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  1. R.D forever

    Vijay Shankar is a bright prospect

    I strongly believe in having 6 proper batsmen in tests but if team management really wants an all-rounder then better to go with vijay shankar than pandya. Much better batsman than pandya technically and can easily score daddy hundreds in tests. Bowling wise pandya has more pace but if it is overcast and swinging conditions i think shankar will be more or less equal.l think we should start preparing him for the next SENA tour
  2. R.D forever

    What was Karthik thinking?

    Good calculated decision based on how pandiya was hacking it.
  3. Unfair to drop Shankar without seeing his batting skills
  4. Good riddance. Both are not needed for the world cup and definitely not for the test team. Try Vijay Shankar asap to replace pandya
  5. R.D forever

    Are we missing Pandya already?

    So ur no 5 is bad so u should have a bits and pieces batsman at no 6? So that he can come and hit 20 runs?? What a stupid logic. If your no 5 is bad you should have a proper batsman at 6. Like Vihari. And Kohli has realised that now.
  6. R.D forever

    Are we missing Pandya already?

    Jeez are u still trying to fool people with the same crap. That was no way an exceptional innings. That was throwing his bat at everything after 8 wickets with no pressure whatsoever. He has never soaked the pressure and played a long innings. Even the 50 in England was a declaration innings. Why don't u post his other scores in Eng and SA. He didn't even cross 30 once .. This Aus series win is a proof that pandya is not needed and infact the main reason for series loss in SA and Eng
  7. I would rate Ashwin's 25 in the 1st test higher than Jaddu's knock today
  8. Openers - Don't stop with Shaw and Mayank. Include 2 backups and rotate the openers in home series so that we have 4 good openers for next overseas season. Maybe Mukund and Rahul?? 3,4 - Fixed 5 - Same logic. Try Rahane Gill and other domestic performers. Have 4 players ready for this position 6 - Stop looking for seam bowling all-rounder. We don't have any now. Maybe try Vijay shanker for some time. No 6 should be a specialist batsman who can bowl a bit of spin. We can get lots of batting all-rounders like these in India. Seamers - Rotate the current lot. They won't have much work in India anyways Spinners. Put Ashwin on a diet FFS. Very important for the home season. Ashwin Kaddi Kuldeep Vihari can clean up any side in India Keeper - Pant with samson and Dk in mix
  9. R.D forever

    Are we missing Pandya already?

    I hope kohli picks pandya so that you can stop creating 10 threads everyday on why Pandya is important
  10. Nope. Just go through the 1st test match thread and see the majority of day 4 comments . People were claiming that if Jadeja had got the same rough he would have cleaned up the batting order. Fact is people expect a lot from Ashwin because he talks a lot and shows off whereas Jadeja always flies under the radar . Again go to the 1st test match thread. Every time Ashwin bowls a short ball there would be 3 4 comments. Jadeja hardly gets mentioned in the match threads. Anyway guess even the team management agrees that Jadeja has not done anything special. Practice session video shows Ashwin bowling in the nets
  11. That is not how it works. This is the 3rd test and our batsmen have just got better at playing lyon. Just because We played Lyon better doesn't mean Jadeja outbowled him. Compare the pitches. 1st innings in MCG had more rough than Adelaide. And Jaddu didn't exactly run through the side as predicted
  12. Ashwin took 6 wickets with better economy. Jadeja took 5. I don't think Jadeja did anything extraordinary to become the first choice spinner
  13. None. 6 specialist batsmen 4 bowlers should be the ideal team. Kohli has realised it now. No need to spoil the balance by adding bits and pieces cricketers
  14. R.D forever

    India retains Border/Gavaskar Trophy 2018-19

    Frustrating thing is if they had got the team selection right they would have won in SA and Eng too. Carrying a passenger like pandya in the team, dropping rahane and Bhuvi at crucial junctures , misreading pitch and selecting 2 spinners at Lords.. Finally finally virat got the team right for the 1st and 3rd test and see the result
  15. R.D forever

    Playing 11 for Sydney Test

    Mayank Pappu/Rohit Che Kohli Rahane Vihari Pant Ashwin Ishant/ Bhuvi Shami Bumrah
  16. Difficult choice tbh. If the pitch is not doing anything I still prefer Ashwin. Remember the 1st innings in 1st test. Took 3 top order wickets with no help from pitch. If the pitch has rough like today Jaddu is better cause Ashwin who bowls with such patience when there is no help from the pitch somehow loses it when the pitch is doing something. never hits the rough and tries too much Batting Ashwin is slightly better especially to build partnerships. Fielding anyday Jadeja. It is a good headache to have
  17. Now that ICC has banned chucking ( Aka Doosra ) finger spinners have to put more effort to get more revs. I consider only Swann Lyon and Ashwin as classical off spinners in the last 20 years or so. Swanns shoulder forced him to retire early.. He used to put a lot in his runup.. Is Ashwin heading to the same route. He is not playing white ball cricket but still facing abdomen strain. This has been bothering him since the 2016 Eng series. Is he heading for a early retirement??? Such a shame. He was much better this abroad season and is on his peak.
  18. R.D forever

    Not playing a spinner was huge mistake

    Very clear that team management has no trust in Jaddu . Ashwin is still the No1 spinner. And terribly missed
  19. 1st test team was perfect except the openers. We need new openers. Don't know how pandya is going to help the team. Vihari is a better batsman and can plug one end if needed. And 3 seamers are more than enough. Pandyas dibbly dobbly swing bowling won't work in Australia
  20. End of the road for Vijay. Bit unfair when other players (Dhawan, Pujara, rahane) get so many opportunities but he is dropped after 2 tests. Still remember his fighting knock vs SA in 3rd test. Stood like a rock Maybe should have used him in Australia where there is no swing?? What went against him? Age?? Not part of kohlis inner circle like dhawan??
  21. R.D forever

    Latest from Perth: Ashwin and Rohit out of 2nd test

    Ashwin was not going to be dropped. His 1st innings contribution with bat and ball itself should guarantee a spot
  22. R.D forever

    Latest from Perth: Ashwin and Rohit out of 2nd test

    Ashwin is a big loss especially with lefties in the Aus side. I would go with umesh or Bhuvi instead of Jadeja
  23. I think ashwin hate in ICF has more to do with his off field attitude . Typical indian mentality to wish for people who talk too much to fail. so that we can say to everyone " I told you so this guy just talks". Guess this is why "Simpletons" like Jaddu, Umesh and all get away. I think ashwin should stop taking too much and act like everything is a fluke. Maybe stop giving interviews in english and speak in Hindi. People would then support him. Case in point..Better average and economy than Lyon. And Kohli himself told that was the plan.
  24. R.D forever

    Please no Ashwin for the rest of this series

    For people going on and on about 2nd innings. When was the last time a subcontinent offspinner opened up the game in 1st innings by taking 3 top order wickets. And what is Murali and swanns average in Australia
  25. Can you please explain what was lucky in those wickets?

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