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  1. Don’t know if it is COA or not. Whoever it is great job. I remember last time it was SA or Eng tour he bowled lots of overs in domestic and was tired. Same should be applied for regular and back up bowlers for our team.
  2. gattaca

    Neil Wagner is such a great asset for the bowling unit

    He did this against us as well.
  3. gattaca

    India 's tour of Australia

    His constant praise of his Delhi buddies cringe worthy. What champion ? He is just a new kid on the block.
  4. gattaca

    Global GDP shifts in last 50 years

    You are clearly missing the ease of doing business rank in India as well. It has improved as well. Congress has put red tape on top red tape.we can give some credit to this government for this.
  5. gattaca

    Your future travel plans and recent experiences

    @Malcolm Merlyn is traveling and living in pp forum. Helping them improve their traffic. He won’t be available for any tours.
  6. gattaca

    VVS Laxman releasing his memoir today

    Ask him about lack of players from Hyderabad especially batsman. After azhar and vvs I haven’t seen any good one.
  7. Rayudu improved his offside game might not be the most elegant but definitely can be good short for World Cup. Look we tried Rahul, Raina yuvraj etc at 4. None were successful and please before you hype Rahul again. He seems to have technical issues with ball coming and consistency issue. He will be great player if he can fix these. But short Rayudu is a good bet.
  8. He is better than Rahul consistency wise at 4
  9. gattaca

    What are your world cup expectations from India?

    Australia is pretty bad at the moment. May be warner and smith might be back but depends on their form. I havent seen NZ playing good cricket recently. SA is very unsettled. England and Pakistan are only good teams currently. Bangladesh is good too currently but depends on how they progress. So chances are semifinal should be very high but going to final depends on how our middle order is tested. But considering one thing we played really well in the past two tournaments I would final is high chance.
  10. gattaca

    BCCI = Bhabi Controls Cricket in India?

    Now @Austin 3:!6 feels pain of ICF with dhoni. Karma...
  11. There was comment about run outs. He mentioned manjrekar would get him self out with run outs.
  12. gattaca

    Hinduphobic Bollywood

    You are The who posted Brahmins are shown as evil characters. Shows your hypocrisy in calling me getting attracted to divisive themes.Truth is Brahmins have oppressed most India under the tag of sudras and untouchables. They have history of divisiveness.
  13. gattaca

    Hinduphobic Bollywood

    Lol no wonder baba always supported Sharmas even though they were gutter class.
  14. gattaca

    Shimron hetmyer- windies discovered a player here

    Seems to be hacking his way on the leg side wonder how he would play if someone bowls the off side channel.

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