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  1. 335 is a mountain too high for SL to climb. Hope they can put up a good fight at-least.
  2. Gayle gone, fell for the trap set for him.
  3. Wow, 40 years is such a long time! Hope the West Indies win today!
  4. nevada

    Name and shame the chuckers

    Ban them from wearing full sleeves shirt on the cricket field!
  5. No Wasim Raja in the list? He was an elegant batter who played amazing against the fearsome West Indians.
  6. nevada


    Agree. This is so annoying - game after game washed out.
  7. Nothing screams "Troll!" like the title of this thread.
  8. But Kohli doesn't believe in bold, out of the box tactics.
  9. Sensible decision. So happy that Rayadu or Rahane didn't get a call up. They are hoping Dhawan will recover but I doubt it. Injuries don't heal magically and take more time to heal than expected.
  10. nevada

    Has Ind been lucky? (WC19)

    Sure, luck played a part with dropped catches, injuries to opposing players and the toss but the team has executed well. Bowlers stepped up big time against SA and batsmen provided a winnable platform for the bowlers against Australia. The team has checkmated two very difficult opponents on the trot, a commendable accomplishment. With a typical slow start, we may have been 0-2 down, frantically thinking permutations and combinations for a path to the semifinal and cursing our bad luck by now. The only concern is that we don't look capable of pulling off a great escape win like the Aussies against WI if our top order collapses.
  11. Amazing batsman to watch when in full flow. A legend who knocked the living day lights off of many a bowler. His six sixers propelled T20 to heights of popularity. He along with Dhoni and Raina made difficult chases look easy. Key contributor to two world cups wins. Played with khunnas against ugly Aussies and gave some memorable wins against them. UVFAN4EVR!
  12. Aussies don't give up easily. They will keep going at it till the very end as they have batting depth. Even Cummins can hit a few boundaries.
  13. In a world cup. SA chased down 430 odd against them in 2006.

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