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  1. Kohli: Uncle Ravi, do you know what the hell you are blabbering in your drunken stupor? Bevda: No. Rinse and repeat this every night and you end up with record number of no's.
  2. Favorites to win what? Razzies for losing yet another overseas series perhaps
  3. nevada

    Rishabh Pant performance watch thread

    Yes. I have noticed the same. Even with keeping, he sometimes moves to the wrong side and then stretches his arm to catch the ball one handed, away from body. He needs improvement in these areas to have a chance at consistent success
  4. Good point! Since this is still growth phase, I guess players are going overboard with participation in too many leagues.I hope T20 leagues mature and operate in a way which doesnt cannibalise regular cricket series. A player like Gayle can afford to go all over the world as his career is almost at an end. But up and coming cricketers need to first play for their country and establish themselves.
  5. Cricket is also turning into a soccer like scenario where all the excitement is in club soccer and players turn up to represent their country for world cup, regional tournament etc. There's nothing wrong with that. Players have families to feed.
  6. So Kohli finally realized the damage his words have caused and stepped in for mitigation. Looks like it's all about money for the cricketers.These days they endorse so many brands that it is difficult to even remember what all they are trying to sell. To maintain exclusivity and not cheapen themselves, it is best if they endorse one sports brand which they really use such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok etc and one or two lifestyle product like Rolex, Audi etc.
  7. The series Kapil talked about happened in late 1985. India came close but couldn't win the series.
  8. Michael bad back Clarke said he is ready to come out of retirement and be captain.
  9. Not us, it is Kohli who expects them to deliver like accomplished veterans right away or else he will throw them back to the bench.
  10. Props to Prithvi for showing mental toughness and grabbing the opportunity with both hands! The kid did very well in T20 too despite his short height and lack of power. If he had fallen cheaply, Kohli would have banished him to the bench faster than the ball reaching the batting crease. We need young players with similar mindset. Just block out the demons inside the head and in the dressing room and bring your A game to the table. I hope Pant gets selected in the next match and shows the world what he is capable of.
  11. Wow, average of 128 puts him in trundler category! Reduction of 4-5 is understandable but this much? Is it over coaching that is killing our bowlers' speeds?
  12. nevada

    Ambati Rayudu to retire from longer version of game

    Following in the footsteps of his CSK captain Dhoni. Why toil in the long format of the game when you can mint money playing limited overs? BCCI should stop the practice of players "retiring" from one format while hanging around like leeches for years together in others. Either players make themselves available for selection in all formats or else GTFO.
  13. nevada

    What are your world cup expectations from India?

    Since every team is going to play each other in this world cup, there is a big chance of us losing against pretty much every non minnow country due to a weak batting line up after top three. This middle order struggled against AFG and BD, do you think they can get us over the line in a high pressure world cup game against AUS, SA, ENG,NZ etc? Don't think so.
  14. Symonds is a fool who was used and thrown out by his team mates and cricket board. He shouldn't have allowed himself to become a useful idiot in the hands of his cunning team mates who incited the racial angle. From the Clark Article. The bolded part is the joke of the century. "If he had been offended? Different story. But he wasn’t so he was pursuing it for different reasons than the racial abuse law was set up for. “After the first hearing, I go to Symmo and say, ‘Mate, you haven’t been offended by this at all. This doesn’t bother you.’ “He says, ‘But I’m sick and tired of them getting away with it. We never get away with anything, but they do.’
  15. Raina was also involved in a bookie related incident in SL and also in India. https://mdaily.bhaskar.com/news/SPO-OTF-a-bookie-holding-suresh-rainas-arm-at-shirdi-2157773.html
  16. Kohli has become too big for his boots. BCCI should fine him for making statements contrary to the selectors'. His words undermine the authority of the selectors and send a message that star players are above any sane selection criteria. No one is bigger than the game. If this group of players is removed, there is new talent ready to take center stage and shine.
  17. I think Langer is right. Every team tries to do something to the ball- whether legal or illegal to make it swing, probably without going to the extreme of using sand paper. Like Steve Waugh said, stricter penalties can be an effective deterrent.
  18. nevada

    Dhoni's batting in last 30 ODI's!

    He most likely will continue for 6-12 months more after the world cup. Maybe it is a clause in his sponsorship deals that he has to be an active international cricketer or something. He doesn't want to retire at all even after running out of places to hide.
  19. nevada

    Dhoni's batting in last 30 ODI's!

    Never seen any other player being given a guaranteed spot for a world cup despite an extended period of mediocre performance. Selectors should have given him ultimatum in 2015 itself to reveal his retirement plans from ODIs after he retired from tests. Typically players who quit tests do so to save themselves for an impending world cup and retire after the tournament. Dhoni OTOH is set on playing a world cup 4+ years after retiring from tests. No other cricket board will allow such a luxury to any player regardless of their past history. This is not fair to other players who toil for days in the most demanding format and put lot of wear and tear on their body. Imagine if Virat retired from tests today and played only ODIs. He could easily play till 40 and score 30-40 centuries more. BCCI should make a rule that any player who retires from tests has to retire from LOI format also within six months. Only then can they prevent players picking and choosing easier formats.
  20. Not oldest - eldest. Rich with experience. These grown ups will show the world that it is never too late to dream.
  21. Why only Warner? How about sneaky scoundrel Smith?
  22. Yes, review should be done. And the bans should be extended because the two cheats haven't come clean and there are obviously more players involved in the dirty deed. The bowlers also should have been banned at the very least for using an obviously tampered ball and remaining silent about it.
  23. nevada

    BCCI = Bhabi Controls Cricket in India?

    Bhabhi number 1!

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