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  1. He does this probably second time. Just no words except salute to the great being he is. I don't see any other cricketers doing that. http://zeenews.india.com/cricket/gautam-gambhir-to-fund-education-of-martyred-kashmiri-cops-daughter-2039586.html
  2. So much criticism for him earlier looks like he is ready.
  3. North eastern states to play Ranji Trophy next year

    That is a cat and mouse game. If only people from cities like Mumbai , chennai are selected we would have had really poor team. Things have changed for good now. If we have some one like dhoni from small town captaining Indian team. Hopefully we get good cricketers from NE states.
  4. Alaistair Cook Watch - Has the End begun?

    He had a bad ashes when Mitchell Johnson was bowling those fast deliveries. The other opener carberry(African descent) played better than cook but he was dropped after ashes. It was strange.
  5. How India got fast

    2012 test series he was injured. The problem is Yadav was erratic no consistency in bowling a plan.
  6. What India needs is self autonomous driving vehicles than people driving cars. All people want to do in India is cut corners and move in to smallest available space which causes traffic jams.
  7. How India got fast

    He played lot of Odis under dhoni. He was not selected for tests and was injured for England tests in 2012. Yadav was spray gun and still can be sometimes. I am sure many people agree here.
  8. N.Lyon's Most (4) Five For in Asia in 2017

    Still could win India though. The left armed was more potent. Lyon best was in chennai where dhoni rescued us.
  9. N.Lyon's Most (4) Five For in Asia in 2017

    Never too late. Once you start may be he will retire and give less trouble to us.
  10. How India got fast

    Kind of wrong argument. Ishant , Yadav even after being mediocre played for long.
  11. Travelling in the US

    You should be able to get license anytime except for the usual long weekend and weekends. Just get a learners permit. If you have idp some states allow but getting a learners is not tough you can download the booklet online and study for few hours max. They do give crazy questions some times like you have to remember speed limits on county roads etc. one more thing I forgot if you have ssn always apply for credit card. Don't delay lot of people do that. Don't overspend on credit card just use it like debit card.building credit history and diving history is most important thing in US.
  12. Pastor caught raping a 12 year old

    His reference to the major Catholic Churches having lot of issues with this. The last pope who tried to punish these people was made to retire.
  13. Mods who the heck is this freak @GoldenSun ? down votes people randomly need to disable this account.
  14. Atleast dhoni doesn't do such cheap marketing. Always trying to woo padosis.
  15. As a captain. Still can't believe the way he got out to Amir in the champions trophy.
  16. You can boast after kohli has won a World Cup, T20 and champions trophy. He just doesn't seem to contribute in crucial tournaments crunch stages.
  17. 5th odi, Sri Lanka vs India,Colombo, Sep 3 2017

  18. Aging Anderson is an issue. Also they should play the new guy Ronald jones.
  19. England All-rounders

    if they are so good why would they get whitewashed in India. They dont have true all rounder except for stokes.
  20. Sack Haryana Government

    He is everything according to his name dr st baba yada yada Singh yada
  21. thats the only option to become king. He was kicked from south. He has no true claim to throne. Only way is you marry in to royal family.
  22. He wants to be king in the north that was his end game. The only way he can is kick snow out and make Sansa lady of winter fell (with no completion) and marry her.
  23. Now to get squad players in the XI

    That Lannister can't afford to pay his dues. So no one will listen.
  24. If we need dhoni against z grade teams. What does that tell you about the quality of the team ? Atleast dhoni doesn't get bowled between bat and pad like 3 guys did or jump out of the crease and get stumped.
  25. Why are "liberals" so casteist?

    Forget about rss even congress , sp. bsp everyone is silent. But if you don't follow news lot of rss folks are murdered in Kerala. Why wouldn't they ask for president rule ?

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