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  1. Are Ramayan and Mahabharata real?

    All this minimalism talk is ancient Indian psy-ops against the populace. While Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, etc. all have great ideas in them (especially Buddhism), this minimalist talk, i am sorry, is an elitist psy-ops on people. Lets investigate why. Reason #1: we are a product of evolution and what we innately want, as a species has a strong evolutionary component to it. Almost all of us innately want material benefit- this is part of who we are and denying it, is like denying sex- the psychological consequences are not pretty. Reason #2: India historically has been the richest place on the planet till 9th-10th century AD. Dr. Angus Maddison calculated,that even during the height of the Roman Empire, it was the Indian subcontinent that had the greatest GDP on the planet. How did our ancestors earn said GDP ? By being a commodity exporter. Indians don't have a track record of conquering and pillaging lands far and wide, neither was India ever known for its gold or silver mines like Greece, China or Egypt was. We became rich, by exporting cotton, spices, clothing, jute, hemp, etc. to the western countries to us. Yet, most Indians are noted to've lived frugal,simple lifestyles over the ages by the travellers. On the other hand, our elites (kings and ministers and such) were also noted to've lived the most opulent lifestyle on the planet. A material exporting rich civilization, with the most affluent elites and frugal masses, preaching 'non-materialism' is an obvious ploy of the elites to keep the society as a poor non-consumer society to maximize their own profit ( ie, modern day China effect).
  2. Are Ramayan and Mahabharata real?

    We live in a material universe. Every human desires material enrichment. The counter to this argument, usually is ' that is hedonisism and materials dont make people happy'. Problem with anti-materialists or ultra-materialists, is that they think that humans ONLY try to gain material for happiness/ONLY materials will make them happy. But the truth is in the middle- materials are ONE OF the things that make humans happy.
  3. Congress party's vision for India

    Most of what you say is true. However, it is irrelevant to the idea of govt. functioning is irrespective of religion and thus, irreligious. Moreover, there has to be a freedom FROM religion, the lack of which is a singular feature of any and all oppressive dogmatic states. A simple way, for two birds in one stone - empowering the government + weakening all religions(especially the financially lucrative expansionist ones) by simply taxing any and all religious activities of groups as a business.
  4. Congress party's vision for India

    Whatever happened to Nalanda, Vikramshila, etc. happened HUNDREDS of years before the white man came. Yet, it was the white men- newly empowered with the superior paradigm of scientific enquiry ( on which, the entire modern world is built), are the ones who went to those temples, figured out the scripts, figured out what they said. All the while, our 'vaunted desis' sat around, doing NOTHING about their OWN culture, heiritage and history, right in their back yard. And i should listen to the desis who are all upset over 'foreigners twisting our culture' but listen to the same underqualified desis, who have nothing to show for it. We know what Ashokan pillars say, because of white men. We know what Kharavela, Vikramaditya, Azez Kanishka says- because of white men. Don't see much appreciation for them finding our own history for us amongst Indians. I feel exactly the opposite. Religion is a topic that severely biases people. I'd rather listen to an atheist from the west/a Japanese etc. scholar on Indian history, than an Indian scholar who suffers from severe cultural bias. Same logic applies for not taking Chinese scholars on China on face value or Greek ones on Greece at face value. A few bad apples amongst the western schoalrship, does not invalidate the HUNDREDS of honest, hardworking and superior qualified scholars who build our ENTIRE HISTORY for us while Desi Scholars have done jack $hit.
  5. Congress party's vision for India

    I don't care if you are white, black,blue, desi, videshi. If you have the requisite education to be an authority, you are one. Just because one is a desi, does not excuse their lack of education re: Sanskrit and vice versa. Whether you like it or not, Indians owe almost their ENTIRE historical base to the white man. It was the white men who determined who Chandragupta Maurya was, who Chandragupta Vikramaditya was, chronicled the ENTIRE history of North & Central India. Practically the ONLY Indians who are a local source of history, are the Tamils & Malayalis. The end. Where are our desi scholars of the last 1000 years ? Which desi scholar today has the requisite education to be an authority in history ? When it comes to study of history, hinduvta/hinduvta leaning Indians are the definition of ingrates. They do no creating/research/discovery of their own history. They don't care. The white man does it. Then the desis pick and choose what they like/don't like, using 'white man' as excuse to dismiss what they don't like. Definition of racist ingrates.
  6. Maya kodnani Acquitted!!

    I have every single right as you do, except the ones i named above. I can own property in India, i get the exact same education treatment in India,medical treatment- so do my kids.I can go anywhere in India than an Indian citizen can (and foreigners cannot). Learn your own laws first before you lecture others. Apparently they also give us the exact same property rights as you (except for farmland rights), travel rights to restricted zones in India applicable identically as regular citizens. Kaneda is a big country. Its just past midnight where i live, sonny. As i thought- run run run away. I will however, keep exposing you.
  7. I will quote whomever i wish, kiddo. Keep trying to polish the fake image of India in your mind, instead of actually solving its problem. You are the clinical demonstration of why nationalism is such a bad thing and why nationalists are rarely patriots.
  8. Maya kodnani Acquitted!!

    There hasn't been a single society on the planet that has succeeded in the long term by tilting the scales too much in favor of the elites. But then again, bolded comments show that you are not only a fascist, but a fascist bordering on psychopathy.
  9. Maya kodnani Acquitted!!

    It is my country whenever i choose to make it my country. You realize that India is obligated to return my citizenship, at my choosing, yes ? You don't deciede what is citizenship or not. OCI means Overseas Citizen of India. Says so on the card issued by GoI. So your words, matters not. In some ways, i am more privileged than most Indian citizens - i get to enjoy my US-Canadian dual citizenship while getting 99.99% the practical benefits of an Indian citizen.
  10. Maya kodnani Acquitted!!

    I am OCI. Meaning,i can choose to become Indian anytime i wish. So can my children. I have every single right of an Indian citizen except right to vote, be in the government & own farmland. So i am fully justified in my comments as i am still a citizen of India under a special category.
  11. Maya kodnani Acquitted!!

    LOL. Keep dreaming about the bolded part. True, Western world's dominance of the globe has declined- but it was only natural, where a tiny portion of humanity (both in land and population) have been THE most dominant force on this planet's history in every single way imaginable : politically, socially, militaristically and culturally. However, the western world still produces the overwhelming bulk of the globe's wealth, the globe's technological research and the globe's social progress. Even to this day, the best of the best of India, China, Russia- overwhelmingly end up in the western world. And as long as these factors holds true, the western world will remain the most dominant force in the history of mankind.
  12. Maya kodnani Acquitted!!

    Some of the most backwards bakwaas i've ever read. And while India's idea of secularism (appeasement of all) needs to go, true secularism is the mark of a civilized society- where religion is seperated from the state. Ironic, that India's golden age came at a time when it was pretty much the only civilization practicing ancient secularism, with kings freely having different religions than their forefathers and supporting all viewpoints, including atheist ones. To me, Hinduvtas are scum, because they are doing what the Islamists and missionaries couldn't do: destroy hinduism.
  13. In a way its good. Hinduvtas are proving themselves to be equally jaahil backwards 'drag on humanity' as Islamists or Evangelicals. Religious people the world over are the same - relics of a bygone era, holding back humanity.
  14. You don't determine what is supposed to or not supposed to. Movie-stars are celebrities with mass out-reach. Completely justified to use that outreach platform to support whatever cause they wish to support. And in this case, they are supporting the call for justice, for gang-rape of a minor by so-called religious people, in a place of worship. One of the noblest causes to support. But then again, you've proven that you care more about uplifting India's image, than gaining justice for Indian citizens.
  15. One of the biggest weapons that neo-orientalists have...

    Sure. I think though, if people were actually interested in doing it, let them do it on their free time as adults. However, teaching a dead language in high-school, is pretty much an exercise in pointlessness. Indian schooling system, as it is, needs to tone down the education pressure and give more time to the kids, to be kids in the first place. Teaching a dead language is literally the lowest priority of all.

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