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  1. Forever Indian

    Rohit Fails Yo Yo test

    Now watch how he magically passes the test in a couple of days.
  2. Forever Indian

    India A Tri-Series in England, 2018

    This Mayank Agarwal is as useless as ever, gets out for 4 from 12 balls. He scores heavily when in form and all other time fails miserably, has been the trend throughout his career.
  3. Forever Indian

    Ishant v Umesh - who should be in team if needed?

    If I get my hand tied and had a bomb under my a*se asking to pick either of Ishant or Umesh, I would probably pick Umesh. But that's only bcos Ishant is that crap.
  4. Vihari could be an ideal no.3
  5. Forever Indian

    AFG Test Debut | Ind v Afg | 14-18 June 2018 | Bangalore

    How has Karthik's keeping looked so far? Any drops?
  6. Forever Indian

    Ishant v Umesh - who should be in team if needed?

    Kick both these out and get Saini in.
  7. Langer was the most spoilt brat among a team of brats when he was playing. How times change!
  8. Forever Indian

    How long will Vijay play test cricket?

    Vijay should be given the next two tours and then we need to start grooming a youngster. This could have been started a lot before, but the management decided to play Gambhir, Mukund, Parthiv Patel, Dhawan, etc who were all short term solutions. Even Rahul isn't the finished material yet in overseas tests as evidenced by SA tour. First step will be to discard Dhawan, FFS how many more tours he needs to prove he is not an opener for overseas. Only then can another youngster be tried. It is not that easy to find an opener as can be seen with the Merry go round happening with teams like England, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Here in ICF people seem to not realise the tough role of an opener overseas. A youngster cannot just come in and start performing overseas.
  9. Should also include coaches in Yo Yo test. Kick them out if can't get bare minimum.
  10. Congrats, you are going to be a part of history
  11. Forever Indian

    Why is it that fans fervently prefer defensive cricket?

    It is Kohli who is preferring Karthik over Pant in LOIs and it is because he doesn't believe in youngsters. Fans mostly prefer swashbuckling players over defensive bats especially in LOIs. In ICF also most would like to see Pant atleast in T20s but Kohli and Shastri have other ideas.
  12. Forever Indian

    Does India Need a Caste-based Quota in Cricket?

    We should follow a caste based posting system in ICF.
  13. Forever Indian

    Virat Kohli gets his beard insured !!!

    Rohit was being managed by Bunty but just changed to a different agency an year or so before to avoid Conflict of Interest issue. But surely Bunty is indirectly looking after him.

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