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  1. 5 minutes ago, G_B_ said:

    haven't they always? Reddys have been the backbone of the congress in AP (united). Just like lingayats and patels stand/stood behind the BJP in Kar and Guj. Large middle castes have stood behind bjp and cong

    TDP used to have reddys at least in Telangana. 

  2. 1 hour ago, broken_wings said:

    I can't find any difference between arrogant indian fans and arrogant bd fans. They both are the same. Only difference is Indian fans have been mocking others for ages and now BD fans have just started.

    What is the fetish of bd fans and horrible  photoshop of chopping opposition players. This is worse. Hopefully they can mature. This behavior is dangerous for any human even if they are tiger fans. It’s just a game they seem to take it to extremes.

  3. 1 hour ago, G_B_ said:

    Interesting thread, a few points as a non Telegu person interested in Andhra politics


    (1) CBN did jump ship. But so did KCR. Lets see KCR was in TDP then formed TRS. As head of TRS allied with Congress, BJP, Commies and even TDP itself. Basically everybody. Andhra politics is marked by jumping ship. Especially now. KCR is a much bigger ship jumper than CBN. In the same of CBN stabbing Rama Rao, the truth is Rama Rao was senile and had given control of party to his newly married much younger wife. Periyar did the same in TN by marrying a much younger women and naming her his heir. Result was even there Anna splitting to form the DMK. Act like a fool and somebody will call you for it.

    (2) Telangana happened because of the death of YSR. Till then the sentiments were kept in check as he was seen as a farmer friendly face. So while KCR played a blinder (even giving the impression to congress he would be its CM candidate and merge TRS into the Congress) luck has its part.


    On the partition


    (1) Andhra Pradesh was clearly a revenue deficit state. The problem with CBN was that he had grand plans and wanted to finish everything with 5 years. The demands were too much from the center which was faced already with a big deficit. Jharkhand became a new state with Ranchi as its capital. Chhatisgrah had Raipur. Andhra Pradesh should have formed assembly in Vizag. Its not as if the state had no cities. On top of Polavaram (with escalating costs)  Amravathi was too much for any central government to fund, in a span of  years. This is universally true regardless of Congress or BJP. On top of which CBN wanted farm waivers. Think about it rationally. The BJP had a low stake in AP. Are they going to oblige with such excessive demands for money when they have a majority and also are looking to reign in the budget deficit?


    (2) There are two sides to every coin. People of Telangana wanted their own state. Not splitting the state would have lead to heavy protests in Telangana. So you were not going to avoid anything. One set of people would always be unhappy.


    On current state


    (1) TDP is clearly up against it. Plan was to align with Pawan Kalyan to consolidate the kapu votes. TDP lost on both fronts. If they cant strike up an alliance with Pawan close to LS 2019 they are really up against it.

    (2) Jagan has played a masterstroke. Forced the TDP hand and ensured they quit well ahead of time as that CBN cannot announce any poll sops as andhra is a revenue deficit state.  However the fundamental difference between the TDP and YSR is that the TDP is a much better organised party at the booth level. Opinion polls do not fully reflect that. Organisation can be a savior for the TDP.

    (3) BJP will not win anything in state by has a chance to hurt the TDP or YSR. BJP leadership is also Kapu. While they can bring up the demand of separate Rayalaseema to dent Jagan.   Its a blessing that the BJP will fight Telangana a state in which they have an increasing footprint alone without the TDP who were always a block. 

    (4) In both states its appears to be Reddys + minorities v Other forward castes. In Telangana I suspect the Congress is following the strategy of ensuring that they are a Reddy + Muslim party as a bare minimum to block the BJP from being the leader of opposition. BJP on the other hand are wooing OBC and BC castes aggressively. TRS will ally with MIM and may even ally with TDP to get settler votes. Its BJP  v TRS alliance in urban areas and Congress v TRS in rural. In AP it will be TDP  vs Pawan+ Commies  vs YSR vs Cong vs BJP. Very fluid in both states.





    In Telangana congress is playing massive caste politics they got all reddy leaders on their side but all of them are incompetent. KCR will win the election again may be even with higher majority. We are close to getting drinking water and canal water for agri purposes. This is applies to lot of villages around us. This is major win for TRS. I was sceptic of KCR but he done good for the state. He also settled the river disputes with maha he was the leading the effort in getting the dispute resolved.

  4. 37 minutes ago, jusarrived said:

    IIRC last time he came into the indian side he was in very good domestic/IPL form ( did he hit a 200 then ? )  . its when he plays for india he completely loses it , I would need to see a few big 50s at least before thinking hes changed . 


    The amount chances Rohit got and what he is today. You have to think positive.

  5. 1 minute ago, nevada said:

    No, he won't. Because in the minds of uncle Ravi (and bhanja Kohli) all the money in the world cannot buy the experience of Dhoni. DK will either play as a pure batsman or warm the bench. Dhoni is untouchable. Only if he retires or injured will he lose his place in the side.

    No matter how much we want to blame they have selected Karthik from past few series.

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