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  1. The Unpopular Cricket Opinions Thread

    How is cook a legend lost ashes 4-0 in 2014 while kohli scored lot of runs against same attack. Again scored nada in the matches that matter in the 2017 ashes. He gets scottt free ? This bending over for goras is appalling. He can’t handle the pressure of ashes simple and can’t bat against good fast bowlers. He had major problems against McGrath and Stuart Clarke their is video made a Aussie fan on how to dimisss cook shows his technical issues while he started.
  2. The Unpopular Cricket Opinions Thread

    No 2004 test if Gillespie can survive close 180 deliveries from top spinners like Bhajji and kumble on 4th day pitch. We could easily win the match. You should see a match to make a guess. The pitch was slow had no bounce and less turn. Chennai 2001 was a different pitch. You can’t compare pitches which are 2 years apart make a deduction.
  3. Pak lovers

    there are so many kids in india who need free treatment. This is BS if some from south asian countries get it but not india.
  4. When you go with a draw mind set you will loose.
  5. Dhawan vs Philander in tests

    he made a gritty hundred in nz. He choose to grind down. so he can do it.
  6. Dhawan vs Philander in tests

    Lol apt
  7. Dhawan vs Philander in tests

    https://www.google.com/amp/m.cricbuzz.com/amp/cricket-news/99146/shikhar-dhawans-guard-change-could-be-a-success-formula-in-south-africa lor of details about gaurd , head position and bat position. Feel he might do better this time.
  8. Indian State Elections 2018

    Man they really learnt tricks of trade from East India company. Divide and rule. Hopefully Hindus are sensible especially in the north.
  9. Which languages do you know?

    ఇన్ని బాషలు ఏలా తెలుసు ?
  10. Come to South Africa - Dale Steyn

    Much better in what sense still leaves gap between bat and pad this is not a technique for top order bat or even 6 in tests both cases he will face new ball.
  11. Dhawan vs Philander in tests

    So many doubters Dhawan changed his technique little bit. Let’s us see how he plays this time.
  12. Dhawan vs Philander in tests

    Lol really he is useless when their is no help from pitch.
  13. Is Kolkata best Indian city to live in?

    Why do we need to discuss Bangladesh cities on icf ?
  14. TN Politics | RK Nagar By-Election

    Where is @BeautifulGame ? Must be heart broken.
  15. TN Politics | RK Nagar By-Election

    No evm tampering eh ?
  16. He should be but shreyas took his position. Their is no place for him. Who would you replace in the current team with Rahul ? If can answer this then may be you figure out this ?
  17. Why ? Their is shreyas who had a good debut. Why would they pick Rahul ? They picked karthick as back up for dhoni. The two knocks were in t20.
  18. Its not the start but its progress and how it will end. All Indian captains had steep fall after good initial years.
  19. Did the bearded umpire ever give broad out ? I have seen this before too.
  20. And says come to India after getting bowled. In south Africa he will serve ghee roast dosas to south africans.
  21. Such players have a quick fall. once they slow down.
  22. Kumble and his arm power

    Hitting sixers is to do more with timing. If you combine both you get monster hits. It's actually more like a golf swing. If you try to hit too hard you don't know where the ball will go but if you hit the ball with tinning and shift of weight forward then you hit long on driving range.
  23. No sachin, dravid or gavaskar in that list.
  24. Rohit Sharma is maniac on flat pitches !!!

    Great achievement but hopefully h can do same in South Africa. Last time it was terrible to watch rohit bat in South Africa. He used to tuk tuk to 30 ball 15 runs then get out and used put pressure on the whole team.
  25. Op wants rohit at expense of Rahane. But that is stupid considering rohit doesn’t even where his off stump is and don’t know what deliveries to leave alone and what to defend.

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