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  1. gattaca

    Vedic farming - India's next green revolution!!

    Yes but it creates great environment for growing microbes which are essential. @Brainfade might not know but organic fertilizers can cause cancer. EU tried to ban it but there are no other options. So if you think you will be healthy eating organic you are wrong. Modern foods have too much chemicals. Traditional ways of fertilizing with modern tech (more like plant biology)is way to go.
  2. gattaca

    Why no practice?

    The remedy is daaru and Ravi Shastri
  3. gattaca

    BCCI may cut the powers of Virat Kohli, Ravi Shastri

    Ishant Sharma is always there if you to do something with luck
  4. gattaca

    I hope England demolish us 5-0!

    Boycott in the house people
  5. gattaca

    Why no practice?

    Their is no management and BCCI because of Supreme Court. Its all kohli if you hear the discussion regarding team huddle it seems Shastri just keeps quiet in team huddle.
  6. gattaca

    Why no practice?

    who was the player who didn't travel with the team during Anil rumble as coach ?
  7. gattaca

    Time to relegate Vijay and Karthik to TNPL

    Problem is with selectors idiots why play him in test when he has done wonders in T20s.
  8. gattaca

    Pick your team for 3rd test

    Dream on. India lost 5-0 under dhoni no change in coach or captain.
  9. gattaca

    Squad for 4th and 5th test match

    Dreaming is good for health it will take the stress off from mind.
  10. gattaca

    Time is running out for KL Rahul

    Kl Rahul technique is circumspect right from his younger days for tests. He is not good judger of his off stump most of the tome plays away from body.
  11. MUMBAI: Former India batting legend Sachin Tendulkar stepped in this week to finally resolve the matter surrounding appointment of India's new coach in place of Anil Kumble, following which cricketer-turned-commentator Ravi Shastri finally agreed to send in his application for the role. Shastri, who is holidaying in London, had been categorical so far that he "wouldn't stand in the queue" for the job, underlining the fact that he had been deliberately ignored last year despite doing a commendable job. Speculation had been rife over whether the ex-India all-rounder would once again come to the table with his CV and a presentation. READ ALSO: Ravi Shastri joins five others for coach's job TOI has learned that it is Tendulkar, who too is holidaying in London with his family, spoke with Shastri to consider his stand once again. As member of the three-man Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC), Tendulkar took into account the fact that India skipper Virat Kohli too wanted Shastri on board and therefore acted in time to save BCCI - which has been coping criticism in its handling of the matter - the blushes. http://m.timesofindia.com/sports/cricket/news/tendulkar-steps-in-convinces-shastri-to-apply-for-team-india-coachs-post/articleshow/59353962.cms True God of cricket
  12. Lol humiliation good hopefully this changes things in Indian setup
  13. gattaca

    If not Kohli , who should be test captain?

    Ya we are not going on fishing trip. We can have Rahul if we need fish.
  14. The problem is they don’t admit they did wrong. Egos doesn’t allow them to introspect. This will only hide real problems and cause ultimate downfall.
  15. gattaca

    Tendulkar convinces shastri to apply

    Anything Mumbai stopped working for sometime now lol. Pathetic commentary team that support and promote useless cricketers rohit ,Shastri etc.
  16. This was their chance a pitch which offer all kinds of help. We are now left with only 2 seamers. If England can play these two guys out they score lot of runs. These are fast bowlers they will get tired and then England will capitalize.
  17. Should have played one more seamer can’t get them for that less. Kohli is putting too much pressure on Kuldeep. Blunder mistakes in selections over and over again.
  18. They did good A team selections. The main team selection is controlled by kohli.
  19. gattaca

    Lords Test - Day 3 predictions...

    KL Rahul is useles in tests. I don’t how long it will take to realize that. He is the fishing kind. This was from his younger days as well.
  20. Karthik has played two tests and you compared to Saha who has close to 30 or more consecutive matches ?
  21. gattaca

    Karnataka election results

    What did babu for 8.7 lakhs ?
  22. Even better have reservation at birth 30 pc for woman , 40 for sc st , 15 pc for bc and remaining don’t care.
  23. gattaca

    Karunandhi health status...

    Basically aligned with all parties that won at center.
  24. Odi i agree. 90s Test team had better batsman than the current lot. Azhar was scoring in South Africa and England. Probably azhar has better avg than Sachin in England.

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