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  1. nevada

    Halla Bol Thread 2019!! - RR Fans, Idhar Aavjo

    Steve Smith replaced Rahane as captain, wow! No excuse for Rahane to play now.
  2. nevada

    Rejects XI

    Excellent thread, our posters have a way better eye for talent spotting than our so called selectors.
  3. nevada

    One issue with many Ind batsmen

    He was thrown out for a long time from LOIs but sneaked back in as a replacement bowler and thanks to some good performances and his fielding skills, he became part of the mix again.
  4. Strange talk by the English with mention of morals and what not. Importing players is not new to them. So why so much drama? Maybe because the world cup is so close they don't feel comfortable with change.
  5. nevada

    Nomenclature of Caribbean cricketers

    West Indies had some Spanish influence also. The capital of Trinidad is Port of Spain. Brathwaite is from Barbados, which itself sounds like a Spanish name.
  6. To look at the glass as half full - we have to hope that they are reserving their best for the WC and avoiding peaking early.
  7. nevada

    Wolves have tasted blood. Scary times ahead!!!

    Vijay sits on the bench. He hasn't been tried despite Rayudu's failure as opener. I guess he doesn't know how to cook Biryani. Or maybe he knows only Dindigul and Thalppakatti biryani but not dum biryani, Rayudu's specialty.
  8. nevada

    Blast from the Past

    I watched a DVR replay of this match without knowing the result. I forbade anyone at the office discussing the score with me. Watched with disbelief as Warnie pulled off a heist in the end. Symonds went from hero to match ka mujrim in a matter of hours.
  9. Once in a while a match like this is needed to recreate trust
  10. Sui Dhaga followed by RCB matches' highlights - a combo sure to make even the most stubborn guest scream "enough!" and run out of the house.
  11. nevada

    Rahane has learnt nothing from 2016 t20WC SF?

    Yes, both are about the same calibre. Rahane is a decent fielder while Pujara is a liability on the field. Pujara can bat well against spinners but the same cannot be said for Rahane.
  12. nevada

    Rahane has learnt nothing from 2016 t20WC SF?

    Pathetic T20 player who is clearly a few years removed from being somewhat close to useful in the format. I don't understand WHY RR has still kept him. A misfit freeloading on the basis of being captain - it's like RR is a team of 10, not 11.
  13. Unadkat, Kulkarni and Rahane look like brothers -with the same timid, half defeated body language and stupid beard.
  14. Why would anyone think they have any intention of winning?
  15. Krunal at 50 strike rate and Manjrekar says he is batting steadily.

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