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  1. gattaca

    Respect for Dhawan!

    Rohit Sharma is poor in Wcs ?
  2. Thought leadership from political parties, strategy is completely missing. India has big problem of reservations too especially in government sector. I knew a scientist who worked at DRDO who quit and joined private industry because of how promotions are handled and reservations. Indian private and government defense industry both are playing catch up. The government sector does need a shake and needs to run like a company than government office.
  3. with IPL workload will he even play World Cup ? Tests take toll on bowlers. With IPL, tests and everything can an all rounder even survive ?
  4. gattaca

    Is Kashmir Worth Fighting For?

    Take one step back you will be pushed more. If we can’t defend one state then how will you defend when it opens up every state border in the north. Even discussing this will be disappointing to all sacrifices of army all these years.
  5. gattaca

    Why doesn't the rest of the World care about Kashmir?

    Kashmir was peaceful till 90s. There were no problems and nothing happens just like that. They have thrown out minorities and have been doing bad things. India also highlighted this many times. India is conscious about its image also the Indian army does try to bring youth back to society. Pakistan status in the world is known, They were a puppet and will always be puppet. Israel doesn't care about bad press they know people will support them regardless only the left in western world write against them thats a small minority.
  6. gattaca

    ECB can throw ZCB out of t20 World Cup

    why are you hosting all bad guys in your country ? India has provided so many proofs yet nothing happens from your government and military. can you even ask you military and government about that ? Do you want to say Pakistan is a victim as well like most pakistanis do ? Your deeds are documented by India, Iran and Afganistan. Why do three countries feel pakistan is bad ? or is this just a conspiracy ?
  7. gattaca

    ECB can throw ZCB out of t20 World Cup

    If Zimbabwe had participated they would have to shift the tournament out of UK. That would mean looses to sponsors and ECB.
  8. gattaca

    ECB can throw ZCB out of t20 World Cup

    It’s published in websites I don’t understand if you don’t read how is it conspiracy ? There were three days of negotiations between ZCB, ECB, ICC. Only Asian countries supported ZCB.
  9. gattaca

    Indian Media reaches new depths

    So you believe Masood Azhar, lakhvi and hafiz saeed are not in Pakistan ? and even if they are in Pakistan they bearer of peace and innocent and peaceful as white pigeon.
  10. gattaca

    Political memes !!!

    @velu where is @BeautifulGame ? What does he think of Stalin ? Does he still think Stalin didn’t commit any crimes and its not Russian name ?
  11. gattaca

    Political memes !!!

    Who was the guy who was sitting with all women and taking crap I think vilander posted this.
  12. gattaca

    Political memes !!!

    Was this tortoise guy who talked against Indian army ?
  13. gattaca

    ECB can throw ZCB out of t20 World Cup

    Hmm trying to see how many here even know this incident looks like not many even the padosi in uk. Yes this was Zimbabwe that was thrown out of 2009 t20 worldcup for attrocities of mugabe government for taking over white people properties. The UK government said they would deny visas to Zimbabwe and the ECB and ICC forced them to withdraw.
  14. gattaca

    ECB can throw ZCB out of t20 World Cup

    This was 2009 t20 worldcup. They threw Zimbabwe out because of attrocities of mugabe government against whites.

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