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  1. By those numbers I didn't mean to say Jayant bowled better than Ashwin. I was trying to make a case for Jayant the batting all rounder. Those good bowling stats are just a bonus, quite good for a 5th bowler. His main role as a 5th bowler is to give rest to the strike bowlers and pick up the odd wicket. He should be batting at 6 or 7. I can understand the team management choosing to have the already established all rounders in the team bat ahead of the newcomer, but that is spoiling the balance of the team.
  2. How were Harbhajan's comments abusive? All he did was predict a 4-0 win to India. Something the likes of McGrath does before every other ashes series you guys play.
  3. For all the talk of Jayant being innocuous, he did average 73 with the bat and 29 with the ball in the series against England. Ashwin averaged 43 with the bat and 30 with the ball. You can't argue against those numbers. I don't agree with taking away the 100. Yes he did score a good century against England, why take that away? That's not how averages work. You can't consider that an outlier until the sample size is bigger. Jadeja was considered a bits and pieces cricketer too. Hasn't he kept taking wickets and settled in the team as a bowler? Heck, even Steve Smith was considered a bits and pieces cricketer. About Jayant batting at 9, the logic in the team seems to be that if you aren't a specialist batsman, the established all rounders in the team bat ahead of you. That's why Ashwin bats ahead of Saha. I would prefer Jayant being ahead of Ashwin and Jadeja though, as he is a batting all rounder. The triple centurion and the supposedly best player of spin should be in the team, yes, but shouldn't that be in place of a specialist batsman who isn't a good player of spin (Rahane)? Why should he replace an all rounder who had been doing well till recently and had a bad test like everyone else in the team?
  4. @Muloghonto Though I agree most of what you've said here, failure to report a crime is not regarded as a crime. You are under no obligation to report a crime that you've witnessed, unless you are being specifically interrogated. Actively concealing a crime comes under aiding/abetting the crime. That is unlawful. But merely not choosing too report a crime cannot be considered as aiding or abetting the crime.
  5. There is merit in the IT department going after him to declare the source of the money, that is if they have the balls to do it. The money is probably sourced from foreign accounts. It's pretty convenient for the IT folks to just raided his houses and then wash their hands off the case when they can't find anything. This roundabout way of taxing the wedding doesn't do anything to uncover the source. At least the money is coming out and being contributed to the industry instead of being stashed somewhere.
  6. I can't understand how spending the money you have earned for buying something or engaging someone's services to do a task can be called "wastage" of money. The money you pay for the catering goes to the catering workers who prepare the food and serve it during the wedding. The money you pay to rent the wedding hall goes to the people who work there and sustains their families. How is the money "wasted"? Regarding taxes, the government first needs to come up with ways to make people declare their real income and tax the income properly. These populist measures ala Robin Hood to take from the rich and give it to the poor might earn claps and whistles from the commoner but won't do anything to solve the crux of the problem. How people spend their hard earned money is none of the government's business, unless of course if the money is used for illegal activity.
  7. I had Willow for a couple of years, but then got pretty pissed last year when they didn't stream some T20 tournament (Asia Cup I think). Had to buy a Yupptv package to watch it. Now unsubscribed Willow and watching the matches on those grainy, crappy streams that spit and sputter at you right when the bowler is just about to bowl.
  8. Nice article. One thing about conventional swing the author claims is there should be no conventional swing above 80mph. Not sure about this one, seems too low. Anderson, Steyn, heck even Bhuvi get conventional swing between 80 - 86 mph. That's 130-140 kmph.
  9. Yeah how is that coming along? Word on the street is the markets are raving about New guy's investment of two whole cents in cricbuzz and how that's going to be shape the future of Wall Street in years to come.
  10. So? What's your point? Of course the team loses points when it refuses to play against a particular opposition in a league system. Nobody is disputing that. What people are disputing is having the league system in the first place.
  11. Well, that's fair in a league system, yes. But that's why many here are against having a league system in the first place. The Indian government won't allow one particular country to tour (many fans don't want them to tour too) and we don't want our points to be docked because of that.
  12. Do you really want India to play the same number of test and ODI series against Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and West Indies as against Australia, England and South Africa? Too many meaningless series instead of series against competitive opposition isn't really going to add much context imo.
  13. You wouldn't if you are a rational thinker and clearly realize that you're utter crap in the "festival" and are better off plying your trade in the format you are most comfortable in and gain valuable experience. His test spot is under threat with batsmen coming in from the domestics and I don't think anyone would risk losing their national contract in favor of an IPL contract. Especially when you have it in yourself to be a world class batsman which brings with it an A-grade national contract and name and popularity to boot. The money is tempting, yes, but it could end up being just a short term gain if he isn't careful and ends up wrecking his game.
  14. To put things into perspective : 1) There is more time between now and the world cup than what Mangalyaan took to reach Mars 2) Even the last ICF downtime was shorter than the time remaining till the world cup 3) India might have a new PM by the time the world cup begins 4) President Trump might press the nuke button and we would all be radioactive mutants