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  1. gattaca

    Congrats CSK for winning IPL 2018

    Lol passed it
  2. gattaca

    Worst bowling spells of IPL 2018 - Minimum 45 runs conceded.

    He has it coming for him. Who would name their kid thampi ?. He got thumped.
  3. gattaca

    China continues state abuse of muslims in xinjiang

    Lol no they have churches in China. Just underground the government knows it but they don’t do much.
  4. In t20 may be they want to last the whole season and collect pay check. If you do just fine they will pick you still. Stanlake was bowling fast though.
  5. gattaca

    Is Kane Williamson the modern day Dravid?

    Not denying he was boring he was talking in a modern context at that time.Funny thing was Pakistan hired him as coach. If Geoffrey had played cricket the way he talked he would have had people queuing up to get into the ground instead of queuing up to leave.[161] – Fred Trueman on Boycott's commentating career in 1993
  6. gattaca

    Is Kane Williamson the modern day Dravid?

    Dravid is a great test bat but he was poor odi bat while chasing and setting target he would suck the momentum. He just couldn’t find the gaps in middle overs as well. There is video of Jeff boycott in Sharjah complaining how Dravid just couldn’t hit through the gaps.His strike rate in early part of career was not even 70. Azhar and Jadeja were comparatively better in this regard even though they start slow they used to improve strike rate later but Dravid couldn’t.
  7. gattaca

    RCB vs SRH - Match 51

    Building new markets
  8. gattaca

    Ramzan Ceasefire

    You can always try kejriwal, mayawathi, Laloo,cpm and Mamata di.
  9. gattaca

    The story of India

    Yes that’s the one.It just feels like we are not taught the whole history of India in schools. They should make it more boarded than narrower and more detail.
  10. gattaca

    The story of India

    I been watching this documentary of the story of India well made. Some the parts of the documentry could be conflicting. This documentary shows some very interesting details about origin of languages, religion, rise and fall of empires, the power of Ideas. Spoiler alert for those who haven't watched it:
  11. gattaca

    Congress is not a pan indian party anymore

    This make BJP win 2019 good if they given up hope. People vote for PM mostly in India just like in US.
  12. gattaca

    How good a skipper MS Dhoni is?

    Also his blatant fixing in man of the matches.
  13. gattaca

    How good a skipper MS Dhoni is?

    Blames bowlers even bravo accepts his team can’t field any better. Worst captain ever.
  14. gattaca

    Match 46 : CSK vs SRH

    Bowl Shakib he get watson

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