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  1. gattaca

    Ind in World Test Championship (WTC)

    Imagine Odi World Cup spanning multiple years. People will loose interest. This looks like a gimmick not viable.
  2. gattaca

    Ind in World Test Championship (WTC)

    Man this going to boring stuff. If the championship spans multiple years do people even remember what happened 1-2 years ago. This is setup for failure from beginning.
  3. CSK will pick old players again, mi will pick few good picks, KKR more youngsters. MI and KKR are teams to watch out for young players. CSK for some reason trusts younger players from other countries than India eg Tom Curran , lungi etc.
  4. Do you have lions in nadu jungles ? The icon is more for Gujarat though.
  5. 2003 final says hello. Srinath was pretty much run hard and hit the deck kind of bowler. He proved only later as thinking bowler and setting up batsman. Although Bumrah has long way to go. If he can maintain his fitness and not over experiment then he will be India’s best bowler.
  6. The only to get rid of this Menance and culture is fine them high. 3000 for pan spit and 4000 for pee. But depends on what facilities they are providing like restrooms and how clean they are and trash cans etc.
  7. gattaca

    Runs expectations in Aus (BorGav Trophy)

    It’s spin I am more worried Lyon and new spinner are good
  8. gattaca

    Runs expectations in Aus (BorGav Trophy)

    Might not be. We will be atttacked relentlessly by hazalewood , starc , Lyon. Too many quality bowlers. We used to play Warne quite well but now we can’t habdle any decent off spinner on 4 th and 5th. The only way to compete to is to bat first and score big and try to avoid batting in 4th innings. This is a recurring theme with this team we have high hopes first few days of the match but loose hope in the later part of the match. We had so many moments in the past series we were on top then we let it go. We couldn’t even get the tailender am out properly. The killer punch is missing.
  9. gattaca

    Runs expectations in Aus (BorGav Trophy)

    We are clueless against Lyon that’s very dissapointing for us. Just Moen we will give wickets to Lyon.
  10. gattaca

    Runs expectations in Aus (BorGav Trophy)

    My predictions: shaw - 360 rahul- 280 pujara - 200 kohli-440 rahane -320 pandya- 240 rest all- 200
  11. just that ashwin ass is hurt. once he is good, he will not leave many for others.
  12. @Austin 3:!6 Dhoni got what he wanted, ganguly got what he wanted and sachin too. Indian captain has ultimate authority in Indian cricket what wrong if it is reasonable. I dont think any of the things he asked are not reasonable. You back your best player. In a company too the CEO has all the perks and his demands are met.
  13. gattaca

    #MeToo India 2.0

    Lol it’s funny. https://mobile.twitter.com/rishibagree/status/1050700083992424449/photo/1
  14. They were looking for PSL contract.

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