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  1. Competition

    That sucx. We should stick to Fandromeda then as they also have Live scoring.
  2. If Sehwag becomes coach, this will be our opening attack:
  3. If one of Rohit or Dhawan get injured, I would rather open with Karthik.
  4. All 3 Shami, Bumrah and Bhuvi are a must here. Pandya or one of the spinners should make way.
  5. All the best to India in the Champions Trophy. May we come back with the cup again First Warm-up game for the team Who should be tried in first XI?
  6. Who is Yorkshire playing this year as their overseas player?
  7. Competition

    I have not got an answer on what is @-Robin-'s team name. Do you know? Once I know that points will be finalised.
  8. I am also saying the same thing, once someone is clearly past it they should be kicked out of team or gracefully asked to retire. But what I am pissed about Bhajji is naming people specifically like he has done which is not professional at all.
  9. Competition

    Congo @zakkfor winning the ICF IPL FL competition Also congo on finishing 10th globally in the Official IPLT20 site competition . Zakk has won the winning team's signed Jersey for finishing in Top 10 Please post photos when the jersey arrives