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  1. He said "test done". Didn't say pass or fail
  2. Why is Dhoni still playing T20s for India?

    Tendulkar, Dravid etc weren't part of Indian team's T20 setup but still played IPL and had respectable numbers. Anil Kumble was retired from all cricket and still led his team to the finals of IPL in 2009. Dhoni should stop worrying about his image and just step aside from T20. It will actually be a good PR move for him and boost his brand value.
  3. It'll Be Johnson 2.0 In Ashes-Warns Mitchell Starc

    If Starc tries to bowl fast like Johnson, he could get injured again. Instead of issuing warnings, he should plan how to be effective and still last the entire series without injury.
  4. We are blessed

    I think SL will be eager to avoid clean sweep by winning a few ODIs and T20s at least. To mitigate this risk, BCCI should select a full strength squad and avoid experimentation. Any promising youngsters should be kept out of the squad itself because demands for their selection in the playing XI will cause unnecessary distraction.
  5. A big NO given Rahul's frequent injuries. Having him keep would increase the injury risk and could impact his batting also.
  6. INDIA vs AUSTRALIA | 4th ODI | Bengaluru | Sep 28 2017

    Rahane couldn't even come up with a useful cameo in a big chase. His strike rate today is a dishrace. This should be the end of the line for him in LOI cricket.
  7. Smith must be jealous
  8. Pandya & Pathan: The Tale of Two All-rounders

    Irfan Pathan had the full backing of the captain and coach. So "lack of nurturing atmosphere" case is dead on arrival. One or two jealous seniors mouthing off nonsense could not have been the primary reason for his decline. It is a mixture of injuries, over zealous fitness regime, and over eager coach+ obedient captain making a top order batsman out of him sending him at 3 time after time that impacted his bowling. Even after all that has happened, he still has a career with notable highlights, as pointed out in the article. He may have underachieved, but is definitely not a failure. That being said, who could have been that nasty senior? Below is the list of the players who went to that tour. The seniors are Dravid, Kumble, Veeru, Yuvi, Bhaji. Among these, Bhajji is the prime suspect given his history of altercations with opponents, getting thrown out of national academy, slapping Sreesanth etc. Plus he was on Chapell's shite list. Veeru was on it too but as outspoken as he is, I doubt he would say harsh things to a juinior player. India Rahul Dravid c M. S. Dhoni wk Dinesh Karthik wk (Tests) Ajit Agarkar (ODIs) Harbhajan Singh Mohammad Kaif Anil Kumble (Tests) Wasim Jaffer (Tests) V. V. S. Laxman (Tests) Munaf Patel Irfan Pathan Ramesh Powar Suresh Raina Sreesanth Virender Sehwag R. P. Singh (ODIs) V. R. V. Singh (Tests) Robin Uthappa (ODIs) Venugopal Rao (ODIs) Yuvraj Singh
  9. Yeah, loved the exasperated look on Smith's face.
  10. Hardik Pandya Fan Club !!!

    Nice! I just joined
  11. Bhuvi-The one who should have got the MoM yesterday

    Bhuvi deserved MOM for his excellent bowling plus scoring useful runs.
  12. Whiny biatches. Not as tough as they act on the field are they? Didn't Aussies give grief to Indian players in Sydney(or some other venue, but in Aus) where Ishant Sharma had to go to some restaurant outside the stadium to have vegetarian food? Aussie thugs didn't have even basic decency regarding treating guests well but nitpick on their hosts. Send the feckers into the kitchen so they can make their special food the way they want.
  13. Kedhar Jadhav :player without X factor

    He is a handy bowler too so that should give him a longer rope.
  14. 10 anniversary of Yuvraj Singh's Six Sixes

    That was the over which propelled T20 to the heights of popularity IMO. After a disaster in 2007 WC, Indian cricket's popularity was at a low. Yuvi's heroics and India winning the tournament boosted spectator interest again.
  15. India vs Australia Predictions

    Rohit's heroics were 4 years ago. He is a semi-injured middle-ager now. Don't expect much from him. Dhawan and Kohli might end up as top run getters for India and maybe Rahul if he is not injured.
  16. I hope he doesn't do anything stupid hereafter. He is very, very lucky to be given a second chance despite all that has happened.
  17. Azhar & Eden Gardens

    Meanwhile, the other match fixer Ajay Jadeja is fully rehabilitated as an expert commentator, rubbing shoulders with Gavaskar, Harsha etc. HIs ban was for only 5 years but so what? He shouldn't be allowed to enjoy cricket celebrity status as if nothing happened.
  18. Not a smart move by the youngster. And what was team management doing? They should have warned him not to mess with such an iconic number.
  19. Wow, that is quite a statement. Maybe the players see something great in Dhoni that fans don't!
  20. Dhoni influencing too many players. I hope they don't turn into tuk-tuk machines like him
  21. Would have made sense if he said this 2 years ago, when Sanga first retired. Now it is too late. They should persuade Angelo to take up captancy again, back him, the coach and a core group of players for the next 2-3 years.
  22. Sensible decision. Hope he has a productive couple of years(except when playing against us ) before bowing out.
  23. +1. He plays slow for way too long putting pressure on his opening partner and subsequent batters. At 30, his best days are behind him and with the injury he has, he doesn't look like a reliable option for the long term.
  24. I can't believe that Kumble was bad at man management. He did a fine job as captain and no one had any negative feedback against him. Ishant's famous spell to Ponting was during Kumble's time as captain. He praised his captain iirc. When Kumble retired, Dhoni carried him on his shoulders doing a lap in the stadium. That is a spontaneous gesture which is done only when someone has respect and admiration for another person. Even in IPL Kumble led the disastrous RCB to the final in season 2 with youngster Manish Pandey doing great. He too had only good things to say about his captain as far as I can remember. . Kohli should focus on being positive and really encourage youngsters instead of merely making statements. His reluctance to pick Pant and Kuldeep, his ill treatment of Pujara, support of project Raina in tests at the behest of cheerleader Shastri are all too well known. Even amidst all these home series wins, he went awol during the biggest series of all against the Aussies. Let him do well and guide the team to at-least a respectable draw in a tough overseas series and then gloat about that success. Right now is premature.

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