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  1. No. Nothing like it. Ballistic missiles leave atmosphere and re-enter. it follows a ballistic trajectory, hence the name. Cruise missiles fly in a relatively point to point Straight line trajectory. Hence it is not a staged-burn missile system like Ballistic missiles are- which are basically a more compact and efficient versions of satellite launch missiles.
  2. take off your CHina-whoring glasses for a minute and you will see how laughable this notion is. Nothing is tilted in India's favour ? really ? We have more mountain divisions than China. We don't require as much high altitude bariatric acclamatization, since our mountain brigade is already acclamatized to the himalayan altitudes. China maintains just 1 division in tibet- any escalation will see them bringing in troops from the plains, which would require acclamatization. We have close to six divisions for mountain warfare. We also have decisive edge in air-power in China sector- not only are our aircraft response time is 2x-5x superior to China's due to where our air bases are relative to the border, we are not taking off from 15,000 feet altitude, so our planes are not at half-capacity like the Chinese ones. And also LOL at SAMs. What moron deploys anti-aircraft SAMs in the high himalayas, instead of using our superior capacity planes and using A2S missiles ?! I hope Pakistan and China get sanctioned for this, since China is a signatory to non-proliferation of missiles treaty. But we all know how China doesn't play by the rules.
  3. btw, this whole Hindi vs English is childish nationalism version of own goal. English and Hindi are the two biggest L2 languages in the world. L2 meaning, second language, where its not first language learnt/at home but fluent in the L2 language to a degree nearly indistinguishable with first language speakers. English is at 611 million L2 speakers and Hindi is at 215 million. What this means, is with English + Hindi combo, one has the greatest outreach to foreigners of said language. together, English stands at almost 1 billion speakers, Hindi at just over half a billion. We have the greatest diversity language combo as well as 20% of humanity at our fingertips. Yet, we wanna score own-goal by trying to pick and choose between one or another in official status and influence education. sorry, thats just rubbish, childish thinking. this kind of issues show both the fickle-ness of India and the irony of its existence: it desperately wants to break out from Islamic-influence/dependence on Islamic nations as well as fight off China and 'free' tibet, yet these are the only two things that are keeping India together as 1 nation- its beauty, warts and all. I seriously can't imagine some parts of India ever 'needing or wanting' to be with India, if India was in the position of USA today ( i.e., geo-strategically secure, rich & powerful) and promptly breaking away due to these kinda silly provocations and over-reactions galore. this is because Indian 'nationalism' is yet to grow in public consciousness as a 'statism' concept. Instead, we mostly see nationalism as 'ethnic superiorism/promotion, where we promote one or a few ethnic habits as normative habits of majority of society.
  4. ^^ very well put. Just because Hindi is a language originating within the confines of India,from a particular region and represents the slight majority overall, does not by default make it the best suited link language for India. true sign of being 'liberated' from colonialism,is to be free from its effect- chose or discard ideas based on its merits and applicability. to shun ideas, by default, because its foreign/from the colonials, is indicative of a colonized mind, who is living the 'chip on their shoulder lives'.
  5. Hence English. A third language that comes bereft of regional politics and irridentism in India today.
  6. because English is a very close second in terms of 'non mother tongue language in India' and there is no other language even remotely close to English, except for Hindi, for this status. Hence English is a legitimate candidate for link language, especially since it does not come with regional politics baggage.
  7. Moronic idea, on par with chopping your nose to spite your face. I am not pro-Hindi institutionalization all over India. But getting rid of Hindi in education is only going to harm the future students by preventing easy access learning to the most prevalent language in India. When i went to school, every school had 3 languages. English mediums had English as 1st and then a second language (usually mother tongue) and a third language (usually Hindi, if Hindi is not mother tongue). we also had plenty of students in my days who took Hindi as second language, despite it not being our mother tongue. Me (a bong) and my tamil buddy from high school had to explain to our friends for years on end, that we are coming out ahead of them by doing the switch : We are just as fluent as the in our mother tongue, due to speaking it at home, but we ended up way, way more competent in Hindi than they did taking it as 3rd language.
  8. Except almost all major religions in the world are declining. Only one sustaining itself/growing slowly worldwide is Islam, because # of muslims leaving Islam is balancing out by their high birth rate. Which is a good thing. World will be a better place if people can think for themselves, instead of relying on ancient stories written by ancient half-literates who have less info about our existence than grade 7 children. Peaceful, non-confrontational cultures got wiped out due to material inferiority of said cultures in face of the war-mongering ones. Situation is opposite now. Christianity is declining worldwide. Peaceful, non-confrontrational Germany or Japan today can mess up practically anyone in the muslim world by so much as sneezing on them. turkey, Pakistan, Saudi, etc have no means of hurting Germany or Japan and the gap between these peaceful developed nations and religious hell-holes, in terms of technology, is increasing, not decreasing.
  9. Cannot have population transfer without pretty much getting kicked out of the UN and becoming a global pariah like North Korea. India is a signatory to human rights charter and its pretty straightforward that you cannot disenfranchise a born citizen of a country. So one can encourage Kashmiri muslims to go to Pakistan. One cannot force them to, since they are born Indian citizens. So population exchange is not going to happen. Demographic flood is a more achievable scenario.
  10. No. Bad idea. One of the strongest points India has re: Kashmir as opposed to Pakistan, is that we've honoured the instrument of accession by not altering Kashmir. Pakistan has, by creating Azad Kashmir, Northern territories, giving a chunk of it to China as pimp-protection money, etc. If we partition kashmir, we lose that legal edge.
  11. No. Buddhism is representative of religions originating from India, both due to its relatively greater empirical truth factor and its greater global footprint-currently and historically.
  12. Right. Its the wings, not the thrust, that causes lift. Which is why when you are flying, you cut your engine (thrust), you still continue to fly. We are all wasteful fools to keep the plane engine running when we don't need it to fly. thank you for such a brilliant lesson.
  13. 1. No, i didn't say O2 causes lift. I said lack of O2 causes lack of thrust...which causes lack of lift...which is pretty basic physics. Which is why airfields in high altitude are way longer than at sea level. 2. Your illiterate argumentative foolish, ego-driven a$$ does not realize, even when university website is quoted, that thrust causes lift, the numerical value of lift is calculated from thrust provided. You need wings to cause lift, but with no thrust, all the wings in the world won't make u fly. Which is why when you cut your engine mid air, you don't continue to fly. 3. Yes. Enlighten us some more. thrust has sweet f-all to do with lift. Which is why this website gives us formula of lift as a factor of velocity, which is provided by thrust. Continue embarrassing yourself,kiddo.
  14. because your car does not have an aerodynamic surface that will cause thrust to translate into low pressure over said aerodynamic surface to generate lift. But hey, we clearly do not know what we are talking about- since thrust has nothing to do with lift, your MiG-21 will have same takeoff distance, whether it uses a Lyulka power plant or a Rolls royce, whether it is spittng out 50 KN or 500. And clearly, if you cut your engine, you will still get lift and continue to fly. Why people on tourism flights going for ariel photos of Amazon or Himalayas don't cut their engine after takeoff (they are not in a hurry- they are there to loiter and take pictures, so straight line speed is not their want) and just float around slowly on your magical lift, nobody will ever know.
  15. Yes, this is why take-off distances of planes are totally not dependent on thrust. A plane will take-off exactly the same distance off the runway, whether you use a 50 KN, 100KN or 200KN engine. Lesson learned, mr physics expert!