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  1. It will be more of the same, even if BJP come to power. Because BJP will come to power exactly the same way Mamata came into power: a 'handshake' between the 'unionist & beurocrat' lobby, who will mobilize their powerful vote-bank and their exceptional booth-capture tacicts, once they realize that Mamata's days are numbered and the BJP is offering this 'tacit handshake'. Same way how trinamool came to power and Jyoti Basu lost power. BJP will find out its impossible to break into Bengal politics, without satisfying the Bengali Babu-dom & union-mafia. As Congress found out for 30+ years. Only thing that can save Bengal, is 2-3 years of President's rule under a strong central government that will uproot the Babu-union mafia cabal.
  2. Believe it or not, its a tough call. Gujarat is safer. Its richer & more prosperous than Bengal. Gujrat also infringes on personal freedom a lot more. Forget beef, i still remember my dad telling me his horrible experience in Baroda, being evicted from his apartment because Gujju-bhai had a problem with my dad cooking fish for himself. So what would i prefer - the slightly more unsafe & poorer place, where my individual freedoms are greater or a slightly more developed & safer state, where what i eat behind my closed doors gets me kicked out ? tough choice, honestly: neither the pros or cons of either state are wide enough from each other to win the argument for me. And no, BJP doesn't get 25 years to do what it pleases, just because we made the same mistake with congress. What India needs, are Indians who vote based on accountability, not based on loyalty. If BJP drops the ball, kick them out. If they do a good job this term, it should buy them just one more term, with same evaluation process for every single election. In this regard, i wish more of India was like Punjab- Punjabis are the least 'politically loyal/vendetta' oriented people in India, where they have no problems kicking out a party for failing to do its job and bringing in someone else. Rest of India is one large cess-pit of political loyalty. Most Sanghis here will vote for BJP no-matter what and people like Outsider will vote for Congress no-matter what. What India needs, is more accountability orienetd voting and less loyalty-of-ideology based voting.
  3. Ind replies to Terroristan

    the article says her name is Eanam Gambhir
  4. What pisses you off?

    My wife dresses in western fashion. When you fold men's laundry, men have 5 piles : socks, underwear, pants, t-shirts and shirts. For women who wear western clothing, practically every item is its own pile. It goes likes this : ' wtf is this ? sexy underwear ? work underwear ? is this a tank-top or a sports bra-shirt or workout gear ? socks ? hahahaha- you meant knee highs, anklets, sheer stocking and professional stocking ? oh look- a 2 piece skirt, a full on skirt (we call it frocks?), ankle-high skirt, knee high skirt ', etc etc.
  5. MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    And i am talking about his stats from this year. Current Dhoni is way better than anyone else in India, that is a fact.
  6. What pisses you off?

    Folding women's laundry.
  7. Except Pollock, McGrath targetted top of 4th stump. Because thats how you get edges to slip cordon the best. Did you even see these guys play or what ? Except as i said, many a bowler has targetted 4th stump line as their bread and butter, day in and day out. 4th stump line is not giving them width. its underivable and just enough away from the body that its hard to pull. it there are different bowling styles- which there are, it negates your whole 'target top of off as default' position.
  8. Can Krunal Pandya bat at #6 in the ODI team?

    KP is not better than any of our top6.
  9. BS. if you think bowlers like McGrath/Pollock/Ambrose cannot hit top of off at will practically, you are being disingenuous. Either way, McGrath calibre bowler doesn't target off stump and end up overpitching on leg stump. And no, coaches don't just say target top of off by default. If you can bowl 4th stump on a non-driving/non-pulling length for you, that is always the best possible default ball. Indeed. And pacers like McGrath, Pollock,Ambrose- they always bowled good length on 4th stump and got carry enough so its not drivable easily. the first wicket, doesn't matter what the batsman did or didn't do, its still not an 'example of how to target top of off stump'. You are correct about the last one however, i had to freeze it to see it clearly. the other ones i pointed out, are not fitting your criteria.
  10. didn't fully come off, but notice him running his hand over the ball at point of delivery...either way, ball pitched on off stump and came in to hit middle. Not target top of off like you claim.
  11. Can Krunal Pandya bat at #6 in the ODI team?

    No. Indian lineup should be(when fully fit): Rohit Dhawan Kohli Pandey Dhoni Jadhav <----6th guy Krunal Pandya Bhuvaneshwar Kumar/Chahal/Jadeja/Ashwin (pitch dependent) Mohammed Shami Kuldeep Yadav Jaspreet Bumrah
  12. Not true for 2nd video. 1st wicket is not targeting top of off-stump, its classic 4th-stump line. 4th wicket is a leg stump overpitched ball, that the guy played a completely wrong shot to. last wicket is off cutter on off-stump, taking middle stump.
  13. Canadian Sikh Politician handles the racist heckler

    Do i look like an encyclopedia of all world's genocides for you ? you do know how to use google, correct ?
  14. Bollywood's most impactful films

    Fair point. i saw 'impacting' as impacting the audience. Pink connects with the person. DDLJ was like fast food for a hungry man- good but easily forgotten.
  15. Canadian Sikh Politician handles the racist heckler

    Nope, Cambodians get recognition for genocide. So maybe you guys would want to be as industrious as the Armenians or the Hutus/tutsis etc. Or else, you have nothing more, than just a belief. And you are spreading this belief to the next generations and doing them a disservice...all because of lack of industriotousness. Shame! And yea, you are not far off- i didn't leave India because its lawless, i left India to study. i didn't come back once i realized what a lawful society is. It still doesn't change the point that i may return to India one day (permanently) if things change or if my retirement works out as planned (more than 20 years away, so who knows).

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