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  1. R.D forever

    For the love of God, Pant has to perform in LOIs

    With Rohit Dhawan and Rahul I don't think we have to try DK there. And DK as an opener is anyways an already failed experiment
  2. R.D forever

    For the love of God, Pant has to perform in LOIs

    DK might not be good as proper batsman at no 4. But going by current form I would prefer him as wkbatsman than Dhoni
  3. R.D forever

    Jadeja, the all-format specialist ?

    Lol no. People who saw the 5th test can tell u that he was pretty much rubbish throughout the match. Ashwin anyday for tests.
  4. R.D forever

    For the love of God, Pant has to perform in LOIs

    DK has done much better than dhoni recently. Should be the keeper batsman for WC with pant as backup
  5. R.D forever

    India Test squad for #AUSvIND -

    DK, Saha, Samson, Kishan anyone would have been better than Pappu
  6. Decent total thanks to ashwin. He regularly plays these crucial 30 40 knocks that people tend to forget easily. Something that Pandya and Jadeja should learn.
  7. Not easy TBH. They are bowling well. And Ashwin is not a natural slogger like jaddu. One of the reasons I want him to bat above jaddu
  8. Again. I don't care how many centuries jadeja scores. If the situation is difficult to handle always ALWAYS send Ashwin ahead of Jadeja
  9. I would pick holder anyday in place of Pandya.
  10. Ashwin just should go for it now.
  11. R.D forever

    Team for first 2 ODIs against Windies announced. Pant selected

    Can someone tell me on what basis Dhoni is retained but DK is dropped.
  12. R.D forever

    Ashwin first 43 matches 24 5-fers, next 20 matches just 2

    Yup that's for sure. Beautiful to watch especially against lefties. Even in England the 1st test bowling was a treat to watch
  13. R.D forever

    Dhoni Munnetra Kalagam !!!

    Honestly think CSK and Tamil fans spoiled Dhonis legacy. Overhyping his finishing skills, comparing kohlis captaincy , praying that we would fail in test matches abroad etc etc. If Dhoni had not played for CSK he would have achieved a legacy like SRT in Indian cricket
  14. R.D forever

    Bilal Asif Bowling Action

    Irony is pakistanis call Ashwin a chucker. Ashwin Lyon and Swann actually bought some respect back to offspin after ajmal,bhajji and other doosra dumbos
  15. He was a pretty good wrist spinner. It is more or less confirmed we are going with kuldeep and chahal for WC. Maybe we can try in ODIs. Don't judge his talent by his commentator skills

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