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  1. R.D forever

    Feel proud of some performances.

    Pull up Pandyas FC record. Check his stats. The guy was fast tracked and it is not working. He is promising but he has to play more FC matches
  2. R.D forever

    This team needs proper no 6 batsman

    Exact problem with Indian fans. T20 performance to judge Test selection
  3. R.D forever

    Feel proud of some performances.

    And how many matches should we lose for him to learn?? 4 & 0 and 1 wicket in a test match is not what I expect from all rounder. And definitely not someone playing at no 6. Sam Curran is much more talented than pandya and he plays at 8.
  4. R.D forever

    Feel proud of some performances.

    U keep posting this without any context. Break down the numbers. Yes he has the numbers but he never looked comfortable with the bat the whole series. Runs are bloated cause of the 3rd innings 52 when we played for declaration. Even today Ashwin and pant were better than him. If u want to waste that position with a bits and pieces allrounder then I would rather waste it with Ashwin
  5. R.D forever

    What should be the team changes for the final Test?

    If we consider pandya five wickets then we should consider Ashwins four wicket in first test. He is simply not justifying his position. And Ashwin is a better bat than him. Shaw Rahul Pujara Kohli Rahane Vihari/Ashwin Jadeja Shami Ishant Bumrah
  6. One of my friend saw the T20 in Australia when shastri was director. Claims he was drinking beer whole 3 hours
  7. All this is just making me hate him more for that stupid reverse sweeps in first innings
  8. R.D forever

    This team needs proper no 6 batsman

    To replace shastri?
  9. R.D forever

    This team needs proper no 6 batsman

    Vijay Shankar looks a proper batsman. Can bowl a bit.
  10. Australia last test when Kumble was the coach
  11. Lol yeah. Nobody likes a know it all. Jaddu or Umesh won't face this much flak if they fail
  12. Ashwin is looking good. How stupid was that 1st innings shot
  13. Beautiful ball. Irony Ashwin at non strikers end. Watch and learn
  14. R.D forever

    Please drop Pandya to maintain Test cricket’s sanctity.

    When will our search for fast bowling allrounder end. 2014 with bunny now with pandya. FFS play a proper batsman there.
  15. R.D forever

    Please drop Pandya to maintain Test cricket’s sanctity.

    What is his role. He can take wickets only it it swings. Can't play spin can't play swing. Pathetic
  16. Wait for Prithvi shah. After 1st innings he will declared better than gavaskar.
  17. R.D forever

    Indian Batsmen vs Spin

    Problem is no one out of current lot can sweep. Anything outside off should be swept away
  18. I won't beleive till the scores are tied and with more than 3 wickets on hand
  19. Pant is going to hit a match winning 50
  20. More than the batsmen and the fans Ashwin would be the one praying hard that moeen doesn't get any wicket
  21. Treat moeen with respect. He will get tired eventually.
  22. Last recognised pair. Says a lot about our no our 6,7,8. What exactly is Pandyas role
  23. Let's not get carried away. Ashwin is still the best off spinner we have. For now he should be replaced by Jadeja. But dropping him from the squad is stupid
  24. Swann Ali and Lyon put more revs since they grew up playing in unresponsive pitches. Our finger spinners rely more on flight and turn. Exactly why Swann and panesar knocked us out in 2012 tour But it is more about sticking to own strength. Ashwin was trying to copy Ali trying to increase speed but it was not natural
  25. He learnt from the master saqlain

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