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  1. Sehwag. And it isn't even close. Sehwag is probably the best ever batsman I've laid eyes on, when the ball is not seaming. Give him everything else- bounce, spin, crumbling pitches - and even a true ATG attack, he will still murder you. Its sad though, that he never got his true due, because Sehwag is far better overseas than he is given credit for, where his stats are worse than they should be, due to a combination of him being 'very good but not great by any strech' noticeable drop in performance and him being out of form when he toured overseas-which came few and far between in his career. he also had the penchant of scoring extremely big knocks extremely quickly - so many of his test 100s are over 150 and at/better run-a-ball. For first time ever, i saw a batsman, who due to his position (opener) and his penchant for humongous runs, made flat pitches daunting for the opposition : India sitting at 300/1 at tea first day meant he gave his bowlers 30-40 extra overs (and the appropriate 100+ extra runs) to work with.
  2. Cow discussion thread

    Stop talking nonsense. Here is just one, from the city i live in: https://wildebeest.ca/menus/dinner Go down the list and you will find horse tartare. I have eaten at this very establishment myself. Here is another one: http://ugonnaeatthat.com/2009/07/17/richmond-horse-sashimi/ Most major western cities have one or two restaurants that serve horse meat. Its not in high demand, just like Bison (which also just a few restaurants serve), but it is perfectly legal. The horse meat scandal you are talking about, is due to false branding. If i intend to eat beef, i don't want to find other meats in my beef and if other meats are passed off as beef, its fraud. So next time, don't try to pass off your hinduvta mickey-mouse belief system as some sort of benchmark of conduct for the world.
  3. Cow discussion thread

    Here's a hint for you bachchey: You won't find a Bong over the age of 35 who is a Congressi. When i used to be eligible to vote, i actually voted non-Congress & non-CPM. I know, bloody hard to do in a Kolkata LS constituency. Oh your point is clearly understood. Change constitution when it comes to Muslims, but leave the Hindu nonsense beleifs alone. FYI, there are plenty of western restaurants that serve horse meat. Its rare because there aren't enough horses or demand for it, not because its taboo. Same with Bison meat. I have another hint for you: its the west who's re-invented the world and made your laughable 'reeti-rewaaj' obsolete. My culture isn't abstaining from meat either. Sure, cow-politics have been a big part of Indic identity, but there always has been cow eaters in India since time immemorial. Ajivaks and Carvaks ate all and even Lokayata branch of Hinduism supports it. In anycase, appeal to culture is irrelevant. Cultures change with time. And its time to dump our value system on cows. We don't rely on cows to till the land anymore. Neither should we. Cows are nothing more than walking sources of meat, milk and milk products for us. With time, they will be nothing more than that and the occasional pet in the Indian household too, as India continues to modernize and cow-tilled land will become more and more obsolete with each passing day. New times, new values. Makes sense to protect cows in a land that is poor in horses, in a time when transport and tilling was dependent on cows. Doesn't make sense now.
  4. How India eats - Veg & Non Veg

    Our view is not just the view of hinduvta or buddhists and jains. Lokayata has always been the most popular form of belief system in Indian history and they are A-ok with natural exploitation. So were the Charvakas. The world is for exploitation of a species as capable as exploiting it. That is the empirical evidence of the natural world, bereft of any ideological tilts.
  5. How India eats - Veg & Non Veg

    So it should be easy for you to cite a scientific article that states plants feel pain. response to stimuli != pain/pleasure. And yes, as a devout meat-eater, i have no problems admitting that eating a living organism incapable of feeling pain, is a much more human thing than eating something that feels pain. However, i don't consider this 'humane-ness' necessary except in small doses, as the entire point nature illustrates very well, is that the natural order of things is to victimize other species for the gain of one's own species.
  6. Cow discussion thread

    Its time to change the constitution then. Its funny, when it comes to uniform civil code, every non-muslim is like 'that **** needs to be taken out of the constitution' but when it comes to hindus trying to protect cows from ending up on my dinner plate, its 'respect hindu sentiments, thats what it says in the constitution so get on with the program' etc etc. Perfect hypocrisy.
  7. he is right. Biggest problem i have with Hinduvta is they have trashed 2000 year old tradition of hinduism being non-denominational, non-centralized and pan-theistic, with a denominational, dogmatic and linear version, which is just 'copy-cat of Islam'.
  8. Tennis :2017 season

    If you watched this year, even on clay, Nadal looked beatable. IMO, if Djokovic & Murray return to their top form- even for a few months- they will stop Nadal at Roland Garros. Thiem, too, i believe can. But i don't think Nadal is going to be around till he is 35-36, so he has less time to make up the record. Its doable but definitely a hard task.
  9. This. The 'hindustani brigade' forgets, that during actual partition time, Bengal province was the ground zero of independence 'andolan/morcha/michils' etc. Just as Bengali hindus were the most active group of independence movement demographics pre-independence, the bengali muslims made up the bulk of the Pakistan movement itself. and your bolded part is 100% on the money. Those Bangladeshis are the descendants of those Pakistani movement people. Hence it is why some of them are OK with genociding Bangladeshi hindus during 1971.
  10. In the US, sure. In the world, terrorist muslims are the #1 cause of non-military conflict related deaths.
  11. Disagree on the bolded part. For any process to be understood and changed, one needs to understand the governing dynamics of it. Simply saying 'this is bad and we should not do it', is creating dogma around it, not reason. The advantages & disadvantages of a system needs to be understood. Ofcourse dowry has certain advantages. Everything does. Killing your old grandparents also has certain advantages - leads to greater food security and productivity of the family. Doesn't mean we should do it, since in both cases, the disadvantages massively outweigh the advantages.
  12. Suggest sites for a new capital

    Move it back to the city that has been the 'historic capital' of Indian mega-empires and is the 'historic capital' of North India under our golden age....aka Patna ?
  13. Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh

    I don't see why not. Hindus have also had genocidal maniacs amongst them- rarer, sure but they are there. Ofcourse, the king is not in their right mind to do it, but i see no reason to think why this didn't happen, yet the Tamils will continue to glorify these gory details in their Sangam literature for 1000+ years later...... Jagannath temple in Orissa for eg, was originally a Buddhist temple.
  14. Tennis :2017 season

    Federer has finally figured out Nadal. It has fundamentally changed Federer's game from his peak years (which i think is from 04-07) and though i think peak Federer is still the better Federer, THIS Federer, is a better Nadal killer. His movement has diminished noticeably from the past, but his unbelievable ability to take a ball anywhere on the court on the half-volley has covered the expected huge drop-off in tennis performance when a player's movement becomes slower. His first serve is more potent, as he can 'aim' more, due to the 'easier power' of the bigger racket. This has also completely changed his backhand, where he can now blow holes on the court, with regularity, with the backhand. The bigger racket has caused one noted drop in his game: his forehand is no longer the unbeatable weapon it was once before. His forehand is now significantly weaker but he still retains his amazing accuracy with it, so he can still paint lines with it. However, the new Federer is more vulnerable to someone who can play a consistent game and can dominate his forehand. Aka Del Potro. But it matters not, because there are no good players who have a truly great forehand currently-except the unluckiest tennis player who's ever lived, DelPo. Djokovic is a pusher, so is Murray and Nadal and Nadal's forehand is no longer the iron-precise and fails often. Rest who have good forehands (Raonic for e.g.) have other holes in their games that Federer pounces on and exposes them.
  15. Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh

    Indian kings, like European kings (towards Europeans) were civilized. They, as you say, conquered for power & money. Sometimes, for geo-strategy. Which is why you NEVER hear about how Ashoka demolished a city or Vikramaditya destroyed a city, etc. Same reason, why when you read about the 100 years war between England and France or Napoleon conquering almost all of Europe, there is nearly zero stories of demolishing a town or city. Because why the heck would you kill people & destroy their city, if the same people pay taxes and enrich you ? Only if you are a bigot, thats why. Sure, it did happen, every once in a while (The Rashtrakutas utterly destroyed Kannauj for e.g., Cholas utterly destroyed Dharanikota). And yes, Indian kings did sometimes fight for religion. We have poems in Tamil, celebrating the Pallava attacks on Dharanikota, forcing Buddhist monks to have sex with each other and replacing all Buddha statues with the Shivalinga. But these instances in Indian history for 2000 year period of pre-Islam, is comparable to 20 years of Islamic genocide & destruction.

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