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  1. you have Ravi shastri coaching the team. That tell you role of the coach.
  2. 150 is always wow dont you think. That is serious pace.
  3. Yes we have all seen Sachin contribution in rajya sabha. He could have used his funds to improve infra in rural areas he could have even adopted a village. Sachin was great ambassador for Indian cricket but contributions outside of his playing days are less.
  4. He will consolidate. He will keep dhoni in company.
  5. Man this senior team is poor at fielding the u19 got direct hits most of the time. But the Indian team can’t even direct hit once for their lives.
  6. Ganguly is bad at admin and politicking. We wouldn’t the Kimble fiasco if he was good. All the blame lies with ganguly. He himself got Greg chapell as coach but wanted to Kohli if his choice.
  7. Just play Chahal feel he will good in tests as well. He bowls cleverly.
  8. Life mein comedy chaiye toh ye padho

    This will the best Bollywood flick. If they can cast the groom as salman khan , bride as Katrina and runaway boyfriend as ranbir kapoor, cousin as shah rukh khan.
  9. Any YOGA enthusiasts here?

    you have 23 g thats good amount. Friend of mine used to drink these one day. One month later he was bloated.
  10. Any YOGA enthusiasts here?

    Coconut water in US has lot of sugars. I would suggest to read the label.
  11. Any YOGA enthusiasts here?

    not same but close..
  12. Its like they are destroying our best test bat with useless odis. Rahane should play as opener if at all he plays. If not chuck him out.
  13. Batsman Kohli bowler rabada fielding dhoni
  14. He is good did same in the last match as well.
  15. Predict Best Indian Batsman in SA

    Lol so you are comparing a guy who played new ball in every innings with bhuvi who comes at 8 ?
  16. Predict Best Indian Batsman in SA

    He is the second best bat. I don’t know why you laughing. This is a bowler series.
  17. Michael Holding - Anti Indian commie

    lol come on the commies are as useless as rocks. What development they have done in WB or what they have they done for kerala.
  18. Michael Holding - Anti Indian commie

    I don’t think what he said is racist. He just said they belong in jungle and are uncivilized. Is that racist ?
  19. Ya why wouldn’t it grow. They make the prisoners work inhumanely and also their own farmers are picked and packed in a room and make them work 18-20 hours. I remember reading letters in cereal boxes and few other stuff online once about the in humane conditions in China and also bypassing all kinds of trade related tariffs by using third countries. I really hope they stop polluting us market place with cheap products. It’s not just toys but agriculture products which can cause dangers to the American population.
  20. Very dissappointing to see threads like this. You should see the match to make conclusions. Looking at scoreboard doesn’t help. The way Indian batsman took blows on gloves and rib cage and still didn’t complain but played where as South Africa did all kind of stuff to declare the pitch unfit. This Indian test team has great characters I hope for better results in next tours.
  21. I really want to see how smith plays on similar tough pitches like we did. Currently playing on pattas and raking century after century. Only issue is South Africa may not provide such pitches considering Aussie bowling attack.
  22. Lessons to be learned from this series loss.

    Pandya too the turning point catch of Amla. He is very valuable member
  23. Lessons to be learned from this series loss.

    Catches win matches and ask lower order to practice batting.
  24. Happened only once in this test that too once Shami started whacking out of the park.
  25. Lol no we dropped 12 catches. That had been our problem I mentioned that in few match threads. Even mark butcher mentioned if India senior team was watching u19 taking really good slip catches.

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