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  1. Muloghonto

    'insulted the Prophet Mohammed', says his Pakistani killer

    Um Helloooo...Commies are the reason why Uyghur muslims are being de-programmed from Islam in a country where muslims make up less than 1% of the population. 70 years of commie-ism = ZERO terrorists/Islamists from Chechnya, Uzbekistan and central Asian countries. 25 years of post communism = Chechen extremism and Uzbeks being the largest 'foreign fighters' in Afghanistan & Syria for islamists. The evidence is crystal clear. Commies are the best at getting rid of ALL religious right wing, middle wing, left wing and the whole fricking plane itself.
  2. Muloghonto


    Sure. Or you build Fort Knox and the moment he steps foot inside the perimeter a thousand guns put their beads on him. What you DON'T do is tell the psychopath killer he is a bad dude, have him over for tea but he can't stay for dinner coz he is a bad dude and occasionally steal his newspapers & milk deliveries to 'teach him a lesson for being a poopy person'.
  3. Maybe. But not even the first test is over, so relax.
  4. Muloghonto


    Whats the realistic solution to a psychopathic killer stalking your neighborhood ? Two options : confrontation or access denial.
  5. Muloghonto


    Patriotism is needed. But unfortunately, 99% of Indians who 'think' they are patriots, are actually 'nationalists'. Which is not needed. A patriot does whatever it takes to improve and further the interests of their nation and people. A nationalist is the one that picks arbitrary idiologies as representative of their nation and tries to beat it into people for some sort of validation. This is why i find India lacks patriots, even amongst its so-called proud Indians. They really aught to learn what patriotism is, from the Japanese.
  6. Muloghonto

    'insulted the Prophet Mohammed', says his Pakistani killer

    Err, the last century and the current CPC government is proving that the all-time champions of stopping right wing, middle wing- the entire FRICKING BIRD of religion- are godless commies. Pretty much the ONLY good thing about them in my books.
  7. Defensive technique is tested on pitches that are hard to bat on and against great bowlers on even good pitches to bat on. Swinging and seaming pitches are only a short fraction of that equation. Its about scoring runs AS REQUIRED. This is not ping-pong, where surface and conditions are uniform across the board. A 55 in 130 balls chasing 220 is FAR more valuable than a 105 in 110 balls to declare for 630/4. His game MAY become better, but as it stands right now, he is showing that he can only bat in one gear - TONK. And its laughable if you think VVS or Ganguly had an inferior defensive technique than anyone not named Pujara or Kohli in the current team. As far as VVS goes, i rate his technique and strokeplay superior to Kohli - just not as consistent, hence Kohli nudges ahead.
  8. Pains me to say this, but in my 30+ years of watching cricket, he may quite possibly be the worst captain I've ever seen. The only reason I say 'possibly' is because he only has *ONE* quality as a captain: his performances with the bat are definitely 'captain showing the way'. But that's it. His on-field decisions are mediocre, so I will give him a neutral score on it. He is not brilliant like Mark Taylor or even good like Ranatunga with his on-field choices, but he isn't completely crap either. Very average. But Virat Kohli sucks at practically everything else : He is a horrible team selector. He is completely in denial about taking responsibility for the team he picks. And above all, he is the worst captain ever in destroying confidence of each and every single player in the team by chopping and changing randomly. Sets a poor example in the field with his uncouth aggressiveness. ( there is a fine line between Kohli style tapori-giri slummer attitude and aggressive but cool temperament like Steve Waugh or McCallum.) A captain that fails to take personal responsibility is the worst leader of all. Lost a lot of respect for Kohli after this interview, as he lacks the most basic quality of a leader : to step up and take personal responsibility. Great leaders ALWAYS question their decisions when things don't go right. Because one cannot lead, if one cannot see self as first line of critique. Kohli is 180 degrees opposite of this mentality. We need a new captain and we need him fast.
  9. Kohli needs to get Ashwin to specifically target the lefties as early and as much as possible. Perfect example is the 31st over. Handscomb took 1 run off the final delivery.....dont get Ashwin to bowl the next over, bring in Bumrah. This kind of bowler juggling and targetting the opposition batsmen's weaknesses is critical to success while defending a low-ish total.
  10. Yeah but when you run a bowler into the ground, you do it like what happens to Shami - pulled hamstrings, sore backs, etc. Not stress fractures, which are independent of running a bowler into the ground. 110 overs is defendable if your intent is to defend only. RSA almost did it in square turner in India ( and they batted more than 110 overs), OZ can do it vs ours in their own backyard.
  11. For every 1 Sehwag, we have 12 Afridis and Powells. Pant has more chance with zero defensive technique and temperament to be an Afridi than a Sehwag.
  12. Poor record in England is to do with poor handling of the moving ball. Not poor defensive technique. Both VVS and Gangs was better at defence than anyone not named Pujara and MAYBE Kohli in this lineup, bud. VVS i'd say had a better defensive technique than Kohli does.
  13. I'd rather we have more overs to bowl them out than gas their bowlers. This is not the 3rd match of the series but first. And these are Aussie bowlers, not Shami. 110 overs does give them hope for a block-athon.
  14. Bhai if you read my post, 330 is safe here. 350 has been breached in the 4th innings at Adelaide only 3 times in its entire history.
  15. Yeah but even when coaches/captain tells you to go bash and score runs quickly for the team, only Afridi so far goes 'chakka every ball' mode in Tests. Pant, if he was smart, would've blocked a few more balls before 'chakka-chasing' again. I don't think any coach/captain has ever really said 'i want you to go out there wanting to hit six every ball'.
  16. India in commanding position and soon-to-be-unassailable position on this ground. 300+ has been scored on Adelaide in the 4th innings only 12 times in its history, with India's 315 all-out in 2013 the highest 4th innings score in Adelaide since 1992, when India scored 333 all-out. 350+ has been scored in the 4th innings at Adelaide only 3 times in its history. If India can score another 50 runs, India should be in the clear. 2 out of 3 of those instances came before WWII and the highest 4th innings score at Adelaide is India's 445 all-out in 1978.
  17. I hereby re-name Pant as Rishaeed Pantridi.
  18. And he was one of the better batsmen in that contest. Warne is not gonna be a factor against Sehwag anyways.
  19. Muloghonto


    Bumrah has bowled excellently in this test so far. I know we have 1 more innings to go, where he can cement his good work, but his current innings performance deserves to be lauded. While he ends up as India's most successful bowler this innings, with very respectable figures of 24-9-47-3, it should be noted that his initial starting spell was 5-0-25-0. Meaning, for rest of the innings, he's returned extremely impressive figures of 19-9-22-3 . This is a near-perfect, almost Ambrose-esque choke job from days gone by.
  20. Muloghonto

    What will be target India should set for Australia?

    the highest 4th innings score at Adelaide in the last 18 years has been 310 or so, i belive. As such, I don't see an India declaration coming - IF we are at that stage - without the lead passing 350.
  21. Muloghonto


    Yes but Donald was significantly more bouncier than Bumrah, while being still just as fast, just as accurate and unlike Bumrah had help from fellow hall of fame bowler Pollock to 'hunt in packs'. And before Pollock, he had support of some extremely good fast bowlers like deVilliers, Schultz, etc. Bumrah does not have that and without Donald's support cast and his superior bounce, Bumrah is not going to be as successful without developing the outswinger i think. Dont get me wrong, i think Bumrah will go down as one of the best Indian pacers, but if he did have a good outswinger, he could be our first genuine HoF pace bowler.
  22. Muloghonto

    Ishant sharma bowls shyte

    The past is the past. If Ishant is a top 3 pacer TODAY, he is a lock for any overseas match and as of now, he is a lock. Ishant is showing the possibility of pulling a James Anderson on us. While its been only 1 year of excellent bowling, the last few years he's been steadily improving. I don't have to remind you that Anderson, despite bowling in 'swingers paradise' of England - ideally suited for him, still $hat the bed in the first half of his career: from 2003 to 2009, after 7 years, his stats stood at 'Ishant-esque' 44 matches, 80 innings, 148 wickets @ 34.85 and only 7 5-wicket hauls. He was forgiven for being the worst swing bowler in history of test cricket to've gotten that far in such conditions, because from that point onwards, he was in the top 3 pace bowlers available to England.
  23. Muloghonto


    i am afraid that won't happen. His bowling style of choking the runs away is worth its weight in gold and he will not be sitting out too many limited overs matches due to this reason. Not unless he pulls an Ashwin and goes from a 'limited over specialist who did well in tests' to a test specialist who now sucks in limited overs.

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