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  1. *so jealous!** I've been to Kalimpong. Great little town. For me, its Gangtok. Beautiful, just the right balance of small town with big town amenities and night life.
  2. No, it doesnt. Since this is a public free speech forum and there is no restriction on following you around within ICF. Not my problem that you can't distinguish between evidence and belief. Anything without data to back it up = belief. As i said, theists like you fundamentally fail to understand that 'atheism != belief in nothing. Atheism = !beleif'. Nope. It is you who missed the point, since the entire question is, if you can't prove it is wrong for you/me/state = you want it illegal just coz u say so = manmaani.
  3. False. I am free to do that as well. There is no rule saying i cant quote others when they are addressing someone else either. Your analogy is false. Your house bell is on your property. If its a rental, its renter's rights. You enjoy no such rights on a public forum. Nope. Nobody has claimed 'i get to do what i want' either, without qualifiers. My plan is to accept when i am wrong based on evidence. Not some belief system. Yes, it does. It exposes you to germs and communicable disease that you otherwise would not in such a fashion. If you wish to give analogies, atleast understand what you are arguing against. Being a communist in the USA is no longer banned. You are yet to show how eating cow harms me/harms you/harms the nation-state. And i know you won't be cause this is a clear-cut example of hinduvta subverting democracy.
  4. IMO, every injury is different scenario and requires independent evaluation. We should never question a player's injury, especially when the injury is discernible and evidenced.
  5. You do not have right to such a request. Show me where the forum allows you to request people to stop posting on your thread. I will do what i please, within the rules of the forum. Not true. That is your ignorance of the topic. Everyone believes what they want to believe. You can choose to stop believing anything you want, at any given time. Thats the whole definition of belief. Bhailog, live-action demo of Indian bureaucracy here. Stall, stall and more stall. " bola na Karega. Karne me 2 second lagta hi. Par hum Karega jub hum takla hone shuru karega. Tereko kya jaldi hai ?"
  6. ^ All the examples of 'i do what i want to do' are flawed,because every single one, it directly negatively impacts another human being and breaks social contract. Not the same as 'i should be able to do what i want, provided you can prove why said thing will be harmful to you/me/society'. Eating beef, doesnt harm any individual or a nation. So to ban it, just because someone else thinks its morally wrong, is nothing more than restricting my rights for a random idea. Civilized society runs by giving people the right to do anything they want, unless there is clear proof the said activity hurts the individual/others/the state.
  7. But thats the whole thing. i don't believe. I go by facts. The world runs on facts. Not belief. So not my problem what you 'believe'. Go ahead, believe in anything you want.But don't pass off your belief as facts, because it doesn't meet definition of facts. I know its hard for you to understand, but i don't have beliefs. Welcome to being an atheist- who don't believe in anything. Thats not 'belief in nothing', thats 'not belief'. Doesn't change the fact that it is exactly on the same level of 'factual basis' as Snow White. But when you want me to change or accept your way of life, i want facts. Till then, i will just laugh and point for people who take books like Snow White seriously enough to run their lives by it.
  8. Btw, this will also get struck down in Supreme Court in 2 seconds flat. Coz in a nation that doesnt always hand out death penalty for killing humans, it will take 2 seconds to destroy the argument why killing an animal should provide a greater punishment than killing species homo sapiens - a principle on which the fundamental idea of universal justice rests on.
  9. Bhai, you do not control who posts on what thread here. You may not like it and you can report untoward comments towards you. That you have the right to do. But you cannot just pick and choose who posts on your thread. Nobody can. I don't tell you to buzz off of my threads either. Duh. Nobody is talking about breaking the law. But i have the right to say its a dumb law and advocate its repeal also. So your comment, is meaningless because nobody is saying 'if i don't agree with the law, lets go break it'. Thats exactly what that ideology is. I do what I like. I will only change, when you can prove why my choices are wrong with evidence. Not what you feel about my choices. That does not mean that I should also violate the social contract- which is what obeying laws are. Being cogs in a huge machine, does not mean we do not decide what that machine is. It simply means, one is obligated to change or challenge the social contract through lawful means, to justify its reason for existing in particular scenarios. Such as, why should you be able to tell me what i eat/don't eat. Welcome to democracy. 1.I have agreed with you in the past actually. Easiest way for you to do so, would be to check your up votes i think. Whether i agree with you or not, is a matter of what you post. 99% of the time, its nonsense, so its hard to agree with you on such things. And i usually give you reasons why i think your views are nonsense in those cases. 2. Me wanting to expose you, if that is true as you allege, does not make me a stalker. For, that is not what the word stalker means. You can go ahead and put me in the ignore list. Why the heck would i stop you from exercising that right ? Now go do as you declared.
  10. Yeah. TBH, i agree that Sehwag was a limited batsman overseas. (though not as much as people think- he pretty much had 2 cycles of overseas tours in his career and in the first one, he was young, adjusting to top order and did 'ok' overall and in the 2nd one, he was out of form overall- even in the home series and stuff, so it depresses his overseas average more than his capabilities IMO). But at the same time, when firing, Sehwag came quite literally closest to a 'match-wininng batsman' as Tests have ever seen. Pretty much because he is an opener. As far as test cricket goes, approaching overall 'ATG Test opener' numbers while being the only one proven in test cricket so far (Warner may still crash and burn. Its only been a few years- we will see) to open AND utterly dominate both in numbers & strike rate, does make one a strong candidate for a 'matchwinning batsman' in test cricket's sense. Because Sehwag gave us sometimes options that no team ever has enjoyed : approaching 200 before 1st day lunch and only 1-2 wickets lost. In test cricket, the whole idea of 'king of 4th innings/king of chasing = best batsman ever' is all fine and dandy. But those situations are rare. What isn't rare, is the opportunity to put your team ahead by piling a mountain of runs at a high speed: it gives your team more time to bowl the opposition out and have more flexibility. I only wish we had a world class attack to complement Sehwag-Tendy-Dravid-Ganguly-laxman era. Coz that batting lineup was just unreal and only our inability to bowl oppositions out well in that period prevented us from being a world-beater team.
  11. No such invitation is required. Its a public thread in a public forum. Anyone registered here can post. You don't like it, use the private message option. No, it isn't. Manmaani is imposing your belief system on others without any actual, decisive, empirical evidence to support your cause. I dont support the communists- but i will call out any party for making BS policies and commend any party for doing the opposite. Which i have. I have posted here supporting certain actions of the BJP as well. because unlike you, i am not dogmatic. If the argument was 'no killing cows in Vrindavan/Dwarika/Kurukshetra for being sacred grounds of Krishna', i'd understand it a bit. But living in a community is not about you getting to tell me what to do with my body or what to put in my mouth. Its about cooperating over issues that commonly affects us all, like security, economy, etc. Oh i do have an ideology. and i stick to it. Whoever supports it, i commend them, whoever opposes it, i criticize them. but i am not a fanboy, who will support a particular group for everything and anything. That, i leave to ignorant people and people too scared to think on their own and take a stance without having backing of a gang of people. You have a long history of claiming things and not doing it for weeks. Apparently you move at the glacial pace of Indian bureaucracy. Now we will have 3 more pages of innane nonsense from you before you finally add me to your ignore list and run away. Go ahead- i don't care. It will save me a lot of time exposing your nonsense if you didnt just copy-paste nonsense all the time.
  12. DeVilliers and Amla are still #1 and 2 for me today. There are plenty of Steven Smith-esque batsmen/bowlers in history who had 3-4 great seasons and then went back to being mediocre. So to me, it takes more than just one world cup cycle to be the best batsman/bowler in the world.
  13. Run away and hide. And then proclaim your victory. Thats what you do best, since nobody else thinks your 'victory' amounts to much more than self-aggrandized propaganda.
  14. The words of Allah being mentioned is a muslim claim. Not evidence. I can too say that my God's words have been mentioned in your text. Doesn't mean it is evidence. That is just your belief. Not fact. Neither does anyone outside of Islam agree with it. Just like how you guys try to steal other people's prophets, the Ahmadiyyas have done the same to you guys and you guys act the same way others do when you guys steal their Gods and message. That proves, beyond a shadow of doubt, that your claims are nothing more than unsubstantiated claims.
  15. Nothing of that sort. Pure strawmanship from a resident hindu fanatic.