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  1. Forever Indian

    Resurgence of MSD?

    Karthik calling Karthik
  2. Forever Indian

    Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    Cool, just returning after seeing Petta as well with my family. My rating 3/5 - one time watchable for Rajini. The final mandatory twist of Karthik Subbaraj was good, after he laid the trap for audience
  3. Now that the tribute is done, can he retire with immediate effect pls
  4. In LOIs he can get into team as lower order hitter. It is in tests that I don't see a place for him, unless his batting becomes consistent enough.
  5. Forever Indian

    Any talent left in srilankan team

    The issue seems to be due to politics within the board. Politics and not having an eye on developing youngsters are two key detriments in any team's development.
  6. Forever Indian

    Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    Anybody watched the Rajini release Petta today?
  7. Forever Indian

    ICF Fantasy Cricket : India tour of Australia-Tests

    3rd piece of Cake
  8. Forever Indian

    Shami will not last the full tour. Prepare for a back up

    As expected, Shami got Baba's blessings!
  9. Forever Indian

    ICF Fantasy Cricket : India tour of Australia-Tests

    Congrats for 1st place
  10. Forever Indian

    Kohli's captaincy watch thread

    This series has been his best amongst the SEA countries. Less no. of selection blunders and some strategic thinking finally being shown by Kohli. He should keep this going!
  11. Forever Indian

    Should Pant start batting at #6?

    The issue in tests for WK is that the longer they bat the more their keeping may be affected. It is because they have to do their keeping squats and keep up their concentration again after long batting session. This is why even someone like Gilchrist batted mostly at 7 and only at times came up to 6 when quick runs were required. So let Pant stay at 7 as his keeping is unarguably more important especially overseas.
  12. Forever Indian

    Rahane says he will score a 100 in Boxing day Test match

    Probably the biggest panauti after @Global.Baba Said 2018 was going to be his year - 2018 became one of his worst year Said Aussies were firm favourites to win the series - Aussies on the verge of losing Said he was going to score century in Melbourne - We all know what happened
  13. Can India win the series in Sydney and make history? Squads not announced yet.
  14. Forever Indian

    Someone create match thread for the 4th game !!!

    I shall create it to see how my Panauti meter is!

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