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  1. India conducts Surgical Strikes Along The LOC

    Categorically false. Islam has certain inalienable rights, the body of which are greater than those directly mandated by the holy books of the Bible or the Gita. However, Islam also has decisively greater number of directly mandated religious law that give men greater rights than women. Kindly read those books before you hold such ideas and see for yourself. Your Koran forbids women and men from inheriting equally. Did you know that ? Nowhere in the bile or the hindu bodies of books, does it say that woman MUST inherit less than man. Or that woman CANNOT hold position of inheritance or control over property & enterprise so long as a male heir is present. The Hindu books/Christian books demonize women. There is a difference between demonizing and directly accorded (or denied) rights. I am not religious so i don't wanna be seen as defending ideas of the unknown by stone age men (that is what religion is) be it Hindus or Muslims or Christians. But if it were to be graded, hinduism comes ahead of Christianity, which comes ahead of Islam in terms of fundamental RIGHTS accorded to women. I am not saying they treated their women better P2P or socially. There is a subtle difference between the two.
  2. India conducts Surgical Strikes Along The LOC

    First up, you've lost EVERY war you've fought with us. First up, lets get the definitions clear. A war is considered a 'victory', when either of the two happens (or both) WHEN peace is declared : a) conquest of enemy territory following military means b) achieving most of the military & strategic goals of the conflict c) preventing (b) from happening to the enemies (i.e., prevent MOST of their military and strategic objectives). Take 1947 as example. When India entered the war, the situation on ground looked like this:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indo-Pakistani_War_of_1947#/media/File:J%26K01low.jpg By 14th August, 1948, Pakistan was at its maximal extent, the LoC looking like this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indo-Pakistani_War_of_1947#/media/File:J%26K07low.jpg When Ceasefire was declared, it looked like this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indo-Pakistani_War_of_1947#/media/File:J%26K10low.jpg At the time of ceasefire, Indian losses were roughly 1500 KIA, 3500 WIA, Pakistan's were 6000 KIA, 14,000 WIA. We won that war, as we achieved most of our objective : a) Control of most of Kashmir, b) Legal recognition over Kashmir as part of Republic of India. c) overall superiority on the battlefield. in 1965, we quite convincingly won the war too. As per Kashmir, UN resolutions, etc. PLEASE do yourself a favor, like qualified, educated people OWE themselves to and SEE this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aoYNQrOOu0&feature=youtu.be&t=228
  3. Pakistanis abuse singer Asha Bhosle on Twitter

    Did your court system even try your leaders yet ? I guess you find it funny because you have proven yourself to be a total fail in legal matters, just like your nation! Its a sad day when average Indians know legal process more than the average Pakistani barrister...
  4. Pakistanis abuse singer Asha Bhosle on Twitter

    So why does Guj 2002 specifically bother you ? What about the hindus that die on the hands of muslims in India, does that bother you ? What about the Pandits evicted from the valley ? does that bother you ?
  5. India conducts Surgical Strikes Along The LOC

    No, muslims have a bad name because they pass laws based on a 1500 year old book recited by an illiterate arab, they give women less rights than men, they do not have freedom of religion and they do not believe in separation of religion and state. Ie, they believe in government systems that work for illiterate idiots. THAT is why muslims have a bad name.
  6. India conducts Surgical Strikes Along The LOC

    It is not an indigenous movement, because we had ZERO problems with Kashmir till 1987, when ISI started directing 300 million dollars per year towards training terrorists and propaganda about Kashmir. If it were an indegenous movement, it'd have been present in the 50s,60s & 70s. The fact that it wasn't until Pakistan started to harbor terrorists, is direct proof that this is a Pakistan backed insurgency.
  7. Pakistanis abuse singer Asha Bhosle on Twitter

    Modi is not a terrorist. The court system tried him, found him not guilty. Now, why do you harbour known terrorists like Dawood Ibrahim, LeT, JeM etc ? their leaders are declared terrorists not just by India but by the whole bloody world, so why do you host them ?
  8. Pakistanis abuse singer Asha Bhosle on Twitter

    If our justice system didnt have guts, they'd not have tried Modi for negligence, aiding and abetting Gujrat massacre. They tried him, found him not guilty. Remind me again- when was the last time the Pakistani court system tried Musharraf, Ayub Khan and such for any crimes ? It is YOU who don't have the guts to investigate your powerful ones, don't project the nonsense to us. You can't even imagine such a thing in Pakistan- you sure can imagine slaughtering 5 million Bangladeshis and no one getting tried for it.
  9. Harbhajan mocking Ashwin?

    Yes, we did. just more rare.
  10. India conducts Surgical Strikes Along The LOC

    1.There is no 'established background'. He was legally tried and exonerated by the Justice system. 2. Sorry, what 'staged' stuff ? Or are you going once again by Pakistani reports that has been established to be far poorer in quality than Indian ones? I hope you are not from the Islamic alternate-universe of illogic that '9/11 was done by jews/americans' type of nut job stuff. 3. You can only laugh because perhaps you cannot read English and apparently there is a difference between 'Indian authorities said they did xyz' and 'Russian authorities said they did xyz' in your mind. 4. Our army is far more trustworthy than yours. Everyone acknowledges this when they call india a responsible power and Pakistan an unstable and unreliable one.
  11. Pakistan Discussion Thread

    It could also be in India, since taking a nuke to site and blowing it up isn't exactly an easy process in the long distance scheme of things.
  12. India conducts Surgical Strikes Along The LOC

    We see that type of headline for Russia, China, practically any non-NATO 'big guy or non-compliant friend guy' all the time in North America. Where the F do you live ? English-stan ? Do you seriously want me to post articles of past geopolitical consequence where it begins ' Russia says...China says..' etc ? My point is simple- I see more objective reason for believing India than Pakistan if their militaries are involved. For one simple reason: our military leaders are NOT our ruling class. They don't own massive amounts of property, live in palaces, subvert the entire media, overthrow the government. They are career soldiers. Just like in the US. Crappier obviously, but same conceptually. They have less interest in manufacturing geopolitical claims or creating long-term subversive strategies. Yours however, fits the bill of the good ol medieval Warrior state, where the ruling class *IS* the military.
  13. Harbhajan mocking Ashwin?

    True- we had less result oriented pitches and more draw-friendly wicket in the mid 2000s-2013 or so. But I think Harby was not as clever a bowler as Ashwin. He was also, rarely an aggressive bowler if he wasn't on top. Ie, if you beat on him early, he gave up trying to do anything but bowl a consistent 4th-5th stump line and try to choke the batsman into mistakes. Ashwin I think is on par with Harby in terms of control, but he is a more aggressive bowler: has more variations in his normal style and he has become more judicious with using them.
  14. India conducts Surgical Strikes Along The LOC

    That is the diplomatic lingo. Haven't you been watching Syria ? Its all about 'US Claims Russia strikes in Aleppo, Russia denies'. Doesn't mean that they don't recognize the fact, it means that OFFICIALLY, aka DIPLOMATICALLY, it is not a fact unless it has bipartisan confirmation. Oh right, i forgot- they don't teach law in Pakistan. FYI, we here is a Wall street journal link for you: http://www.wsj.com/articles/india-says-it-hit-terrorist-bases-in-pakistan-controlled-kashmir-with-strikes-1475135558 Again, i will remind you: This is Indian military we are talking about. Not politicians. Our military is a professional force, that doesnt fabricate claims of incidents that never happened. This isn't Pakistani military who claim they are winning 24 hours before surrender. It is in the interest of your military to deny the whole thing. And we are fine with it too!
  15. India conducts Surgical Strikes Along The LOC

    Yes. random two-bit tv channel that is twisting words in the very clip. Newscaster says 'helecopters denied', then posts video of indian guy saying 'air attack didnt happen'. Apparently you fools don't realize that a HAHO jump of special forces or using helicopters to ferry soldiers is not considered 'air attack'. Are Pakistanis really this dumb ?! PS: This is the Indian military. Not Pakistan military. Incase you didnt notice, our military does not blatantly fabricate stories to its own public, particularly relating to foreign missions. That is Pakistan's proven track record, so don't confuse our professionals for your jagirdars .
  16. India conducts Surgical Strikes Along The LOC

    Lets wait and see what the real news is. Give it time to settle, as the media is over-eager to run stories. Some good sources are saying it didnt involve helicopters, it was a HAHO jump from our side of the LoC into their side.
  17. All time Asian test XI

    In ODIs, I'd easily take Kapil over Imran. Neither are ace strike bowlers in ODIs, that job would be filled by Akram-Younis. Kapil is more economical than Imran. He takes more wickets/match. And above all, he is a LOT better than Khan Sahib in ODI batting. 24 runs average @ 90+ strike rate with the bat has a lot more mileage at #7 position than 34 average @ low 70s strike rate. Bear in mind that Kapil played one of the best ever ODI innings in his only century. Khan doesn't really have an ODI innings that is superlative display of batsmanship. Oh and one last thing- Kapil was way, way better fielder than Imran. This matters in ODIs- a LOT.
  18. Arre baba, in reality they do MAKE orders. Implementing orders by the highest authority is, in reality, Supreme Court telling you what to do. In legal language, 'telling people what to do = making orders'.
  19. India conducts Surgical Strikes Along The LOC

    Keep watching. Last time India claimed a war-like situation and Pakistan denied it, the world saw that India was right.
  20. India conducts Surgical Strikes Along The LOC

    USA also waits till their targets are in designated, pre-determined locations before carrying off a surgical strike. 'Just hit them when they are anywhere in Pakistan' is called general war, not surgical strikes.
  21. India conducts Surgical Strikes Along The LOC

    Because it is a surgical strike. Not general war.
  22. 1. It is too hard to predict US response. In the Afghan-Iran sector it sees Pakistan as a valuable partner and NATO still needs Pakistan to get supplies to Afghanistan- a situation I don't see changing for many, many years (only other option is to go through Iran and USA isn't going to do that for a long while). Yet, day by day US is moving closer and closer to India. My guess would be that USA is going to try to play the part of 'the elephant that tries to stamp out the fire'. 2. I take it you mean 'how long would the Afghan forces be able to sustain an eastern front' because Pakistan is east of Afghanistan. Depending on what sort of assist. Are we talking about already stationing 50,000 combat-ready personnel of Army & Air Force in Afghanistan to 'bolster the eastern front' ? Then pretty much indefinitely. If its just monetary and armaments aid to Afghanistan- then not for very long: few to several years, as Pakistan will prevail in a demographic war of attrition with Afghanistan. But then again, it also comes down to how much of direct pressure India causes on Pakistan's eastern front, aka our western front. Theoretically we can have a scenario that Afghanistan just walks into Paksitan, but its unlikely.
  23. That is exactly the job of the Supreme Court. Or do you think when Indian politicians pass a bill into law, they come up with each and every exception clause, sub article b) part III by themselves ? No. The process is, when a law is passed, it is passed. If someone finds an exception scenario to the law, they challenge it in Supreme court or petition supreme court to fix the law. Then the supreme court fixes the law and comes up with all the exception clauses they can think of. So i don't see what you mean SC should not frame the law- that is quite literally 90% of their job. The SC doesnt exist to be the final appeals court of the judicial system. That is NOT its job. Which is why nobody has the right to appeal the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court has the right to REJECT hearing your appeal. The Job of the Supreme court, as in every other nation's Supreme Court, is primarily to be the safeguard of the constitutionality & legality of the laws being passed by the government. Most Supreme Courts worldwide spend over 80% of their hours of operation dealing with the above mentioned aspect and maybe 10% of the time it acts as 'final stop of appeals court'.
  24. It is historic, but I hope NoMo realizes that this is our LAST chance with Afghanistan. Afghanistan is AFRAID of Pakistan and they should be. The Taliban were enslaving the local population and they had full support, help and aid of the Pakistani military. This is because Pakistan sees Afghanistan as 'strategic depth' and a key element towards fighting a potential occupation of Pakistan by India. Remember, the Taliban didnt come to power just in 1999, they were around since 1991-92 atleast (dates are fuzzy but its definitely late 80s/early 90s) and were a key opponent to Rabbani's government. So the thought behind the Taliban & all its planning, logistics, etc. probably started in the late 70s. Before the nuclear era, the Pakistani 'last effort' scenario was this: if India occupies key areas of Pakistan & cuts off their industrial, logistical & agricultural networks, the Pakistani army has one last plan: it melts into Afghanistan through their porous borders & continues a hyper military-insurgency. Think Mao's China vs Kuomintang (where Mao had popular support and Kuomintang failed to win the people). So what this means, from this doctrine, instability in Afghanistan is in Pakistan's long term strategic interest. A stable, prosperous & capable Afghanistan creates serious reliability issues in this 'backdoor escape & insurgency plan' working : you are not one or two assassinations away from total collapse of government/framework (as is now). Afghanistan is doing this, because well Afghanistan is one of the poorest places on this planet and the few sane people left in Afghanistan (who thankfully, have SOME say in their government now) wants to just bloody get on with their lives & live. They want Afghanistan to be developed and cannot rely on Pakistan as an economic, trade export hub. Simply because Pakistan won't stop the lawlessness on its side of the border. So nobody wants major, millions of TEUs type of volume trade going through the Khyber or Bolan. Because if you are a smart thief, you'd steal it there and there would be no way to stop it, since FATA is officially tribal law. So no investment. Their only other way, is this harbor & road through Iran. We are close to doing it, but the moment that happens, Pakistan *WILL* increase insurgency pressure on Afghanistan. It has to, since Afghanistan is : a) Also quite war like (they don't tend to live & let live injustices either & are insanely muslim) b) Pakistani meddling in Afghanistan, via the Taliban is not 'old history' with the Pathans, Tajiks or the Hazaras. Stability = they will become more anti-Pakistani. So I hope Modi knows what he is doing and is not going to simply rely on the 'Afghans will get their shit together if we keep investing money & west keeps giving them military aid'. Because Afghans will not get their shit together. Not that they are incapable of it, but on their own, they cannot keep an aggressive & militaristically meddlesome Paksitani Army from exerting dominance, in their current state of ultra-fractured politics. It needs help. Boots on the ground. Is India ready for this ? Is Afghanistan ready for this ?
  25. When people say 'courts need to be put in their place', it reminds me why india is so backwards, corrupt and just 2 steps ahead of Pakistan. Civilized countries and societies do not think 'courts need to be put in their place'. They see court as the absolute, total, all-encompassing and final authority in any manner of dispute resolution.

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