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  1. It is sad seeing India getting battered due to the double whammy of dollar's rise and crude oil's rise. In the past 6 years alone, the rupee has gone from 50+ to 70+ a dollar. It seems like the economy is always under a threat from the dollar - like in a movie scene where a basti resting in peace only until the goonda appears on the scene to plunder and rob them. We badly need breakthrough in electric vehicle technology to stop the suffering caused by oil imports. And the ladies need to stop their gold obsession too. Gold is another very damaging import.
  2. BCCI can give star a discount to make up for Kohli's absence.
  3. Yup. Bilaterals are the best time to give rest to tired players. But the BCCI and the players probably see them as opportunities to set new records against weaker opposition.
  4. Star has a very valid greivance. They must have paid a massive amount to secure the broadcasting rights. Kohli's absence will surely hurt the ratings. Moreover, unlike Dhawan or Rohit who are star ODI players themselves, Kohli is the biggest star and also the lynchpin of the batting lineup. His absence will hurt the team more than the absence of Rohit or Dhawan will.
  5. I feel the same. Maintaining exclusivity and rarely making any public comments is key to preserving brand value. Ex: Michael Jordan doesn't show up on TV like Magic, Barkley, etc and air Jordans sell like hot cakes even now.
  6. Our batters are very versatile against pace and spin. Can collapse in one spell of bowling in either variety.
  7. Practice matches are overrated. Firstly, pitches are deliberately different from pitches prepared for test matches. Plus a bunch of practice matches ahead of a gruelling 5 match series means players can get injured or tired before the series even begins. Hire a local consultant who can help the team fine tune their game to the conditions and have the players talk to a mental conditioning coach to prepare them mentally. This team was unable to overcome the age old habit of being conent with one win in the whole series and crapping their pants whenever some work was needed to cross the finish line.
  8. nevada

    Rahane NEEDS to score 100s in SENA

    Let him fix his weakness against spin and score some runs at home first. He has survived on SENA reputation for far too long despite poor form at home and has now delivered duds abroad also.
  9. nevada

    Ganguly the Captain- was he that good??

    Too much bashing going on there. Ganguly was a transformational captain who backed new talent even if they were not from his state, instilled self belief, fighting spirit and stood up to bullies like Aussies. Of course, like everyone else he had a shelf life which came to an end around the time Chapell took over.
  10. Ever seen actors without makeup? They look like crap! Ever seen Indian team playing outside sub continent? They play like crap! Both(actors and Indian team) provide entertainment very well on their own turf. Outside of it, they are mere loser mortals. The 30+ year wait for a > 1 test win in SENA continues. Let's check back in another 30 years.
  11. He's right. Aussie cricketers are scum. Cricket should have a carding system like soccer to rein in these thugs.
  12. nevada

    Damning scoreline hides India's competitiveness

    The margins of defeat look smaller because England also sucked. But they upped their game in crucial moments while Kohli & co blinked without fail in those. The series score is totally fair, reflecting the losing team's failures very well.
  13. Don't have to go back too far. His predecessor Dhoni skipped a test series citing exhaustion after playing IPL.
  14. In Sandeep Patil's playing days, India used to beat Pakistan more often. He himself won a game or two against the old enemy. Indian cricket's LOI transformation started with the 1983 world cup win, which Patil was very much part of. So he does have the experience of winning. Now, why should only Kohli be allowed to rest when bowlers like Bumrah are not allowed to? He would do well to skip a season of IPL citing the need to rest. Instead, he plays it every year leading his franchise to disappointing losses.
  15. Very soon bevda will say 1-4 is as good as 4-1 and losing is only in the minds of critical fans, because he and the team always "win" by playing fearless(aka shameless) cricket.

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