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  1. What if SA selectors say no thanks even if he decides he wants to play the world cup? I hope he is reconsidering retirement due to persuasion from selectors and captain.
  2. Outstanding player, personification of "make the most out of whatever opportunities you get". Filled the void left by Murali's retirement and has been SL's pillar of strength as they were devastated by the retirements of Sanga and Jaya. cricbuzz.com/amp/cricket-news/104679/rangana-herath-to-retire-after-first-test-against-england
  3. Yes, 2 crores for each thigh. And a crore for each end for mustache twirl.
  4. nevada

    King Kohli averages 59 in ODIs now

    If he enjoys a late surge like Sanga, then he could very well achieve this plus 100 centuries.
  5. No worries, Kohli will pick experienced players like Yuvi and Raina. I am serious. Kohli captains like he bats - methodical, safe, as risk free as possible. Moreover, his enabler Shastri once went to the market to buy experience and couldn't find it in stock anywhere. So he also prefers experience. Dhoni is experience in disguise and is chief on field advisor.
  6. I agree with the essence of the post but OTOH, the top three also need practice to sharpen their skills. They can't just walk in and start chasing with ridiculous ease unless they have been doing it regularly. In yesterday's match, I would have sent in Pant instead of Rayudu for sure and even at #3 to allow him to bat freely as a pinch hitter. One proven performer along side a newbie is the way to go for grooming new talent.
  7. nevada

    Is Kohli hinting at a early retirement?

    Best analysis!
  8. nevada

    Is Kohli hinting at a early retirement?

    Rohit is already 31 and overweight. He will be 36 in 2023 - a tad too old for an unfit batsman with neither keeping skills nor advice skills to be participating in a world cup.
  9. nevada

    Is Kohli hinting at a early retirement?

    Why? Do you enjoy watching him lead RCB to the bottom of the table year after year?
  10. Excellent list. I suggest adding running speed between the wickets to the list. Dhoni can leave Indian cricket in safe hands and retire only when someone in the team can beat him in a running race.
  11. Wow, has he converted? If so, goes nicely with the redemption theme.
  12. When all else fails, confess and make money via interviews, writing a book about redemption, etc. If he were Indian, maybe a biopic as well. Maybe Bollywood can help him out.
  13. I think he would have done very well as a batsman in the just concluded WI series at home. He struggles abroad just like our specialist batsmen. That being said, he needs to contribute well in at-least one discipline per match to justify his place.
  14. Poor kid, should have converted that 50 into a hundred. Now besides cricketing skills, the one big skill he needs to develop is patience as he waits on the bench.
  15. Yes, SR is meaningless. With Dhoni, the important metric is AR - advice rate. Since he only gives match winning advice in matches that we win, I expect his AR to he 0.60 in this series.

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