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  1. India A team's tour of South Africa

    Both Rohit and Rahane have flaws. Rahane is useless in spinning conditions and rohit is useless away from Indian shores. I havent Iyer or shaw.
  2. Ya right. All western countries don't allow polygamy actually any civilized country doesn't allow. Why India should ?
  3. It is kind cheating for women if you marry one and marry another woman. Would woman like that ? Sharing husband ? What about the property ? How is it divided ? The husband can give more to younger wife children just because she is cute.
  4. India A team's tour of South Africa

    He very weak against spin.
  5. India A team's tour of South Africa

    No offense but the last quality bat from Bombay was tendulkar. That's about it. Haven't seen anyone after him.
  6. NEW DELHI: As much as Rs 42,000 crore has already come in as taxes so far in the first monthly filing under the new Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime and the revenues are expected to swell further as the filing cycle closes this later this week.A senior official said that about Rs 15,000 crore has come in as Integrated-GST, which is levied on inter-state movement of goods, and another Rs 5,000 crore by way of cess on demerit goods like cars and tobacco.The remaining Rs 22,000 crore has come in as Central-GST and State-GST, which would be split equally between the Union and state government."Tax deposited till this morning was Rs 42,000 crore," the official said. http://m.timesofindia.com/business/india-business/government-gets-rs-42000-crore-tax-so-far-in-first-filing-under-gst/articleshow/60161639.cms Thats crazy amount of tax money we collected. I don't have any reference to what it was collected last year but this seems high. Seems like the best to spend on much needed infra, education and healthcare.
  7. Nope southafrica quality has gone down the hill. They are still formidable at home but not invincible they used to beat England and Australia even on away tours. This time they lost against England. They have problems in their batting. Bowling still looks good. We were denied a series win by Kallis twice interesting to see this time how we fair.
  8. Lol. He is most impact bat down the order the only one in the squad who can fetch quick runs done multiple times.
  9. Chinese Propaganda??

    So let me guess they got there ass kicked by the Sikh general. The burn is still there.
  10. 100 runs difference between 450 and 550
  11. Modi's farewell Speech to Hamid Ansari

    Rightly said. Even congress tried same earlier but there was a high court order to stop the reservations for Muslims this time looks like no one is going to stop this.
  12. So did sajdeh bowled to rohit ?
  13. Modi's farewell Speech to Hamid Ansari

    Telangana has 12% reservation for Muslims. This is ridiculous I understand if it was for ST, SCs there is the reasoning of oppression of rights in the past. How are politicians in daylight now oppressing normal people. This takes the reservation quota beyond 50 %. So should general quota people give up studies now and do farming and odd jobs.
  14. Modi's farewell Speech to Hamid Ansari

    In my state Muslims are offered reservations now. May be because of votes or they have demanded it no one knows.
  15. How will one develop if he plays so low ? You are going to ask him to slog always should bat atleast 6.
  16. Why take a dig at kumble ? He is no longer in team. He should just be happy that we blanked Lanka. Even though they are weak we did it first time away from home. When he is down and loosing would he still talk about team culture.
  17. How good is Shami?

    May be the reason is modern fitness programmes. Holding says too much gym will not help a fast bowler and might injure them.Even the ones you mentioned are all Australian bowlers too.pattinson bulked up a lot than in 2012 when played with us.
  18. Dhoni as a mentor is definitely good for youngsters. No matter how much criticism against him. He is legend in guiding youngsters. There is always sense of calmness in dealing with tense situations for dhoni.
  19. How good is Shami?

    Also I checked his age it says 26. Wow is it really true. Too many injuries for his age.
  20. How good is Shami?

    He is good knows how to setup batsman. Lol at kohli for not playing him in ct. But we have two very good players in shami and Rahul but both of them are injured most of the time.
  21. Pant is still very young he will get his chance. But rahane should have been dropped but can you fault selectors rahane had good series vs wi.
  22. 3rd Test : SL v IND | 12th AUG 10PM IST | pallekele

    lol with dhoni and yuvraj don't think he will get that.
  23. 3rd Test : SL v IND | 12th AUG 10PM IST | pallekele

    Not the first time pandya has played such a knock if I remember correctly it was India a tour of Australia and he got century and all other failed. The pitch had some help for fast bowlers.
  24. Kohli far too inconsistent in tests?

    With some like glen McGrath bowling to him. I bet he can't reach two digits.

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