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  1. DK issue just shows that a player has to grab his chance when he is young. Else ppl will always see you as a has-been. One failure and you are gone. Also shows how Big hundreds are important. DK plays this 30-40 innings very well but throws it away afterwards
  2. R.D forever

    Asia Cup: Playing 11 vs Pak

    Rohit Dhawan Rahul DK MS Pandya Jadhav/Rayudu Bhuvi Chahal Kuldeep Bumrah DK can rotate strike much better than Pandey.
  3. R.D forever

    Asia Cup: Playing 11 vs Pak

    Chahal is always punchable for me. Annoying midget.
  4. R.D forever

    The dumb math of playing the extra batsman

    This argument doesn't even make sense. I am asking why Pandya is not scoring runs. You are saying even others are not scoring. I know that. You cannot show others failure to justify your own failure. Yes our top 5 needs work. But u can't say first fix that then come to Pandya instead of talking about his problems with batting.
  5. R.D forever

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Why is Sundar not in the squad. These Baba brothers are they any good?? They seem to take two spots in every tournament
  6. R.D forever

    The dumb math of playing the extra batsman

    Oh god. So basically ur argument is we can't expect Pandya to be consistent because he is young and has potential. Sorry I didn't know ICC is also counting player potential to decide test match results. FFS man am not even asking for 50. He has not scored even 30s consistently . What balance is he providing that a Bhuvi/Thakur wouldn't have provided? Atleast they could have picked more wickets
  7. R.D forever

    The dumb math of playing the extra batsman

    This stat does not answer my question about consistency. Don't simply put stats without any meaning. Since u like stats too much See the below graph and see what I mean. After the 93 in SA he didn't score a single 30 till the 3rd test in Eng. Bowling is also not consistent. Where do u see a consistent performer in this
  8. R.D forever

    Asia Cup: Playing 11 vs Pak

    Did u do a Google search for pics of players that would want us to punch them in the face?? It did work. Especially Dhawan
  9. R.D forever

    The dumb math of playing the extra batsman

    " What I like about Pandya is that he can bowl at 140+ and hit test 100s, which is a rare quality among Ind players  " For now I have only your word for this. If you are a allrounder give me something. If u can't take wickets everymatch then at least guarantee a score of 50-60 everymatch. If u can't score then I need at least 5 wickets in a match. If u can't do anyone of this consistently then what is ur use?? I have not seen him perform consistently till now. No consecutive 50s. No consecutive 3fers atleast. One 50 in the 3rd test. Don't think he crossed 40 again. One 5fer. And wayward bowling on other tests. There is simply no upward trend we can see. In 7 test matches if we can remember only two knocks ( 90 in SA and 50 in Eng - both T20 innings ) and one spell ( 5 wk haul in overcast conditions) then he is not doing even one job consistent There is no swiss army knife concept and all in test matches. This is not ODI/T20.Every player in the 11 should be a specialist in either batting or bowling. contribute at least in one.
  10. R.D forever

    The dumb math of playing the extra batsman

    Ok let's accept ur 5-1-1-4 strategy? Who is that 1? Batting allrounder or bowling allrounder? Do you expect him to score 70-80s and keep it tight for 5-10 overs ( Batting allrounder). Or someone who can give you wickets irrespective of conditions but cannot be expected to score more than 30-40 every match ( Bowling allrounder). Shankar with a FC batting average of 47 can be clearly called a batting allrounder. Ashwin with a career batting average of 30 is clearly a bowling allrounder Which category does Pandya fall into?
  11. R.D forever

    Asia Cup: Playing 11 vs Pak

    Rohit Dhawan Rahul DK Dhoni Rayudu Pandya Kuldeep Chahal Bumrah Khaleel
  12. R.D forever

    Bhajji, Vikrant, Madan Lal want Pant in Asia Cup

    He has not been given proper chance. When was the last time u remember DK playing 5 matches together?
  13. R.D forever

    The dumb math of playing the extra batsman

    Not necessarily. No 6 batsman has his own qualities and strength. Like how openers and no 3 should play out the new ball and middle order should score runs , no 6 should have strengths like playing with the tail , playing out a draw, patience, seeing out second new ball etc. No 6 does not mean that he is less than other 5. VVS was no less than Dravid or Sehwag in terms of skill. Yes it would be good to have someone who can bowl some overs . A batting allrounder. I understand. But why should it be a medium pacer. we simply don't have any .. Probability of finding another VVS is more in India than finding a Curran or Stokes. Let's stick to our strength
  14. R.D forever

    Bhajji, Vikrant, Madan Lal want Pant in Asia Cup

    DK deserves an extended run at no 4. Atleast for 10 matches
  15. R.D forever

    The dumb math of playing the extra batsman

    Jeez this thread is still going on.. Your batting is weak so strengthen it. As simple as that . 5 batsmen cant so anything what will no 6 do is such a stupid argument. Especially when we had the great VVS saving us numerous times at no 6. What is frustrating with the allrounder Brigade is it is not like we have a kallis or a Curran or a Stokes in the waiting. Even if you want to copy SA and ENG and want a seam bowling allrounder then Pandya is not ur guy. A trundler like him will be crucified in Australian flat tracks. And people who saw him bat know he showed absolutely no improvement looked like getting out every ball.
  16. Last test. Dead rubber. Series already lost. 121-5 nobody is expecting the team to win. Best batsman in the team out for 0. Opposition is not coming hard at you. If you lose ur wicket no one is going to blame you. Definition of no pressure Pressure was in 4th test 1st innings when we needed a crucial lead to level the series.
  17. R.D forever

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    Maybe someone Old??
  18. Lets wait and see. No pressure flat pitch unfit broad and tired Anderson. Still not convinced
  19. R.D forever

    The dumb math of playing the extra batsman

    Bhai come straight to the point. You want Pandya to play. Why such a big story for this
  20. R.D forever

    Jadeja and his match readiness

    Bowl?? Did you see the match??
  21. R.D forever

    Leader(s) of our bowling attack?

    2010s. Home conditions definitely Ashwin. Genuine Match winner in Subcontinent. Played a main role in getting no 1 position 2020s. Bumrah fits the bill. He can be like zaheer. Spinners no one sadly. I don't see kuldeep as a leader. Ashwin if he cuts down his jugaad can stay till 2025.
  22. Dont care about WI series.. should be used to try newbies Team for Aus 1)Shaw/Mayank ( Might be a flop show like Pant but we desperately need backup openers 2)Rahul/Vijay ( Yes Vijay, who was unfairly dropped after Lords minefield when players like Rahane Dhawan and Rahul gets million chances) 3)Pujara 4)Kohli 5)Rahane/Rohit/Manish Pandey( Rohit just to put pressure on Rahane) 6)Vihari - No allrounder business. Batting is weak can't carry baggage like Pandya 7) DK/Pant ( Again DK unfairly dropped. Played decently in 1st test 2nd innings) 8) Ashwin ( Yes he *ed up in 4th test but even a half fit Ashwin was better than Jadeja in 5th test. Jadejas bowling was like a part timer 9) Ishant 10) Bumrah 11) Bhuvi/ Shami Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  23. R.D forever

    Murali Vijay county perfomance thread

    If they had dropped him for shah or Mayank would have been ok. Dropping him for dhawan was a ridiculous decision
  24. R.D forever

    Whom will you drop for home series of WI?

    Why Ashwin though. He was much better than Jadeja
  25. R.D forever

    Whom will you drop for home series of WI?

    Boring series. Jadeja and Ashwin will pick 20 wickets each. Kohli, Bumrah, Bhuvi - Rest Dhawan. Drop him permanently Pandya. Needs to play more FC and India A matches. Pant. Again needs more FC and A team experience Rahane. Back to domestic grind Shah Rahul/Mayank Pujara Vihari Samson/DK/gautham Krunal/Shankar/Sundar Ash Jaddu Kuldeep Ishant Shami

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