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  1. Congrats Lanka but is SA still greatest bowling attack if they couldn’t knock the last batsman out lol ?.If this was India people would have created threads left and right no questions asked on south Africa bowling attack ?
  2. RIP who needs enemies when we have our own forum people posting on Pakistani forum.
  3. gattaca

    The golden moments - India tour of England, 1971.

    Standing concrete bat structure was raised in Indore to appreciate the two successive overseas test wins. Names of all cricketers in squad written with autograph of Ajit Wadekar on top. Irony was that after the loss later this structure in Indore was damaged by fans. This is really sad part.
  4. do they have one for batting as well ? it would be poor.
  5. Stop with conspiracy theories. This not news. We know this from long time ago but now we are hearing from ICC president.
  6. Boxing day test match are always full. Everyone is off and family is at home. It’s best entertainment for the whole family. The average earnings are what matter. This guy is the ICC president I am sure he knows more about finances than anyone here.
  7. Who are best top rated TN player according to you ? Ashwin and Srikanth ? I don’t remember anyone else.
  8. 39 off 31 is not cameo. Dhoni fan writers in need of some lessons. Rahul dravid at age 38 batted faster than that in T20.
  9. gattaca

    Your unpopular opinion thread

    I prefer rava dosa. You don’t even need chutney to eat it.
  10. gattaca

    Your unpopular opinion thread

    Ya eat the ones in US you will know.
  11. @Audiophile aka Danda votes for Mitch Mcconnell.
  12. So rayudu or dhoni are better adapt at swing. Now if we loose them it will be still 3 down and kohli to come to bat. I don’t understand this logic at all. I don’t think anyone in this line up is better player of swing than kohli. If they are sending someone else to bat we will be in more bad situation.
  13. @putrevus So he has no confidence in kohli playing swing ? Is there any batsman more capable than kohli Indian odi setup to handle swing ? Yes, maybe Rayudu, or someone else, could bat at number three, and Kohli comes in at number four. We wouldn't want to disturb the opening combination. Separating the top-three could make the batting stronger.
  14. gattaca

    BCCI announces monetary rewards for selectors

    Stop it. MSK seems to be the best selector we had in years. He selected pant, Gill, agarawal, Siraj , kulcha, bumrah etc. He does watch ranji as well.
  15. May be we can say send him to Pakistan now.
  16. @Muloghonto And @Ranvir. Mulo what happened the gift of left parties ? Punjab seems to be matching India. Bengal seems to be matching Pakistan.
  17. gattaca

    Is Hardik Pandya the next Kapil Dev for team India

    He invaluable to the team except his off field behavior he is a great asset. The way he squeezes the yorker length outside off is amazing. He can even hit the ball over infield for yorker length outside off. We just need to make sure he comes in 35-40 over to the crease not before.
  18. The runout of Shankar can’t be just blamed on rayudu. Shankar didn’t even run after the ball passed the fielder he was ball watching.
  19. gattaca

    Why on earth are we batting first in such conditions?

    Practice we won series we should be put in testing conditions we could get similar wickets in England
  20. Same was said about west indies and now about south africa. It will balance out in the end.
  21. six lol paindoo getting some pitayi.

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