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  1. More tear filled press conferences and calls for reduction of “harsh ban” coming up soon?
  2. More revelations - https://www.deccanchronicle.com/amp/sports/cricket/270518/india-australia-ranchi-england-chennai-test-match-fixing-al-jazeera-re.html My gut feel is that some amount of minor fixing happens in lots of matches, accounting for “inexplicable” decisions. In the IPL, owners like Raj Kundra and Meiyappan have been caught but other owners also might be up to the same shenanigans IMO. The outcome of the match itself is not fixed but minor things like toss, batting first, bowling changes, wides, no balls etc can be fixed. That being said, I wonder how big the betting market must be to be able to afford handsome payments to players/ground staff/administrative personnel. Maybe the bookies fix small things, show newbie betters their “power” to make them feel the entire match including the outcome happens per their command and lure the gullible to bet huge amounts? I have heard about people losing chores of rupees on bets. They can’t be betting on just no balls and wides alone.
  3. nevada

    My 6th sense says...

    He did surprise everyone with sudden retirement from tests but I don't think he will retire prior to WC2019. He only plays LOIs, so there is no fatigue factor from long, grinding test series.
  4. Match summary in two words - Rashid Khan. What a champ! Bowling, batting, fielding(gun throws + catches) - he does it all.
  5. nevada

    Is Rahane ....

    Shastri was very selfish. Rahane seems like a nice guy desperate to do his best, but is not capable of forcing the pace.
  6. SRH seems to be eliminated already - http://www.india.com/sports/ipl-2018-hotstars-ipl-ad-showing-csk-v-kkr-in-final-has-twitterati-scratching-their-heads-3071700/
  7. nevada

    Rahane has learnt nothing from 2016 t20WC SF?

    He should retire from T20 and ODI formats. No team can benefit by having a weakling who lacks the ability to force the pace. On his way out, he should take the other weakling Unadcut with him and head to a barber shop.
  8. Sir Unadcut is good but Sir Ravindra Jadeja is even better, with not one but three triple centuries to his name besides all the bucket load of wickets he has taken.
  9. nevada

    AB de Villiers Retires from International Cricket

    Sad news for fans but respect his decision to go when people are wondering "why?" instead of "why not?". On paper this seems premature but only he knows what all pain(physical and emotional) he must have been going through to play at a high level. Just a few days ago, he took a stunning catch(not that flying one) where he landed on his shoulder and got up as if nothing happened. I thought "how long is his body going to last with insane stuff like this?". And today I hear the news that he has retired.
  10. I think CSK will make him mentor and have him sit in the dug out to milk his appeal a little bit more. Other than that, having native sons Ashwin and DK back as players might help. DK especially, given his recent run of good scores.
  11. nevada

    Non choking Saffer

    Yes, super knock by Faf. To get his team so close to the target was itself an amazing achievement. Towards the end I thought maybe his luck will run out or the batsmen at the other end would get dismissed but that never happened.
  12. nevada

    Reactions to the great semi final

    Wow, didn't know this! It was surprising to see him coolly knock off the required runs and get his team closer to the target. He got lucky with those 2 boundaries but his body language was postive, he looked confident.
  13. nevada

    Non choking Saffer

    Very true. With his fortuitous two boundaries, Shardul shredded any chance of choking. If he had got out cheaply, Faf would have tightened up and would have been prone to choking.
  14. Why should anyone feel offended? I see it as a mark of respect - they seem to consider dismissing Sachin an achievement.
  15. Again gone AWOL under pressure. No wonder RCB keeps frustrating its fans. Kohli, do the right thing and resign.

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