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  1. As in I can find hundreds of incidents detailing non Dalit Hindus killing Dalits because of stuff Dalits are not supposed to do from news. As for history, I don't need a leftist historian to tell me the evidence . Hindu scriptures and historic sources are enough .
  2. A coward like you, who doesn't have the balls to call out Sikh terrorists will probably show up with 5 more Punjabi Khotas for support or be the yes man. which is why I asked to record you. Something you agreed but now is backtracking like a typical Punjab ka rejected Khota.
  3. Google says you are wrong. Non Dalit Hindus have been killing Dalits for longer than Islam has existed
  4. I already told you what's needed for that: your email addy so that you can consent to being recorded on camera so I can show people the video of you getting arrested for assault or kissing my ass. I am still waiting, as you already accepted the request but failing at follow through.
  5. These are not evidence. These are opinions. Show us evidence. I am sorry, but you simply do not know what evidence means. Research Slobodan Milosevic and the evidence required to call it a state sponsored genocide. What you are describing - police inaction, few low level party members and party workers inciting mobs, that describes every single major riot in India. Show us how it is a 'fact' that evidence was destroyed. Who from the police testified that evidence was destroyed ? which evidence ? You are simply passing off your belief as facts.
  6. Nothing is being ignored, i've repeatedly pointed out that its the case with EVERY SINGLE massacre in India. Godhra, etc. all had that aspect. You are making it sound like its a conspiracy. Its not - you have no proof of that at all.
  7. btw, my family is mostly brahmin themselves. I grew up as hindu, even did the whole pancha-devata pranaam after upanayan. And unlike most educated Bong families, my family is/was mostly not CPM, they were congressi(and now BJP). People think that atheists know jack about religion, but usually people become atheist because they know too much about the nonsense that is religion. I also am a history geek, so i am very well aware of the semi-slavery of the dalits in India through the ages.
  8. The reason has been provided : you are potraying ONLY ONE SIDE OF THE STORY. I even gave examples on how if you potray only one side of the story, one of the greatest fighters for just cause - your last guru- becomes a terrorist. I also point out the baseless claims you made, like it being state sponsored genocide, when its clear that it was case of what ALWAYS happens in India when mass riots break out - the police is paralyzed/paid off/asked to stand down by corrupt entities, some low level rabble-rousing politician gets people all fired up and thousands die. Yes, its a genocide, but the perpetrators are NOT state or government agents, they are private entities.
  9. Well Under_Score was threatening me, so i made sure he was willing to put his money where his mouth is...clearly not.
  10. Saying 'non-Dalit hindus have murdered and raped dalit hindus' is as factually accurate as saying 'muslims have murdered and raped hindus'. Both statements are true for some cases but false for most cases. That was my point.
  11. Because i know people who've lost loved ones to these terrorists who bombed Air India.
  12. Surely if it was looted, it should make you happier,as it means those books still exist somewhere, instead of being ash now......
  13. I am not namecalling. I am presenting a logical extrapolation. Namecalling: You are a turdburger Logical extrapolation: If X is true, then you are a turdburger. Do you agree with X ? Big difference.
  14. You can post it again, but claiming it is a state sponsored genocide doesn't make it so. There is no evidence that the GoI or any state government was involved in the genocide.
  15. So what ? it doesn't say anything about government involvement. i am not ignoring the genocide. i am simply saying that there is no evidence for it being a state sponsored genocide. If you have evidence, go ahead and prove it.
  16. I am making a point on how if you tell one side of the story, then the noblest struggle for the right to live under your own beleif system can be potrayed as terrorism. Their last guru is the best example of that. Tell the full story = he is a hero. Tell the mughal side of the story only = he is a terrorist. Khalistani/khalistani-brainwashed ones are doing exactly the same with their narrative.
  17. Telling the whole story isn't stupid. If telling the whole story was stupid, then don't get offended when someone calls your last guru as a terrorist, either.
  18. The PM happened to be the son of the PM murdered by Sikhs. So understandable statement. You are making empty allegations with no proof to suit o It isn't whatabout-ism. If it is whatabout-ism, then Mughal attrocities are also whataboutism when talking about your terorrist guru trying to rebel against the state. Why do you keep running away from that ? Not anyone. Notice i never called Gollum a Khalistani because he doesn't tell one side of the story. Khalistanis pretend that there were no Sikh terrorists and somehow attacking the Golden temple, which was taken over by a terrorist, was a crime.
  19. And still you get owned by us in every war and your country broken in half. Fat American soldiers sit in their planes and bomb your towering Pashtuns into the stone age, forcing them to flee into caves. This is the 21st century bachchey- wars are now fought with brains and not strength of arms. Which is why your lot keeps getting killed so easily by the more advanced nations.
  20. As i said, i am only calling out those as Khalistanis who ignore/fail to acknowledge the Sikh terrorists who caused all this cycle.
  21. Irrelevant. Anyone can go into a government building and ask for records/bribe for records in India or steal them. To say the government is responsible/involved in the genocide, you have to prove that the government organized it. So ? As i said, if tomorrow one member of the parliament goes bonkers and kills a bunch of people, it doesn't make the government culpable. Government involvement requires proof of the top level (prime minister/President) ordering/involved in it or multiple lower offices of the government involved in it. This is why you morons have not won a genocide claim in the ICJ Speculation, not evidence. If you had evidence, your lot wold've won in the ICJ or have a case on it. Sure. it was a genocide. If i go around targetting thousands of people and kill them, its a genocide. Its not government/state sponsored genocide. Thats what i am disputing.
  22. Ok. Looted....BY THE SIKH PUNJABI BATTALION/ under its supervision. Convinient that you leave it out.
  23. They are not seperate issue at all. They are all part of the same issue. Terrorists caused the military to take action against the Gurdwara which pissed off more terrorists to kill the Prime Minister which pissed off more terrorists to kill innocents. If that is conflation of two seperate issues, then you should have no problem with the narrative that Mughals were rooting out Sikh terrorists who rebelled against the state. What they did to deserve the rebellion is also a seperate issue. So your last guru then, becomes a terrorist. We too can present only one side of the story. See how it feels ?
  24. The khalistani tag is used only on those who talks about the allegations of genocide without spending even a sentence to address the Sikh terrorists who killed thousands upon thousands of innocents or having the integrity/balls to point out that the 'police action' against the militants (and innocent) Sikhs in Punjab was carried out by fellow Sikh militarymen, not Hindus.
  25. Again, if you wanna use half a dozen radical liberals to smear the millions of us, can we start using rapist Sadhus to represent all hindus ? FoE is never absolute. The moment you commit libel, its crime in every single nation and it should be. You don't get the right to make up false claims about me and damage my reputation or income under the guise of FoE, its simple libel, period. He would be fired pretty much anywhere in the west except for deep south or red states in the US.

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