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  1. It is an affirmative about plastic surgery, as Rhinoplasty was invented in India and first mentioned in Charaka/Susruta samahita, both of which are originally dated to 300s-600s BC period.
  2. not all are. I'd say most aren't, especially Indians. Think about it. The average early-20 year old has spend far more time and has had far more help to both figure out what they want and how to find what they want in terms of career. Or even atleast have basic idea of politics and ideology. But Indian kids at 23 and having a clue about what they want in a partner, whether that is realistic, what people really are, and based on that, make life partner choices ? Yeah, no. Its mostly either being 'clue-less and doing what is expected/droned in in hyper-simplistic terms by media/society/parents/friends' or being lost and resistant. The only way you really know what you want in partners, is to try having partners and figuring it out.
  3. Champions trophy isn't IPL. Not the same format.
  4. On current form he is easily top 3 keeper in the world in limited format. Who do we have that's better ? Saha ? Nope- his hands arnt safer than Dhonis and he doesn't redirect to the stumps ( nobody does it better than Dhoni). As for batting, he's had 11 straight years averaging 40+ with 85+ strike rate. One mediocre season ( high 20s average for a keeper isn't exactly a fail, it's just below average)of half a dozen games and suddenly he isn't any good ? Especially since he's shown a recent return to form ? Sorry but that's illogical .
  5. Yes. But no team would pick any of Imran, Kapil or Botham as a top 6 bat, if they can help it. Nobody wants a less than 40 average batsman in the top six anyways and all of them are long ways away from 40 average. The difference between Kapil and Imran as batsmen are pretty simple: Kapil was by far harder to contain than Imran- against top level bowling. He had far more shots, much better execution of shots than Imran. Imran was far harder to dismiss- he had a much better defence. Typically, that makes for a better batsman in Tests (defence > offence) but ONLY if you are good enough to be a top six batsman. Which neither one of them are. In the bottom 4/5 spots, you IDEALLY want a guy who can hang around and score some quick runs. Because nobody else is going to stick around for long enough- you are realistically gonna get 25-40 balls per innings before the last 3-4 wickets fall and its much better to have a guy who can score 20 off of 25 balls and get out, than a guy who scores 7 not out from those 25 balls. So realistically speaking, Kapil's batting is more in fit with a team. Granted, he was an inferior bowler and that is why Imran sneaks in ahead of Kapil in most XIs. But strictly on batting, most sensible people would rather have Kapil over Imran as a batsman. 25-low 30s average lower order bats are far better value if they are quick scorers than a slow tuk-tuk with a better average.
  6. This isn't bang-for-your-buck 'semi-professional team trying to make it stick in a league of big boys', its all about performance. So there is no place for nothing but the highest-end, top 11 XI. As far as ODIs go, Dhoni is an ATG. I'd take him over Gilchrist in the all-time team for eg. Dhoni very rarely drops catches in ODIs, is brilliant with his re-directs on to the stump and a very, very tidy keeper, keeping the extras to a minimum. For ODI standards, he is A+ keeper. For his batting, true, he has slipped a bit, but so far this year, he is batting at 50+ average and 100+ strike rate. Granted, it is a small sample of just 3 matches and he had a rough year last year. But except for last year, he's never averaged below 40 in all but his first season. So we can take last year as an 'aberration'. There is simply no questioning Dhoni's spot on the side- not without a prolonged slump. I will note that for ATGs, year-long or couple-of-year-long slump in form is painful, but they get that leeway. The likes of Tendulkar, Lara, Ponting, Sehwag, Kallis, etc. are given that long a rope- because they deserve it for hitting a rough patch. Dhoni is the same level in ODIs. So a one-off year, i can live with. harbhajan on the other hand, is just decent. True, Ashwin (Harbhajan's real competitor) isn't exactly great shakes in the ODI format, but he is still better value than Bhajji. There simply is no comparison between Bhajji's value to the team (an adequate bowler and an average fielder) than that to Dhoni.
  7. The thing about Imran to consider, is that : a) he cheated with ball tampering to get an unnaturally low average between 1982-1986. This period, Imran took 138 wickets from 24 tests at average of 14.31 Even in this period, his stats are revealing : he played 16 tests in Pakistan, taking 102 wickets @ 12.89, played 3 tests in SL (which in the 80s was the equivalent of playing Bangladesh or Zimbabwe of the current avatar), took 15 wickets @ 18.00, played 2 tests in Australia but did not bowl a single ball and played 3 tests in England, taking 21 wickets @ 18.57 b) After this period, i.e., from 1987-1990, Imran protected his bowling figures a lot, with the emergence of Wasim and Waqar. Imran would typically bowl 5-6 overs with the new ball, then 5-6 over with the old ball around 70-75 overs mark and end up with stuff like 5-2-15-1 kind of figures on each spell. Ie, he for the large part, avoided bowling in his last 4 years unless the ball was absolutely new or really old.
  8. When you are in your early 20s and don't have much experience in relationships/dating, one can easily be very smart and still think 'this relationship is special/unique/odds don't apply to me'. Its the naivety of the young.
  9. Bhajji is a good bowler, well short of being a 'great' in ANY format. Dhoni is an above-average wicket-keeping batsman in tests, an ATG in ODIs and very, very good/excellent in T20s. Case dismissed, comparing Bhajji to Dhoni is like comparing a Camero to a Porsche.
  10. How does a bowler 'deserve it over' a batsman, a wicket-keeper batsman and a batting allrounder ?!? That doesn't make any sense at all.
  11. 1. I hold Imran's ball tampering against him, not the 'not outs'. Why should a batsman be penalized for limited opportunity to score runs because he got stranded ? Sure, not outs *CAN* inflate an average well beyond what a batsman is worth, but unless we have a batsman averaging 40+ without scoring a single century or their scoring rate of 50 is well below 20% of the innings, then it is simply an opportunity denied for batsmen to score runs. 2. Botham, for a period, was a 'true allrounder'. Granted, it was a short period but till the end of 1982, he averaged 37 with the bat and 24 with the ball. Also scored more centuries than any other allrounder of his time.Having said that, he did take quite a beating against West indies, the best side of his time. So it brings his score down a bit for me. 3. Kapil's stats are deflated, because Kapil was an under-performer against average sides, but did excellently against the strong sides. 4. My biggest issue with ranking Imran highly, is that except for 82-83, the height of his cheating days, he never put together an allrounder season. He either had a great season with the bat or a great season with the ball. So while he is a 'career allrounder', situationally, Imran was an 'either/or' more so than Kapil & Botham. My all-time allrounder top-5 list : 1. Sobers 2. Keith Miller 3. Kallis 4. Kapil 5. Botham
  12. Education CAN make a huge difference. It is the reason i went from being an initiated Brahmin to being an atheist. However, education doesn't mean accumulating employable skills. You can get a PhD in math or physics, yet never know the philosophy of scientific process or critical thinking process. It is the latter that is the cure for religious fanaticism, because it is how you learn what is empiricism, logic, evidence, etc. If we educate people from a young age on the philosophy of science, rationalism and empiricism, it will play a big role in decreasing fanaticism, because it teaches one how to differentiate between fact and fiction.
  13. low level development will eventually be automated. But there will always be dev jobs, because no matter how complex, someone will still need to develop and maintain the AI. Besides, web development will always be there. Ultimately, people love being unique. And no-matter how sophisticated the AIs get- atleast in our lifetimes- we won't be able to make AI that designs websites that are not 'generic'. So think of it like art - it is a distinctly human concept that AI cannot re-create.
  14. Indian IT sector needs to re-orient itself from CS focus to R&D focus. The future of IT is in web design, app design and web security.
  15. No. Step 2 is India maintaining minimum military presence to ensure law, order and sovereign integrity. It doesnt ask India to pull out, it asks India to maintain minimum troop levels required.