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  1. Best match of the century lol. I want Rohith to smash century and scoreboard be 250.
  2. Oops. May be I misread the comment for Dhawan having first t20 century in the last game.
  3. Physical contact is bad. He should be banned just for that. Send off we’re fine but now there are rules.
  4. TDP quits NDA

    You still have Kurnool like you did in 1953.
  5. Very sad but true: Shami may never play for India again

    Very difficult to takes sides shami might have affairs. But why would he defend his wife from trolls. I mean seriously if he was abusing her why defend her online. Hopefully sanity prevails.
  6. TDP quits NDA

    Naidu was in Congress jumped the ship and was minister for the culture and arts. Jumped the ship joined tdp married ntr daughter and then kicked him out. He is the most opportunistic politician. Also the way he allies with bjp and break the alliance when he is in trouble. He has done in the past as well.
  7. TDP quits NDA

    If states are divided on linguistic basis why even have states in Hindi belt why not have just one state. Did you ever asked your self why Andhra wanted to separate from madras ? If you didn’t know Andhra wanted madras as their capital at that too just like they wanted Hyderabad. Also if you didn’t know so state was formed and existed for 3 years.There are states in India that have multiple languages as official languages. Even they could have let telangana be just as telangana as of today. So you don’t believe there was injustice to telangana. You should have lived in telangana village at that time and you would have known the troubles of studying , eating and playing under candle lights.
  8. TDP quits NDA

    Also see below for per capita and gdp of two states. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economy_of_Telangana GDP ₹7.5 lakh crore(US$110 billion) (nominal; 2017-18 est.)[1] GDP rank 8th[2] GDP growth 14.6% (2016-17 est.)[1] GDP per capita ₹158,360 (US$2,400) (2016-17)[1] GDP per capita rank 13th GDP by sector Agriculture (15%) Industry (22%) Services (63%) (2016-17) Inflation (CPI) 4.3% (2015-16)[3] Labour force by occupation Agriculture (55.6%) Industry (17.8%) Services (26.6%) (2015-16)[3] Unemployment 1.1% Rural 6.6% Urban 2.7% State (2015-16)[3] https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economy_of_Andhra_Pradesh GDP ₹6.83 lakh crore(US$100 billion) (2016-17 est.)[1] GDP rank 10th GDP growth 10.99%[2] GDP per capita ₹122,376 (US$1,900) (2016-17)[3] GDP per capita rank 16th GDP by sector Agriculture 30% Industry 23% Services 46% (2016)[4] Labour force by occupation Agriculture 55% Industry 10% Services 35% (2015)[1] Dividing of the two states is good for the economy of the country look at the growth and GDP. Both states are not that far in growth.All this noise about special status is just politics.
  9. TDP quits NDA

    You guys are completely clueless. We had huge water problem before state was bifurcated and electricity was only given for 4 hours in the morning in my village just to water the fields. This went for years and years. Few of my relatives work as government engineers they say that less budget was allocated to Telangana. Hyderabad is cosmopolitan city every one who came to Hyderabad made money not the other way. Also please read history before commenting Andhra was never part of telenagana before independence its the useless congress politicians under pressure from Andhra people joined as Andhra Pradesh. Telangana was exploited by nizam then Andhra politicians. Now that we are separate now most villages in telangana get electricity at least. If you guys don’t know Andhra has lot of cities that are developed way better telangana cities excluding Hyderabad of course. You should really search about Vijaywada, vizag , Nellore, Kurnool and Guntur. Regarding amaravathi they could have easily chosen Vijayawada , vizag( both of these cities have railways, airports and really good roads) but Chandra babu Naidu is greedy he usually buys thousands of acres around these areas and announce it as capital.
  10. TDP quits NDA

    TDP will loose elections this time. The reason made all this noise about special status is because not much progress in AP. people are not happy
  11. TDP quits NDA

    good for BJP for 2019.
  12. Happened in Myanmar before. The rohingha refugees issue is similar as well.
  13. Watching Aus in SA and wondering

    Indian team has its own quotas. So there there.
  14. Watching Aus in SA and wondering

    They lost all home series to Australia since readmission. They also lost all quarter , semifinal matches in World Cup against Australia. They are mental midgets when playing Australia in pressure situation.
  15. No man initial overs had some swing. India was too defensive that day just like 2017 champions trophy final.
  16. Dhoni was very raw and aggressive for first few years. He wasn’t good at chasing in his initial years. I mean consistency here.
  17. South Africa series could make or break pujara

    He did had an ok series but keeping opposition on the field for long time is good too. You need to have players who play attritional cricket he is the only cricketer in Indian team who does that.
  18. South Africa series could make or break pujara

    England tour is coming he should be do good considering his expirience there.
  19. Dropping bhuvi in England that’s really stupid. To be honest Rahul hasn’t done much in South Africa. Rahane is a must.
  20. This is all past can’t do much about that. Hopefully we learnt lessons and we move on. Need to include newer bowlers though. Can’t take Ishant he is waste of space.

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