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  1. What is the fetish of bd fans and horrible photoshop of chopping opposition players. This is worse. Hopefully they can mature. This behavior is dangerous for any human even if they are tiger fans. It’s just a game they seem to take it to extremes.
  2. TDP quits NDA

    In Telangana congress is playing massive caste politics they got all reddy leaders on their side but all of them are incompetent. KCR will win the election again may be even with higher majority. We are close to getting drinking water and canal water for agri purposes. This is applies to lot of villages around us. This is major win for TRS. I was sceptic of KCR but he done good for the state. He also settled the river disputes with maha he was the leading the effort in getting the dispute resolved.
  3. Sending Shankar over DK

    Sending young player who didn’t get many Chances to bat in a final is stupid
  4. Man Bangladesh have a knack of getting on bad sides of crowd. They did it with India and now Sri Lanka. In future too I will support Lanka over bd.
  5. in DK I still dont trust !

    The amount chances Rohit got and what he is today. You have to think positive.
  6. in DK I still dont trust !

    The calmness at which he hits the shots is amazing. I am convinced.
  7. No matter how much we want to blame they have selected Karthik from past few series.
  8. Thakur shouldn’t be selected again until he learns how to bowl. He was horrible.
  9. rohit thanking sri lanka fans. good gesture.
  10. you havent seen todays Kohlis statement. May be thats what spurred Dk. Virat Kohli feels MS Dhoni is irreplaceable in limited overs'
  11. KKD hatsoff

    He has played similarly in one of the series in south africa its a t20 as well.
  12. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    Its pressure match but he should gotten bat on the ball. That was bad even a tailender these days get bat on ball. 4 dots on row is worse.
  13. KKD hatsoff

    29 off 8. 362 strike rate wow just wow.
  14. only guy who wanted dk @Khota
  15. BC dont send ever send dk late
  16. bc vijay just take single
  17. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    useless should never be selected again
  18. dhoni coached him well

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