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  1. Its humidity and moisture. They call it condensation shock. "The suggestion is made that the observed increase in the swing under conditions of high humidity is caused by condensation shock. The moisture in the rapidly expanding air close to the ball does not condense when the saturation limit is reached but continues in an unstable, supersaturated state until violent condensation occurs, probably at the lowest pressure attained. This condensation shock assists the seam in upsetting the laminar boundary-layer. Calculations show that this effect can occur only when the relative humidity in the ambient air is nearly 100%." https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/0020740376900461
  2. gattaca

    Paltan official trailer

    Right Dunkirk was really slow and boring. I usually like Nolan movies. That movie was bad.
  3. Pancha Bootha. The only element Indian fast bowlers are missing is fire in their hearts and minds.
  4. gattaca

    Kerala Floods !!!

    Applies in cities but rural is different though. It’s environment kids of forests and trees.
  5. Any time holding opens his mouth close your ears. He has no good advice for India. I am happy Bumrah is playing next matches I hope he performs well and shuts him up
  6. gattaca

    Kerala Floods !!!

    sad to see this but if we ignore environment these things will be the norm. Happened to Chennai, Mumbai and now Kerala.
  7. gattaca

    Shastri's Press conference

    No one asks why they didn’t practice extra day and reached Nottingham late ? Why they drop so many catches even after fielding coach ?
  8. gattaca

    Vedic farming - India's next green revolution!!

    Yes but it creates great environment for growing microbes which are essential. @Brainfade might not know but organic fertilizers can cause cancer. EU tried to ban it but there are no other options. So if you think you will be healthy eating organic you are wrong. Modern foods have too much chemicals. Traditional ways of fertilizing with modern tech (more like plant biology)is way to go.
  9. gattaca

    Why no practice?

    The remedy is daaru and Ravi Shastri
  10. gattaca

    BCCI may cut the powers of Virat Kohli, Ravi Shastri

    Ishant Sharma is always there if you to do something with luck
  11. gattaca

    I hope England demolish us 5-0!

    Boycott in the house people
  12. gattaca

    Why no practice?

    Their is no management and BCCI because of Supreme Court. Its all kohli if you hear the discussion regarding team huddle it seems Shastri just keeps quiet in team huddle.
  13. gattaca

    Why no practice?

    who was the player who didn't travel with the team during Anil rumble as coach ?
  14. gattaca

    Time to relegate Vijay and Karthik to TNPL

    Problem is with selectors idiots why play him in test when he has done wonders in T20s.

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