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  1. India should stop preparing so called "sporting" pitches at home and prepare spinning tracks to destroy and embarrass the opposition, like SL did recently. No more bending over backwards to please gora teams and pathetic attempts to show that their home wins happened in "fair" conditions. Before embarking on an overseas tour, how about a couple of India XI vs Rest of India 5 day games in India itself on super green pitches? Instead of crying about the host country giving flat pitches for practice but juicy wickets in tests, why not prepare solidly at home itself?
  2. Other than shifting the blame, I don't see what purpose it would serve.
  3. Hiring him as a batting consultant for the rest of the tour might help. For overseas tours in the future, I think the BCCI should look into hiring a batting and bowling consultant for the tour. As dismal as our players are overseas, I think they can play way better with the right guidance. Having spent a fortune on Uncle Shastri, the BCCIight be reluctant to spend further on coaching staff. The solution is simple - fire Shastri right away and save a bundle.
  4. nevada

    Can Ind still draw or win this series?

    No. Best we can hope is one win in the remaining 3 games if luck goes India's way and 1-2 batsmen somehow fluke their way to a big score.
  5. From bragging a lot pre-series to begging for sympathy now. What a transformation! Kohli should pick some new players and keep the same XI for an entire series to gain back some credibility. He deserves blame for the team turning into a bunch of insecure mental midgets led by a control freak.
  6. Rahane's failures are very disappointing. I expected him to score at-least a fifty and show some fight in one of the 4 innings.
  7. nevada

    India Ravaged By England At Lords, Now Modi Must Resign

    Raga should give a hug and a wink to Kohli to lighten up the team's mood and make them play well again.
  8. Can't remember a bigger flop show than this in recent memory. It is as if the entire team is a bunch of imposters or under some sorceror's spell. Can't bat, can't bowl, can't field.
  9. For that to happen Rohit needs to go to the US on vacation first.
  10. People used to say Murali Karthik paid the price for celebrating Ganguly's wicket in a first class match. Jaddu not celebrating must have brought back memories for him, hence the diplomatic stance on the topic.
  11.  "We take pride in performing wherever we go and we want to be the best travelling side in the world." Uncle Shastri full of hot air as usual. Best travelling side by what yardstick - max number of airline miles, best selfies, nights spent drinking and dancing away? The BCCI should issue a gag order against this gutless team and coaching crew ahead of any overseas series.
  12. Looks like Vijay has calmed the batting lineup to the extent that they don't even disturb the scorer.
  13. So which is it - skill or mindset that our batsmen lack in, or both?
  14. nevada

    Ravi Shastri should be grab by the collar

    Not a chance. Uncle Shastri is clever, he only wears round neck t-shirts and mandarin collar shirts.
  15. nevada

    India have invested too much power in Virat Kohli

    Even Mike Brearley said something similar a few days ago. Good teams typically have a relaxed atmosphere in the dressing room. Does anyone feel that this Indian test team has anything remotely close to that?

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