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  1. Muloghonto

    #MeToo India 2.0

    Living is bad for health. Alcohol is bad for health. Red meat is bad for health. Should i go on ? And what the hell do you even know about the various drugs and stuff anyways ? Did you never learn the concept of 'i shall not form strong opinions on a subject before i educate myself on the topic' ? Unlike you, i live in a country where people are okay with grown a$$ adults taking mind-altering substances for fun, so long as they are not being idiots about it. its fine if you don't want to use it, but its also fine if someone wants to use party drugs once in a while. As for jobless - bud, i work as a coder from a laptop. Its not hard to leave ICF running in the background and respond from time to time. Trust a teenager from a repressed nation, who hasn't been taught how to think, making random assumptions.
  2. Muloghonto

    #MeToo India 2.0

    Abuse ? nope. Use ? for certain drugs, sure. Didn't harm anyone much for dropping MDMA or E 4-5 times a year at raves. Much better than drinking a gallon of beer every weekend in the long term. Do you know what drugs you can even overdose and die from ? Here's a clue for you - you cant overdose really on weed, acid or mdma. The most common drug for overdose are opiates and cocaine. Cocaine is quite literally affordable by people making 100K or more ( or you got to prostitute yourself/rob people). Doing heroin or opiates at a rave is as stupid as taking a laxative before boarding a plane. Its quite literally the opposite of what you want to do. But since your education doesn't cover these, i am not surprised.
  3. Muloghonto

    #MeToo India 2.0

    Thats because you are a kid with no real experience in the adult world. Dinner with co-workers/bosses etc. is a very common thing in service & information industries. Better team bonding and in many cases (especially in the movie industry - i know because where i live is the 2nd largest movie industry in North America - they work 12-14 hour days at shoots), there simply is not enough hours in the day to fit in everything. If you ever get into management, book-mark this page and laugh in future, because you will be meeting clients, team-members, bosses, underlings, etc. over dinner, over golf, etc. LOL. You are such an opinionated person for so little experience. Heres a little tidbit for you - British Columbia is known for its long-weekend raves in the summers. So many EDM events that are basically go camping with 5000+ people for 3-4 days --> rave at night, recover at day. I once helped set up Shabhala. It gets 11-12K people. Biggest rave pretty much on the west coast. Full of security, help centers, etc. Every year about 10-30 women report getting their drinks spiked or getting exploited. You do the math on how common it is. Here's a thing - once you leave the boring, no party nation called UAE, you will realize, that most people, especially women, are SAFER in big crowds than inviting a colleague/acquaintance to their homes. This goes for raves too.
  4. Muloghonto

    #MeToo India 2.0

    why are you so surprised by this ? Is it because you are so freaking young, you think that every adult out there has integrity ?! Maybe so. But here is a life-lesson for you: a big chunk of humanity are hypocrites. They will preach A but do !A in their own life. It has nothing to do with left or right and is especially bad when people are in position of power. Hence catholic priests and muslim imams raping lil kids is such an epidemic. Same with glamorous liberal sounding people in power who will refute those principles to abuse power. Anyways, you are digressing. I am simply pointing out, that whether someone should/should not play for another nation is purely an opinion on what SHOULD be. Arnab didn't deny the FACT that many players play for foreign teams (such as Saffers for England for eg or all the players for Hong Kong, UAE etc). Similarly, Arnab is not going to dispute the FACT that many women in India get sexually harassed. Learn some basic logic for comparisons, please.
  5. Muloghonto

    #MeToo India 2.0

    Kid, you need to grow up more and get way more education, if you can compare the notion of playing for another nation (which is a theoretical personal opinion), versus accepting/denying a phenomenal occurance ( sexual harassment) in society. Highlighted part is indicative of why living in a jaahil oppressive nation like the UAE + being a kid who isnt very well educated, will rot your brain.
  6. Muloghonto

    #MeToo India 2.0

    The simple thing about ending sexual assaults or atleast, massively reducing them, is to talk to them about sex, sexual urges and respecting women right before (and during) their teen years.
  7. Muloghonto

    #MeToo India 2.0

    Because Arnab is not a blind nationalist, he quite knows the sexual assault/harassment problem in India is rampant.
  8. Muloghonto

    #MeToo India 2.0

    how is that an inappropriate joke ?! that does not even sound like a joke. A sexually inappropriate joke would be something that steriotypes male or female genetalia or sexual behaviour in a demeaning way. like saying something like " you think seven years bad luck for breaking a mirror is bad ?! try breaking a condom in use" or " my husband said last night 'I bought a box of Olympic condoms. I think i will wear gold tonight', so i said ' why don't you wear the silver ones tonight and come second for a change ?' are just funny (or not funny depending on your sense of humor) jokes. Nothing inappropriate about them.
  9. Has to be Rafi. Died at 55. Way too soon for most stalwarts. Kishore Kumar too.
  10. Muloghonto

    Captain Kohli turns vegan, feels it has improved his game

    here is another example : the mustard plant shows is eaten primarily by cabbage patch catterpillars. Mustard plants dont want to be eaten, so when this happens, they up the secretion of oil in their leaves, which apparently these caterpillars find distasteful and lower their consumption. Now, we've found through research, that this is a learned behaviour. It doesnt happen immediately in young plants. It takes practice. Just like with an animal taking practice to hunt or run the heck away. Once practiced, you could play a RECORDING of the sound of the cabbage patch caterpillar munching on the leaves of mustard plants and it does the same response. This is pretty much the same behaviour in animals, where you see a tiger roar and run the heck away. Next time you just hear the roar and start running. These are signal processing and decision-making attributes - the most base result of any artificial or natural neural nets. Sure, its not as evolved as that of a higher mammal, but i highly doubt its much different (in its output and processing range) than that of a much less capable member of kingdom animalia - like a plankton. Where this is happening ? we have no idea. but we have mounting evidence to trash the assumption that CNS is necessary for feeling pain and such.
  11. Muloghonto

    Captain Kohli turns vegan, feels it has improved his game

    how is it less evil to kill a goat than a monkey ? or is it less evil to kill a plant, because it doesnt scream than a rat that squeals ?! You are simply equating more/less evil with what you can percieve a living being's ability to express pain or suffering. if plants do feel, which we are seeing a growing evidence for, then what makes it less evil than killing a cow or a pig or a chicken or a fish ?! I will give you a very simple analogy: two babies are being cut to pieces. one is a regular baby. the other has no voice box and paralysis. Ie, the second baby cannot really scream or wriggle as u cut it. Does the second baby suffer less ? This principle, applied to any animal and now, with growing evidence with plants, simply should tell you that if we see evidence of traumatic response to pain, its pretty much the same thing for THOSE creatures. Our ability to percieve it or not via our senses ( which will ALWAYS be biassed towards kingdom animalia, as we are PART of kingdom animalia, so our bodies and responses will be far similar to it) should not be confused with what is less/more harm done. killing plants = less harm done is quite literally saying less harm = what our senses tell us, screw the limitations of our senses and the objective possibility of sensations that are outside of our sensory perception. We have a brain. Our research is telling us, that plants show adaptive behaviour. they change their bodily functions only when certain creatures are eating them, revert back to normal when its a seperate creature. They show evidence of memory based learning. They show ability to warn each other when one is being eaten or chopped up. These are all objective bechmarks of cognitive function. How does it happen without a brain ? we simply don't know. Our entire idea of cognition assumes CNS. But at the end of the day, its an assumption. Yet, we are seeing growing evidence of plants displaying CNS attributes without possessing one. As a thinking species, i refuse to consider more/less evil based on just what i can see/touch and hear.
  12. Muloghonto

    Captain Kohli turns vegan, feels it has improved his game

    As such, the only moral angle to food i can credibly find, is the jain diet: no animals killed, no plants killed either. Ie, no root vegetables. I know it doesnt happen in practice (where several non-tuberous plants are also killed at harvest) but atleast, its theoretically possible. As such, i simply do not associate any moralism to killing anything and eating it. To kill to eat something, is innate to us and its our biology. Saying eating meat is wrong on moral level is as denial of species homo sapien's biological nature, as saying bi-pedal-ism is wrong. We simply dont have to subject the being to unnecessary suffering before we kill it and eat it.
  13. Muloghonto

    Captain Kohli turns vegan, feels it has improved his game

    simple. The idea that killing animals is wrong because they can feel pain but killing plants is not wrong because they cannot feel pain, is a massive assumption. its practically racism on the level of kingdoms in biology, where we are simply going by our ability to discern reaction from kingdom animalia (owing to being a part of it and therefore, much closer related to it) over that of kingdom plantae and dismissing the latter.
  14. Muloghonto

    Captain Kohli turns vegan, feels it has improved his game

    Everything in moderation is a good policy. White meat (bird meat) is pretty healthy too. So is goat meat(red meat).
  15. Muloghonto

    Ashwin first 43 matches 24 5-fers, next 20 matches just 2

    the biggest reason is the overseas tours, where he hasn't bowled as much as he does at home. But yes, his batting has declined a LOT.
  16. Muloghonto

    Captain Kohli turns vegan, feels it has improved his game

    Yes, if we all took protein shakes, we can all pretend to be vegans too.
  17. As the title says, i think the next test will demonstrate whether this Indian team is interested in long term planning and the Australia series in mind, or simple short-term thinking for the sake of boosting averages against a minnow. Let me explain. India has a couple of concerns with its test team long-term, which would badly affect it in Australia: 1. Lack of a stable opening duo. Emphasis on the word 'duo'. Regardless of how many runs Shaw scores in this or next test (doesnt look like he will bat again this test), it doesn't change the fact that the 2nd opener's slot is wide-open for Australia. Says a lot about India that the slot that seems 'taken' is the slot filled by a debutant currently. India has a few options here - go with Dhawan, give Rahul another shot to solidify his confidence for OZ or go for a new opener alltogether. My recommendation - give Mayank a chance and see how it pans out. 2. Test Rahul in the middle order. His entire style of play, his runs, etc. are all indicative of a player not cut out to be an opener. He doesn't have the 1 in a million hand-eye coordination of Sehwag to make the late career middle order to opener jump. But he can learn, so that avenue isn't closed yet. Better to see if he can bat more assuredly in the middle order. My recommendation - given Pujara's form overseas historically and currently, he should still be our first choice #3 but a couple of bad tests in OZ can bring back his gremlins. Give Rahul a chance in the middle to see if we have a viable alternative to Pujara at #3. 3. Rest Kohli. Yes, he is amazing, but this team doesn't need Kohli to win vs the Windies. And if it does, we are in deep doo-doo in Australia. Rest him for the next test, to see how the batting order responds to him being left out. Will Rahane grab the chance with both hands ? Will someone else ? If Kohli is not rested, definitely rest Rahane. Barring scoring an unbeaten triple, there is not much Rahane can do versus this West Indies attack that will boost his confidence for Australia. My recommendation ? Rest Kohli, give Rahane the captaincy and put him in the 'do or die' situation vs a minnow. This is the perfect opportunity for Rahane to test his mettle, as his sheer batting skill won't be tested by the Windies, so it will be all about his mindset & mental game. 4. Bat Vihari. He has been our ace in the domestic circuit for a while now and he needs more than a debut 50 in England (though very commendable) and 3 months rest before Australia. Giving him the opportunity to score big will be a good boost to his confidence and demonstrate the meritocracy of the lineup. 5. Play next test with 3 pace bowlers. Yes, i know its counter-productive in India or vs the West Indies, but we need to see who amongst our pacers (apart from Ishant and Bumrah) can bowl well with the old ball. Maybe even give one of the young speedsters a go and see if they can seize the moment. Bottomline is in Australia we wont be bowling with 3 spinners and we dont need 3 spinners at home vs West Indies either. 6. Rest Ashwin. He is still not 100% since his hip injury. No need to get him 'playing fit'. He needs rest and recouperation. It also gives us the opportunity to see if one of our spinners not named 'Jadeja or Ashwin' can be a spearhead spinner, atleast at home. As such, my lineup for test 2 would be: Mayank Prithvi Rahul Pujara Rahane* Vihari Pant + Jadeja Kuldeep/another spinner pacer pacer
  18. Muloghonto

    Putin arrives in India, S-400 missile deal on the cards...

    why bother arguing with Pakistani ? they live in la-la land and are proud of an army that doesn't even give proper funeral to their own fallen troops to save face. losers of all 4 wars with india and they still instigate - thats the kind of moron nation we are dealing with.
  19. Yes, once the camera angles changed with better zoom technology in the late 80s, the advantage Pakistanis had with their crooked umpires largely disappeared. Which is why it made it easy for him to ask for neutral umpires. Sort of the same reason why the British go around beating their chests about ending slavery & slave trade.
  20. Again, stop making up nonsense biologically. Human females can have pregnancy free sex for very few days of the month and that too, only if they PRECISELY chart their periods - something that is bloody hard to do without a CALENDAR, which nobody had for tens of thousands of years. The bulk majority of days of the year, if the female has sex, she has a high chance of getting pregnant. You have a penchant for twisting/inventing nonsense to fit your agenda, this is a classic example. Prior to contraception, the decisive clue to our heterosexual history, is in our genes. Period. Industrial revolution did not end farm-based societies. Even in 1901, the largest % of British people, were farmers. Again, census data. Don't make up nonsense please. Except we have clear evidence that monogamy did not end with industrial revolution. Industrial revolution for hundreds of years did not have paternity tests - the presence of which is the decisive factor for inheritence issues. Europe had a 40 year peace between 1870 and 1914. During industrial revolution. Did not change their mating patterns. Post WWII peace in the 50s,60s and 70s did not change the mating patterns. Paternity tests and abortion ease from 1980s did. This is the clear-cut correlation. Yes, because no easy abortion access and no access to paternity tests = monogamy is preferred. Raising your own kids does not nullify monogamy. Monogamy is not defined as singular partner through life, its defined as one partner at one given time. 60s and 70s most hippies were still serial monogamists - i should know, i live in the hippie center of the universe (aka US-Canada west coast). Except polyamory is still predominantly done by heterosexual people ( as heteros are the dominant majority of virtually every demographic group). Polyamory was quite literally fringe non-hetero behaviour ( outside of old age polyamory, aka swingers) prior to easy access to abortion, birth control and paternity tests. Awareness of human nature does not relate to polyamory at all, since polyamory mostly seen are not polygyny - which is the default model of polygamy for species homo sapiens for most of its existence. You are exposing a classic 'by nature' fallacy - which you have in your past regarding foods and such - to justify current trends, you try to look at it from a 'nature of humanity' angle, controvert the data and time-line to suit your agenda and completely ignore the new inventions that are driving the change. They are much more comfortable now, because 99.9% of STIs are curable, paternity tests take away ambiguity from pregnancies and pregnancies can be controlled for quite literally 1.5 dollars/day (on pills) or 5 bucks for a 'morning after' pill. You can try to ignore the two most important developments in human sexuality in history of humanity, but most scientists wont. In the last 40 years, we are seeing a decisive rise to non-polygyny polyamory in the west. This was not present prior to the 1980s. Also since the 1980s, for first time in the entire history of species homo sapiens, have we attained the ability to completely control our pregnancy AND determine the paternity of a new-born. At no point in human history, did we have the ability to completely control our pregnancies en-masse, neither did we possess the ability to decisively determine (through testing of the individual) who the father of a child is. These are, in terms of mating behaviour, decisive, earth-shattering changes. Only a fool ignores such changes when trying to analyze modern human sexual behaviour in countries where such course of action (pregnancy control & pat tests) are easily accessed. If you make up nonsense, like you did in this thread, you will get heat. Discussions are neither of the things you described, until someone starts to make up nonsense. you made up nonsense about how the rest of the world from the Romans were polygamous, how polygamy started with Rome, etc. All random,baseless, nonsense. There are not just wrong conclusions from ignorance (which you make aplenty) - these are false information being peddled, period. Thats because you are a religious nut when it comes to raw foods and display the same level of belief as a religious person does to their faith. You may firmly BELIEVE in your raw foods nonsense. But most here KNOW that raw food diet is dangerous and unfit for most human consumption, because science tells us so. Then learn to not invent fake data or make up BS to try and bolster your point. I have a degree in history - which is why its easy for me to spot your made up falsehoods regarding history. I am also a STEM field degree holder, which means i can do the same when you invent falsehoods about science or try to pass off a travel magazine as a 'source' in science. It is very simple then - stop making stuff up or coming up with BS that YOU invented, just to bolster a point.
  21. Muloghonto

    Is Gilgit Baltistan The most beautiful part of the World?

    occupied, not legally part of.
  22. Yeah. Imran's bowling also looked very dodgy. He'd bowl a near half-volley or full pitched ones that'd pitch and then break in like an off-break. I remember a Desmond Haynes interview when he got clean bowled in the late 80s off an Imran delivery that he says pitched on the full, nearly a foot outside the off-stump and crashed into his middle stump, during a tour of Pakistan. He picked up the ball and said 'it had a ragged seam like its been picked and one side of the leather had holes (now we know, from bottle caps) that looked like a dog chewed on it. Showed it to the umpires but they just shrugged and blamed wear and tear'. Not to mention, Imran was the ultimate in farming his average, in both versions. When he declined as a bowler, he routinely opened the bowling with Akram ahead of Waqar, got 8-2-15-1 type of figures and never bowled again in the match or came back for another 5-6 overs with a 70 over ball to knock over the tail. This is standard of his 87-91 period, where he didn't bowl like a declining bowler. Instead,he abused his captaincy rights to essentilly propel a 5th bowler (himself) with the new ball, leading to a 'Hansie Cronje or Steve Waugh with the new ball before Pollock or Hughes' kinda scenario.
  23. Yeah, its not just us, but other teams- like England, West Indies, etc. who've all complained about the whole lbw double-standards in Pakistan during the 70s & 80s period. It lessened in the 90s due to tv scrutiny but was still there. If you notice, the lbw stats of almost all Pakistani bowlers ( Qadir, Imran, etc) are all massively skewed for home vs Away compared to others, while their batsmen have the same benefit too at home. Wasim is the only bowler i see not benefitting much from this lbw scenario, since for left arm pacers vs righties, most lbws come from extremely full and straight balls, with most swinging deliveries being more doubtful for the umpires.
  24. Was not aware that Rahul genuinely fancies himself as an opener more than a middle order bat. That is a troubling sign, because it shows Rahul is not as mentally strong as Sehwag, who for example, relished being an opener but always saw himself as a 'middle order bat adapted to being an opener. His belief in himself did not change depending on the team needs, rather, he kept his belief and accomodated the team's needs'. The re-jigging of the batting order is of no consequence to the batting order itself - i am not saying we should carry the same batting order ahead if it clicks, to Australia. This is a perfect opportunity to test our bench strength. For eg, if we do play Vihari next game and he scores runs and Rahane doesn't, then it makes a strong case for dropping Rahane for first two tests in OZ and giving Vihari the spot. Same with having another opener - if he (Mayank in my eg) succeeds, i'd still go with Shaw + Rahul/Dhawan/Vijay for first two tests in OZ, but it gives us a better footing than recycling old players low on confidence due to ongoing failure (ie, after 2 tests in OZ) or blooding a complete newbie.
  25. The trying of Vihari has also one pleasant upside: Hanuma seems to be the 'missing unicorn' of Indian cricket of the last 7-8 years, something we took for granted forever and actually serves a very good purpose : a part time bowler who won't get tonked around willy nilly and can give our bowling attack a break. This was Amarnath, Tendulkar, Sehwag, Ganguly etc's huge bonus value to us. Right now, we don't have a single batsman who can be relied upon to send down even 5 overs per innings in test cricket. Hanuma showed that he may have the ability to tie down one end and send 10-12 overs per innings if required, thus giving a 4-man bowling attack a much needed respite. As is, he averages nearly 6 overs per first class innings of bowling, keeping a neutral just over 3RPO going rate and an extremely respectable <40 average with the ball, while taking nearly 2 dozen FC wickets. If Vihari reaches his potential as a reliable middle order batsman who can send down a few overs of off-spin when in a bind, his value to Indian test team would be immense.

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