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  1. The only reason the Shiite clerics in Iran are worse in terms of accomplishments, is because they have far more power. In terms of operating within their outreach, they are both pretty much the same.
  2. neither one of them. Duh. I am a liberal atheist. I am on the side of the individual, with socio-economic & law and order responsibilities entrusted to the individual, with full freedom of expression & choice in all matters barring libel towards an existing entity. Which makes me pretty much, anti-Indian as those criterias are not satisfied by more than 1 in a million Indians.
  3. They are to liberal media what the conservative mouthpieces do with their 'what about Kashmiri Pundits' insertion in topics unrelated. Its called 'whatabout-ism'.
  4. Already done. https://www.washingtonpost.com/goingoutguide/movies/a-nazi-soldier-falls-for-a-jewish-woman-in-the-exception/2017/06/29/349f460c-5820-11e7-a204-ad706461fa4f_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.18ffcb16c9e2 Nobody got bent out of shape. Its because out here, in the civilized world, most people accept fiction for what it is - creativity and a fantasy, nothing more.
  5. Good. It shows that our country is a free country and not some mind-control regime. Species homo sapiens is an individualistic species that forms collective bonds due to self-need. That is the fundamental truth. Ergo, if 1.2 billion people spoke with one voice over a non-empiric idea, it shows that there is something fundamentally wrong in that society to suppress free thought and conform to that degree. I am proud of the fact that Indians have a myriad of views and those views are not suppressed.
  6. A fictional sci-fi show is neither information nor disinformation. That is your problem - you are equating a fictional show with news media or a documentary.
  7. This is a nonsensical argument that has a long history of being used by authoritarian/theocratic regimes to enforce conformity. We are species homo sapiens. A species that has put itself on other celestial bodies. The ONLY species amongst trillions to've evolved on this planet that has overriden its genetic behaviour in some cases by memetic behaviour. You mean to say we are going to be fundamentally altered in our overall POV by some piece of fictional story ? I call nonsense and codswallop on that. Those who are going to think that hindus are terrorists because of some fictional sci-fi, would've thought hindus are terrorists due to cow-lynchings and all that anyways. Arts and freedom of expression is not obligated to play to the lowest common denominator - otherwise you have the European dark ages, the late medieval Islamic dark ages and the current hinduvta engineering a dark age for India. Life has far bigger tests for you than some fictional tv show that you don't happen to like. except for die-hard Christians, no one was offended by Da-Vinci code. And given that Europe + Canada are over 50% atheist/non-practicing, its a tiny minority that got offended.
  8. Muloghonto

    Why is Jinnah portrayed in bad light in Indian history?

    Best way to describe communism (not socialism, which is different) is the way Churchill said it : " If you are 25 and you are not a communist, it means you have no heart. If you are 35 and you are still a communist, it means you have no brain"
  9. Muloghonto

    Justin Trudeau wears fake eyebrows...

    Because Trudeau is smart, he knows that in this day and age of mass media, sex sells. He knows that he's gotten as much votes, if not more, for his boyish good looks as for his policy commitments. Men have always done what they'd think would make them appear attractive, which is why the traditional approach has been towards balding and grey hair. Now that women are more expressive about what they consider physical beauty, men are correspondingly adapting.
  10. Muloghonto

    So where is the line for 'Freedom of Speech' in a Democracy?

    The answer is simple - any libel is off-limits that is directed against a person or a corporation that exists. Ie, saying Modi is a mass-murderer, is libel. And if this was a western nation with fast justice system, Modi would probably sue her for libel. Same goes for any person, any corporation that exists today. Ie(assuming all the following statements are factually false), if i say ' Rahul Dravid had sex with me'/ ' Tendulkar hit my dog'/ ' Preity Zinta killed my cat'/'McDonalds put poison in my food', etc., are not protected under freedom of speech, as they are specific allegations that are not true and are damaging to the person. However, if i said ' Preity Zinta hit on me/Rahul Dravid was suggestive around me', they are permissible under freedom of speech, as those are subjective interpretations and both parties can be reconciled by the 'its your opinion' paradigm. Same goes with saying 'British East India Company was a saintly corporation/Mohammed was a maniac/Buddha was fat' etc - all these allegations, even if false, are directed towards entities that do not exist anymore. Hence permissible.
  11. Muloghonto

    Why is Jinnah portrayed in bad light in Indian history?

    Well, if you ever go to Kalapani, you can see the record of occupancy of each and every cell till it was turned a museum. Yes, we Bongs have a reputation to be non-war-like people and last time we did anything significant in the military department was over a thousand years ago. But what will surprise you, is the sum total of Bengalis incarcerated by British for violent crimes against the crown & English civillians, is greater than the rest of India combined. The Kalapani records shows that pretty emphatically. Indians think 'SC Bose was the one Bengali with a spine and wanted to fight' - but they forget that we literally had legions and legions of Bhagat Singh types- Khudi Ram Bose, Binoy, Badol, Dinesh, etc. Jinnah had the dumb idea of having a hindu-muslim 'confederation', where basically all Muslim-majority areas would have its own internal laws, Sharia, etc. and only be loosely federated with rest of India. This was the dumbest idea ever and only when Nehru flatly rejected this moronic federation idea, did he push for comprehensive partition.
  12. Yes, i realize that in the west, there is this distorted view of Greeks defending freedom from the Achaemenids, when in reality, the Persian empire was far more eglatarian than the Greek city states. Its a testament to the Achemenid administration that when Alexander conquered it, he adopted the Achaemenid administration completely. The west has this weird view that Greeks were superhuman soldiers. They wern't. What they don't realize, is that Persian army was meant for mobility to cover their vast empire, while Greek armies were designed to fight 50kms from home. During the 400s BC, Greek hoplites had 14 foot long spears and a wooden shield laminated with bronze. The Persians had 12 foot long spears and wicker shields ( designed to protect themselves from volleys of arrows). By the time Alexander comes around, the Persians used 14 foot long spears but the Macedonians used the Sarissa, which was an 18 foot long spear. So its easy to see how the Greek infantry crushed the Persian infantry : if 10 people on my side have 14 foot long spears and wicker shields and 10 soldiers from your side have metal laminate shield and 18 foot spears, its pretty much impossible for me to win - your people have a 4 foot reach advantage and a shield that is not easy to stab through.
  13. This is what happens when man-made religions try to suppress one of the strongest urges in species homo sapiens, which is to have sex.
  14. Muloghonto

    French Open 2018

    Well i've played a lot of tennis in my time and having a floating bone chip in your playing arm is akin to having a groin muscle tear for a fast bowler. Its critical mechanical failure of the body - you won't be able to get a full extension on your playing arm, have power and everything you do tennis-wise with that arm will noticably drop. Just like no-matter how hard you try, with a groin tear as a fast bowler, you simply wont get complete hip rotation and thus will be down on pace. So a tennis player playing 5 hour grind-a-thons and then saying a year later 'i played with a floating bone chip in my playing arm elbow' is about as credible as a fast bowler who bowled 90mph for 5 consecutive tests saying 'i played with a total groin tear' a year later. Total, utter, bakwaas.
  15. Muloghonto

    French Open 2018

    Nalbandian,Roddick, Safin, Davydenko, etc. are the 'Federer generation' players, who were simply broken down piece by Federer at his pomp. In this respect, Nole is lucky he is six years younger, or else he'd have gone the Davydenko way - indeed, i see Nole as a Davydenko with more longetivity. People don't realize how dominant Federer was between 2003 and 2009 - his stats are not as inflated as Djokovic's from 2011-2016, because courts were a lot faster and thus, the tour was more upset-prone back then (stats back this up). But as Roddick once said in his interview, how do you beat a guy, who is kissed by genius and making up shots that don't exist, has the best offence AND the best defence in the game ? You don't. I think the underachieving of these guys has a lot to do with being repeatedly crushed by Federer while they were at their peak, driving out all self-belief in them vs Federer.
  16. Muloghonto

    French Open 2018

    Three things in life are certain : Taxes, death and Nadal winning at Court Phillipe Chatrier.
  17. I dont think the Graphic novel distorted history very much, same with the movie. The only distortion was, Thermopylae was not fought by 300 spartans but 7,000 Greeks. Once the Persians succeeded in finding the goat-path across the mountains to outflank the Greeks, Leonidas was left with 2,000 Greeks ( of which 300 were Spartans) to make a last stand. That was the only factual distortion. The rest - making Xerxes as a weird BDSM guy, Persians having lobster-clawed demons etc. were graphic novel dramatizations, which we see in almost all print or film media that are not documentaries.
  18. Muloghonto

    French Open 2018

    The difference between Nole and Federer's injury time off, is that with Federer, you could immediately see that he's put in a lot of work & practice hours, the moment he stepped on the court at Hopmans Cup in '17. Nole when he came back this year, looked like he came back from a six month binge from Ibiza. No stamina, no energy, body language was 'i wanna get off the court', etc. There was no aggression from Nole in the '11-'16 period. He was a pusher, who was content to tire out his opponents and not go for clean winners. This is why i consider him a pusher but Rafa as a grinder - Rafa patiently waits for his clean winner chance and then goes BLAM. Nole keeps pushing and pushing and pushing. I am not talking about 'miraculous fitness after layoffs' - these dudes afterall, have hundreds of millions of dollars and given that their earnings depend on their physical fitness, i am sure they have the best, cutting edge tech, doctors and physios propelling them to fitness in 1/10th the time it'd take us to do it. I am just suspicious about Nole's terminal & catastrophic decline four-five months after Meldonium was banned. Suddenly its about his elbow, its his wife, etc etc. and he even had the audacity to pretend that he had a floating bone chip in his playing elbow !! That is just ridiculous and smells like a cover-up. Meldonium is supposed to give you extra stamina - given how poor Nole's stamina has been in the last six months, it reminds me back to his pre-2011 days. People forget that pre-2011, Nole had serious stamina and attitude issues. He used to run out of gas routinely by set 3/4, would 'retire hurt' when he was a set and a break down etc. So much so that even Federer questioned his attitude. Then suddenly, he found a magic bullet cure - the 'gluten free diet'. And in 1 year, went from a guy wheezing and panting after 2 hours of tennis to Ironman of tennis, playing 5 hour matches and looking like he can play 5 more hours. Then suddenly Meldonium is banned, he is off and after coming back, his stamina is back to pre-2011 levels. Gives one a lot of suspicion, especially since he is Serbian and Serbian sporting federation are in bed with the Russian ones and have been since the 70s.
  19. Muloghonto

    French Open 2018

    To me, the greatest backhand of all-time will be Marat Safin's backhand. Nole has everything in his backhand, except for the ability to hit clean winners off of it. His 'winners' are redirects into the open court or ROS winners.
  20. The movie 300, is a direct adaptation from a graphic novel of the same title. It wasn't an attempt to distort history/show Persians in negative light, it was sticking to the graphic novel.
  21. Muloghonto

    of mowgli aur bengali

    Bongs are probably the least racist towards other ethnicities in all of India. What bongs are, are color conscious (the same ol fair and lovely nonsense). We also have the lowest reservations about inter-ethnic marriages. As for exposing racism- i think you misunderstand. He wasn't there to expose racism and by today's standards, he himself was a racist. However, he, like many British/European intellectuals, disliked Afghans/Pashtuns because they steriotyped them as ' Hulk type bash-bash bash idiots without any brains but impressive ability to fight'. Thats what these passages read like, him poking fun at Pashtun 'fighting ability' being ruled over by the 'ugly weak Bong who is intellectual, educated and smart'.
  22. Muloghonto

    of mowgli aur bengali

    Highly doubt it, especially given the language. Kipling loved his time in Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans are significantly darker than Bongs. If he was using the Pathans to vent against the Bongs, he'd not be specifically pointing towards the darkness of the skin as a negative, given his love for Sri Lankans. I think he is using the Bongs to show how backwards Pathans are.
  23. Well ofcourse they will apologize. Everyone apologizes when someone is offended in the media, doesn't matter if its an over-reaction or not. Sure. And the producers of 300 apologized to Iran as well. Its called PR. Nobody cares, else it'd be in the news here. It isn't a big deal. If Indians are potrayed in bad light because of fictitious storyline about terrorists, then i am sure Americans are potrayed in bad light over the same fictitious storylines a million times over.
  24. Muloghonto

    of mowgli aur bengali

    Seems like Kipling did more to expose the backwardness and racism of the Pathans more than anything from those excerpts.....

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