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  1. So does Australia the genocide of aborigines, killing the native population by spreading disease you guys are no different than the Stalin , Mao and other guy. Don’t you still have the law that if an aborigine dies the land belongs to you guys. You are in violation of human rights. Sure India has other problems but not like you guys. You have bigger problems than many countries.
  2. Nothing. More population doesn’t mean you get in to every sport. Also in India football is not that big as cricket anyway. Also FIFA is one of the most corrupt organization in the world thank god we don’t play football. Remember match between Italy and South Korea.you can buy refree in football.
  3. gattaca

    Manjrekar: Pujara , a proven failure in overseas.

    So is rohit the replacement according to him ?
  4. gattaca

    Does India need Pandya for England test series?

    These things will happen.
  5. gattaca

    Does India need Pandya for England test series?

    He has 80 odd against South Africa when every one in the team failed on a green pitch. He played another good innings in Australia on A tour when every one failed as well.
  6. gattaca

    Roach, Gabriel and Cummins - WI have good pace attack

    Problem is not wi cricketers but WICB. The most idiotic board. They change captain probably every year their best players like bravo don’t play.
  7. Who is youngest test bat debutant for India recently ? Would prefer him to play at least one Ranji season
  8. http://www.tribuneindia.com/news/punjab/sikh-radicals-threaten-ludhiana-mp/604644.html
  9. It same in US as well. The gurdwaras in my place also has this scripture about how Indian state has oppressed Sikhs. These NRI Sikhs who don't have any thing to do preach hate.
  10. We have pant, Kishan both upgrade over Dhoni’s current form.
  11. What is the point of these lectures ? Once good twice ok. Now we have Pietersen who didn’t even played with him had to weave a story. Just do it with old guys and have to say quits at some point.
  12. Dhoni batting is also like quick sand it kills the team momentum.
  13. gattaca

    Breakfast with Champions - Bhuvneshwar Kumar

    His name is on lords honor board a feat few mumbaikars couldn’t.
  14. gattaca

    What is your take on Dhoni's future?

    Dhoni can be CM of Tamil Nadu. His leadership is needed there. below is his portfolio. Rasgulla - social media Velu - deputy CM Ankit sharma - Bring people to Dhoni speech in lorries Garuda - PA Add as you wish campaign promise: Sachin mukth Tamilnadu Signed bat free for every kid fast bowlers will be water boys trundlers will be selected
  15. gattaca

    Rohit vs Rahul as opener

    How many odi pitches swing these days is the question. Not even 1 %. Rohit did well on 2013 champions trophy in England. The pitches then had little movement. He failed vs South Africa and NZ when there was movement. Most World Cup matches will be flat with bounce only. Rahul is very inconsistent you don’t know if you get 10 or 80 odd. Rohit once he sets himself very tough to get him out. Comparatively rohit is still better. Rohit current form is poor but this is based on history.
  16. If this was true Dhoni would have century overseas. Lol almost every good wkt bat has that. Does that mean Dhoni has no attitude ?
  17. gattaca

    Are you a Cat person or a Dog person !!!

    Mulo reminds of the guy/girl who would fill additional sheets one after the other till invigilator in the exam get tired, but gets similar marks as rest of the class.
  18. gattaca

    Grievances thread

    This. Even OP is like that.
  19. https://m.timesofindia.com/india/bjp-will-definitely-not-come-to-power-in-2019-chandrababu-naidu/articleshow/64341256.cms
  20. Naidu secretly routes money to real estate to his Benami Murali Mohan and Swiss bank.
  21. gattaca

    BCCI needs to reschedule IPL 2019

    A former Indian captain plays with more intent to win matches and proactive playing for a franchise than for country he doesn’t even give up on t20is.
  22. gattaca

    King of the Jungle

    Again read the tweet from Goenka. Read the title of the thread. Can you comprehend ? There were better contributors than Dhoni. Smith was made captain after that. RPS got frustrated with dhonis innnings during the first half of IPL. Is Dhoni mvp for CSK ? Is Dhoni a great leader ? He hardly qualifies as an ok leader. He is frustrated when things don’t go well. He never blames batsmen always bowlers fault. These are not characteristics of king of jungle.

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