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  1. Does this praising coincide with a youngster doing well ? Dhoni kicks seniors out of the team on basis of fielding but his own performance has been bad for years and he keeps on doing these PR stunts.
  2. Couldn’t even count aussies expect for watson who are performing same with English players as well
  3. gattaca

    RCB for the greater good of Indian cricket.

    It not entirely his fault the management and coach are terrible.
  4. With manish consolidate Pandey even 160 is scrapping.
  5. On top of it unadkat lol
  6. Finally you don’t hate Rayudu
  7. gattaca

    Pujara's county performance thread

    Financial stability is important. Just because you play county doesn't guarantee you do well and the pay you get is very less. People have went county because they are not picked for IPL. No Indian cricketer currently playing in county has choose county over IPL. Vijay is in wrong side of 30's. Sometimes players have to be selfish for their family. Everything is not black and white.
  8. gattaca

    Kings XI is a thoroughly unprofessional unit

    If Ashwin is your captain that tells about fielding
  9. gattaca

    Name famous Kannadigas or people from Karnataka

    vishweshweshvishwaraya - credits from pappu upendra - for different kind of movies man those were funny liked his acting in the last telugu movie s/o of satyamurthy narayana murthy - The frugal IT master Deve gowda - The sleeping PM Reddy bros - The mining goons
  10. gattaca

    Raina's new found tailender technique

    Reminds me of ganguly who used to do this in South Africa and then continued doing and couldn’t sustain then switched to traditional cricket.
  11. gattaca

    Hardik Pandya...

    Lol Dhoni has the mahmood haircut.
  12. gattaca

    Does anybody have recipe of Rayudu’s biriyani?

    No that’s same as well there many local places.
  13. gattaca

    Does anybody have recipe of Rayudu’s biriyani?

    you need to have at right place like Gupta jee said. Paradise is like factory biryani.
  14. gattaca

    Does anybody have recipe of Rayudu’s biriyani?

    lol all CSK fans hated rayudu. But he has limited range of shots for fast bowlers.
  15. gattaca

    How rubbish is Kohli's captaincy?

    They should keep their job
  16. So what happens to Dhoni when he plays for India. He doesn’t even swing the bat but block block and put everyone to sleep.
  17. They want expirience not young players such a poor statement from Fleming. I thought he is good coach.
  18. He has only two areas against fast bowling Long on or the cover areas. If you just bowl better you can control him.
  19. Rayudu is useless in the last overs
  20. Lol the longer biryani stays the more chance you will loose
  21. Not long ago he scored 80 odd in South Africa where people struggled to cross 20. People crib too much about inconsequential matches.
  22. Relax this is a club match
  23. The problem is we have manish Pandey and Sheryas Iyer both not good enough. No wonder yuvraj facies his chances.
  24. gattaca

    Ashwin's captaincy in this IPL season

    He is very slow to move on the field. In my opinion he is not a good team member let alone captain.

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