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  1. The nail in the coffin for Ishant was laid by Faulkner when he smashed him for 30 in an over. Although not a terrible ODI bowler, that sealed the deal for him.
  2. Forever Indian

    Oye Hoye Trophy!

    India should launch 'Hai hai' trophy with Shastri as the brand ambassador.
  3. Umesh is inconsistent, he may have a good test if in the zone else will spray and release pressure from his end. I will start with Bumrah, Ishant and Shami. Ideally someone like Siraj should also have been there.
  4. Kohli would have heard lots of 'No' in the pub when the bearer asks Shastri - Would you like anything mixed with your Whisky, sir?
  5. Manju has only country bias. He hates anything Indian and loves anything Pakistani. Also loves his macho and "big" men over malnourished types.
  6. Forever Indian

    Manju misses Imran, wants Thomas fast tracked to test team

    6 matches. Also, Bishop (whom I believe has better judgement regarding fast bowlers than Manju) has said that Thomas hasn't developed the stamina yet for longer format. He needs atleast one or two seasons to do that. At this point, Alzarri Joseph who has played 6 tests needs to be given more chances. He has the pace and FC experience to better develop than Thomas at this stage.
  7. Forever Indian

    Manju misses Imran, wants Thomas fast tracked to test team

    Thomas is averaging 41 in FC cricket and has picked less than 1 wicket per innings. Just because he can bowl at pace for 4 overs, doesn't mean he can do same in longer format for 40 overs per innings. If he has not been even decent in WI domestics longer format, what chance does he have in Internationals now? Manju does not even follow Indian domestics, so no wonder he isn't following any other country domestic players but still has to vomit something.
  8. Baba, you are supposed to have given up on all the mortal pleasures of life. Why would you accept gifts?
  9. Forever Indian

    Manju misses Imran, wants Thomas fast tracked to test team

    I don't want to waste ICF server space by commenting on Manju.
  10. Forever Indian

    Remove beef from India’s food menu: BCCI to Cricket Australia

    From when have we become like padosi land? So only Hindus dietary requirements catered for?
  11. Ravi Shastri must be emptying the team Biryani, so indeed he hasn't had any for last 3 months.

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