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  1. Muloghonto

    Indian feminists !!!

    Not sure about feminazis but your comment earlier to me is the catch-call for every scared dude who cannot handle strong women who know what they want in life and who's life is more than just husband+kids+cleaning house.
  2. Muloghonto

    Indian feminists !!!

    most of us are 9-5 slaves, bud. the only difference is, we can choose our masters, the original ones could not. I thought that was obvious when i used the slaves-entrepreneur contrast instead of slave-free men contrast ?
  3. Muloghonto

    Indian feminists !!!

    Can you please point out where in the video clip she says or implies the bolded part ?!?
  4. Muloghonto

    Indian feminists !!!

    I am saying that 'erosion of family values' is mostly cited by conservatives as women less likely to get married and have kids or being more able to divorce their husbands because they are more financially independent. So yes, in practice, the 'erosion of family values' equates to 'women have more options today' argument, aka not as helpless and subjugated.
  5. Muloghonto

    Indian feminists !!!

    Family values ?!?!? Well duh - if you spread the idea that women don't HAVE TO be baby-making-machines and they can choose to have babies or not, then obviously, not 100% women are going to be baby-making-cleaning-lady-of-the-house. Just like if you give slaves the idea that slavery is optional and they can be entreprenuers too, then not everyone is gonna work the fields....
  6. Muloghonto

    Andy Murray could quit any time

    really ? I'd have thoughts Scots thought higher of Montgomery, no ?
  7. Muloghonto

    Andy Murray could quit any time

    I've seen first hand a few sports careers ruined by hip injuries, it makes a decisive difference even to the serious weekend-warrior types. I am no medical expert, but the way i undertand it is, there are two classes of hip injuries - muscular and skeletal. If you develop arthritis of the hip - which can happen if you play sports that torque your hip a lot ( a lot of quick direction changes, like tennis, basketball, badminton, etc), its game over: it will keep deteriorating with time and only way to prolong career is to reduce workload and reduce performance. Weekend warriors can get away with this (swallow their competetive pride) but for professional athletes, it over. I believe this is the kind of injury Murray had - though its rumours and we don't know what happened to his hip. Muscular hip injuries are also extremely serious, since hip flexors are not big muscles and once you develop weakness of the hip, its extremely difficult to recover from it ( because the muscle basically over-streches and elongates under stress sometimes). This has a cascade effect, as it can rotate your pelvis, put it out of alignment and then your back gets screwed in the process, you can develop bladder issues because of the tilt, etc. But this is something that can be managed, minimized via sports therapy. It still requires daily maintanance and tagetted massage, streching, strengthening, etc. If Ashwin's hip issue is from muscles, he MAY be able to nurse it, provided he gets top level physio support and he is committed to maximum hip rehab. Its possible, since he now basically only plays Tests + IPL so he is not under continuous workload year round. Long story short, hip injuries are one of those that doesn't sound as bad as a busted knee or a completely mangled ankle, but it is the an absolute disaster for a sports person - its the equivalent of having a stroke basically - looks less serious on the surface than a million other diseases, but it almost always diminishes the person's abilities.
  8. basically stunning is inducing seizures in the animal using a high voltage current from a stun-gun to the head/brain stem. The rationale is, it is more humane, because when your brain is undergoing seizure, it cannot feel pain. So stunning before slicing through the neck basically blocks the pain/anxiety sensation to the animal. The best way is a bullet to the brain stem that immediately severs all pain receptors from the body and the brain itself cannot feel pain (ie, if you are kept concious and someone exposed your brain and touched it, you will not feel the touch to the brain). but industrially speaking, its expensive and dangerous to shoot animals in the back of the head several million times per day.
  9. Completely disagree. I like the taste of liver & kidneys more than heart. Testicles taste bad. Brain - animal brain tasted like tasteless fat, fish brains is a different story. Taste is a personal choice - what is tasty to me isnt tasty to others and vice versa. Liver is marginal in its nutritonal value because its full of toxins. Its a great source of iron but eating it more than once a month or so is bad for health.
  10. Ageing the beef makes it softer- far softer than any killing method does. So spare the animal extra suffering and age it is my take. i am all about bullet to the brain stem, bud. Instant death.
  11. Some of the softest, melt in your mouth beef i've eaten is from stun slaughter. So i totally am not buying this whole 'softer beef from halal' nonsense. Especially since in slitting the throat method, the animal is aware its dying and therefore tenses up(seen with my own two eyes). Even if it were not the case, i am not willing to inflict extra cruelty for some imaginary softness of the meat that doesn't exist in the first place.
  12. me neither. But at this moment Kerala is descending into lawlessness. So time for martial law.
  13. This is what privilege does. This happened to India too in the past. Also the Romans Empire. When a society negates the threat of war - either by being far away and isolated from conflict zones ( Canada, Scandinavia today) or via utter dominance of all that is worth dominating ( Roman Empire, Gupta Empire, Maurya Empire, etc), it shifts the focus of society from survival/competition to that of more loving, caring and opportunities for all. The problem is, as history has shown over and over again, this 'end-game' scenario of human social tolerance, progress and benign-ness works only if there are no 'a$$holes and warrior-mentality' left, who will then come and f*ck you up.
  14. Muloghonto

    Pant 2 , MSD 0 - num of test centuries outside Asia

    He did get better over the years. But he still was far, far ahead of where Pant is right now. He kept really well to Kumble in 2007, pretty much *the* hardest bowler to keep to during that era ( this is also what exgaggerated Parthiv's initial failures).

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