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  1. Both are inconsistent. But bhuvi is complete bowler now on skills. Yadav can't even bowl in slog overs. Also op thread reminds of the green ghetto where they create threads to discount their own players.
  2. May be its an another brain fade.
  3. The Indian team is still prone to collapses. Although the sound of young dashing Keeper sounds good. But this team needs guidance. MSD can anchor innings during 30-40 overs and let others hit out of park. Also his keeping is still top notch the way he did stumping are marvelous. He also is guiding the young spinners. So we are getting multiple advantages from him.
  4. Ind replies to Terroristan

    lol the resident pakistani also posted fake image back then. Below is the thread. http://www.indiancricketfans.com/forums/topic/97047-in-kashmir-indian-security-forces-use-pellet-guns-that-often-blind-protesters/?tab=comments#comment-3282214
  5. MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    Ya he is captain of wc 2011 and some keyboard is angry he is still playing even though he is fit. What happened in seilanka because of dhoni we were able to clean sweep the series Indian batting order is still vulnerable to callapse.
  6. Another lovely read by Jarrod Kimber

    That dude has no explanation on why he downvotes people.
  7. Another lovely read by Jarrod Kimber

    @GoldenSun downvote that u bhosdike
  8. Another lovely read by Jarrod Kimber

    Jarod kimber the blabber mouth with no substance
  9. These matches have low attendance the amount PCB put for these matches have to recuperated so this is all economics. No one will probably explain low attendance even Pakistani people are no longer interested in cricket looks like it except for down votes.
  10. Doesnt matter to apple. They think people will pay and they are right people will as they sheeple. Augmented reality really thats one of your selling point.Their is no competitor for apple anyway and their eco system is only booming this is like a circle. If your company does mobile apps what laptop , phone and tablet do they buy and then you buy iPhone, apple tv, watch ?
  11. Ashes promo

    psst.. poor looks like a musical for teens.
  12. Lol why this is stupid. The maintenance of the aircraft and fees they pay for landing the commercial airline are useless. Just fly business class and be done with it.
  13. Alaistair Cook Watch - Has the End begun?

    We only entertain ordinary lefties fazal, other fat leftie from pak.
  14. Alaistair Cook Watch - Has the End begun?

    Left handers always love India chanders, jayasuriya, saaed anwar the list goes on.
  15. Alaistair Cook Watch - Has the End begun?

    They wanted scape goats and found carberry and KP. Indian fans complain so much about dhoni and selectors. If I were English fan I would be mad at this than all the things about our setup. Cook is well done.
  16. He does this probably second time. Just no words except salute to the great being he is. I don't see any other cricketers doing that. http://zeenews.india.com/cricket/gautam-gambhir-to-fund-education-of-martyred-kashmiri-cops-daughter-2039586.html
  17. So much criticism for him earlier looks like he is ready.
  18. North eastern states to play Ranji Trophy next year

    That is a cat and mouse game. If only people from cities like Mumbai , chennai are selected we would have had really poor team. Things have changed for good now. If we have some one like dhoni from small town captaining Indian team. Hopefully we get good cricketers from NE states.
  19. Alaistair Cook Watch - Has the End begun?

    He had a bad ashes when Mitchell Johnson was bowling those fast deliveries. The other opener carberry(African descent) played better than cook but he was dropped after ashes. It was strange.
  20. How India got fast

    2012 test series he was injured. The problem is Yadav was erratic no consistency in bowling a plan.
  21. What India needs is self autonomous driving vehicles than people driving cars. All people want to do in India is cut corners and move in to smallest available space which causes traffic jams.
  22. How India got fast

    He played lot of Odis under dhoni. He was not selected for tests and was injured for England tests in 2012. Yadav was spray gun and still can be sometimes. I am sure many people agree here.
  23. N.Lyon's Most (4) Five For in Asia in 2017

    Still could win India though. The left armed was more potent. Lyon best was in chennai where dhoni rescued us.
  24. N.Lyon's Most (4) Five For in Asia in 2017

    Never too late. Once you start may be he will retire and give less trouble to us.
  25. How India got fast

    Kind of wrong argument. Ishant , Yadav even after being mediocre played for long.

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