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  1. Another senseless non selection by kaptaan Kohli. First he destroyed Rishabh Dhawan, now he is after Rahul. Even if Rahul does very well in IPL, the so called think tank will say IPL form is not the basis for selection and continue to keep him out. I would "rest" Dhoni from T20 and pick Rahul as a makeshift keeper-batsman. He and Pandey can keep for 10 overs each.
  2. Since time is always scarce and practice matches are a bygone era luxury, I think ODIs should be played first followed by test matches. Thus will help players to acclimatize and get used to the conditions. Of course, some players are not involved in ODIs at all but at-least they can travel about half way through the ODI series and start practicing.
  3. Because bowler dominated ODIs are out of fashion and have been for years. High scoring matches keep alive the format.
  4. Not just forumers, even Sandip Patil said something similar.
  5. 'Humiliating' IPL auction criticised by NZCPA

    Besides that, I find headlines like "xyz was bought for 2 cr" cringeworthy. They are not animals or goods, how hard is it to say "xyz was picked"?
  6. No. Pandya is still a handy player for sub continental conditions. As a batsman he will struggle abroad but he is not alone in his struggles. Better batsmen than him have struggled as well. The bowling coach should work with him on developing a good outswinger. Actually, scratch that - the bowling coach is useless. He can seek help from either Bhuvi or from a retired player like Zaheer. Pandya has pace and a good short ball which can surprise the batsmen but he needs more tools than that to become less predictable. I think Pandya is a work in progress with plenty of upside and should be backed, not dropped.
  7. Hail Rahane

    "Reference to context"
  8. India needs a better Test Captain!

    Kohli can be persisted with but with some changes. Bevda Shastri needs to be kicked out pronto and a real coach with more say in selection matters should be selected. It has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that giving unlimited power to Kohli is a recipe for disaster. Right now Kohli is too powerful for his own good. Absolute power has corrupted his thinking.
  9. T20 is his bread and butter. If he gives up that format, his value in IPL will crash. The selectors need to man up and tap him on the shoulder as he is not going to give up on his own.
  10. No, that would lead to him being forced out like Anil Kumble.
  11. 7 deadly sins of Anil Kumble

    The fine amount would be donated to charity. But our khadoos pampered brats don't want to donate that also.
  12. Bunty Sajdeh: The super-agent

    Rahane, Yadav and Vijay are also represented by Bunty but still they were dropped. Even within the Sajdeh club I guess there is hierarchy with superstar types getting higher preference over blue collar types.
  13. Not good enough to win a series but good enough to win a game. Going there a little early, hiring local bowling+batting consultants, and not making asinine selections would have given us a chance.
  14. Him sitting out due to injury turned out to be a blessing in disguise or else the home series against Australia might have been lost.
  15. Under this regime Prithvi Shaw's confidence and career will be destroyed within no time. He and other new talents should be picked only after Kohli's resignation(which he should, after clean sweep is completed in this series).
  16. One more match left to achieve perfect scoreline. BCCI can do one thing to prevent such disasters in the future - just stop sending the team on overseas tours(except beloved SL of course).
  17. How much we will meke ?

    I like this prediction.
  18. We are NOT winning this!!!!!! No we aren't!!

    Hold off on the mourning until the loss actually happens, boys. Let's hope for a spirited chase no matter what happens.
  19. BCCI addresses the need of such people by arranging impromptu series against SL and West Indies.
  20. But he makes up for it by scoring runs!
  21. The one player who adjusted superbly to the pace, swing and bounce of SA pitches with record number of dismissals is going to be dropped for failing in his secondary skill. Very brilliant.
  22. How long is the rope for Shastri ?

    Verry long. He might already be begging the BCCI to arrange a home test series against Afghanistan to repair the damage done to the fragile egos of captain and yaars of the grandmasti XI aka Indian cricket team.
  23. Justice for Rahul Campaign (JFRC)

    Kohli's selections or should we call them non selections certainly give that impression. Rishab Pant was treated like crap and his budding career has been effectively nipped in the bud. Rahul continues to get the cold shoulder. Rahane didn't get a look in despite being the vice captain.
  24. Neither Dhawan nor Rohit will be dropped. So here's a crazy idea. How about sending in Rohit as opener with Dhawan? Rohit will fall for a low score in the middle order anyway. So why not take a gamble with him as opener? He has opened and played long innings in ODIs, maybe he can pull it off for once in tests too? Vijay can come in at 3 so that he is not batting too far away from his usual spot.

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