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  1. Facts are not the same as opinion. In that case, treason is also a matter of opinion. So is murder - its just a matter of 'opinion' on what basis you can kill a person or not. Having success has nothing to do with whether the kashmiris wanted to be with India or not. Money and religious zealotry can tilt the scales significantly. If Kashmiris were anti-Indians, Kashmir wouldn't be the safest and the hottest tourist destination in India for decades leading up to the late 80s. Its the porous border of Kashmir and the inability to quickly respond to a military situation in Kashmir is why India has so many troops there. Pakistan did afterall, try MULTIPLE TIMES to conquer this piece of our land. Except i disagree that compromising with Pakistan is going to bring better results. Its akin to compromising with a psychopath. Not really. India is not going to disband its army if Kashmir is lost. They are still gonna go sit somewhere. Sure, the few hundreds posted in Siachen costs an extraordinary amount of money, but most of the rest will cost the same, whether sitting in Jammu, Srinagar or Patna. Sure. But we are bigger, stronger and richer. We can take the hits better than Pakistan. This is a mutual choke-hold, with Pakistan being the gorilla and India being the elephant. It hurts, but the elephant will eventually win. The reasonable peaceful solution to Kashmir begins first and foremost with Pakistan not allowing 'freedom fighters' to train and hide in their part of occupied Kashmir. Before this, there can be no negotiation on the issue with someone who actively funds, trains and shelters terrorists.
  2. We are the country that has legal right to Kashmir. There was ZERO problems in Kashmir till the late 80s, when Pakistan started pouring in the money and logistics to prop up terrorists. Its Pakistan that has started 3 of the 4 wars. The one war we started, was in direct response to the genocide Pakistan committed, resulting in destabilizing our borders. I am sorry, we have nothing left to compromise over. You can wax philosophical all you want, but the kabab-mein-haddi is Pakistan and its meddling. We are not going to 'compromise' by giving up our legally entitled land - we ALREADY compromised by allowing Pakistan to hold on to 1/3rd of Kashmir, that is still legally ours. We already compromised by giving back Pakistan all land we've conquered in the wars. We already compromised by giving back 1 lakh Pakistani buzhdil soldiers, instead of turning them into slave labor. What has Pakistan compromised ?? I am quite happy to NOT have peace in these terms. Pakistan can go eff itself and until it compromises, we will keep blackballing them. Once their economy implodes ( like its in the process of doing so), we will pay it back in its own coin. Laaton ke bhut baaton se nahi maantey.
  3. i know thats why we have more 'everything' in Bengal than in Punjab- 95 million vs 35 million or so.
  4. Muloghonto

    What pisses you off?

    his concept of a wife is a maid + babysitter who has sex with him. Hence he wont do the 'womanly jobs' at home. Such unpar gawaar gaao-wallah attitude i've seen dime a dozen both in India and here amonst indo-Canadians (though amongst indo-canadians its mostly Punjabis, as its only unpar-gawaar punjabis who come here from India, rest of all of India are highly qualified. Dunno what scam the Punjabis are running but the result is people like him).
  5. Muloghonto

    What pisses you off?

    Maybe you will start acting like a civilized man, instead of a man following the ideology of illiterates and offer to help your wife to share all household tasks equally. But people like you, do not understand equality. They are too busy pretending to be 'macho'. But first you need to grow balls- which you have none, given how scared you are to openly denounce Canadian Sikh terrorists.
  6. Stop making up nonsense. Just show me a single A/C ever deployed in defensive position in a war. They've been around since 1920s or 30s. Thats plenty of wars to choose from. Show me a single A/C deployment in WWII that is defensive in posture. Why ? The order of priorities of a nation is not constrained by which department gets what budget. If all our hospitals are destroyed, we need hospitals. period. It becomes a higher priority than everything else in the ENTIRE budget. Sure. So stop spending 5 billion dollar on a shiny new toy to brag about that will not be used and start sending that moolah to the states for upgrading their police force. Simple. ISRO earns us money. By commercial launches. A/C literally just sits there and does nothing unless we plan on invading someone. INS Viraat literally served in 0 conflicts. it was not deployed during Kargil either. Its literally a weapon to invade far off places. Which India is not planning to do or in any position to do. The carrier is simply being built because its glamorous. Thats it. If Indian government had its priorities right, we'd not look worse than Kenyan police force while spending billions on a floating air field we don't plan on using anytime soon.
  7. Muloghonto

    Shades of Sachin in Shaw

    Sorry, but Kohli is nowhere near that group as far as i am concerned. He'd need to finish test cricket at an average close to 65 to factor in the discussion with Tendulkar, Lara, Viv, Gavaskar, Sobers, etc.
  8. Its not a strawman argument, because i am attacking the ENTIRE BUDGET. When X gets more $$ than Y in the national budget, it means X is of higher priority than Y. Doesnt matter if X is military weapons and Y is opening new colleges. Demonstrate to us why India needs an A/C more than it needs upgraded police equipment. As i said, our police force equipment is much behind that of China, Russia etc. than our military hardware is.
  9. It is. And nowhere does it say the A/C is performing in a defensive capacity. Nobody buys a ferarri to go grocery shopping and camping. Similarly, nobody builds or buys an A/C to protect itself. Its pretty much the most offensive naval weapon there is, outside of a ballistic missile submarine. You have not demonstrated why the budget should make room for 5 billion dollar of this offensive weapon before spending the said money on upgrading our law and order forces.
  10. Except we did not have the air bases in NE at that time. It was only in Kolkata and aircraft in 1971 couldn't hit Chittagong, their major port. hence the deployment. False. They are NEVER deployed unless in purely offensive capability. Nobody launches a 5 billion dollar floating airfield to defend its own coast, when they can just launch their own air force. I challenge you to show me a SINGLE naval engagement where the A/C is deployed defensively within just a couple of 100 kms of their own coast when they have the air force range to cover that. You will find that the answer is ZERO times. You are confusing offence with defense. To protect sea-lanes, we don't NEED to project power over land. Not unless we want to CONQUER said land. Our A/C literally comes into question if we want to project power over the Malay Peninsula or Chinese coast. Which brings me to the point - how is it more important than upgrading the police force ? You are just saying that. I've already demonstrated that with better armament and body protection, our police force instantly improves its ability to enforce the law and protect its own. Show me how the A/C is of instant value to India. Says the guy who thinks A/C is used for defense. Never in the entire history of an aircraft carrier has it been used defensively. It just doesn't make sense to deploy a multi-billion dollar floating air field when your own air force can do the job.
  11. its a fancy toy unless you plan on invading someone. Show me a SINGLE war-time deployment of A/C that is not in offensive capacity. Also, carrier groups are not the ones who hunt submarines- they are SPECIFICALLY VULNERABLE to submarine warfare. Submarines are hunted by destroyer groups and low altitude turbo-props. Nobody has used an A/C in purely defensive capacity. Which means, for India, its just for show. Much less useful than directly improving police force equipment.
  12. We can hit any point in Pakistan or Afghanistan with IAF. In the war of 1971, the aircraft carrier was not required for Pakistan sector. It was for Bangladesh because we didn't have the right # or location of AIR FIELDS back then. We do now. No military is stupid enough to deploy an A/C to a theatre where the air force itself can reach. The only use of A/C we have, is if we want to start a war with China, Australia, Indonesia, etc. You don't deploy an offensive weapon for defence. The Germans did just fine defending the sea lanes around them in WWII for four years (until their industrial capacity was destroyed) with submarines. Submarines are far bigger dissuasion than A/Cs in a defensive capacity. And such dissuation is only true in case of war. Just because we HAVE an A/C is not going to stop China from building ports elsewhere- which they ALREADY HAVE. ???!???!? and this is more important than IMMEDIATE QUALITY DIFFERANCE TO THE POLICE, HOW ? No, there is no debate. Aircraft carriers are NOT defensive weapons, period. They've never been deployed defensively. They are purely an offensive platform. And since India is not going to invade anyone anytime soon its useless and just for show. And you are yet to demonstrate how its MORE IMPORTANT than better equipment for our police force.
  13. Muloghonto

    Mohammad Abbas...

    You dont need to be genuinely fast to succeed in RSA or NZ. Just ask Philander, Pollock, Boult, Southee, etc. Plenty of pitches there that are ideal for seam & swing bowlers who can hit a spot consistently.
  14. Muloghonto

    Mohammad Abbas...

    Its about the attributes. I don't need to point out that every damn Pakistani post re: bowlers from even 10 years ago was ' he is a medium pacer, indians need to eat meat to make fast bowlers, blahblahblah'. The point is, Pakistanis spent decades idolizing pace, while Indians spent decades idolizing bowlers like Abbas and now the views are opposite.
  15. Muloghonto

    Shades of Sachin in Shaw

    Yes, lets compare a 19 year old with the greatest batsman of the last 70 years. Pile on the pressure, the hype the attention. Give him crores and crores of Rupees. What could possibly go wrong ?!
  16. then you didn't watch Lara at his peak. Simple. Much more elegant than Yuvraj, who just has elegant drives.
  17. Muloghonto

    Mohammad Abbas...

    bhai, he couldn't have played 75 tests because he did not come through the system. Reading his cricinfo bio, he used to be a blacksmith's apprentice in a village somewhere, then became a peon for a law firm in a city, where he played his cricket to get noticed. He wouldn't have been on anyone's radar till 3-4 years ago, max.
  18. Muloghonto

    Mohammad Abbas...

    A fast-medium bowler with excellent control of line and length, with the ability to move the ball both ways. Ironic that he is the kind of bowlers Indians idolized through the 90s and Pakistanis made fun of, while today Pakistanis are singing songs of this guy and Indians are all about 'what speed did XYZ bowl at IPL?!'
  19. again, nothing you have said has demonstrated why India needs an offensive weapon (A/C) - something it has used 47 years ago last- more than better equipment for our police force. Better equipment for our police force = instant improvement in enforcement of crime and less police officers killed in line of duty. The benefit is instant. The benefit for A/C is not instant, not unless India is planning to go attack someone. In defensive capacity, submarines are better than A/C ( more effective, less expensive, etc). Therefore, police equipment >> A/C. Its pretty simple logic, really. And as long as India prioritizes fancy toys for its military that are only for posturing, instead of improving the actual small armaments it gives to the military and police, it will remain a laughing stock of the world.
  20. ofcourse you can prioritize them against each other in the total budget. if the total budget does not cover every need, then it is about prioritizing. And there is no logic in prioritizing an offensive weapon we are in no position to use ( A/C) over basic necessities of the police force.
  21. Calm down. no one is going beserk, terrorist-supporter. Saying that Brahmins have committed attrocities does not change the fact that a) there are Punjabi brahmins too b) Brahmins are like 5-10% of the population anywhere, if that. Doesnt change the fact that as an ETHNICITY yours is the most racist in the subcontinent along with Pashtuns. Says the coward who is too scared to call out Canadian Sikh terrorists and specifically condemn them and demand they be brought to justice. Last i checked, you are the one who chickened out to explicit consent to taping the said meeting. Because your buzhdil napunsak rear-end knows, you cannot face me without bringing 5 goons to back you up, like the tyipical Canadian Sikh terrorists you support and are so scared of. Run away from owning your stuff, kiddo. Bhaag paa-ji, bhaag.
  22. Now who is being racist, like your steriotypical Punjabi ?! You have no idea when i became an atheist, buddy. There are tons in India itself too. Sorry, but i don't give much crap to ancestral anything. That should be obvious by now to any but the most backwards village -idiots like you. Maybe you think i am the hindu equivalent of you, because you yourself is a racist, terrorist-supporting fanatic. I've already quoted your support for terrorists and you ran away. I am quite at peace calling out terrorist supporting Punjabis like yourself. Biggest enemies of India are Punjabis (The Pakistani kind, that is) and indian origin Punjabis like yourself who support terrorists.
  23. err i am not a Brahmin - an atheist cannot be a brahmin by default, idiot. And yea, what many of my ancestors are guilty of is a part of also why i started to question the religion. You'd be wise to do the same for your set of ideologies founded by someone who'd be 'ignorant' by today's standards to say the least, terrorist supporter.
  24. err no. this is precisely why i said in another thread that Punjabis and Bongs have literally nothing to be jealous of each other for.
  25. An A/C is NOT for defending ANYTHING. Its purely an offensive platform. And last time we used it, it was in offensive capacity to launch air strikes over Bangladesh(East Pakistan). Stop trying to divert the issue here. The issue isnt wasteful 5 million dollar statues. The issue is wasteful 5 BILLION dollar floating airfield that we don't need more than proper armaments for the police force. THAT is my contention. Police equipment > aircraft carrier in necessity to the nation. If the issue is to thump a nations maritime economics or defending crucial marine lanes, submarines are far better at the job than a floating air-base. Su-30s have range of 3,000Kms. We dont need a floating air-field to exert 'defensive force for maritime trade'.

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