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  1. nevada

    Virat Kohli OUT OR NOTOUT?

    If that is the case, then what's the point of doing a review?
  2. Dhoni should have retired a year ago. It is a shame he insists on playing the world cup and the selectors don't have the guts to drop him. If more seniors from the 2011 world cup win speak up against him, it might bring more heat on Dhoni to step down voluntarily. I hope he doesn't get the opportunity to ruin a world cup for team India.
  3. I don't understand why people are criticizing Gambhir. Dhoni is hanging on to his place despite poor form but wanted Gambhir out 3 years ahead of the next world cup! Dhoni is a big hypocrite and I am glad Gambhir spoke out. https://news.com/sports/cricket/article/gautam-gambhir-heavily-criticised-on-twitter-for-questioning-ms-dhoni-s-selection-policy-during-2012-cb-series-between-india-and-australia/329292
  4. nevada

    Fingers crossed till it’s over.

    It has been 32 years since India won more than one test in a SENA series. Let's see if Kohli & co can break the hoodoo and grab one more win in this series or if they succumb to the usual pattern of being content with the solitary win and losing like gracious guests.
  5. It is one thing to be unlucky despite bowling well but bowling innocuous deliveries on the same that opponents like Lyon and even part timer Moeen's deliveries look most threatening is inexcusable. Ashwin needs to learn to simply execute what works best on a given pitch. Based on current evidence, it looks like he will never learn.
  6. nevada

    The little Manjrekar in me

    Actually, the chief beneficiaries of brainfade and potty mouth's cheating are still playing for Australia. There is no way in hell the Aussie bowlers were unaware of and not a party to ball tampering. The lying cheats escaped with light punishment and have successfully managed to project themselves as victims.
  7. nevada

    The little Manjrekar in me

    Nothing wrong with how you feel. Only a series victory is an acceptable result for this #1 ranked team against a depleted opponent. While the match was won, Kohli & co made several mistakes which would have given plenty of hope to their opponents for the rest of the series. Instead of a crushing win, we have a close escape.
  8. I mentioned this in the match thread also - I think he feels he is too good to take the easy route of just landing the ball in the rough every ball. He tries to "do it his way" with all kinds of variations and ends up screwing the team in the process. We are lucky we had a big run cushion in the fourth innings. With such shitty bowling, a 230-250 score would have been chased down with plenty of wickets to spare.
  9. What if Pujara had not scored a century in the first innings? We would have probably been all out for double figures and lost the match in an embarrassing manner. So "what ifs" can go either way.
  10. nevada

    Congrats to India

    Congrats to the Oz team for showing plenty of fight till the very end. Fanstastic match, great advert for test cricket.
  11. Yes. Thankfully, Kohli didn't make the mistake of dropping Pujara in the series opener like he did in England. Pujara saved Kohli's ass by scoring big in both innings. If not for his big score in the second innings, target would have been 270-280 which Aussies would have chased down.
  12. +1. In the euphoria of victory let it not be forgotten that captaincy was clueless and lead bowler Ashwin was crap on a 5th day wicket where every ball from Lyon seems like a hand grenade. I hope Kohli and Shastri have the honesty to admit and fix serious flaws in time for the next game.
  13. Finally! The torture was becoming unbearable.
  14. Hopeless bowler, can't even get tailenders out.
  15. I wonder if he does it on purpose. Probably thinks it is beneath him to just bowl in the rough and get wickets the easy way. Idiot doesn't get it - just do simple things right consistently and wickets will come.

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