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  1. Agree India should release stamp for Mukti Bahini. But India doesn’t consider that. Why does Pakistan always come to India with a begging bowl for relations like. Imran Khan or Nawaz Sharif. Then release stamps like this. Anyway Pakistan is bankrupt China will soon own Pakistan and push the pakjabi away as noticed by the recent events where Chinese construction workers pushing Pakistani police.
  2. gattaca

    Indian Middle Order vs Pak Middle Order(2011)

    Semi final is an under achievement for this team. Considering we are in top rankings in Odis and have been consistent. Final would be more appropriate.
  3. His hypocrisy is worse. He booted sehwag saying he was slow(not that he wasnt). What is he now ? Isnt he slow behind wickets ?
  4. goes to hiding and comes back when things change. you dont even accept he is bad.
  5. Bot broken. Shut Pakistani bot.
  6. If the bad time is around world cup that's a worry if he drops in world cup and doesnt score what's the use?
  7. Old man dropped a dolly @Rasgulla and @velu. Tried to take the catch in style than catch. When you are old just stick to basics.
  8. gattaca

    Virat Kohli on Dhoni

    Unfortunately bots don't get raise they survive.
  9. Excuse used by Sachin fans for decades Dhoni fans following footsteps of Sachin fans.
  10. gattaca

    How Shameful is this??

    The middle order of 36ers is a concern. drop Dhoni, shradul play pant, pandya. Sharadul is really awful if you give 40 runs in 4 overs against Hong Kong you are no good for first class as well. Don't what his achievements are except playing for CSK.
  11. Great debut scored zero. On way to loosing to Hongkong. Shastri is better coach.
  12. Lol the team is 36 year old team. Dhawan should have been rested.
  13. Nice who legs are those? See I can't tell from the legs if it is MSD. Only @velu and @rasgulla can tell after so much fan giri.
  14. What to check they played terrible in the first match batting first.
  15. A way to man heart is not through Instagram thats for sure. Looking at the Pic of his measly legs no wonder rahul gets injured. Had he invested more in strength and building muscles in legs than posting on Instagram he would be better off.
  16. They say rohit plays youngsters lol.
  17. They are the best option right now considering we are not far from world cup. Its because of bad planning we are stuck with them for now.
  18. To be honest we need expirience day players than young guns in world cups. Dhoni and virat had 2-3 years before they went to world cup. Even both were not great in their respective first wcups.
  19. Dhoni was good till end of 2013. His stroke play has gone drastically the position he comes in requires quick runs most of the time, he had set that bar high as well. He is just unable to reach his own mark. Dhoni used to runs 2 and 3s hard manipulate the field as well then few sixes. All these things seems to be lost. He just going through motions for past few years. Nowadays he is blocking more than actually looking for singles and putting pressure on others.

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