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  1. Muloghonto

    Its disturbing to see Muslims being targeted : Tapsee Pannu

    the economic issue is NOT raised as a domestic one, neither is it a domestic one. Simple reality is, a region with service based economy will suffer gravely due to security risk, which is what Pakistan has created for Kashmir.
  2. Muloghonto

    Its disturbing to see Muslims being targeted : Tapsee Pannu

    employment rate in Kashmir will always be low if Pakistan keeps formenting terrorism there. Kashmir valley & Jammu are densely populated regions, which rely on service sector to generate revenue. With terrorism & instability, its always the service/manufacturing sectors that take a nosedive. So if you wish Kashmiri employment to rise, petition Pakistan to stop formenting terrorism in Kashmir by training & funding terrorists. As for oppression, i am sorry but thats nonsense. Most Kashmiris in history have shown up to vote - which is a direct endorsement of the nation they are in. Most Kashmiris also enjoy privilege - economic an social- that rest of India does not.
  3. Muloghonto

    Its disturbing to see Muslims being targeted : Tapsee Pannu

    you are mistaken. We have an 'out of sight/out of mind' mentality towards past problems, especially when they are not our own. The only reason the Kashmiri seperatists have not had much takers in the west is because of politics of the Cold War (where the west did not want to push India decisively in the Soviet camp) and then the western atipathy towards Islam currently. However, if the western ultra-progressives become the majority (which is likely in the future), then they will take a 'whats done is done, it cannot be changed, but what can be changed, is that a bunch of people over there want independence and you are oppressing them'. India cannot afford to sit around and do nothing, we HAVE to start altering the religious demographics of Kashmir.
  4. yes but take out farmers and you end up with more people who work office jobs than unorganized sector. Office job is not just a tech job, it includes police, it includes every single government worker, down to the mail-man etc. the unorganized sector is basically small business sector, which is not a big employer in india.
  5. secularism has always been non-religious, with Indian secularism being the only exception. Secularism = seperation of church and state. Ie, the state machinery is not beholden to any religious ideal for making its laws or running its business. In multi-religious nations, it means making the government machinery atheist. The only exception are religious holidays, mostly due to practical reasons (and that everyone loves a paid day off, so nobody is gonna uproot a paid day off).
  6. a social trend, is a social trend because of majoritarian governing dynamics, not what a few minority exception cases are doing. I can show stats from around the world, showing direct correlation in rising education & economic levels with decline in arranged marriages. Be it USA, Sweden, Germany,UK, India or China - greater economic & educational progress equals to less arranged marriages. Ergo, arranged marriages are predominantly for jaahils. A few educated luminaries who cannot buck the social trends in developing nations or a few old timers in developed nations do not override the governing principle, determined by majoritarian dynamics. Arranged marriages in India are steadily declining. And it matches the trend of every other nation out there that shows economic and education progress. Ergo, arranged marriages are on their way out. And i'd be extremely surprised to see arranged marriages done by more than a tiny fraction of the population in India, if (or when) India gets to a stage where it has near-western levels of income and education. You may call it 'westernism' but it is not. Even deeply eastern cultures like Japan, Taiwan and South Korea has shown the annihilation of arranged marriages once they too reached 1st world education and economic levels.
  7. Restaurant or big shops are run by a tiny fraction of Indian men. Bulk majority of Indian men work as farmers. And then the next biggest segment of employment are those who sit in offices and work - both private and public sector.
  8. Species homo sapiens has remained more or less the same for the last 150,000-300,000 years. So its quite possible that Valmiki or some random dude 3000 years ago was just as smart as a nobel lauriate today. But what is NOT in question, is that my grade 8 child has more knowledge than Valmiki ever did. Or that every single one of us here who has a degree in technology has greater knowledge than the sum total of Hindu (or ancient Greek/Chinese etc) civilization till pre-modern times. Do you take life lessons from a jaahil, illierate 'angutha-chaap' ?? Do you let a person who cannot read or write, has never been to school, to correct YOUR viewpoint about the universe ? If the answer is no, then the same should apply to the likes of Valmiki or Vyas or Mohammed or any such ancient writer, who's KNOWLEDGE of the universe is less than that of children today. Hinduism is not a revealed faith. its a realized one. Its always relied on realizations of its sages, which is basically knowledge applied to spirituality based on knowledge of the universe. And that makes Valmiki, Vyaas and all of them inferior to the average grade 9 child today. Hence, they are not fit to be followed. PS: There isnt a modern engineer alive who 'doesnt understand' how the cave temples of Ajanta and Ellora or the pyramids were built. And if you really want to make a point about 'ancient technology', try using one that ACTUALLY awes the engineers the world around- Angkor Wat.
  9. Yep. Me. And anyone who has enough sense to not take moral lessons from 'rishis and philosophers' who knew less about phenomenal universe/reality than children in middle school these days. In face of technological progress and progress in deciphering the phenomenal universe, its a matter of time before every old philosophy becomes antiquated and inferior. What is cutting edge modernism today,assuming development of tech & discoveries of the universe keep pace, will seem as ignorant nonsense 500 years from now, as the religious texts do now.
  10. It *is* inferior as it relies on several presuppositions to make the marriage work. There is a reason why in free societies, arranged marriages are not the norm but love marriages are. The average Indian housewife *is* oppressed, because in simple economic terms, the person who has zero income, in a non-welfare state, has zero power. So the housewife *is* inferior in power to the husband. That is objective and empiric. It has worked well for our country, just like it did in the past for the west (or does now for the Arabs) is because of poor, illiterate society, its easy to foster presupposed ideologies about marriage and then force people to stick to it. But the moment people get educated, can think on their own,have the power of choice- be it in career, life path or mate- the model of arranged marriage breaks down and is replaced by mutual consent dating-marriage, ie, love-marriage. Since India is fast developing, this is why the arranged marriage model is being abandoned by many in India and the growth of love marriage will continue. You are the one dictating here it seems, where you are hell bent on keeping the woman at home. My point is simple - both husband and wife should earn enough to support themselves and contribute to the family and both should share in ALL the household work. Whether it means the husband is stay-at-home-running-a-business and wife goes to office 9-5 or husband goes to office 9-5 and wife stays at home running a business, is irrelevant. Right now, i am a freelance coder with several ongoing contracts- i can work from home, i can work from a beach in Aruba so long as i have internet. Whereas my wife is in management for a multinational firm. So for the past couple of years, its me who is staying at home and doing some of the housework. But this doesn't mean that on some of the days of the week, my wife just comes home, relaxes with a beer and lets me do the running around. When its her turn to cook and clean, she does it. And in a couple of years when i get bored of freelancing and get myself an office gig, we will both end up doing pretty much the same stuff on different days (when its my turn or hers). Sad reality is Indian men simply do not have the work ethic to be as efficient as Europeans or North Americans in running their home and its the Indian men who need to grow the hell up and be more than 'paying guests' at home. You see this attitude run amok here, where people will make fun of me for doing laundry when its my turn to do so. This is the main thing that needs to change amongst Indian men. Its not your wife's job to cook, clean and take care of the kids. Its BOTH PARENTS job to do so. High time Indian men started acting that way.
  11. @beetle Why is option 2) about woman's independence ?! If in-laws are gonna help (or daycare is involved), its nearly equally impacting (and responsibility) of the husband too. You are operating from the notion that a kid is primarily a woman's responsibility. Beyond breast-feeding age, it is equally both parent's responsibility. As such, having a friend/in-laws/babysitters/daycare etc. are considerations that both take in equally. Why would you choose option a) anyways ? Option a) is what is wrong with Indian society- the option needs to be quite simply ' we both work outside and for our home'. Its fairly simple and one day Indians will realize it when value of manpower in India rises and we don't have dime-a-dozen Dhonis and such to facilitate the 'paying guest' mentality at home.
  12. Behna, you are preaching to the choir. In India, most working women have in-laws involved is because the men don't do jack at home. Simple fact is, i realized when i immigrated at 17, is Indian men are not brought up to be anything more than 'paying guests' at home. Some adapt to the reality of the west, where you gotta do a crap ton of housework to have a decent place. But in reality, most i've encountered, back at home or here, do nothing to help out at home. They consider 'i change light bulbs when it breaks down, unclog the drain and bring home the $$' as doing their part at home. In truth, its not just the Indians, Arabs are the same way too, so are the Africans. It gets worse in the west, because most households need 2 incomes and therefore, the woman now is wonder-woman. Imagine doing what you do, plus a 9-5 job (ie, you are out of house at 8 and returning at 6). And then these guys whine about how their 'love is dying/wife is ignoring them/life is boring' yadda yadda. True independence works both ways and honestly, in the long term, a marriage sees everything from both sides. Both should bring home $$ and both should take care of the home when they are home. If both have a 9-5 job, thats when having in-laws or daycare comes in handy. But in the weekday evenings, both should take part in the whole 'cooking,cleaning, dealing with kids' aspect.
  13. Sure. But atleast the men within this outdated arranged-marriage system have far greater power, because they earn all the money. As i said, i am yet to find an arranged marriage where the man hasn't used the 'my money, my rules' argument atleast once. This makes it inferior in my eyes as there can be no true equality without financial independence of both parties. I didnt say women are inferior and docile. I said that is what men who get into arranged marriage look for and the women who are not inferior,docile and oppressed end up either having a very unhappy marriage or set on fire by the inlaws. What is needed, is for indian women to join the workforce and for indian men to share the household chores 50-50.
  14. Not at all, we are simply calling out the philosophy of the epics as dated and inferior to the times we live in now. thats all.
  15. Which western country has what crimes higher than India, except homicide in the US ?!? Remember, rape is a crime that is massively under-reported outside of the west due to social stigma.

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