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  1. No wonder the British conquered India. India was conquered because of stupid Indian kings unity their thinking was narrow. This is history repeating itself. The CA and ECB trying to do same. Manohar is probably like the scindia King who was responsible for defeat of Jhansi.
  2. gattaca

    I get a bad vibe about the 4th Test

    Shreyas iyer replaces kohli. So he can't be out.
  3. Quality vs quantity can be applied to test vs Loi players. Why do we see very less good test players than loi players
  4. bs Horne.s should his middle intial.
  5. gattaca

    Is Kohli overrated?

    He has been a captain for just 2 years.thats a short time. Probably we can evaluate after 5 years. He got the right attitude. Players can go out of form too. This is just three matches pretty sure a big one is due. Kohli though is like kl Rahul he either scores consistently or just doesn't deliver consistently in a series.
  6. @Malcolm Merlyn 80 % what do you say ? Is it dismantling ? So what about other states ? There are cricketers in other states too. No wonder rohit sharma got so many chances even after doing nothing.
  7. gattaca

    Jaddu's test match blog

    He got 50 in lords and chipping here and there. So I guess he did contribute with bat as well.
  8. Yup. http://www.bcci.tv/videos/id/4439/thats-bat-first-then-pad-nigel-llong
  9. This was day 3 in first 2 hours when pujara and Vijay were batting. score was 149-1 58 overs.
  10. gattaca

    Chasing 100 odd tomorrow in 15-20 overs

    Op have seen jadeja bowling if he going to do that same thing. I dont think we need to chase we just need bowlers to support not give any unnecessary boundaries.
  11. Best part for me was he was clapping when Australia were out of reviews and appealed it was so funny.
  12. No wickets in two sessions.Good we kept long on the field and not giving another wicket to Cummings is a good thing. Rahane gifted his wicket.
  13. From TOI " This was the first time since 1994 that Australia were kept on the field for 200 overs or beyond (against South Africa). Four of the five bowlers conceded over 100 runs."
  14. You can't contribute without funds and cricket grounds. They are part of India too. Mumbai cricket is well established don't think this should affect them.
  15. Mumbai mafia dismantled. Happy for Telangana and ne states.
  16. Calm down dude. If you drop every new player that too after scoring 300. Tendulkar would have never played more than 5 matches.
  17. Lol at padosi comparisons. Have you seen hafeez against Steyn ?. Vijay has poor home record.
  18. I have seen pujara throw away wicket early morning often. If he can bat the first hour he might have a chance but also depends on how Saha and jaddu bats. His 200 will put India in comfort zone.
  19. He was a good bat in India. Kohli is currently isn't contributing. I don't remember dhoni doing this poorly at home. I know it breaks your heart that you created the Ishant sharma and rohit sharma threads.
  20. Cmon I remember you, realist hurling all kind of abuses at dhoni but dhoni didn't average this bad as kohli at home that too against a new Aussie attack.
  21. I watched just the first session. India were pretty flat in the first session. They were just going through motions. Jaddu kept it tight got turn on only few deliveries. Lot of runs towards third man. That's how maxwell got to century. I felt rahane is little bit dhoni in field placings. Should have plugged the third man gap. For all the hype about his height Ishant seems to be not putting effort at all. He had smith edged a delivery but it fell just short of Saha.
  22. Keeper can't tell but atleast should have reviewed it. Indian team has already put unfair pressure on Saha for reviews.

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