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  1. nevada

    Lessons for India ahead of 1st test

    The only test Chawla looks capable of passing is the momo test - polishing off many momos in seconds. Within a short time he has aged terribly and looks like an uncle.
  2. nevada

    How fast was David Johnson?

    Madan Lal also belongs to this elite category. He is the trundler who people mistook for a fast bowler due to his run up. When Sadanand Vishwanath stood up at the wickets to keep to him, his lack of pace was exposed.
  3. nevada

    Fakhar Zaman

    Congrats to Fakhar Zaman and Pakistan fans. A double century is a big achievement no matter who the opponent is. Kudos to Pakistan selectors for backing new talent.
  4. nevada

    India players reportedly 'intimidated' by coach Kumble

    In pro sports like soccer, NBA, American Football etc, it is the coach who runs the show. I wonder why cricket, especially Indian cricket gives all the power to the captain.
  5. nevada

    Clearly an imbalanced side.

    I totally disagree with "keeping the world cup in mind" thinking of the selectors. Even two years before the world cup, places get locked in with over the hill oldies hogging spots due to their "experience". Experience in what? Being serial losers with timid, "safe" playing style? If the oldie is mediocre today how is he gonna be any better 1-2 years later? Pick players who can play well today, are bold and unafraid to lose and have the hunger to succeed. When the world cup comes.along, you don't need to worry about team selection because you will already have a team that is performing well. World cup is a tournament where you should compete with your best possible team. It is not a venue to give grand send offs to oldies and enable their feeble attempts to gain personal glory at the cost of the team.
  6. Kohli is an amazing batsman but seems incapable of cool, objective thinking. He was fixed on ousting Kumble and didn't budge from this stance despite the team getting very good results. He doesn't seem like a person who listens to an opposing view with an open mind. He is adamant and will continue making wrong choices like dropping match winners such as Kuldeep and good players like Rahul. He knows these type of decisions will be questioned by the media and fans, so he does these things as if to prove a point.
  7. nevada

    Whats your solution to improve our ODI team???

    Good point. Even coaches should be asked to clear the yo-yo test, with a lower bar than the players.
  8. He used to get hai hai chants for bowling as well as batting. A true all rounder!
  9. A much younger and in form De Villiers quit when everyone wondered why whereas Indian players behave as if a place in the team is like a movie role with "just one hit and I will be back to the top" mentality. Strangely enough, the loudest has been supporter uncle Shastri retired at the age of just 32. Even Sanju Manju retired at 32-33. For once they made a sensible decision.
  10. Sachin Tendulkar got booed in a test match at his own home ground. Kapil Dev's team had trash thrown at them for losing badly to the mighty West Indies barely few months after the world cup win. It is sad for Dhoni and the team that he reached the landmark in a match which they lost terribly and his timid batting didn't help either. Even the mightiest of champions get humiliated on the field, and Dhoni is no exception.
  11. nevada

    Misbahfication Meter !!!

    One of the funniest gifs ever! Great work Jalebi Bhai
  12. Before them there was Robin Singh who pulled off quite a few chases and finally stopped the trend of India failing miserably in close chases. But the NatWest final was a turning point for sure, ushering in a bold and youthful new era.
  13. I think management will take a punt on him because he is acclimatized to the conditions in England albeit in different format. It will be interesting to see if Mumbai lobby will call for his inclusion.
  14. nevada

    Why does Rohit always waste the powerplay?

    Yes. His slow early overs batting benefits the opposition nicely. It is one thing to defend and bat cautiously when the ball is swinging but to mindlessly block in every match, even on batsmen friendly wickets ,is unpardonable.
  15. nevada

    Why does Rohit always waste the powerplay?

    He might make up his strike rate later but what about the batsmen at the other end who are put under pressure due to his slow batting? Is it okay if one or two of them get out trying to up the scoring? Batting "safely" and choking early momentum for personal stats is not the right way in a team game.

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