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  1. nevada

    Does India Need a Caste-based Quota in Cricket?

    Yes, very much. It is an inescapable fact of life. Your caste is used by the government to decide your eligibility for college admissions, jobs etc. Caste system will go away in India only if an apocalypse wipes out the country's population entirely.
  2. Unless they change their attitude, BD cannot move forward. Right now they have way too big a chip on their shoulder, acting very confrontational. Contrast their attitude to the Afghans. Rashid didn't do any nasty antics after picking wickets. He acted cool, like it's not that big of a deal.
  3. nevada

    Congratulations to Afghanistan !!!

    Congrats Afghanistan! They played with clinical efficiency to beat the more experienced BD. When it came to the crunch, they repeatedly proved themselves to be the side with cool thinking and more self belief. India better watch out in the test match. Rahane should do plenty of batting practice against spin.
  4. nevada

    Wasim Akram, a cuckold?

    The public would be better off not knowing things like this if it indeed happened. Akram's wife was Huma, not Bushra.
  5. nevada

    Rashid khan is an unstoppable force !!!

    Amazing player. Loves the big stage and relishes the challenge. Loved his cool, nonchalant reaction after getting Mushfiq out.
  6. Wow, what a match! Young Rashid the star once again!
  7. Why are the two cheats being allowed to play in Canada? Can't they stay under the radar for a year keeping themselves fit and practicing quietly? Why do they need to be in the news all the time?
  8. There are PDF downloads available for free if you don't mind taking that route.
  9. nevada

    Indians dont derserve democracy !!!

    American style pseudo democracy where your only choice is between red and blue will suit India better. Currently there are too many divisive forces and too many choices available, threatening stability. Also, another sad reality of the so called Democratic process in India is cash for votes. Even clean, good candidates who work hard to develop their constituency barely win or even lose elections because voters take money to vote for the opponent. I know it will never happen but a driver's license style civics test should be a prerequisite for issuing voter ID card. Giving it to junglees who will sell out to the highest bidder is a mockery of democracy.
  10. nevada

    Congrats Badri

    Good to see him take up the job with enthusiasm. Maybe he is challenging himself to work his way to the top of coaching/cricket administration ladder. If a nobody like MSK Prasad can become chairman of selectors, Badri who was a way better cricketer can hope for similar success.
  11. nevada

    Meri bhook abhi baaki hai: Shikhar Dhawan

    Bhook lagi hai to surf fast food(LOIs) kha lo. Test matches see door rehna.
  12. Dumb BCCI. Zaheer at 4 cr is a no brainer. Hiring bevda for even 4 lacs - now, that is expensive and an utter waste.
  13. Given his weakness against spin, he should do the smart thing in this situation - drop himself.
  14. nevada

    BCCI needs to reschedule IPL 2019

    IPL is like a mini world cup. Like Americans, we should start calling IPL winner "world champions." Screw the world cup. It comes only once in 4 years and one small mistake can cause so much heartache.
  15. nevada

    No Rishabh pant in ODI or T20 teams to England

    Rayudu and Kaul obviously got picked due to IPL exploits. Why not extend the same courtesy to Pant?
  16. Super innings by Watto and congratulations to all CSK fans. As a contest this match sucked but better to win dominantly than lose a close match I guess.
  17. SRH should have sent in Brathwaite instead of Hooda.
  18. More tear filled press conferences and calls for reduction of “harsh ban” coming up soon?
  19. More revelations - https://www.deccanchronicle.com/amp/sports/cricket/270518/india-australia-ranchi-england-chennai-test-match-fixing-al-jazeera-re.html My gut feel is that some amount of minor fixing happens in lots of matches, accounting for “inexplicable” decisions. In the IPL, owners like Raj Kundra and Meiyappan have been caught but other owners also might be up to the same shenanigans IMO. The outcome of the match itself is not fixed but minor things like toss, batting first, bowling changes, wides, no balls etc can be fixed. That being said, I wonder how big the betting market must be to be able to afford handsome payments to players/ground staff/administrative personnel. Maybe the bookies fix small things, show newbie betters their “power” to make them feel the entire match including the outcome happens per their command and lure the gullible to bet huge amounts? I have heard about people losing chores of rupees on bets. They can’t be betting on just no balls and wides alone.
  20. nevada

    My 6th sense says...

    He did surprise everyone with sudden retirement from tests but I don't think he will retire prior to WC2019. He only plays LOIs, so there is no fatigue factor from long, grinding test series.
  21. Match summary in two words - Rashid Khan. What a champ! Bowling, batting, fielding(gun throws + catches) - he does it all.
  22. nevada

    Is Rahane ....

    Shastri was very selfish. Rahane seems like a nice guy desperate to do his best, but is not capable of forcing the pace.
  23. SRH seems to be eliminated already - http://www.india.com/sports/ipl-2018-hotstars-ipl-ad-showing-csk-v-kkr-in-final-has-twitterati-scratching-their-heads-3071700/

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