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  1. nevada

    I bow to the Universe Boss

    Gayle talking big in self promotional style just like boxers do. Too much time on the road has probably even caused him to believe a that outlandish stuff he says.
  2. nevada

    Resurrecting the Dhoni fan

    Some bhakts know clearly that Dhoni is way past it but they get a kick out of the frustration and suffering of non bhakts.
  3. nevada

    Resurrecting the Dhoni fan

    I don't think he will retire after the world cup.
  4. Wow, what a match! Perera is just too good, what a fairytale he has scripted! Hearty congratulations to all SL fans, this must be one of their best wins ever. I wish the Indian team had shown this kind of fight in at-least one of the several matches they lost in SA and England.
  5. I remember this one. Jaddu played a cameo towards the end of our innings to give the total some respectability. I went out to meet some friends, hoping to see a bunch of Pak wickets fallen by the time I came back. Instead, the match itself was over when I got back home as Ijaz destroyed our bowlers and finished the match in a jiffy. Back in the day such hitting was very rare and to pull it off for the entirety of the match was just unbelievable.
  6. Robin Singh hit 45 odd against Zimbabwe in a tri-series in SA in the late 90s. At one point it looked like the match was a lost cause but Robin didn't give up. He kept chipping away at the target, running hard to steal quick singles, converting singles into twos etc. He thrashed Eddo Brandes for a six and a 4, brought us to the doorstep of victory but his dumbo batting partner (don't remember who it was) got run out and screwed up the match, ending it in a tie. Robin had a habit of turning lost causes into wins. There was a match in Pakistan where Sachin got out, the rest followed him to the pavilion and the match was looking done and dusted. Again, Robin stepped up and steered the team towards victory. IIRC, it was the match in which Rajesh Chouhan thrashed Chuqlain Mushtaq for a six to seal the deal for us. On the field Robin was all heart, never gave up without a fight. Even the foul mouthed Steve Waugh had words of praise for him.
  7. And how about Stuart Binny? He could be useful in England with his all round skills.
  8. nevada

    Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    As long as the selectors pick him, he will even play sitting in a wheelchair. It's on them to put a full stop to his T20 agony.
  9. Obviously! Why would anyone think otherwise?
  10. nevada

    India. Pakistan. Chennai. 1999

    One of the saddest losses and a symbol of yet another so near but so far for Tendulkar. Not blaming him at all, the other bozos couldn't hustle the paltry 20 or so that was left of the target after he got out. The wounds of this loss were finally healed for me after Sehwag thrashed a triple century destroying Saqlain Mushtaq and ending his career. I would rather remember the Kolkata Test, the highlights of which I still watch once in a while.
  11. Rayudu is not a youngster but already has biryani skills. Send him off to a restaurant kitchen!
  12. The success of big 3 masked the inefficiency of the middle order for quite a while. In the name of experience for the world cup, a bunch of TTFs have been recycled and no youngsters were given chances. Now, the feeling is that it's too late to drop the oldies and bring in young players. But I feel giving a chance to fearless youngsters like Pant is anyday a better bet than keeping a useless oldie.
  13. Giving rest to all three for an entire series is the only way to test and fine tune the rest of the batting lineup.
  14. More like zero percent because he hasn't been picked and even if picked, will suffer the same fate as Pant.
  15. Maybe they are hoping that he will somehow turn the clock back for one last time but it's just been one disappointment after another. Indian mindset itself is such that sentimental farewells are expected by players and fans are okay with it too. Unless selectors step in and drop the non performing player, this saga will continue forever. After reaching the point of hopelessness, the player himself must realize and step aside instead of stinking up the whole tournament for the team.

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