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  1. 6 minutes ago, jf1gp_1 said:

    never understood this thought process. Indian ODI team is doing well, yet Indian fans have problem with their team and want to see it lose. Look at SL thanks to all the chopping and changing. 

    Thank god none of these guys are selectors.  These guys want young guys like pant. But here is the big problem with those guys they are inconsistent and not ready yet.

  2. 36 minutes ago, Lannister said:

    Hope NZ would clobber these clowns and send them packing home. 


    11 minutes ago, SK_IH said:

    I want same to happen,ideally want a 3-0,something has to be done to end this nonsense ,Kartik is middle order option because he is aware of how to bat in middle order :cantstop:

    Lol. You guys might as well support Pakistan. 

  3. IPL skills for bat are well payed but depends on skills on batsman and willing to learn. IPL is a shortcut for fame and money but playing for India is ultimate goal for a pure cricketer. If someone is  only interested in money then IPL makes sense. This is actually better since now we will have people who are only really interested in cricket playing for India. Also op forgot to all shubham gill.

  4. 3 hours ago, maniac said:

    Let me ask you this-Do you think Dhoni is done and over the hill ?

    if you think he is not than welcome to the ICF Delusuonal Dhoni fangirl club but if you think he is done then.....


    There is no alternative or a certain player is not ready is a lame excuse....how can one ever say if a player is ready or not unless you try them? Saying there is no alternative is unfair and an insult to all the other domestic hopefuls and cricketers who toil hard and all the young cricketers out there.


    If Indian cricket can move on with Kapil,Gavaskar,Sachin,Fab 5, Zak,Kumble,Srinath's retirement pretty sure it can Handle Dhoni too.


    He is still contributing. We have far too many collapses in the middle order brining another rookie is not going to solve it. It would have been easier if we had a settled middle order. But currently we don't so I would still stick with him.

  5. 52 minutes ago, Jimmy Cliff said:

    It's true but there have been some exceptions like:


    Sandeep Patil in the 1983 WC final

    SRT in the 2000 ICC knockout final

    Rohit in the 2007 WT20 final

    If you see all of them are while setting targets and lookup records while chasing you might find zero contribution surprising for a team that has over 100 years of history. Also SRt and ganguly screwed up the 2000 knock out final they slowed down in the end and gave newzealand a chance.

  6. 6 hours ago, maniac said:

    Agenda....seriously....some people laughing and enjoying the failure of a 19 year old who was deemed to have a huge potential doesn't count for Agenda? well I think I need to re look up the definition of agenda. It is not about Dhoni because at this point I am ok with one of these guys replacing Dhoni



    Failures happen for every cricketer no one is immune but rushing him to replace dhoni might have been a stupid idea. Glad the selectors are still sticking with dhoni and not taking impulsive decisions like padosi selectors do. 

  7. 6 hours ago, maniac said:

    We live in a Bizzarre world....Sir Jadeja has 3 300's + now a 200 and he is the no.1 test bowler and test allrounder in the world. Yes let that sink in......now dvelve into this and analyze the scenario.....is this reality? are we in the matrix? WTF is going on :fear1:


    Rohit sharma playing for India is also reality even after so many failed chances and goes missing the moment he see a little bit pressure while chasing like typical munbaikar. Let that sink in.

  8. 1 hour ago, Muloghonto said:

    The whole of the educated world is trending towards irreligion. 

    You know why ?

    Because the whole world is realizing, that those inferior men who wrote your religious books, were less educated than a grade 7 child, not fit to instruct us. 



    Oh and saying keep your religion out of government, as in no laws should reflect religion, is not communism. Saying you cannot practice religion behind your closed doors, is Leninism-marxism. 

    And banning fire crackers which represent main part of Diwali is not curbing freedom of religion ?

  9. On October 8, 2017 at 10:49 AM, sandeep said:

    I wouldn't go the Kuldeep route to start with, I like having Ash in there for his batting.  Historically we've been vulnerable with the bat in SA, especially in the 1st match of series.   I hope M00Li is fit and in form by January.  

    Historically doesn't apply to last tour we struggled to get the last few wickets and which caused the draw. May be this is our defensive thinking we should select bowlers who can pick up 20 wickets. Can't do much if we like up 550 and can't take wickets. 

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