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  1. Looks like he is taking it till the last minute with his retirement. Delay it as much as possible to keep the "active cricketer" clause alive for his endoresement deals
  2. nevada

    India vs WI Tour Squad Announced

    He is injured.
  3. nevada

    India vs WI Tour Squad Announced

    TTFs picked to keep the top 3 safe. Kohli and his selector chamchas are rubbing it in the face now with these idiotic selections. Only a clean sweep defeat at the hands of the WI might have the way for change.
  4. After the anger subsides, I think he will come back for a farewell series and then retire.
  5. Who could this be? The player in question had specifically requested for his wife to stay with him for more than the permissible period of 15 days but it was shot down by the COA, which had laid down the rules. Now it has come to light that the player's wife stayed with him for the entire seven-week duration of the tournament without seeking permission from either the captain or the coach for her extended stay.
  6. Results don't matter. Reaching the Dhoni calculated par score is all that matters.
  7. Like take it till the last bullet?
  8. The man has some serious baggage right from childhood. From what I read years ago in an interview with him, his dad was 70 when he was born. So he must have lost his father at an early age and also, must have suffered from neglect/lack of attention having been born so late. Both he and Kapil Dev were trainees of Desh Prem Azad but only the latter went on to make it big. In Kapil's autobiography, I read that Yograj used to have a competitive streak and a junoon to be better than anyone else. If Kapil ran 10 laps, Yograj used to run 20. Whatever Kapil used to do, Yograj used to do twice the amount. With this excessive zeal and over exertion, he suffered a burn out and was out of reckoning as a cricketer. Then, to make up for what he lost out on, he turned his son into a cricketer from a very early age and pushed him very, very hard like how typical parents push their kids for IIT coaching these days. Naturally, Yuvi was not happy about this and though he excelled at cricket, he kinda hated it. This is very similar to Andre Agassi's case. Andre had an overbearing father who pushed him to practice tennis at a very young age.
  9. First his parents want him to retire, now his dost says he has no plans to retire. What next, is his milk supplier going to issue a statement that he is drinking twice the amount of milk than usual and preparing in earnest for the 2027 world cup?
  10. nevada

    What next for Vijay Shankar?

    This was the reason he was picked but unfortunately, he wasn't in the team when such a situation came up.
  11. Is this a pic of the Walnut Creek Kohl's? Looks exactly like it.
  12. Sachin retired from ODIs to take off some of the heat and continued in tests. But Dhoni is already retired from tests, so if he retires from ODIs now, he has nowhere else to go unless he unretires from tests! And, his test retirement was in 2014, ages ago! You have to make yourself available for all formats or else just quit altogether. Dhoni has conveniently done pick and choose for 5.5 years and has to be shown the door now.
  13. While all that is true, fans would rather watch the team do well and win than watch this besharam's beizzati.
  14. nevada

    Importance of all rounders

    Same here. It was a great opportunity to give a chance to Pant or even Hardik. Even if they got out for a small score, the match could have still been won.
  15. How was the initial plan made? Did 'rat ask to be rested or was it the selectors' decision that he should be rested to ease his workload? If it was the latter, then the selectors should stick to their decision and tell him he is not going.

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