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  1. Muloghonto

    Why is Hinduism even classified as a Religion?

    It is a religion first, culture second. Having rituals and belief in a supernatural creationism, is by defnition, a religion. Pointing out that its different class of religion than western religions does not make it bereft of theism- which is the bedrock of qualifying as a religion. Does your religion espouse God/Gods and some sort of moral code associated with these God/Gods ? If yes, then religion. Hinduism qualifies.
  2. Muloghonto

    Hinduphobic Bollywood

    Losing social position due to action does not invalidate the concept of having social position from birth- the Manusmriti advocates both these positions. I am not running from anything, i am talking about symptoms first. And as we can see, its pretty freaking hard to get hindus to agree on the symptoms without knee-jerk 'what about other evil crap of other evil religions out there'. Even atheistic 'cultural hindus' like yourself are guilty of it.
  3. Muloghonto

    Hinduphobic Bollywood

    So if you want to contend that Islam = Ted Bundy, Christianity = random murderer, Judaism = slaver and Hinduism = break & entry guy, sure. You can also argue that serial killer > random murderer > slaver > break & entry in terms of being worse. Also fine. It does not change the fact that break & entry is NOT fine and a crime, neither is your 'what-about the murderers and rapists' valid argument, when discussing Break & Entry. Nobody is arguing that Hinduism is as bad or the worst of all religions. The argument is, Hinduism has crap in it thats bad and Hindus should work up the cojones to confront it, not hide behind 'we are only a wee bit bad' justification of being bad !! And if Bollywood chooses to show the crap in hinduism, hindus don't get to yell bloody murder over bias. It is not.
  4. Muloghonto

    Dhoni v Rahim - who has been better wk-batsman in tests?

    Sure. He is still an ATG wicket-keeper batsman in Tests. Yes, Gilly & Andy Flwoer were way better. Though Dhoni is 10 times the keeper Flower was. But name me 2-3 other wk-batsmen who are significantly better than Dhoni in tests. If you cannot, he automatically qualifies as an ATG keeper-bat, by being in the top 5 ever in the list....
  5. Muloghonto

    What is it like to travel in PAKISTAN.. by Mark Wiens

    Dude, its Pakistan we are talking of. Not Iran. Pakistan is not a civilization, its a bastard-child of a civilization. Pakistanis in general don't give two flying fcuks about their pre-islamic past. Only time a Pakistani EVER speaks about their pre-islamic past, is when racist white people call them ' cave dwelling savages'. Pakistan's entire identity is based on being muslim and therefore, 'saved', unlike their hindu cousins or ancestors. They never have cared, nor will they ever care about their pre-islamic past.
  6. Muloghonto

    What is it like to travel in PAKISTAN.. by Mark Wiens

    PS: Saw Taxila in the 90s- before Pakistan got crazy. Its a nice site, with lots of stuff from various periods of history but pretty small. One interesting thing about Indian civilization sites, is that for ancient ruins/sites, the sites in the west are much smaller than the sites in the east, with Jamuna serving as the dilenation.
  7. Muloghonto

    What is it like to travel in PAKISTAN.. by Mark Wiens

    indeed. Rakhigarhi is accessible through Delhi and one of the best and largest IVC sites.
  8. Muloghonto

    Hinduphobic Bollywood

    sophistry. Manusmriti clearly talks about lower caste and upper caste stuff. It may not have been lineage solidified in its time of writing, but that is irrelevant - the manu smriti presents reasons to disparage people and think low of them, as shudras and such - which shortly after became solidified by birth. Serving the same purpose we are talking of. it is the direct inspiration of caste based discrimination in hinduism, serving as a template for it. Later hindus codified it by lineage and as such, manu smriti is culpable for the spread of discrimination. Only thing that changed, is the application by birth from by actions.
  9. Muloghonto

    Hinduphobic Bollywood

    Plenty of Sadhus do. There are statements all the time from them when they talk to people, that is casual caste-ism. Laws against discrimination relates to actual jobs and such. It doesnt stop people from killing each other, throwing acid on each other, pressure against marriage or just being plain old disparaging. Do you wish to see articles on how caste system still negatively affects hundreds of millions of people today ? Because i know your hindu-denial routine - the moment i will post articles, you will claim they are western psy-op jobs and there is no casteism in India anymore.
  10. Muloghonto

    Hinduphobic Bollywood

    No there is no false equivalence. The equivalence IS that a tiny minority of nutters go off the deep end and vast majority of people stay silent. In the case of Hindus, a few babas get rich AND propagate a system of discrimination (caste). In case of muslims, people die. One being worse than the other does not change the fact that BOTH are bad. Hindus are silent, because fake babas does NOT change the fact that babas still talk about caste - the fake AND the non-fake ones. Also, the fake-baba list is to do with ONLY the rich A-listers. Nobody cares to police the random babas walking around cities and towns that we run into. The equivalence is in the fact that minority of vocal idiots propagate nonsense and vast majority stay silent. Whether one is advocating mass genocide and the other is advocating throwing eggs at someone's house, it does not change the fact that BOTH are bad - one being way worse than other does not make the former 'good'. As i said, hindus need to grow a pair and face criticism for their ills, instead of hiding behind the relativism of 'our ills are not the worst ills, therefore no ills'. This makes no sense...can you rephrase it ?
  11. Muloghonto

    India should do something for Rememberence Day

    why not ? Its clearly the best way to raise awareness of both our contributions to the two world wars as well as the suffering we went through for it. Are our troops not worthy of respect because they fought for the British ? I mean our own government thought that its okay for British employed troops to become Indian troops in 1947. We didn't fire the entire armed forces....so why cant we honor the fallen ones in service to the two pivotal wars of humankind ?
  12. Muloghonto

    Hinduphobic Bollywood

    Not preaching people to blow themselves up for jannat, does not change the fact that they are propagating belief systems that are still injurious to general society. Again, hindus and hinduism have to stop hiding its ills as 'we are not the shittiest around'. So what. Do you go around justifying every shitty action you do as ' atleast i am not a genocider, murderer or rapist. So when i spit on you, dont freak out but think of murderers' ?!? What kind of bakwaas what-aboutism is this ? It was. But there is still no need for it. It inherently serves no purpose to safeguard the skills - it serves purpose to make people into clans and throw barriers around professions and knowledge - which is exactly what happened. That is why jati system became caste system and both jaati and caste are counter-productive, harmful system to society.
  13. Muloghonto

    Hinduphobic Bollywood

    Irrelevant. Nobody keeps reams and reams of Hadiths in their homes either. Does not mean that many Islamic practices are formed by the Hadiths, which the religious ones are well aware of. Same with Manusmriti. Small cult following but mass general acceptance. Nobody goes up to a baba and goes 'you are a fraud/you spread bakwaas' either. The silent majority, just like in Islam its a tiny % of nutters driving nutty behaviour but silent majority is enabling them. No, not safeguard the profession. Safeguard the family. If i teach my skills to only my kids, its not safegurding the profession- its safeguarding my family. Natural progression that such safeguarding of profession turned into a genetic based discrimination. Yep. And all this is anti-mobility of the masses and counter-productive to betterment of society. hence should be decried. Safeguarding profession is a poor excuse for jati classification. it does not require it. The only requirement is for the families to make sure their progeny gets the skill. There is no need for jati for safeguarding any profession. An endangered profession is far better served by throwing the door open to let ANYONE interested take it, instead of throwing up barriers in the name of jati.
  14. Muloghonto

    Hinduphobic Bollywood

    False. Manu-Smriti does justify it openly. There are several other literature in Hinduism that make references to it. You may argue that Manu-smriti is not absolute like the Koran is to Muslims, but its still part of Hindu literature, much like many lesser hadiths are to Islam. No, but plenty of sadhu-babas go around re-enforcing the purity of brahmins and impurity of lower castes all the time. They were given Rishi status by society. Not by the Vedics/hindus of ancient times. They were called immoral heretics, much like how Buddha himself is maligned in several puranas. Hindu reformation regarding caste system is incomplete and needs to be completed. Whether one calls it caste/jati/varna - all these systems are counter-productive and irrelevant today for ANY purpose. Even if you want to make a case for it existing to prevent inbreeding, its still not required anymore today, where simple genetic test determines who is related and who isn't.
  15. Muloghonto

    What is it like to travel in PAKISTAN.. by Mark Wiens

    So what ends up happening to pakistanis who take citizenship with these countries that are not part of agreement ? do they qualify to go wherever a Pakistani can go or do they get classified as foreign tourists ?

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