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  1. lol. Bevda will raise spirits of RCB. Oh wait.
  2. how many IPLs did they win ? Tough to accept it but Mumbai is better.
  3. gattaca

    goodbye guys

    Op looks like velu and sidhoni rolled in to one entity.
  4. Monkeys are smart and they are not drunk every evening.
  5. Did Kohli ever gave up RCB captaincy even after winning just 1 or 2 matches ? This the answer for Indian team as well.
  6. gattaca


    perfect for India. We dont have to bat first up. Bowl few overs helps openers get mentally prepared feel the ground little bit and then bat.
  7. Ganguly chased in 2003 final he is the best analyst.
  8. gattaca

    World cup Tweets

  9. gattaca

    Rationale behind dropping Shami?

    Kohli doesn’t experiment in knockouts. He wants someone who is economical in knockouts. His press conference was clear indication of that. For all the aggressive mask he puts on he rather defensive.
  10. Admin positions will need people with power to push people who don’t get in line or won’t perform. Can Dravid do that ? Strategy and vision is ok but you need to be inspirational and demanding as well.
  11. Isn’t this a more of a admin position ? Dravid was not a great captain to be honest.
  12. gattaca

    Shami of the field

    Too much made out of a good morning message.
  13. As Manjrekar said bits and pieces player in ODI the ICF junta wouldn’t listen because they hate him.
  14. gattaca

    Rohit Sharma the Next Master Blaster.

    He is good consistent performer now in odis. T20 he does kill the momentum a bit. People forget how Dhawan has helped Rohit reach this stage. At a point in his career he used to tuk tuk a lot. Dhawan would save India with his selfless batting.
  15. gattaca

    Rohit Sharma the Next Master Blaster.

    Why are people of mh crazy about the title master blaster ?
  16. gattaca

    biggest disappointment of this World Cup?

    Indian selectors they are reactive like Naseer Hussain said.
  17. gattaca

    A Hand for Malinga!

    Groping allegations against him. I don’t think any sensible person supports him.
  18. gattaca

    Can KL Rahul become future Rohit Sharma?

    Rahul is a mental midget. No he can’t. Also rohit gets big hundreds. Even tests I don’t remember rahul getting big hundreds. He appears to me he throws away in his wicket mostly.
  19. To be fair we won against Australia ran South Africa very close in tests. Coach doesn’t make much sense in Indian cricket or even world cricket. Probably cricket needs a sports psychologist more than a coach.
  20. gattaca

    Sachin's 673 record in danger

    Pandya bhakt
  21. gattaca

    Sir. Jaddu vs Sanjay manjrekar

    @Adi BB "I am not a big fan of bits and pieces players which Jadeja is at this point of his career in 50 over cricket. In test match, he is a pure bowler. But in 50 over cricket, I would rather have a batsman and a spinner." - Sanjay Manjrekar during #INDvBAN match! credits to a Twitter poster. It’s fair criticism hate for Manjrekar made it worse for lot of people to see his point. He is right in what he said.
  22. gattaca

    Why has Bangladesh not given up?

    Dhoni can block.
  23. gattaca

    Why has Bangladesh not given up?

    Because Dhoni guided them behind the stumps.
  24. Pant is giving him last few balls to bat lol

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