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  1. Male Feminist.

    You realize, decline in sexual dimorphism means men and women are closer in size and functionality, not further apart, correct ? The fact that sexual dimorphism has declined and continues to decline, is the most implicit proof of biology that women are equal to men. I could easily say that societies such as Canada, Germany,Scandinavia are way less patriarchial than India, Arabia, Persia etc. and the average German or Canadian woman can beat the snot out of the average wimpy Indian/Arab/Persian man, as the average woman in these countries are taller and more massive than the average Indian or Arab man. Size is about nutrition predominantly, especially childhood nutrition.
  2. Male Feminist.

    Because in almost every single civilization women are second class citizens. Your grandparents lifestyle was 'first feed the kids, then feed th husband and only then the woman eats'. This means women get way less nutrition than the man and that has left an effect.. The reason women became second class citizens is because men started to oppress them once we started to farm, because of inheritance. Only way to ensure your land goes to your children is to make sure your wife sleeps with no one else. Hence the oppression of women in all world religions and philosophies. But we live in the modern age now, where your wife can sleep with a thousand man, give birth to a dozen kids with half a dozen other men and you will still know which one is your child. And hey look- with technological change, morality is also changing. Your morals are not 'right or god given', they are simply a function of technology.
  3. Male Feminist.

    Riiight... So I guess the average german woman has more testosterone than 600 million Indian men, coz the height of average german woman is greater than that of the average Indian man. Or I suppose we all have experienced a massive upsurge in testosterone in our bodies, worldwide, which is why the average male height in the western world went from 5'7 to 5'11 in 1 century. Why don't you actually get educated instead of talking typical sexist crap ?
  4. Male Feminist.

    Their team declined when professional practices like TV analysis, 24/7 coaching and fitness became a thing. Pakistan's decline didn't start with 2007 bombings, it started in the early 2000s. When you have an amateur system, where people don't go through a professional development program, yeah obviously you can have great variations, due to sometimes there being more talented people in one nation's generation than the others. But once you raise the standards to professional standards, then number of participants matter and results are directly correlational to the talent pool. This is why New Zealand has hardly ever had a better team than Australia - they are both professional set-ups, have been for decades, so there is no chance of 'more unpolished talents > few unpolished talents' random events aka the Pakistan-India-SL comparison you have. Due to their professional development programs, all talent is honed,which makes it a matter of talent pool. And since NZ is far smaller than the Aussies in talent pool of cricketers, they hardly ever have had a better team.
  5. Male Feminist.

    See what I mean- chauvinists like you behave like racists. Only when women will utterly, categorically outperform a male, will you give them the same recognition. Ie, setting impossible standards, which are set-up for 'I told you so' comments. Currently, there is only 1 man in the world who can consistently beat Federer or Nadal. That's Djokovic. So you want to consider women as equal to men, only if a woman can do something against two men, that only ONE man in the entire world can. Brilliant double standards. The reason they are smaller, is because they've been kept out of hard labor and good nutrition for generations, which has made a difference to what genes are turned on or turned off. All Neolithic bones from caveman era shows, for eg, that there was hardly any sexual dimorphism between homo sapiens males and females. Ie, 20,000 years ago, a woman was just as likely to beat up a man as vice versa. But we are seeing the oppressive male culture crumble and women are being given opportunities- which is why in western countries, the physical size difference between males and females are decreasing, not increasing. Lions are a different species than us. Different species have different sexual dimorphisms. FYI, female spiders are 10 times bigger and stronger than male spiders. This is not about other species, this is about species homo sapiens. Where the only difference that exists, is because of thousands of years of bigger malnutrition of women and oppression.
  6. Male Feminist.

    Their peak was not in 1998. Serena was not even 17. Venus was not even 18. Sure, they were cocky teenagers. FYI, most top-5/10 players have players in the top 25-40 as their hitting partners. Nadal's hitting partner is Dimitrov ( currently #6 but due to injuries to top half of the field. Else he is a top 15-20 player). Serena's hitting partners for the last 5-6 years have all been top 30-40 ranked male pros. Yes, we all know how BJK didn't take it seriously enough and tarnished the reputation of women and gave fodder to chauvinists like you, while Riggs practiced his pants off. You should read BJK's autobiography sometimes. Yes. Already explained. Women's talent pool is quite shallow because of men like you in their family being unsupportive. No. I don't like the term brother from strangers. Trivializes the term for me. As I said, munafiq, show respect to people before you demand any and the most basic form of respect is to address people as they want to be addressed. I already am a responsible member of the society. Which is why I spend time tearing down out-dated and wrong concepts of men and women that were conceived by illiterates thousands of years ago. You should ask women what they prefer, instead of telling them what they prefer. Women are people too and different people prefer different things. Err no, they are nowhere close to 40% participation rates when it comes to pro sporting feeder systems. They are typically at 5-7%. Washintontimes is not a source to override the official mouthpiece of the IDF. Women do perform the same as men, which is why IDF have given out all sorts of gallantry awards to women that they also give to men. Its only chauvinists like you, holding on to an ideology created by illiterate fools that propagate this nonsense.
  7. KamalHasan wants a union of South India

    Union ? Why not go the opposite way ? The golden age of Tamil Nadu came when Tamils were divided into two kingdoms - the Cholamandala region and Pandyamandala region. Maybe we should do that ?!
  8. Male Feminist.

    Also, read your damn article: " Fewer than half of the soldiers from the elite infantry brigade managed to clear the wall before the course began, Kahane said, concluding therefore that it was not an accurate measure for examining the physical capabilities of a male or female soldier." He is getting rid of a standard that serves no purpose and one that even men from the elite infantry brigades fail. These are the types of male chauvinism women face, due to mentalities like yours, where they have to categorically out-perform men to get the same recognition. Its similar to racism- which i am sure you've experienced (not the random name-calling ones but the institutionalized ones), where you have to categorically out-perform a white guy to get same recognition. If that doesn't strike a cord, it means you lack basic human empathy & decency, really.
  9. Male Feminist.

    This is a current article. It is easing restrictions, so more women will join. I have already posted an official link, that shows women who have served combat positions in IDF have done so with identical distinction as men. Lowering the standards is the same concept as OBC/SC reservations- its designed to attract more candidates. If women were less capable than male soldiers, then IDF wouldn't have the women who've already served every single combat role with distinction.
  10. Male Feminist.

    A large population when the conditions are similar leads to better quality. Your west indies team example does not qualify, because their conditions were far better. Just because you have a large pool of people with no resources, it wont neutralize a small pool of people with much more resources to improve themselves. But large pool with identical resources will trump a smaller pool.
  11. Male Feminist.

    Thats because there are msotly men in the IDF. if 99% of IDF are men, then 99% of casualties will be men. IDF has proven that women can do each and every combat role men can, with no reduction in quality. It doesn't mean their society isnt sexist either ( the ultra-orthodox are super sexist for eg) and women dont suffer from much lower application rates to the military than men.
  12. Male Feminist.

    So ? The West indies team was a great team because they were professionals before us. All of them played county cricket from a very early age, which in the 70s and 80s was a far greater professional set-up than Ranji cricket. You think its rubbish, simply because you are sexist and your ego cannot handle the fact that a woman can kick ur a$$ if she was so inclined to and took fitness at the same level as you.
  13. Male Feminist.

    Yes, a 17 year old was swept by a 200 ranked player. I wonder who Roger Federer lost to when he was 17....oh right...bunch of world # 300s. PS: I am not your brother. Stop addressing me as such, show basic respect. PPS: I am married with kids. The objective of finding girls is long past for me. I already have a wonderful wife. But continue on with your creepy out-dated stone-age alpha-oppressive-perversions of nature.
  14. Feminists !!!

    @Green Monster Why are you running away from addressing the fact that Abraham was mentally ill ??
  15. Male Feminist.

    The 'physical differences' you speak of, are virtually irrelevant towards high performance sports or military persuits. As i said, this is already proven by women succeeding every training and every combat role prescribed by the IDF. This is why Venus Williams can serve at the same speeds as Roger Federer, why Serena William's backhand clocks the same power as Novak Djokovic. The difference in olympic performance of men and women in athletics FYI, is less than 10% in most fields. Given that women have 400-500% less representation than men, a 10% drop in performance is easily explained by the lack of depth in the talent pool ( due to far lesser participation), than by using some stone-age template for 'men and women's roles in society). Its because of teachings of Allah that women in countries that make their rules based on 'Allah' are oppressed so much. I say no to inferior ideologies created by inferior, illiterate men. Those who talk of comets and meteors as 'fire arrows to punish the devils' are put on the same level as those who talk about Snow White and the seven dwarves.

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