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  1. Ashwin's captaincy in this IPL season

    He is very slow to move on the field. In my opinion he is not a good team member let alone captain.
  2. Pujara's county performance thread

    Ishant scored 60. why such a difference ? I know English pitches tough only during first two session of the match. But seems like his team mates are scoring runs as well.
  3. Pujara's county performance thread

    Lol we all know what Vijay , Dhawan and Rahul did in South Africa. At least pujara outscored them.
  4. India doesn’t have Kolpak deal like South Africa. Also most of South Africans join English cricket is because of no lucrative deals once they are out of national recokning. India has it covered with IPL. So we are good. To be honest KLR got his chances and he seems to throw it away. Just doesn’t make most out of it. He needs to be consistent.
  5. Ishant Sharma county performance thread

    He cut his hair that alone will tell you he turned in to a man. The menacing boy who got the wicket of ponting will make the English beg for mercy.
  6. Ishant Sharma county performance thread

  7. Ishant Sharma county performance thread

    Ishant scores 66
  8. Except Rahul when was the last time Karnataka players played t20 for India after 2007 T20 ? Some how most of them are suited for tests.
  9. This is a stupid thread mods please close this @beetle
  10. Hope Kishan is ok

    you wanted to watch WWF. He showed you live.
  11. Clearly what coffe rules indicates there is more to this ? Don’t you agree ?
  12. Axar Patel to play County; Will join Durham for 6 fixtures

    The counties didn’t even know ECB was taking a cut ? Sneaky ECB.
  13. This is terrible you can’t support the people who have done the crime. They done to drive the Muslim community away. This is really bad doesn’t reflect well on Indian society.
  14. You have read up oj Simpson case, there many others like that just get a good lawyer who will pick jury and just confuse them enough to not vote against. Even celebrities steal stuff from stores but get jailed at home.
  15. DHONI '79(44)' the phinisher!!!

    Not a team player just selfish like mr 100 100s.
  16. DHONI '79(44)' the phinisher!!!

    Another Sachin like performance from Dhoni
  17. Sundar completing closing the door for Ashwin in Odis. Good.
  18. Watch den of thieves.
  19. Den of thieves best movie of the year. Just wow.
  20. Lol you have very limited view of the world. Looks like beyond. Get off your high horse. Every country is similar even most western countries are like that rich don’t do go behind the bars.
  21. Chennai Super Kings' remaining home games shifted to Pune

    The bigger problem is every leader from film and political circles support this. This will mobilize the masses. They deployed around 4000 policeman for one IPL match. The policeman have lot on their plate than to provide protection for every IPL for next few months for matches in Chennai. Too bad though I really like the new Chennai stadium it has the modern look.
  22. Chennai Super Kings' remaining home games shifted to Pune

    If the locals don’t want it why even have team for Chennai. Today it is Cauvery tomorrow it will be something else. Better to shift franchise to a separate city out of the state.

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