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  1. Bumrah or balls of steels!!

    veggie balls
  2. Is NZ Pakistan Bunny

    Is NZ pakistan bunny. They lost to Pakistan in all world cup matches even T20Is. Thats some record. Now pak is smoking them.
  3. Is NZ Pakistan Bunny

    this is bad for India. It would have been better had they beaten NZ.
  4. Streak is broken

    Eden streak is broken
  5. All is not lost

    This is just one game. This is just good kick in the back. We will back.
  6. @chewy Best OP ever. The history political and Cricket and recent events you captured all. Congrats Dude.
  7. @rett India is exporting its population to us, Europe, Canada and many countries already. At least population is "made in India". But seriously we have too many mouths to feed.
  8. Maria Sharapova failed drugs test at Australian Open

    That's what happens when you don't know who God is @VVS Laxman
  9. Do you support Donald trump?

    I hope he wins the primaries. So the republican party will loose the general election. The republican party doesnt even have good candidate. yet they had over 10 people fighting this election. Sanders is too socialist though. I dont think his policies will work for a capitalist america. In america everything is overhyped like housing, wall street. If he is going crackdown on wall street U.S economy will suffer. The health care plan make sense but then again who will pay for research of new drugs. His education plan will not work either.
  10. Saf vs Eng 4th odi

    Tahir gives a bear hug to Moen bhai.
  11. looked like a strong leg side player. need to improve off side game.
  12. Do you support Donald trump?

    Lot of Americans don't like President Obamas policies which they believe are to the left and they have to pay for the benefits for the others. Tough to see Hilary winning nomination. Bernie has been making right statements and is attracting lot of youth. Free college education and overhaul of whole medical system. These sound good on paper but again people have to taxed like in Canada to achieve something like this. Then you have the republicans not even a single candidate might win the election. Americans don't like far left policies but colleagues of mine feel Bernie is the level headed guy. If he wins the nomination he might as well win the presidential elections. It's not Hilary but Bernie has more chances of winning presidential elections.
  13. may be decent but never were permanent odi members post 2003.
  14. T20 needs good power hitters. We have none. Dhoni doesnt even score at 100 Sr.
  15. No. He is power hungry politician who knows how to stay in power at all cost.
  16. Assuming your are taking about ODIS. Laxman and Dravids are no bodys in ODIS. Ganguly was poor in Australia himself.
  17. SA and Pak are not great ODI teams. SA chocked like they always do. Our bowlers need time to adjust to the lengths in Australia since we were there two months before they learnt what is good length to bowl. As Ganguly mentioned our team hasnt done great in last 5 years which is true apart from Champions trophy, world cup. Also Champions trophy was on spin friendly pitches. We sucked big time and still are.
  18. Hyderabad Phd student commits suicide

    Bandaru himself is from SC. He is being accused doing caste politics. Really ? This is just congress and its game.
  19. Return of Jungle Raj in Bihar

    Its 6 engineers now. Can't imagine How some ICFers wanted Nitish to be PM.
  20. Return of Jungle Raj in Bihar

    What do you expect when you vote lalu ?
  21. So rich coming from Pakistani who doesn't understand democracy. Those who lived under military ruled and military ruled democracy come to us and let us know democracy.
  22. of course Indian electorate is dependent on Muslims voting congress and fragmented Hindu votes. So some poet alleges something. A dog barks but the lion doesn't care. Why do pakistanese so obsessed with India though.
  23. that's why we all blame congress for all the mess they created for over 60 years. Modi was right we need Congress mukth Bharat. Our PM is a genius. You have to agree with this.
  24. Yasir Shah suspended for doping

    Green Ghetto portrays him as a saint. We should post this there frequently.
  25. Yasir Shah suspended for doping

    Green Gheto feels their is a conspiracy against Pakistan before every major tournament. Some deluded fans they have. Another one is ICC faked the results.

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