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  1. Why cricket craze declined so much

    Pitches are heavily loaded in favor of batsmen. Watching bowlers get treated like ballboys gets boring as the initial excitement dies down. Making pitches more lively and scaling down bat sizes to former levels would help address the imbalance.
  2. It is just a game, not war. Whoever plays better wins. If SL win this game, they will be desrved winners. You can fluke a T20 or ODI win but not a test match win.
  3. Gavaskar. He had the right game plus an insatiable greed for runs, not letting go of century opportunities even in domestic games. On the patta wickets of today he would have racked up centuries left and right, with a 60-65+ average in tests.
  4. Sri Lanka tour of India, 2017

    I think so too. Herath is hungry for a win and the Indian team may let its guard down given how easily they beat SL in their own backyard.
  5. Indian cricket Baap ki Jaagir

    Aussies, though they talk about records not being important, do care about them. Allan Border was allowed to play on and on so that he could break Gavaskar's record of most runs. Ponting at one point looked all set to overtake Tendulkar and that's why he was given a long rope. Luckily Sachin rediscovered his form and Ponting went into terminal decline.
  6. Will Pak v Ind tests ever match the Ashes?

    No. Ashes has the rivalry and history that can not be matched.
  7. Thrilling Last Over 300+ Run Chase Zim Vs Aus

    I watched this video a few months ago. Great fight by Zimbabwe!
  8. Thank you! I was surprised no one caught this until this late in the thread. Back to the topic - I too think Pujara can be a Misbah type of success, but it is highly unlikely he will get the opportunity.
  9. Lack of big hitters exposed today

    But Raina can't pass the yo-yo test!
  10. Whats the big deal with Siraj

    Just read somewhere that Jimmy Anderson conceded 64 runs in his first T20I. Siraj had a bad day today but he is capable of doing way better. Even champion players have nervous starts. In tennis Nadal, Djokovic etc lose the first set badly and then turn it on in later sets. Siraj needs to be given a few more chances.
  11. Every winning streak ends at some point but the manner of the loss was brutal.
  12. Kapil Dev's stint as coach in 1999-2000

    Bigger question is why did he try to hide Jadeja's injury? He seemed very keen on having Jadeja in the team - why?
  13. A great post that most cricket fans will fully agree with. Besides the players mentioned above, there are couple others who were backed at a young age and though they didn't turn out to be superstars, they did have moments where they did well. Parthiv Patel was the captain of a junior India team of which Vengsarkar was the manager/coach. He was very impressed by the youngster's temperament and gave a glowing recommendation of him. Very soon, Parthiv debuted for India though he had limited to no first class experience. Ajit Agarkar was on under 19 team of which Srikkanth was manager/coach. He spoke highly of him, and some time later Agarkar got in to the Indian team. Both Vengsarkar and Srikkanth backed a youngster purely on talent, not due to regional affiliation or business interests. But in the current environment, the chances of backing a player based on a hunch and fast tracking him are very less. After warming the bench for a long time, Rishabh Pant has disappeared from the selectors radar. Shreyas Iyer will most likely go through the same. Kuldeep Yadav was not selected in the test X1 despite the coach Kumble strongly backing his selection. But unfit(not physically, but for the role) players like Rahane, Karthik etc are repeatedly backed. I think there are a couple of reasons for this. One is, there is a huge amount of money at stake via endorsements. There can only be 11 players in the national team. The superstars in the X1 obviously get the biggest endorsement pay outs. Emergence of new, exciting talents in the playing X1 can relegate the not so young superstars to "senior" status. To maintain their youthful image, emergence of newer, younger superstars must be prevented. Also, from a pure cricketing perspective - these days teams have become ruthless and don't want to lose any match even after winning a series so the chances of youngsters getting a look in take a hit due to this reason as well. Another reason could be IPL rivalries. Don't want to name names but it isn't uncommon for some of the superstars to sledge younger players on other teams and the young ones to reply in kind, creating bad blood between them. Murali Kartik's career suffered because he was an in your face type of personality whose antics in a domestic game or two against Saurav Ganguly did not go down too well. IPL being more intense with so much at stake, one can only imagine the level of clashes and feuds between domestic players. In the current enviroment youngsters need to do well, and on a consistent basis to stand a chance of making a career for themselves.
  14. Got caught with proof and then claims he is innocent. Typical convict denial.
  15. Vir Amir - an Indo Pak love story. A love beyond the boundary and within the pitch.

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