into rounds with each round having 8 matches in league stage and all Playoffs considered as one final round Subs/Trades of players should be done before the start of 1st match of each round and the trades will be applicable for all the 8 matches in league stage 5 Subs/Trades are allowed per round You have to select a Captain and Vice-Captain with the Captain earning Double points and Vice-Captain earning 1.5x points I will try to add some more pointers here, but please go through the full Rules and Points System in the website. Details of joining below: Website: fantasy.iplt20.com League code: SLE7SQXX01UF League name: ICF IPL 2019 FL Once team is created and you have joined, please post the team name here. Looking forward to see lots of you guys join, given especially that this time the competition wouldn’t require changes every match like previous years
  11. My first preference is also Test cricket, no doubts about it. But IPL has it's own charm as well. And as I am originally from Chennai have been supporting CSK since IPL inception in 2008. Also, this is the time to enjoy trolling fellow posters in ICF. So all in all just will chill these two months, following most matches but watching only matches during weekends.
  12. Forever Indian

    ICF - IPL Fantasy League 2018

    The official competition is up and yes it is hosted by Dream 11. The bad thing about the competition this time is that we can make subs only for 8 games or so together. But still I guess we should go with it as Cricketweb is good only for bilaterals, as even captaincy changes count for 6 subs and there are 300 subs in total which is an overkill.
  13. Babaji, beware that you are not posting from your Maniac avatar

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