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  1. Don’t understand the quota for high skilled. If a low skilled person from another country gets faster green card than the high skilled person India that’s discrimination. Why is there no quota for h1b ?
  2. They do. Honestly India is developing at a good pace. There are really good areas in parts of India to settle than to linger in green card limbo while someone from Syria or even Pakistan get citizenship faster Indians get green card.
  3. Predict Best Indian Batsman in SA

    Pujara the way he batted against lakmal on a green pitch in Eden gardens every thing in the V.
  4. Akhtar action felt like he was falling out of a tree or like a monkey hangs from a tree.
  5. The high and excitement of a tough overseas tour

    Yup it was like Dhoni wanted to get it over soon. The most dissappointing thing was loosing wickets to Ali who is not even top 10 spinners in the world. Pujara’s game in the series was bad getting bowled through for moen Ali deliveries.
  6. The high and excitement of a tough overseas tour

    2014 was different a team in England with low morale and captain without any goals.
  7. Worst Indian Cricket Stadium?

  8. Asian batsmen in South Africa

    And they say Sanga is better than tendu lol.
  9. Please recommend some good hindi movies

    Chak de India
  10. Batsman - Pujara Bowler - Bhuvi Fielder - Saha
  11. This happening trump cancelled h4 ead and this. See below is from the agency that issues visas. “The idea is to create a sort of ‘self- deportation’ of hundreds of thousands of Indian tech workers in the United States to open up those jobs for Americans,” said a U.S. source briefed by Homeland Security officials.
  12. I don’t know what kind of game India wants to play with Iran but Iran openly supports Kashmir independence and calls India the occupier.
  13. Why does that matter ? Kohli has an order shami, bhuvi, IShant, Umesh then comes bumrah. Claiming will be the highest wicket taker with out facts is bogus. He didn’t even debut for India in test yet. What kind of bs is this ?
  14. He will struggle against Maharaj.
  15. Bumrah will not play single match. He is cover for 2 pacer injuries.
  16. Who are most famous Keralites?

    Let me tell you real story. Their was a time in Malayali film industries they were making useless art movies and then the legend steps in. Shakila lol
  17. Their is reason why only England can extract rever swing these days it was during champions trophy in 2013 they were getting reverse in 13th over itself.
  18. Then what is doing with his fingers ? Singing lullaby and putting to sleep ?
  19. Useless bowler can’t wickets with out clouds or scuffing the ball.
  20. @Gollum see your legend
  21. The Unpopular Cricket Opinions Thread

    How is cook a legend lost ashes 4-0 in 2014 while kohli scored lot of runs against same attack. Again scored nada in the matches that matter in the 2017 ashes. He gets scottt free ? This bending over for goras is appalling. He can’t handle the pressure of ashes simple and can’t bat against good fast bowlers. He had major problems against McGrath and Stuart Clarke their is video made a Aussie fan on how to dimisss cook shows his technical issues while he started.
  22. The Unpopular Cricket Opinions Thread

    No 2004 test if Gillespie can survive close 180 deliveries from top spinners like Bhajji and kumble on 4th day pitch. We could easily win the match. You should see a match to make a guess. The pitch was slow had no bounce and less turn. Chennai 2001 was a different pitch. You can’t compare pitches which are 2 years apart make a deduction.
  23. Pak lovers

    there are so many kids in india who need free treatment. This is BS if some from south asian countries get it but not india.
  24. When you go with a draw mind set you will loose.

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