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  1. Muloghonto

    Test Career predictions - Ishant, Shami, Ashwin

    I think realistically, one of Ishant and Shami will end up with much less wickets than that, due to getting much less opportunities. The new crop of fast bowlers are looking the most promising India has ever had in the U-20s range, with Mavi, Nagarkoti (even though injured), Porel etc. making strong cases to be in the team over the next 2-3 years. Bumrah has already established himself as our #1 pacer and i think this margin will grow - especially if Bumrah doesn't prove himself to be the complete opposite of desi fast bowlers, aka 'beats up overseas but doesn't know how to bowl on pitches he grew up on'. This means, realistically, India's 2+2 home policy and a 3+1 overseas policy will see a big curtailment in one of Ishant and Shami's careers in the next 2-4 years.
  2. Muloghonto

    Most wickets in 2018

    I am not a conspiracy theorist at the very least, nor do i go by looks very often but lately something has been bothering me: Shami really does look - even for 'desi build guys' to be more like a late 30s guy than a late 20s guy. How credible do you think are the rumors of 'Shami is much older than his advertised age' ?
  3. Muloghonto


    Yep. If Indian nationalists want to understand this concept, they should study Israel. They don't make movies and tv shows about jihadi Palestinians and great IDF. They make movies about love stories, heists, adventures etc - the normal masala stuff. But their defense forces are the king-kong of 'muh-tor jawaab' ideology.
  4. Muloghonto

    Most wickets in 2018

    On a more relevant note, India and Australia have 2 more tests to go this year, South Africa and Pakistan have 1 more, New Zealand and Sri Lanka have 2 more. While Rabada and Perera have healthy leads over the next active players, its possible (though unlikely) for Ashwin, Lyon and Shami to usurp the #1 spot. Anderson is almost certainly losing his #3 spot.
  5. The current rules are fair when seen as a big picture. Who does the crease-line belong to ? The batting side or the bowling side ? The answer is BOTH. This is why when it comes to no-balls, the line belongs to the batsman but when it comes to run-outs, the line belongs to the fielding side.
  6. Yep. Trump knows how to manipulate an audience excellently - in that respect he is far closer to Modi than Pappu. Plus Trump and Hillary were on level playing field, with both wanting to be first time in power. Modi is an incumbent and has all the advantage.
  7. Only if you want to make sure that BJP becomes a fully fascistic hindu party that appeals to hindi belt first, hindus second and everyone else is a second class citizen. Adityanath makes a good case for why India should follow the civilized world and ban religious dresses from government. Man is a walking, talking embarassment to India and history of Hinduism. Making this fundamentalist party leader is tacit admission of defeat to Congress/Mahagatbandhan forever.
  8. Bud, i get how Indian politics work, given how politically involved some members of my family are. Communal politics is not a new phenomenon. the 'IN-YO-FACE' out in the open, headline-grabbing communal politics from grassroots-up is a new phenomenon. Congressi communal politics is more insidious and better for optics and optics matter. Its just that simple. well, a lot of Indians are scared of the saffron-chaddis beating their 'patit pawan siya raam' narrative openly. THAT is what people are getting scared of. BJP bhakts telling people how to dress, what to eat, making too much fuss about temples, making idiotic gau-mutra and vedic 'science' statements, etc etc. People are seeing the fundamentalist side of hinduism out in the open with BJP and as i said, most hindus are moderate hindus, especially outside the hindi belt and they are tilting away slowly. Yep. Which is why the common man is getting slowly scared of the saffron wave politics. tell that to the BJP who have practically every other day statements from their chaddi-dharis in the vein of 'haw haw hindus are so great, gau mutra haw haw, vedic science haw haw, dress conservative haw haw' idiocies.
  9. you mean the 'non-fundamentalist/chaddi hindus' aka 80% of India ? Sure.... Modi has also demonstrated that he is either a chaddi-dhari himself or a weaker leader than he projects himself to be due to his inability/unwillingness to reign in the chaddi-dharis of his party.
  10. BJP did better than congress at all those things. What BJP miscalculated, is the support for neo-fascistic hinduvta movement outside of a few areas of the hindi belt. most indians are highly embarassed by our gau-mutra drinking, ' vedic scientist' toting idiot ministers and the loony fringe in BJP. Most Indians are NOT religious fundoos and as such, BJP trying to create a 'hindu saffron wave that goes toe to toe with Islamic fundoos' is whats backfiring. BJP became hinduvta nationalists, instead of Indian patriots. And they are slowly starting to wake up to the price they will pay for it.
  11. Muloghonto

    Most wickets in 2018

    I agree,though the caveat is, i think Saba Karim was a really good batsman for a wicketkeeper.
  12. Muloghonto

    Most wickets in 2018

    It takes two to tango. Warne was poor in India because our batsmen were too good against him and ate him alive. Offies are always easier to sweep than leggies for right handers for the simple physics of playing WITH the spin vs against the spin. For me, it is clear that you hardly watched any cricket till ten years ago or have a severe recency bias. I did say Pujara is extremely good at playing spin. But he isnt as good as a dozen batsmen who came before him.
  13. thats what you get, when self-proclaimed nationalists are more interested in gau-mutra, lynchings over cows and temples instead of solving real issues like development and Kashmir. Hopefully this is a loss for BJP because it needs to learn that Indians are more interested in improving their economic situation than fake hindu-giri.
  14. Muloghonto

    Most wickets in 2018

    And we've seen Kohli and co get owned by some ordinary pacers. One offs do not make a case. Yep. much worse. Thats coz to you, everything new = better and you are either too young or not too observant to realize the cycles in sports. Sidhu could make Warney weep on square turners. Since Pujara does not get to bat against such great spinners, he will have to settle for a lower proven status. Simple. Yeah. Lyon on a minefield vs Azhar on a square turner vs Warney. I know which one i will rate higher. Pujara is a very good batsman against spinners. But all-time great, he is not. Same with Kohli vs pace - very good but i know i'd pick a dozen others on pitches with bounce, swing or seam.
  15. Muloghonto

    Most wickets in 2018

    Its mostly because 99% of Indian fans do not realize, that this India team, over the last 5-6 years, is the worst Indian team since atleast the 1960s, when it comes to playing spin. Our best player of spin by a country mile- Pujara, is noticably behind the likes of Tendy, Azhar, Sidhu, Ganguly, Laxman, Sehwag, Manjrekar, Vengsarkar, Gavaskar, Umrigar - pretty much anyone- in that category. Our 2nd best batsman against spin - Kohli is about as far behind in playing spin to these spin-maharathis as the likes of Azhar, Sidhu, Manjrekar etc were at playing pace on swinging, seaming wickets to Kohli. I am not kidding when i say that the likes of Rahane or Rahul, when it comes to playing spin, are about on par with the likes of Nayan Mongia/Saba Karim. Thats how far we've fallen. As such, Indians are not used to seeing opposition spinners doing better than our own in h2h contests. Its a lot easier to blame 1 or 2 guys - aka our spinners- than it is to accept that the consequence of India's fanatical obsession to win overseas, from the late 90s onwards ( instilled by the Ganguly captaincy regime) has lead to such structural changes that our batsmen have become much better at playing pace at the consequence of being much crappier at playing spin. Used to be a 'given' that our batsmen were so much superior at playing spin that playing vs India, someone like Warney or Saqlain = as effective as Raju or Chauhan is against them.
  16. Muloghonto


    No. I am in 'none of the above camp'. Would prefer BJP for their economic policies but their social policies and mentalities are ghastly. Just as ghastly as congress's. I am a pucca atheist - all fairytales are bunk. I am also a realist- which means i consider certain fairytales ( desert related for eg) far more harmful than others. I simply have no time for hinduvta garbage, that is rooted in psuedo-intellectualism and spreading nonsensical ideas about our history, which is one of the most complex, syncretic and unique in the world. In a nutshell, congressis simply do not care about the complexities of Indian history and the BJP types simply lack the brainpower to comprehend it.
  17. Muloghonto

    Why are India so bad at knocking over the tail ?

    where did i say that ?
  18. Muloghonto

    Why are India so bad at knocking over the tail ?

    its called normalized data over a wide data-set to weed out statistical anomalies.
  19. Muloghonto

    Perth Test: Would you drop the openers?

    After having lived in the west for nearly 30 years, i can say, ladies and gentlemen, this is the 'permanently $hit-faced/drunk' look of 50-something experienced drunkards.
  20. Muloghonto

    Perth Test: Would you drop the openers?

    Take a page out of Don Bradman's winning strategy (once upon a time), where he inverted the batting order, himself came in as #7 or #8 batsman and won the test. So we should open with Bumrah + Shami. Ishant 1 down, etc etc.
  21. Muloghonto

    Why are India so bad at knocking over the tail ?

    yeah but 78 runs on a 5th day pitch by the last 3 wickets is unacceptable. Especially when its the captain who is too cowardly to attack and sets one-day field for his bowlers and has 4-5 dollies go untaken in expected 2nd slip/gully positions due to missing fielders !!!
  22. Muloghonto


    We also shoot it down because unlike a national narrative that is accurate, hinduvta wants to make a FALSE narrative to suit its purposes. Yeah last i checked, Japan does not invent nonsense history nor does it consider western scholarly input to be bunk, all the while giving platform to psuedo-intellectuals with zero proper qualifications to push their agenda. Don't compare Indian nationalists with Japanese patriots - Indian nationalists are like children- petulant, lost and often wrong.
  23. Muloghonto

    Hinduphobic Bollywood

    100 marks out of 100 to Bollywood for depicting the cheating, lying fortune-tellers accurately in India. Every single one of them looks like this dude, trying to legitimize their nonsense with a million hindu god/goddess pictures.
  24. Muloghonto

    'insulted the Prophet Mohammed', says his Pakistani killer

    China does not have a socialist system. Not in the least bit.
  25. Muloghonto

    Please no Ashwin for the rest of this series

    So point out which over Ashwin directed the field himself. Not once did he direct the field himself. Every single time he made a fielding change, Kohli came and talked to him or started talking to him from afar. This is decisive proof that Kohli did not let him set the field. All you need to do is watch how bowlers who set the field do it and the captain STFU and goes where he is told by the bowler. Not yakyak at his bowler. Besides, no bowler is foolish enough to bowl on a 5th day pitch with 3 wickets remaining and 100 runs to go with only 1 slip and no gully. You are trying to blame Ashwin for what is absolute bakwaas captaincy by Kohli.

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