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  1. He wasted new ball. He could have bowled better on day 1.He couldn’t even control the swing. He was bowling 120s and gave lot of boundaries. Look at the runrate of first innings. Him and Yadav both culprits.
  2. gattaca

    Communism in India

    Is she Tamil brahmin?
  3. gattaca

    Ishant sharma bowls shyte

    Bump as laloo said...
  4. Still don’t understand why franchises bid so much for him. Left hand fast medium is rare but if you are crap then doesn’t matter your at left or right.
  5. Beyond retard is cool. That’s electric shock to brain.
  6. gattaca


    Have you seen US army ? How their enrollment and marketing is ? I haven’t yet seen anything like that from Indian army. My point being there needs to be some kind of marketing. When you are at the top do you stop marketing ? Does Apple stop marketing ? Think like a company. US army does that too.
  7. gattaca

    U turn renamed after Chandra Babu Naidu

    KTR is not a mass puller doesn’t has the aura of KCR but can work well with youth.
  8. gattaca


    In 60s people just came out of British rule all sub continent countries. Religion didn't had much role before. This movie doesn't brainwash. This movie is not bhadkau at least it will help more people join army.
  9. gattaca

    Batsmen who scored century outside asia !!!

    Does dhoni has century in Odis in sena?
  10. gattaca

    Latest from Perth: Ashwin and Rohit out of 2nd test

    Spot on. Also he seems to criticize younger platers more. Very bad from a mentor /coach role.
  11. Nothing can be said until you play on it

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