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  1. Name some of those players. Kobe, Jordan, Magic, Rodgers - they were all the first one to take responsibility for the team, even though in basketball a captain does nothing. Imran was an egotist who threw people under the bus like Kohli too, yes. But atleast he didnt chop and change to destroy everyone's confidence uniformly. And ofcourse you will take Kohli. That man alone scores more runs than the entire Pakistan team put together...we want him gone as captain, not as a player.
  2. Umm, there are plenty of bossy people who can make good leaders - its called professionalism. Kohli does not have it. And i know those things, because i was following cricket from those days. Its no big reveal that Gavaskar and Kapil had friction or Sidhu and Azhar had friction. Those things were talked about back then too.
  3. Retreat of Islamic Empire and China

    Actually not to nitpick, but slavery (known as Das-attwa) was never prevalent in ancient India. There were rare cases of prisoners of war being enslaved but thats it, really. Megasthenes, a Greek ambassador from Helmand region (back then known as Arachosia to the Greeks) visited Chandragupta Maurya's court around 300 BC, 30+ years before Ashoka's coronation and parts of his commentary about India survives - in it, he remarks with astonishment that Indians did not practice slavery. As for rest of your questions- it becomes pretty obvious from reading the koran that the origin is from inside Mohammed's mind. That is why the Koran labels comets and shooting stars as streaks of fire to punish the devils and jinns, that sperm originates between a man's spine and pelvis, etc etc. There are plenty of errors in the Koran of that type. Not to mention, the whole notion of a 'perfect book' in and of itself is a laughable concept that any 15 year old kid with bit of philosophical education can dismiss easily.
  4. Male Feminist.

    They are already doing an equally good jobs in army combat roles (ie, grunt work) in western armies. As i said, this is not about how hard you can swing a sword. Its about fitness to carry 70-80 pounds on your back for 15-20 miles and be able to use a gun. I already know that there are plenty of women capable of that.
  5. Male Feminist.

    Who said superior ? I said they can make just as good soldiers as men. But i won't expect you to understand this basic fact. Women in combat roles in western countries have already proven to be every bit as capable as men. PS: Why did you run away from addressing the fact that Abraham was clinically mentally ill ??
  6. I disagree. Veteran stalwarts can have friction due to opposing work ethic/personalities but there is a vast difference between trying to get rid of them vs wanting to be captain etc. Gavaskar wanted captaincy. He didn't want to get rid of Kapil. Kapil was more or less a happy-go-lucky captain, so he could care less who was in the team, so long as the team performed and gelled well. Sachin's issues with Azhar was a valid one. Azhar's issue with Prabhakar was also a valid one. His issue with Sidhu was that Sidhu was a hothead. He killed someone in his youth and got away with it. IIRC he got sent home from the England tour after he beat someone (not team mate) into a pulp.
  7. There used to be a saying in test cricket not long ago, that unless you score a double century or more, the batsman should ALWAYS get heat from his captain/coach if he runs himself out in Tests. To do it twice in a match is practically unforgivable.
  8. Why Should Hindi be/not be national language of India?

    The least important region in history of the Indian subcontinent ( except for the Sikh Empire, not a *SINGLE* empire or major kingdom was based in Punjab in history of India) should provide the national language ? LOL WUT ?
  9. Feminists !!!

    I havn't dodged any question of yours, since my contention is that religion dies a natural death once society is well educated and have high levels of freedom. Russia is not well educated nor does it have high levels of freedom.. Which is why their religion is coming back very strong. Russia has also had 15+ years of state-sponsored religious drive for the Orthodox Church under Putin. Its a crime to talk directly against the Patriarch of Moscow, for eg. Western Europe is, which is why they are ditching religion. Your India example is obviously a false one, because India is also not highly educated or has high levels of individual freedom. This is why you keep ignoring the fact that across dozens of countries in Europe, in Canada, Australia, New Zealand- all nations with high levels of freedom and high education, religion is dying a natural death. And the reason for that is obvious - religion, every religion- was created by illiterate fools by modern standards and just like stone-age man has nothing to offer to the farming man, so too the fools of centuries ago have nothing to offer us.
  10. Using resources is the only non-negative thing in his resume as a captain. And even then, he is not stellar at it, just not crap. He is utterly mentally unsuited for any leadership role and he is quickly becoming the poster-child of how not to lead.
  11. In my 25 years workplace experience, as well as coaching various sports, its always- every single time- the worst temperament makes the worst leader. Leading is first and foremost about creating a culture and temperament is the thing that directly influences culture of the team. Virat isn't a leader, he is a boss. And those who know the difference, will immediately see why Virat is a toxic influence on the Indian team leadership.
  12. Male Feminist.

    Do you have comprehension problem ? In what world does equal mean 90% .? FYI I know a few gulf war veterans. A couple of them are women from combat roles. Can't see why they won't be able to kill any Sardar in battle either. Certain are fitter than most regular military personnel due to their special forces training. This is not a sword fight. So long as you can aim a gun and run 15 miles a day, you are qualified as a combat personnel, regardless of gender.
  13. Feminists !!!

    Psycholgy is a soft science. And it's still more valid and empiric than observations of illiterate people from 500 years ago. And don't come here with BS double standards. Doctors also give limited time per appointment and want to make as much money as possible. Doesn't mean we stop going to them. You are simply struggling to comprehend the simple point that the average psychologist knows 100x more about the mind and what helps the mind than those gurus of yours, who would be illiterate by today's standards.
  14. Male Feminist.

    ok. no problem. doesn't change the facts. both pretty easily provable.
  15. Male Feminist.

    Many do. But it doesn't change the fact that many men support feminism. Understandable that Indians are a bit slow on the uptake- we have been for the last 1000+ years on virtually everything.
  16. Why Should Hindi be/not be national language of India?

    better to have pukeworthy but understandable English accent, than be fluent in Hindi.
  17. ok. so just turned 20. same argument stands. There is hardly a wicketkeeper who panned out as a stalwart when given debut at 18-20 years of age. Especially since 3 formats have existed.
  18. Male Feminist.

    Sure can and there are plenty who are. All it takes to be a feminist is to argue for equality of women. that's it.
  19. Don't care how aware you are. Physiology of species homo sapiens has not changed in the last 200K years. a 19 year old, is still a 19 year old and not ready. Which is why we've hardly ever- if ever- seen a keeper pan out after debuting as a teen.
  20. So how long is the rope for Saha?

    No it is not a valid reason. Because many other factors influence catches/match than just the same set of bowlers. I just gave u an example, where pitch matters. How do you expect a keeper, keeping to the same set of bowlers, to get the same catch/match ratio in a 4 test series, all draws with no test having 20 wickets (of opposition) falling, vs a keeper on a raging turner, where every match has 20 wickets ( of opposition) falls. Your criteria is complete bakwaas.
  21. So how long is the rope for Saha?

    You are making things up now. 20-25 tests spread over 13-14 years versus 20-25 tests in 2-3 years is definition of high varience. We are not comparing two players who have 80+ tests under their belt, where 'things even out'. We are quite literally comparing players who's entire career is equivalent to 2 full seasons of tests so far. I have given you multiple reasons why catches/matches is a flawed idea and you have not tackled one of them directly.
  22. One match means nothing. Dhawan is a crappier opener than Vijay or Rahul in tests.
  23. Why Should Hindi be/not be national language of India?

    This is one of the reasons I think India should promote English more than Hindi.
  24. So how long is the rope for Saha?

    Same style of bowling does not mean same bowling. West Indies has same style of bowling today as in the 1990s ( 3-4 pacers + 1 spinner). Does not mean they are the same bowlers. As I said, your statement that Parthiv kept against the same bowlers, is incorrect. Even if he did, what type of pitches, etc. makes helluva difference. Perfect example : that tour of SL where SL killed us in one test by scoring 900 in one innings, then put out a raging turner the next match. How the hell is a keeper, keeping in the 1st test (900+ runs in one innings) have the same catches/match as someone keeping in the next match, where 20 wickets fell and not 6-7 ?? Your catches/matches has more holes in it than grade-A swiss cheese.
  25. So how long is the rope for Saha?

    Except that is a false statement, as Saha has been keeping for only 2-3 years and Parthiv has played with bowlers like Kumble, Zaheer, Harbhajan- who Saha has never played with. The Aussies vs Indians was an example of why catches/matches cannot be used to evaluate keepers, unless you believe that ALL Indian keepers are worse than ALL Aussie keepers.

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