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  1. India’s best and worst journalists ( TV and print )

    And that is how it should be. Its called professionalism. Ie, keep your feelings at the door, outside your work and when you go to work, represent the company's ideals. If thats too much, find a new job. Most Indians do not get what professionalism means.
  2. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    Not to nit-pick, but Manekshaw couldn't have done it after 1971. He was only CoAS during 71 and became Field Marshall in 73. Even then, his position got him power in the Army- the Air force and Navy were not loyal to him or under his command. The main reason why our next door islamic-cess-pit has struggled with military dictatorships, is because they were silly enough to have a chairman of join-chiefs-of-staff position, in copy-cat imitation of the US, without its checks and balances. Ie, when Musharraf becam Chairman of JCS of Pakistan, he was the overall supreme military commander of ALL branches of the military - Air force, Army, Navy and the ISI. When you concentrate all the military power under the hand of ONE general, thats when you set the stage for a military take-over. because now, there is nobody left in the military that would oppose him. The US realizes this, which is why their chairman of JCS position is STRICTLY advisory only - ie, the US Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff are legally prohibited from weilding operational command. Why ? Because without operational command, the Chairman cannot actually control the military and thus, all the branches of the military are not united under ONE general's operational command, so the military HAS to stay loyal to the government. hence, the government would take down the 'renegade' general by using the other branches of the army : if the Army Chief tried to pull a Musharraf, the Air force/Navy/marines would be used against him, etc. Our stupid neighbors allow their Chaiman of JCS full operational control. Ie, one general who commands the entire military. As in Hindi we say ' jiski laathi, uski bhaains'.
  3. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    very well said. We all would rather live in a country where we don't hear about the military deaths and fret over it, but fret over some celebrity breaking their nail, than living in iraq where military/militia deaths are every-day news and there is no place for the finer things in life.
  4. Completely disagree. Personal experience is irrelevant, ego-driven bullshit. There is such a thing called placebo effect, which in every study affects anywhere between 10-50% of the test subjects. What that means, is if you 'believe' in something, you will show 'effects' of that something working, without any actual scientific/material basis to it. I can conduct the same experiment on you and clinically prove that what you 'feel' is tied to what you believe than your actual health effects of eating/drinking a certain thing. In short, you are just deluding yourself. This is why personal, anecdotal experience has zero place in science. You should read your sources: Your sources openly state that pastuerization of milk is the leading cause for decline in milk-borne bacterial disease. So as i said, your health-craze 'pure vitamins are being destroyed oh no' is a dangerous and irresponsible position. I'd rather have less nutritious food, than dangerous food that will kill me. Same thing with the raw meats. Our bodies handle cooked meat far better than raw meat and its highly irresponsible to spread dangerous practices in the name of being 'more nutritious'. Just like how you wouldn't eat the world's healthiest salad thats crawling with tetanus bacteria over a McDonald's salad that is stale but not crawling with tetanus bacteria, the same logic applies. But where does it say that slow juicer is the way to go and not fast juicer and such random, made up nonsense ?
  5. Please show us evidence of the bolded & underlined part. All these fad diets- especially the so-called raw-meat diet, is not only dangerous, its also against our evolutionary history.
  6. F1 Any1?

    used to follow it back in the Schumacher and Alonso days, now not anymore.
  7. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    Unfortunately, yes they are. They can be brave and patriotic or they could be doing it because they are poor or stupid or for 'izzat' but they are still cannon-fodder. its not because they are risking their lives that they are cannon-fodder, but they are cannon-fodder because in times of war or border-related troubles, win/loss or 'action/inaction' is quite literally measured in terms of 'how many lives did we lose vs how many did they lose'. Thats what makes the common soldiers cannon-fodder.
  8. Liberals' pet terrorists.

    You've deconstructed your own 'liberandu' bakwaas in one fell swoop. Congrats. What you consider an 'anomaly' is the most clear-cut proof that your whole 'liberals love a secessionist movement' is nonsense. Last I checked, Christians in the NE are not a secessionist movement. Tamil tigers never had liberal support either, neither did the Naxals. Pretty much the whole 'muslim appeasement' is the only angle you have, but even then, the record is spotty- which is to be expected from anyone not foaming at the mouth to kill/oppress muslims and thus, will naturally have a subset of people actively courting their voting power.
  9. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    ??????? so its a matter of numbers then ? Ok. then Sikh genocide is the smallest genocide ever in the world and Sikhs shouldn't worry. Does that make you feel better ?
  10. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    Called for creation of Khalistan and dismemberment of India at every Vaisakhi festival, hidden the criminal bombers and killed the few Punjabis who had the courage to speak up and ask for investigation. Ok. So we will ignore the Khalistani criminals who murders Canadians (not just AI bombing, but also murdering our politicians who ask for investigation) and the Khalistanis can then ignore the criminals who murdered Sikhs in the Delhi massacre...sounds fair ?
  11. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    i live in Canada. Here, Khalistanis are active and i consider it a dangerous disconnect with the motherland, where hardly any Punjabi back home wants Khalistan and hardly a single Punjabi here (who's been here for a while) isn't sympathetic to Khalistan. Two wrongs don't make a right. its wrong to glorify a terrorist who killed innocents and tried brute force against the government to get his way.
  12. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    Ok. And that is called saving the situation- which is fine. But he shouldn't have been with them in the first place, because as i said, it looks bad.
  13. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    And as i said, it looks bad for a government official, much less a PM, to rub shoulders with a criminal. Do you agree/disagree that bringing a convicted rapist, after he has served his sentence and is a free man, to a rape survivor convention, by a government official, 'looks bad' ?? this makes no sense. The crime was committed in Canada, not in India.
  14. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    Nirav and this Khalistani are two completely different kettle of fish. One is a regular scammy businessman. The other is a convicted criminal. If you rub shoulders with ANY businessman, you always run the risk that one day they will be busted for some scam/tax evasion or something. But rubbing shoulders with an attempted murderer is setting a poor example.
  15. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    There is a wide line between illegal and something looking bad. For eg. , its not illegal to bring a convicted rapist who's served his sentence, to a rape victim's convention. But it sure looks bad and sends the wrong message. Same logic applies.
  16. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    That stunt with the white lady helped Jagmeet hide his terrorist sympathies...but he will slowly get exposed.
  17. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    LOL. Jagmeet is yet to win an election. He does not have a seat in the parliament.
  18. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    Nice delusions there- anyone who criticizes your homeboy is 'racist/delusional'. That way you can run away from defending the charges. Oh right, i forgot - your defence is 'how dare you criticize Jagmeet for supporting terrorism - there is Modi who has links to a slaughter, Assad, who sponsors terrorism, so does Pakistan !! go after them first'. And she didn't call Jagmeet a muslim, she approached him for being a muslim sympathizer - which Trudeau-Singh manipulated to show himself as a victim. Because attempted murder is a lesser crime and India isn't obligated to do anything for crimes committed in Canada. Besides, it gives India opportunity to expose Sikh terrorist supporters in Canada, so its a win for them.
  19. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    Canada can afford to delude itself with Pappu for the next generation or two.
  20. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    Whether it happens or not, the ball is in India's court. The reality is, there are a lot of Khalistani elements in Canada and UK who actively manipulate facts, glorify terrorists and instill a notion of ' jihad mentality' amongst their youths here. Because in reality, these Khalistanis in Canada are the only real winners if there is a Khalistan/Sikh separatism : Divorce with India would be traumatic, Punjab is a tiny chunk of land and with rest of India/Indians gone, guess who are the alpha-dogs of wealth into Punjab and buying up Punjab ? these same overseas Khalistani Sikhs like Jagmeet Singh. This is their vested interest in terms of stoking Khalistan. Now, it is up to India how it wants to approach this. There are obviously two components to this - preventing these overseas Khalistanis from spreading their tentacles in Punjab and India in general and irradicating these Khalistanis from political & popular power. The former India is doing well, but the latter would require much, much tougher diplomacy from India. Especially towards nations like Canada/UK who India are NOT reliant on in any major trade or defence related way. A good template for it would be China's handling of 'Tibetan independence' utterances from politicians worldwide.
  21. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    Indeed. But someone needs to tell that to the Canadian/UK-Punjabis that Khalistan is dead. And if they keep supporting it/create fuss over it, India is rightfully concerned at these foreign elements looking to destabilize the nation. All true. 1. But what to do with the water table ? Can only take so much water from Sutlej and Beas and the excess has to be covered by water-table. I guess the only solution is to create rain-fed reservoirs but these will only collect polluted water due to the North-Indian smog. 2. Stopping drugs from across Pakistan is not going to work. Look at the US - they've spent billions of dollars, put in so much fencing, sensors etc. and drugs still keep pouring in from Mexico. Because Pakistani and Kashmiri leaders have influence in Kashmir, so India treats them with kid-gloves. Khalistanis/Punjabi-Canadians/UK-ites have literally zero influence in Indian Punjab, so India takes a no-holds-barred approach to them.
  22. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    Right. we are cowards for calling out terrorists and pointing out that you are either a coward or a terrorist supporter because you wont criticize the Gurdwaras who support terrorists or criticize the terrorists themselves. Nobody is denying that Sikhs have made great contributions in Canada. But Sikhs like you are running away from the fact that your community also supports terrorism and terrorists, just like you do.
  23. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    Saying it as is doesn't mean i dislike them. I have pointed out plenty of problems amongst the Hindu communty as well, so don't give me that crap. Almost ALL the Sikhs i've come across are like YOU - who justify terrorism, support terrorism and say stupid stuff like ' we wont criticize Air India bombers who killed Canadians, till India prosecutes the ones who killed innocent Sikhs'. We are 'bitching and moaning' about the cowardice amongst the Sikh community in Canada, who do not have the balls to criticize the terrorists who killed Canadians in the name of Sikkhism. Um sure. Still doesn't change the fact that most of your Gurdwaras glorify terrorists and most of the Sikh-Canadians are either cowards who do not have the balls to criticize Sikh terrorists or are supporters of terrorism like you.
  24. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    Canadians in general are a-political compared to rest of the world. Yes, social media has made us more political but we still struggle to have more than 50% eligible voters go vote. In North America, the most politically active (as in participating in the process) demographics are land owners. Because even the most minute shift in government leads to different taxes, agricultural schedules, etc. Of all the Indians, its mostly the Sikhs who come here and end up owning land and starting a farm. In BC, the interior is full of small towns and practically wherever there is farmland, there are a few Sikhs owning and operating it. I'd say this is the main reason why Sikhs in Canada punch above their weight politically and rest of Indians are the opposite.
  25. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    As @Under_Score and few other Canadian Sikhs demonstrate, Sikhs in Canada are either too scared or too brainwashed to stand up for the Air India bombing. They still think, its somehow justified to take Canadian lives and hide terrorists in their midst, because in another foreign country (India), Sikhs got the short end of the stick in terms of justice. This is the same mentality you see from Islamists - ask them about Paris bombings and they will go 'what about Rohingyas ?' !! The Tamil vote-bank will be as powerful as the Sikh one in the coming decades, but for the moment, they are too new in Canada and are still laying down their roots. You can already tell that the Tamils will be a legitimate challenge to the Punjabis as far as Indian identity goes because unlike rest of the Indians, the tamils are not renting halls and office buildings, plopping a statue in it and calling it the 'Durga temple', they are building mini gopuram style temples, replete with Tamil script and dressing like its Pongal in Canada. The Canadian Sikhs will realize that aiding, abetting and supporting terrorists who killed Canadians will cost them in the future. It hasn't so far, because there was no Indian community in Canada outside of the Sikhs in significant numbers back then. Now, there is. As of 2011, there are half a million Hindus in Canada and 454,000 Sikhs in Canada. Most of the Hindus are Hindi and Tamil speakers, with Bengali as the third group (though i suspect most Bengalis here are Bangladeshis).

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