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  1. Look up India vs nz series. He used to suck all the momentum and we used loose wickets.
  2. Finally Rana gets a lead role.
  3. He scored century in NZ in seaming conditions the only place he struggled is SA. He had issues with short ball.
  4. Finally someone from Hyderabad that too a fast bowler.
  5. Shivpal yadav was worst still remember him selecting his son who was bad. After he had a fight with rayudu. They made life tough for rayudu. Now it is ggr don't what his qualifications are apart from running colleges.
  6. Dhawan didn't play 10 matches in wc. So don't know how you cooked that. Would rather have someone like kohli or someone down the order use the deliveries than rahane even if rahane was poor in t20 earlier too. It is not like we were getting anything better.
  7. See above. If rahane didn't had enough practice why bring him in an all important match. This usually doesn't work and especially with openers.
  8. How would you risk to bring in someone new in to semifinal of worldcup if he didn't enough match practice. That doesn't make any sense.
  9. Being out of test team and to continue playing well in ODI is tough. He needs practice in ODIS.dhawan is a big match player. Remember him being dropped for a mumbaikar in t20 wc and how that turned out ? This silly part is kohli fell for it. Shashtri I am sure was brains behind that decision.
  10. This is one guy I never liked in Indian cricket. Please don't elect him.
  11. The real reason behind "Bowling Paavarhouse" decline

    See link below waqar and azar mehmood were caught in 2000 for ball tampering. 1992 was one more link below and 2006 is well know. I don't know what @Muloghonto is talking . I agree akram is a thinking bowler. Great bowler but tampering definitely helped him. 2000 tampering incident: http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/content/story/88745.html 1992 tampering incident: http://www.espncricinfo.com/magazine/content/story/478574.html
  12. The words used here against Dhoni are really bad. @maniac calls Dhoni fans Pakistanis. Imagine calling sachin fans (me being one) that and see the outrage. We just don't have constructive criticism here. I don't remember this forum being like that before now we are hitting rock bottom. It just seems we are inspired by Pakistani posters on the other forum who call Misbah all kinds of words.
  13. Thanks. I had it once it was really good. I went with a Sikh friend of mine to gurdwara while I was in college. I didn't know until now it is for everyone. I thought I ate food which was supposed to be for someone else.
  14. wow must have had lot of trouble just to play cricket. Its only people go through hardships usually make it big.what is purpose langar ? Is it for homeless ? or who come to pray ?
  15. All dudes here laughing can't play half the cricket dhoni has. You got respect him he is the greatest ODI captain of all time. He has given captaincy. He captained India in 199 matches. If he was so interested in records he would have till 200. He has given up captaincy. Let's all be little humble shall we and enjoy the game. Just because mr verma doesn't like Dhoni and created rumors let's not disrespect the greatest captiain of all time.
  16. Rahul Chahar - Terrific prospect for future

    He seem to be getting good spin. What worked for warne might not work for him. Every one is different . Once you go to warne style he might loose accuracy.
  17. Watched spectral good sci fi.
  18. Rahul Chahar - Terrific prospect for future

    Green pitch and that leg spinner get him atleast for the A tours.
  19. Gagan koda played in international cricket.
  20. I doubt that. SA ruining themselves with quotas. Players will think in their interests.
  21. Dhoni steps down as Captain of Team India

    Just waiting for the moths eh ?
  22. Isn't abbot playing for kings ix Punjab ? He is making money isn't he ? Steyn might retire in a year or two. Abbot might have played for a few years for SA.
  23. Should Kohli be named captain of all the three formats?

    The thing is their is no BCCI president and board currently to call shots now. Who is going to make a call to appoint a captain ? I guess we all are missing this point.

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