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  1. Thats actually more ajivika, not Carvaka :)
  2. Yeah. There is also a slim possibility i will make billionaire in another ten years- i just have to win my next 1,000 investment pofolios by a 100% gain in 1 month record..... i think i have more of a chance to make billionaire than Pakistanis have to make elimination round.
  3. Because he just heard us comparing him to Malcolm 'Macco' Marshall...thats why.
  4. Oh.... Did not know that. is that new or did i somehow miss that all these years ? I thought if you are 200 all out in 40 overs, your NRR is 200/40 = 5.00 ??
  5. we need to slow down the wicket-taking. Cant have Pakistanis dismissed for 4.5 NRR, we need to let them crawl for 70-80 runs in the next 20 overs and end at 210/9 or something like that in 50 overs. Need to boost our NRR up a bit.
  6. Pandya on a hattrick !!! WTF Pakistan.....you put Pandya on a hattrick ?!?
  7. A right wing hinduvta party that will represent ALL aspects of dharmic culture - Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikkhism, as well as fundamentally non-theistic ideologies like Carvaka or Ajivika, is more than welcome than leftist nonsense. We need a party ethos that will represent our culture and our values more. BJP needs to get less hindu-oriented in this regard, but that does not mean more pro muslim/christians, but more like finding common over-arching agenda to represent the Buddhists, Jains, carvaks etc. and not just a patit-pavan-siyya-raam version of Hinduism only.
  8. Muloghonto

    What would you like to learn from....

    one day i'd like to learn more about the languages of the North East, their culture and their foods more.
  9. English and Hindi should be our official common languages, as they are now. More non Hindi people speak Hindi than any other language in India. Trying to strip Hindi does nothing but harm Indian progress just for shits and giggles of insecure localists, mostly southies. Grow up and stop being riddled with inferiority complex.
  10. Hindi should remain official language owing to the fact that more non Hindi natives in India speak it than any other language. Nation has to progress, progress requires communication and progress has no time for petty insecure southies and their petty regional pride.
  11. Used to. I took two second languages in high school (Icse) - Hindi and Bengali. Used to be able to recite bachchan's poems by heart. That was well over twenty years ago and in the last twenty years I have spoken Hindi maybe a dozen times. So I guess the answer is a yes and no. I speak Hindi in my head fluently. My tongue is a timezone or two behind.
  12. Hahahahaha. You can deny history all you want but whole of Indian history shows that outside Ganges Belt has been a political or cultural satellite to the Ganges belt for most of its history.
  13. Muloghonto

    Canadian Sikh Soldiers March in Khalsa Day Parade

    BBC's mark Tully says hello. Lol at that noob's Punjabi pride rant constituting beatings. But I guess you got an axe to grind.
  14. Nobody cut off my balls, but it's clear that someone cut off your identity to the Lilliputian local identity instead of the much much greater Indian identity. I am guessing it's your mullah and padre masters busy soul harvesting in your region. And LOL at learning from Jihadidi. Seems like you will stoop to any low possible to justify your puddly local irredentism and anti Hindi racism. Bongoshontan is the ONLY card Jihadidi has left to play before the VS elections in 2 years, given how close BJP is. And given how you cannot debate or justify any single point you have made against Indian constitution, basis of republic of India , Local irredentism, it's no surprise that most here think of your position as anti Indian joke.

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