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  1. Bhai, as i said, rankings are tilted towards research. And IITs don't hold a candle to top tier universities in Canada, never mind USA (who's top tier is another 2 tiers above Canada's best) in terms of research output. Yes, potential is there for research but Indian education system needs to be reformed and heavily invested in. This is one aspect where China is a million miles ahead of us, even though they cant master English for some reason.
  2. Thats not a reason at all, unless you are literally a desert idiot 1500 years ago. It'd be akin to chopping off your ear lobes- so you don't have to wash them. If you have access to daily showers, that excuse for mutilating infants is a barbaric excuse.
  3. Bhai, all this boils down to education system. When you know your learning means squat unless you can solve a trigonometric monster in grade 10 final or your academic life is over, no second chances, etc. then learning becomes a burden, not a quest. That point is completely lost it seems.
  4. This is the limitation of our education model: we base our entire 'metric' of knowledge on a few and far-between 'super-hard tests'. Often, students (who mostly don't want to -and shouldn't be expected to- never have a childhood and any fun, so they study only for grades) are forced to 'learn to figure out a test-like problem' and not use actual aptitude to 'figure out' solutions. Most aptitude tests are 'figure out a math solution' type tests. Word problems. And its unfair to say 'its easier to learn now, so they should do better'. The point is, Indian education system expects its students to spend approximately 50-70 hours per week on studies, sometimes even more. And that is an inherently flawed system, because the bulk majority of kids are going to want to have a childhood, have some fun as well and will be resistant to the notion. At best, they will be despondently resigned and 'wait for education to end' or be mildly 'permanently rebellious'. This is an inferior model of education : Finland recently surpassed everyone in early to secondary education and they practically have zero homework! Obviously we cannot replicate that in India for another century at best, but its time to change our education model, that is patently designed to beat down the student, intimidate them and soul-lessly harvest only the brightest and the ones who turn themselves into studious drones intent on acing exams.
  5. Because most university composite rankings put huge value in postgraduate research. Indian universities are undergrad monsters, postgrad mediocres.
  6. This is how certain religions control their women's sexuality- mutilate them, so they it always hurts, so they wouldn't want it on their own most of the time. Barbaric.
  7. Ah. Well Miandad was more effective in trying conditions than Younis IMO, though Miandad was no great shakes in trying conditions either. Like Younis, also an ugly batsman. Pakistan's problem in batting has been that their best stroke playing batsmen were not truly elite and their elite batsmen were not truly stroke players. Inzamam came closest to being elite and stroke player, but he fell short of the elite bracket due to a) never quite being prolific enough. IIRC, he always hovered around the 46-51 average. Never quite had the '55-60 career average' at any point in his career b) being a pathetic runner and even running people out in Test cricket alarmingly frequently (for test cricket).
  8. You rate him higher than Mum-n-dad ?
  9. 1. Jayawardene is not a flat track bully. Younis is a flat track bully. Show me a few innings of Younis where Younis scores a mountain of runs while others fail. He has the fewest amongst 10K people in that regard. Jaya is not very good on bouncy wickets. But on absolute spinning minefields, i will take Jaya easily over Younis. 2. Chanderpaul had way better temperament and has scored his runs against way better bowling attacks. Chanderpaul isn't as good on minefields as Younis, but far better on pacy wickets. Above all, Chanderpaul rarely gave his wicket away for free like Younis did most of his career. Younis has only been able to boost his average overseas in the last couple of years due to playing on some flat tracks and not so great attacks. he was a career low 30s average guy in England/Australia/South Africa/New Zealand/WI. This is why i don't rate him,because for the largest section of his career, he's been irrelevant overseas and struggled on pitches that are not roads.
  10. No to all 3. I'd pick Chanderpaul or Jayawardene over him every single time. Especially Chanderpaul, who did far better overseas against far better bowling. Also, WI pitches are not pattas.
  11. Don't lie. Last series you played in Australia, you lost 3 of 3 tests. Last series we played in Australia, we lost 2 of 4 tests, drew the other 2. We've done better than your sorry lot of cricketers against Australia for the last 20 years.
  12. Probably the worst batsman in the 10K club list, but still a great accomplishment.
  13. Not just lazy with his running, but pure crap with calling and selfish too. Almost all runouts are his poor judgement/lazy running and selfishness. Like when he tried to run-out Ijaz but ended up runout himself. I mean, he was caught ball-watching and Ijaz had already started running. Atleast attempt for it- but no, he waits till the last moment to try and get Ijaz to lose his nerve and stop, then even tried grounding his own bat. Like, seriously ? Can't see someone making friends in the dressing room with that attitude.
  14. Missed this gem by Robelinda. This video is the reason why i don't pick Inzamam for any one-day side, even for Pakistan all-time XI. Man cannot field, will often cost the side 10-20 runs in the field and another 20-50 runs by running himself/his partner out.
  15. But the younger years are critical to the story. We need to show why Bhisma never claims the throne for himself, the demigod status of the Pandavas, Ashwatthama's jealousy towards Arjun, Karna being humiliated in open games, etc. If anything, i'd expect them to compress the Vanvvas years- just need to show Arjun going to Devloka to get Indra's astras, Bheem and Ghatotkach dynamic, Sita's marriage and then fast-forward to prelude of Kurukshetra.