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  1. Similar to coaching a player who played more tests doesn’t mean they will do better in selection. They should be involved at domestic level. Also imagine how many will be left since we are having different set of selectors every time. Top guys like  Dravid and ganguly have different positions with Indian cricket. Selection is a thankless job you will only get ok players. 

  2. 13 hours ago, coffee_rules said:

    EU is king, 4 in a row. SA is left with individual brilliance and long passes. Football is a team game

    Look at this way EU will all resources money and world class coaching and most clubs and adopting football early still did ok. Brazil , Columbia , Mexico and Argentina even with corruption have done really well.

  3. Dhoni doesn’t care about international cricket anymore. IPL is more valuable for him. Even in IPL he hides in middle order. Let openers and others do heavy lifting. He seems to feel with one year to World Cup no one will replace him. Too much comfort level. Need to push him a little.Also this has been happennning for sometime now it’s pretty evident in a big chase. This happened multiple times while setting target.

  4. On 7/4/2018 at 7:08 AM, Mariyam said:

    I dunno what the Modi government is upto. :dontknow:  They must invest a more effort to get Japanese tourists to India. It will be ek teer se do nishaan 


    Exchequer ke daman mein tourist dollars/yen aajayenge aur

    Bharat Swachch bhi ho jayega.

    With the Indian population you need equivalent Japanese population to keep it clean.

  5. 38 minutes ago, The Unrealist said:

    Are you fine with his defensive mindset then?India are one of the top teams and by winning you make a name for yourself not by being defensive and meek.

    That’s putting unnecessary pressure when boast that. Better to stay low key. Also Indian captain even in the past never considered test rankings much.

  6. 44 minutes ago, sandeep said:

    Good, Let the Indian batting come under more pressure to match up against England's habitual 350+ scores.  This series matters less than the lessons they need to learn for the WC.   Tests are a different story though, I want to win that one bad.

    Good happy about this the pretender consolidator Dhoni will be exposed. I thought tendulkar was worse living on past laurels then came yuvraj now dhoni beats them all. Let’s see if dhoni consolidates in 40th over of the match. Sad for Bumrah but this blessing in disguise. 

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