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  1. Anything less than 2019 World cup is not acceptable

    Well even in 1983 India beat westindies who had all bases covered. Being top team doesn’t all guarantee world cup also our squad is not settled especially middle order.
  2. Who should open with SRT in All time Indian ODI XI?

    Has to be Dhawan in ODIs more consistent than Sehwag.
  3. Get to know Bewda better

    How do you know he wrote it just says signed.
  4. Bat abd bowler Phehlukwayo fielder abd
  5. Heinrich Klassen : Poor man's MS Dhoni

    That’s history man. Dhoni has regressed real bad. Even Azharuddin when he was playing in his last few years was better than dhoni. I remember him taking Akhtar to cleaners in 1999 WC.
  6. Why not Khalil Ahmed

    The team is currently looking for a left arm fast bowler. Read Arun Bharat interview about this.
  7. They are a non profit organization
  8. He would make a good Tamil and Telugu movie villain.
  9. Dhoni reminds of Azhar and jadeja who used put to me sleep with boring batting.
  10. Apart from writing word you cant defend your god. No go cry a river.
  11. Indira Nooyi Appointed new ICC Director.

    Get free check I guess like rajya sabha.
  12. Mauritius has just 8 hr flight. It’s not insane.
  13. I remember watching Lara smash the Aussie bowlers even Glen McGrath and won test match batting with tail. I dont think Sachin has such a knock. The closest he came was Chennai knock but he couldn’t finish it off. Also I don’t think Sachin ever took on top bowlers bowlers like McGrath.
  14. Bat rohit bowler bumrah fielder klassen
  15. Dhoni at this point is shakuni. He was bhishma then Krishna and now shakuni.
  16. "BJP in danger of losing a critical support base"

    They ditched him because he never had a clear stance on state division.
  17. "BJP in danger of losing a critical support base"

    That is the point. They been dependent on Allies in south too much for too long and forgot about growing the party. This has been their problem. In Andhra and Telangana they could easily win few seats but they neglected the growth of the party. No one even know who BJP leaders are in local elections.
  18. How to deal with sensitive teeth?

    There is a problem with getting wisdom teeth removed dentists wont tell you. The teeth shift after few years because of the gap between Jaw and teeth. This cause fiber foods meat, celery etc to get lodged between teeth.
  19. Top 20 averages in ODIs !!!

    Why the hate ? He played well he might not be aggressive but he is an accumulator .
  20. Are you seriously criticizing a young all rounder who didn’t got much chances yet. If you drop players after just few matches Rohit Sharma , Ishant Sharma would have been dropped 100 Times. These are the kauravas of Indian team. Man modi speech in parliament reminded me of above quote.
  21. Good he will comeback with vengeance for England series. We better go to England early and win test series this time.
  22. Can we score 370 here?

    250 is more than enough for this South African team.
  23. 10 of 22

    Will bhuvi outscore dhoni at better strike rate ?

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