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  1. TNAmarkFrmIndia

    Ravi Shastri new India head coach

    Did you forget? Tendulkar was the one who convinced his fellow Mumbaikar Shastri to apply for the coach's position.
  2. TNAmarkFrmIndia

    Evin Lewis !!!

    We should have picked Rahul Tripathi.
  3. TNAmarkFrmIndia

    India vs West Indies 2017, 3rd ODI, Antigua:

    Kohli's hellbent on making him a No. 6 but he's a much more useful No. 4 for India than Yuvraj is at this point of time.
  4. TNAmarkFrmIndia

    What happened to Hemang Badani?

    Bringing in the revolutionary concept of cheerleaders before the IPL ever existed.
  5. TNAmarkFrmIndia

    IPL title Sponsorship goes to Vivo for ₹2199

    Indian companies have become wary of sponsoring the IPL probably because they don't see it worth the investment anymore. Meanwhile, these Chinese smartphone companies who have just entered the market see cricket as a big opportunity to grow their brand in India and are spending like crazy. Be it the Champions League T20, Team India sponsorship or now the IPL title sponsorship, they have no competition. Just last month, Vivo netted the smartphone sponsorship of the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups for €400 million.
  6. TNAmarkFrmIndia

    IPL title Sponsorship goes to Vivo for ₹2199

    They can, especially after the broadcast rights for IPL get sold. But yeah, the only other option is to bring back Kochi Tuskers in IPL which they don't want to do.
  7. TNAmarkFrmIndia

    IPL title Sponsorship goes to Vivo for ₹2199

    Chinese smartphone companies are really serious about taking over the Indian market. I don't think it's worth that much, and it's probably true considering no one else bid for the rights except the two Chinese smartphone companies who are looking to gain a stronghold in India, but BCCI won't be complaining. Let's hope it works out for all parties involved. Unfortunately for BCCI, a lot of this money will end up in the pockets of Kochi Tuskers Kerala as they're claiming damages of between 1170 and 1470 crores.
  8. TNAmarkFrmIndia

    IPL title Sponsorship goes to Vivo for ₹2199

    With that kind of money, Chinese deserve to take over our mobile phone market.
  9. TNAmarkFrmIndia

    Rahane can be our floater for 2019WC in middle order- Kohli

    Kohli has officially lost it.
  10. Because he knows Gambhir, Mumbai provides him more competition than Pakistanis do. Anyway, this isn't exclusive to Pakistan. It became most apparent to me during the 2014 World T20 final when he went up to Sangakkara to shake hands with him when he scored a 50, then saying after the match something along the lines of "maybe God wanted them to win". It's a PR move and he wants to be in all teams' fans' good graces.
  11. TNAmarkFrmIndia

    Are our Indian bowlers overrated?

    Seemed completely ineffective against Sri Lankan batsmen. They seem to be under no trouble at all. 2 out of 3 wickets have been from runouts.
  12. Should he have crossed and got himself run out so that Pandya stayed at the crease? We weren't winning it from there but could've gotten some good entertainment.
  13. TNAmarkFrmIndia

    What disappointed you the most with Kohli in the final?

    It's easier to say that in hindsight but it wasn't a particularly risky shot to play. An outside edge off a leg side flick doesn't usually carry all the way to point.
  14. TNAmarkFrmIndia

    Kohli laughing around like we won CT during presentation

    Read the second paragraph of my comment.
  15. TNAmarkFrmIndia

    What disappointed you the most with Kohli in the final?

    Kohli didn't get out trying to play an aggressive stroke or playing a ball that he could've left. He got out playing a shot that would normally fetch him one or two and nobody would question. Amir's left arm angle and swing did him in. All three of our top order's wickets were due to good bowling so it's not something that was avoidable.
  16. TNAmarkFrmIndia

    Kohli laughing around like we won CT during presentation

    These are scenes from the group stage match against Pakistan. I'm not a fan of the guy's exaggerated celebrations, but if you think Kohli has lost his intensity then this argument is over and done with right here. It's pretty clear you've got the blinders on and the only thing you can see in front of you is him laughing after the final. The reaction of the people here only shows that subcontinent fans are still immature and can't deal with the aftermath of a loss, making a big deal out of little things like this. That's why news channels can earn their TRPs basing their entire story around ridiculous headlines, because people here will eat it up. You would expect more mature people at a forum like this but I guess not. And to those thinking this is just hero-worshipping, I don't even like everything that he does. I call him out when he says ridiculous things like he's no longer friends with the Aussies. The fact that people are questioning the intensity of one of the most, and at times unnecessarily, intense players in world cricket is laughable.
  17. TNAmarkFrmIndia

    how could we lose to pakistan? in a ct final

    Mods need to be more active and delete some threads.
  18. TNAmarkFrmIndia

    Predict India's next title in a major ICC tournament

    I reckon our next title would be a World T20.
  19. TNAmarkFrmIndia

    Kohli laughing around like we won CT during presentation

    He has given it to them multiple times in ICC events already. Shame that you would forget all that just because he's laughing over a conversation he's having with the opponent's players after a match whose result he cannot change even if he wanted to. No point fretting over it now. Kohli doesn't need to prove his loyalty or dedication to the team or the country by not being friendly with the opponents after a big loss. He proves himself on the field where it matters most. He and his team had a bad day and he's mature enough to understand that it happens in sport, and judging by the comments on this thread, our fans aren't.
  20. TNAmarkFrmIndia

    Kohli laughing around like we won CT during presentation

    Just because someone else chooses to react to something differently doesn't make it the right way to act. I prefer if Kohli takes losses in the same stride as he takes wins. Shows he's not volatile according to the situation his team's in and gets either too angry and desperate or too overconfident.
  21. TNAmarkFrmIndia

    Kohli laughing around like we won CT during presentation

    He treats losses the same way he treats wins. If that isn't a sign of maturity, then I don't know what is. Shame on people who are questioning the commitment of a guy who has been one of Indian cricket's greatest match-winners ever.
  22. TNAmarkFrmIndia

    Pakistani selectors have outsmarted their Indian counterparts

    Why are we comparing ourselves with a team that was ranked 8th and were playing their first ICC final in 8 years? Whose selection policies are more successful? Having said that, I have no idea why they're backing a past-his-prime Yuvraj at this point. Shouldn't have got another look-in after the 2014 World T20 debacle. There's also Dhoni but there's a great deal of uncertainty with other wicketkeeper-bats in India.
  23. TNAmarkFrmIndia

    How do Indian's rank this defeat?

    Doesn't rank up there at all tbh. I guess it's also because there are so many ICC tournaments now and India reaches the knockout stage most of the times. That's the least you can expect from them. We've got the better of Pakistan in ICC tournaments so often that it got boring, so it wasn't the worst result in the world. I can live with it. I'm sure fans of every other country must be happy with the result.
  24. Meh. There are idiots on both sides of the border. Just ignore them like most from our team did.

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