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  1. Muloghonto

    AAP Votebank

    They are not heroes. Duffers who make dumb decisions, show decisive, inferior and stupid strategic and tactical nous, are not heroes. They are the villains. Infact, they are twice the villains - not only are they incompetent, they are too stupid to see they are incompetent. Bravery and sacrifice ? Sorry, not gonna cut it. Not when bravery and sacrifice is aligned with ignorance and stupidity. A wild boar or a Rhino is a very brave creature. Still doesn't override the fact that they are usually dumb as a doorknob and most animals are able to outsmart them and get their way. Duffer is crass language ? You mean a guy who sits back, does nothing about a KEY border fort being conquered from his own vassal, by his defeated enemy no less, is not a duffer ? You mean the guy who walks STRAIGHT into a tactical trap, attacks head-on (sanga) to the MOST defended/fortified position, as anticipated by the enemy ( Khanwa), is not an idiot ? Call them for what they are. It is their decision that cost the nation, the civilization and the people their lives. Incompetence does not deserve being celebrated but being cast into the laughing-stock bin. You want to see patriotism in India, well see how actual patriotic cultures like Russians, Japanese, Koreans, etc. act in terms of patriotism. They dont celebrate every lallu-panju who horribly failed because they were their own. They only celebrate the ones who succceed or the ones who didn't fack it up and lost due to genuine superiority of the enemy despite doing everything legit/logical to defend. This is why, for eg, you won't see me bad mouth Laxmibai. Because even though she failed and she couldnt possibly beat the British Empire on her own, her decisions, her tactics, were smart and that of a strategically & tactically competent person. Not a duffer. If you wanna claim FOE for celebrating idiots who harmed us, extend the same courtesy to the Congressi types too and be consistent. Can't have 'we celebrate only the duffers we randomly choose'. Uhm, ironically, it was an armed forces guy - lifelong BJP voter no less- who opened my eyes many, many years ago to how much of a duffer Rana Sanga was. And the man himself comes from UP. The military is not political, so they will celebrate the main popular heroes when required. But make no mistake, Borpukhan is considered 10 times the man Rana Sanga was by any armywallah who's actually educated in Indian history, even though Borpukhan is a nobody in popular culture. Since when does being minority/majority enter the discussion about right/wrong ? Would you like me to point out how many ideas of yours are severely minoritarian and therefore be dismissed on the basis of such ? There are PLENTY of heroes and history to take pride in. Just not these duffers like the ones i named above. That is nothing more than local populism culture steeped in ignorance and random quirks of historical populism (that doesn't always follow meritocratic fame). If you want names of Rajputs to celebrate, i can think of at least a few that are orders of magnitude greater in their competence, equally brave and definitely not duffers.
  2. Muloghonto

    AAP Votebank

    This is fantasy. Read the Purans. The Magadhi empire - the greatest empire Indian subcontinent has ever seen, was founded on every treachery, advantage and words being broken concievable to man. Same with the Chalukya-Chola wars. No ruler 'stands by their words' when an opportunity to expand their kingdom presents themselves on a platter. Neither do they ignorantly commit their own people to die 'just to keep their word'. These are fantasty stories, not reality and there is no support to any such notion in actual fragments of history that survives in the Indian subcontinent.
  3. Muloghonto

    AAP Votebank

    I mean, forget for a moment that Prithviraj was a class-A duffer for 'no night warfare' in battle with a mleccha. [ even if we are to believe that Indians were dumb enough to not wage war at night - of which no actual proof exists for the claim, the scriptures STILL mention over and over again that Mlecchas don't follow the Vedic rules]. Did you know after Ghori lost the first battle of Tarain, he didn't go back to Afghanistan, but instead, went straight to Bhatinda, kicked out the Chahamana vassal and stayed there for six months ? What do you call a 'general' who lets the fleeing enemy, after losing a battle no less, take a key frontier fortress from his vassal and do nothing ? Answer: gadhaa. Yet we glorify such gadhaas. Patriots do not glorify duffers who * it up for their nation.
  4. Muloghonto

    AAP Votebank

    No, the only chootias are those who glorify these total fails as some sort of heroes just because they are casteist/racist in heart and these 'belong to them'. Educate yourself. READ. Baffles me how anyone who's ACTUALLY read history can think that these two gents were qualified to even be captain of company of 20 people, nevermind generals. When duffers lead your army, you lose is the conclusion, at least when it comes to these two.
  5. wait wait wait. Sidhu is now a close RaGa aide ?!
  6. Three words : " It is classified". The end. Thats the collective override on right to information regarding ANY matters of national security. Btw, how the hell does he have a all-black beard and all white head of hair ?!? I thought beards go grey way before for trimmers/shavers than hair ?!?
  7. Yes, as i said, for NOW, Modi's plan works and thats the optimal course. But unless Iran undergoes a liberal revolution and throws out the mullahs (they are the most likely in the middle east IMO, after the Lebanese, to do so), Iran and Israel are at long term logger-heads/path to conflict. Especially since Iran-KSA are in direct antagonistic competition over the ME and KSA-Israel have a 'ignore each other' policy in place due to Uncle Sam. One day, maybe 20-30 years down the road, will come a day where Iran and Israel are at direct loggerheads and we have to pick one over the other.
  8. Ok i suppose i misunderstood then. Being friends with Iran and Israel both in the long term, isn't gonna work IMO. Sooner or later, we'll have to pick. Its like trying to be friends with a divorcing couple who have a property dispute/custody battle brewing. Sooner or later, you can only be friends with 1 or end up being friends with neither.
  9. Muloghonto


    So basically this guy has leprosy. Good PR for lepers i suppose.
  10. yes. however, we cannot and should not look to model ourselves over far simpler scenario nations like Israel. that is my point. Outside of how to tighten the border, some defence tech. and do secret missions, Israel cannot teach us anything useful.
  11. size matters in terms of policy. Your comment was to do with policy, not active warfare. Saudis are only 2x the size of Israel and 10-15 million more people. They are in the same ballpark. India is not. INdia's only comparables in terms of policy complexity are USA & China.
  12. Surely you jest. a country the size of Jodhpur district and having population half of Kolkata, is the 'prototype to follow' for the world's most diverse and ( soon to be) the most populous nation ?!? Its like asking a star to behave like a planet....
  13. Muloghonto

    My goals for India

    No to the nonsense known as organic food.
  14. Muloghonto

    AAP Votebank

    No. It was to do with lack of strong central authority along with various technological/material problems in warfare, along with having duffers go up against competent foreign military leaders. People like Prithviraj Chauhan, Rana Sanga, etc. were class A idiots, not fit enough to be captains of a platoon, let alone a general. Yet we glorify these total fail people. It made it easier, but a small Indian kingdom with no horses is hardly a match for the Caliphate's might. Agreed.
  15. Muloghonto

    AAP Votebank

    Abey bharwey ki aulaad, AAP-tards is you Jatts losing the plot. Leave us Bongs out of it and take responsibility for your own created monsters, like you did with congressi bootlicking.

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