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  1. Looking at the number of likes, it's kind of surprising so many of you feel the same way. Yes, I'd feel infuriated if the players laugh during the match after performing a ghastly mistake. But this was after the match. Professional sportsmen should be able to switch off after a game and move on. I don't find this concept of wallowing in self pity after a match to be healthy. Later in team meetings, be professional - look back, rationally analyze what went wrong and come up with ways to work on their issues. Unnecessarily getting emotional after a loss doesn't bode well for the team, however disastrous the loss is. When you are off work, it's healthier to switch off from a bad day at the office and concentrate elsewhere. It shouldn't be any different for the cricketers.
  2. This is not the right stuff to get worried about. I care more about our selectors growing a pair and picking players based on merit. Who cares if he never retires? If there comes a point where he isn't good enough to be in the squad, he shouldn't be picked. Period. He could be 25 or 45. Doesn't matter. This isn't that complicated, really.
  3. We have evolved to be omnivores. In nature, omnivore animals kill other animals for food all the time. There is no vegan food out there that can provide the same amounts of protein, and the human digestive system finds it easier to break down and absorb animal based protein than plant based protein. We have also evolved to be social animals with compassion for others and try to treat others as humanely as possible. So, just killing animals doesn't have the same impact to our psyches than torturing, abusing and killing them. Our sense of compassion begins to take over the primal desire to eat meat. Scientific methods have been devised to kill animals humanely. For example, bolt guns are used to stun animals before killing them so that they don't feel pain. More importantly, due too being stunned they are also saved from mental anguish as they don't realize that they are being killed.
  4. The look on his face when he said it lol. Seething with anger and almost frothing at the mouth. Poor immature kid!
  5. Just curious, has the clampdown on bowling actions also affected bowlers with hyperextension?
  6. They shouldn't have unnecessarily referenced sharia here. Deifying the country as 'mother' is considered as idol worship and against the abrahamic concept of one god. Even some orthodox christians are against it. Anyway, it does sound silly to compel people to sing the national song or the national anthem. Yes, you could follow some basic etiquettes like standing up when the song is played and avoid disrespect, but to consider it binding on the individuals to actually sing it is frankly a bit fascist.
  7. Humans are omnivores. We have evolved to eat other animals and plants and have been doing so for millions of years. Not sure how that can be compared to cannibalism. Cannibalism is murder. It has been considered to be despicable and unlawful by civilized societies since the birth of civilization. Killing animals is not necessarily the same as abusing them or keeping them in harsh conditions. You could make laws to improve the living conditions of livestock and kill them humanely using scientific practices, like using a captive bolt gun or electric stunning. The problem with eating meat is more about the harsh living conditions than the actual killing.
  8. You know it's official when an esteemed authority figure on an obscure web forum stamps his approval.
  9. moniker

    Personal milestones 'out of our system' - Kohli

    But the thing is Kohli never really outright claimed that personal milestones are completely out of the system. This is just a sensationalist headline. What Kohli was referring to is that batsmen won't slow down while nearing a milestone and affect the team's chances. He was referring to a culture of batsmen scoring fast if needed to achieve the team goals and selflessly risking their personal milestones in the process. That doesn't really mean he won't wait till a player gets to the milestone. It just means he wants the player to reach the milestone quickly and not jeopardize the teams chances. Here is the exact quote:
  10. moniker

    Shastri excellent point on pujara

    It's free market economics, you will get paid more if you provide what consumers want. Test cricket is a format understood and followed by a few elites. When the vast majority of the public wants LOIs, you have to live with Test specialists getting paid lesser than their IPL counterparts. It is like a classical musician earning less than a pop star, or a big budget movie raking in more dollars than a well made indie. If you are an entertainer and people find you boring, tough luck making money. That's life. Instead of comparing with IPL earnings which is a different animal altogether, what BCCI should do is hand out more Grade A contracts to deserving players. It is a travesty for Pujara, Shami and Vijay to be grouped together with the likes of Rayudu, Raina and Dhawan under a Grade B contract. Maybe they should come up with a more staggered approach towards payments. And it is not completely doom and gloom anyway, BCCI raised the test match fee from Rs 7 lakh to Rs 15 lakh last year. That is comfortably more than that of English and Australian Test cricketers. Comparing the cost of living in those countries vs ours that does not look bad at all.
  11. Kind of funny how there is no backup middle order batsman in a squad of 16. But it's a home tourney anyway so probably doesn't matter.
  12. Canada and the Scandinavian countries have parental leave - not just maternity leave. The mother gets 6 weeks after childbirth and then both the parents can make use of the parental leave benefits. That takes care of eliminating discriminatory practices as everyone is guaranteed time off irrespective of gender. Although the intention behind passing this bill is noble, it is inherently sexist - It stereotypes women as the primary care givers and men as the primary breadwinners. But anyway, it is at least a step in the right direction.
  13. Yup, this constant harping about that guy's supposed identity is getting far more annoying than his actual trolling.

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