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  1. Its a multi-parted problem. Ofcourse Islam makes people more prone to violence. We have plenty of evidence for that. But the ultimate governing principle,is law and order. This is why muslims are far more peaceful in the west than in their homelands and this is why even far more peaceful Hindus commit assault willy nilly in India and get away with it ( such as beating people up over holding hands in public, etc). You see the same effect in schools really, in a microcosm : yes, the bullies in the classroom don't become all Gandhi-an one period and Rambo the next period...but in the classroom with strict teachers, they behave far more than in classrooms with pushover teachers. Because the underlying governing principle, is consequences. All human conflict- whether committed by an individual or a state, have a 'risk to reward' component to it and if the rewards are bigger than the risk, the act is committed. Otherwise not. If India became like the west in terms of law and order- where if you laid a FINGER on a person, within 3 months you will be sitting in a court room and either paying a fine or spending 3 months behind bars, the general lawlessness of the nation will sharply decline.
  2. Do you expect anything different in a nation where anyone can assault anyone and get away scot-free ??
  3. We are in no imminent danger. Just like how Pakistan or North Korea are not in any imminent danger. My point is, our military spending is definitely a lower priority (in terms of needs) than law and order spending or fixing the internal workings of our nation. And none of these justify spending billions on aircraft carriers and state of the art 4.5 gen fighter jets. You remind me of George W Bush's switch and bait - where he blamed the taliban and Al-Qaeda as imminent threat to the US and main reason why the US needs...F-22s !!
  4. True, its a generalization and i tend not to hold these views strongly. However, its exactly the same in mainland China. Been there a few times. This may explain my difference of experience with your's. I've been to China several times but only to their megalopolises. ie, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzen and Kunming. Yep. and they also include all types of animal by-products, like gelatin as vegeterian as well. Oh they are easy to tell apart once you see them enough. Filipinos have a distinct accent to their english and are usually hyper-chatty.
  5. What isn't working for Sweden exactly ? They have one of the lowest crime rates in the world.
  6. Explain why the superior western model of justice cannot work in India. You commit a crime (any crime) = you are brought to justice. This includes assaults, and ANY crime, processed in a timely manner. This is what India should be striving for. And that's 32 aircraft squadrons gathering rust. We don't need any such thing to protect us from invasion, as the lesson of Pakistan or North Korea should teach us- once you have nukes, you are 'un-invade-able'. These massive defence spendings, while our country's law and order situation is closer to Sub-Saharan Africa than the civilized world, is purely for show and chest-thumping. And we certainly don't need purely offensive white elephants like aircraft carriers before we get our own house in order.
  7. There is a reason why the muslim community in the west, or the conservative Sikhs here, when they do these type of honor killings, they don't do it here, but wait till their children go back to motherland for a vacation. Ofcourse it matters, if the nation has a really high rate of apprehention and sentencing of criminals vs a luck of the draw approach.
  8. Google the topic in Vancouver Sun, The Province, The National Post. We've read it for YEARS how Chinese students come over with 2 million dollars, buys a house and then goes for an undergrad degree
  9. The Australian Open 2018

    Because the system is moving to 16 seeds only beginning next year. ie, anything beyond 16 seeds are slated to be expunged from the records. Comprende ?
  10. How do you know this ? Infact, almost everything i've read is the exact opposite - that rich Chinese people prefer liquid cash in their bank accounts over investments, as they prefer to send a son/daughter/nephew etc. overseas to study and then transfer the funds so that they can buy a property overseas (part of the flight of capital from mainland China). if anything, the rich Chinese have greater liquidity than all but the oil-rich Arabs due to this factor alone.
  11. This is why i think India should spend 10x the amount of money it does on police & justice system and half the amount of money it spends buying shiny new toys for the military to chest-thump over, which gathers rust and does nothing useful.
  12. Hashim Amla’s House in Southafrica

    I have never laid a finger on a woman. Please show me where you are basing this slanderous claim from, kiddo. May allah start existing first outside of books thought up by illiterates. Allah's followers have a far bigger epidemic of beating women and oppressing them, so Allah needs to sort out his own flock first. And that test is removed because hardly anyone passes it. So you stand corrected when you said Israeli generals are lowering standards for women. They are getting rid of unfair standards for women that even men fail. Jumping down from one however, does. Says the guy who is faking it to be a psychiatrist. Yep. None of those things affect being a soldier, as proven by IDF female combat veterans, who have earned the highest decorations. Clearly better than where you went, given i just proved your psychiatric claim to be nonsense a little bit below. There is no IDF study that claims that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_world_records_in_Olympic_weightlifting#Women Here is evidence, little piggie. If women can snatch 100kilos, they can carry less than half that weight, no problems. So what ? the Olympic women are well over 200-300% the requirement set by military. This is a phenomena amongst your community, not mine. Engineers do stochastic modelling you dimwit. Its called QC engineers. Too bad someone who has no idea of hard sciences can't grasp something as basic as this. Not a single statistician thinks that random sampling of human opinions is representative of the populace either. Hence countries conduct CENSUS. https://uk.sagepub.com/sites/default/files/upm-binaries/47512_ch_1.pdf Read and weep, piggie. Already refuted your pretense that you are a psychiatrist in this thread below, since men most certainly also get raped. Says the fake psychiatrist when exposed for being a fake. http://www.faculty.ucr.edu/~mzuk/Bailey and Zuk 2009 Same sex behaviour.pdf Read and weep, fake psychiatrist. I don't have to be a psychiatrist to spot BS. Its called a real education in science. http://scienceblogs.de/geograffitico/wp-content/blogs.dir/70/files/2012/07/i-e76e350f9e3d50b6ce07403e0a3d35fe-Stemple_60-HLJ-605.pdf https://kar.kent.ac.uk/33378/3/Fisher %26 Pina REVISED FV AVB 10-05R.pdf http://web.uvic.ca/~onpol/1_Don.pdf GG son. Now go get a real degree and quit pretending.
  13. The Australian Open 2018

    And I have already said, nobody cares about seeds past 16, which is why its returning to that next year. Now dumbass, can you own up to your hero's easiest slam in the last 30 years or not ? Hoping knee holds out and dealing with pain = knee problems ongoing. Its just that simple. Those are his words.
  14. The Australian Open 2018

    LOL kiddo, nobody cares for seeds beyond the old 16 seeds and that is what we are returning to again in 2019. Why are you running away from the fact that Nadal had the easiest way to a slam title in 30 years or so ? All of a sudden you don't have time for 'research'. More fake news from you. Nadal himself said he is managing his knee since the FO. Good days, bad days kinda deal. You asked for evidence, i presented evidence.
  15. The Australian Open 2018

    You should learn to read better- I already said much earlier in this thread that Nadal had the easiest path to a slam in the last 25-30 years or more. https://www.express.co.uk/sport/tennis/824265/Wimbledon-2017-Rafael-Nadal-knee-injury-John-Millman-latest-tennis-news https://www.sportlineng.com/2017/06/12/nadal-hopes-knees-hold-wimbledon-run/ http://www.ubitennis.net/2017/12/rafael-nadal-admits-knee-not-100-per-cent-fit/ Yes, stress issue from his knee being a chronic injury. I hope you know what the word 'chronic' means. This isn't his usual ' plays great, knee gets injured, comes back 100% and plays great again for months' routine. Nadal will be 32 this year. If you see him retiring by 35 and his knees keep going out on him, he has another 2 seasons of being genuinely in the hunt for slams before he is in the 'Djokovic zone' for the last year or so till he turns 35.
  16. The Australian Open 2018

    Now who is peddling 'fake news'. I asked you a question. Is it fake news or not that Nadal's faced the lowest ranked players to win a slam in the last 30-35 years ? I am not talking about the AO18. I am talking about the last half of 2017. He complained of knee pain in Wimbledon. Also during the USO. Then again when he rested after Shanghai. And again when he pulled out of WTF. Can you show me the last time Nadal had multiple knee-related complaints in the five-six month window I described ? Therein lies your answer to whether its simply another injury that he will overcome like he has or it this beginning to sound chronic.
  17. The Australian Open 2018

    Is it fake news or not that Nadal's faced the lowest ranked players to win a slam in 30+ years ? Yes or no please. That's what any logical person would think of a man running a fever for days - ran out of gas. And DelPo was barely moving the last set he played. Why are you so salty about this fact ? When was the last time Nadal had an on-again, off-again chronic knee issue multiple times in a six month window ?
  18. The Australian Open 2018

    The fact is, no one has faced lesser ranked players than Nadal for 30+ years to win a slam. Why are you running away from this ? No, DelPo is still human. So is Roger. So is Nadal, everyone else. When they are sick or injured, they are not better than Berdych or Davydenko or anyone in the top 20 having a really good match. Except he is now showing signs of chronic knee deterioration. Nadal's trajectory in the past has been 'great great great BOOM injury, off for a few months, comes back great'. Its for the last six months or so we are seeing ' chronic knee/leg issues, flares up again and again over short period of time, he is ok after a few weeks rest, then plays a few weeks and again its inflamed. This is a strong sign of chronic knee deterioration and while Nadal has defied all expectations, you are engaging in some wishful thinking if you think the current situation with his fitness is not a terminal decline of his fitness.
  19. I have asked you on this and I didn't get a response so I will ask again: In China, its a common phenomenon for a lot of people, especially the rich - if they run afoul of the government, they straight up go into their personal bank accounts and clean it out. This is something virtually no other major economy does- ever. So if China's economy does death-spiral due to debt, what is preventing them from taking billions of liquid cash from personal bank accounts of their people and balancing their debt this way ?
  20. The Australian Open 2018

    Right. Seeded players. As if seeds beyond top 16 matter. Anyways, its a fact that no-one has won a grand slam facing lower ranked players than Nadal in the last 25-30 years or so. Federer winning 1 slam between 29-35 is due to Djokovic peaking during that period. Yes, Nadal has won more in the 28-31 age range than Federer. But winning slams in your late 20s or early 30s is no big deal. Winning in your late 30s is unheard of in the last 40 odd years. Hence the adulation. And you are engaging in some wishful thinking if you think Nadal has more than 2 years of slam winning window left in him. His knee is not gonna last longer than that and the signs are there for all to see.
  21. The Australian Open 2018

    Federer and Djokovic never played each other at their peaks. Federer's peak was from 2004-2009. Djokovic's peak was from 2011-2016 (mid). I'd give Federer an edge over Djokovic at their peaks, because at their absolute bests, Federer is a far superior shot-maker, quicker around the court and able to win a lot more free points on the serve. Yes, Djokovic is the greatest defender not named Rafa on clay, but people forget, Federer at his peak was the 2nd best defender of his time, after Rafa (and on non-clay, the best defender AND attacker), so his defensive gap with Djokovic is far lesser than his offensive gap against the same guy. The fact that an off-peak Federer thumped a total peak Djokovic at the FO tells me all i need to know what'd happen in a hypothetical 24-25 year old Federer facing off against a 25-26 year old Djokovic.
  22. The Australian Open 2018

    Um, i dont think Chung is there yet. Don't forget that Rafa's aura in Phillipe Chatrier is the biggest aura anyone has ever had on any court in history of tennis - even players like Djokovic, Federer etc. are mentally half beaten before they step foot in there when Rafito is across the net. Rafa is a superior player to Djokovic tactically - he had an awesome match vs Schwartzmann and when little Diego was going bonkers, Rafa was able to break the rhythm by slicing the crap out of the ball. Yes, injured or rusty Nadal can be beaten, especially this stage in his career at RG, but if Rafa comes in RG with 1-2 clay masters to his name, i'd give him a 95% chance of winning RG with the 5% uncertainty if and only if he gets to meet the likes of Goffin or Thiem around 4th round/QF and they have a brilliant day.
  23. The Australian Open 2018

    Look, Rafa's USO victory was what ? first time in 20-25 years or something silly like that that someone has won a slam without facing a SINGLE seeded player? So yes, that was pretty weak-sauce from Rafa. But where Federer gets appreciation and Rafa does not- not yet- is being a grandpa who is winning slams. If Rafito won slams at 36-37, no one is gonna whine about a soft draw, it would be 'this is un-friggin-believable that he is winning slams and not fishing at retirement home'.
  24. Hashim Amla’s House in Southafrica

    Thats not my quote dude..... These chauvinists are so stuck in their stone age mentality, they think 'oh, she got wet = its no longer rape' or ' oh the man got hard = no longer rape' . Such a kid-like view, considering physical response to sexual attention is purely physical, while rape is in the mind- whether consent is given/not given/withdrawn.
  25. Hashim Amla’s House in Southafrica

    LOL. Effeminate men beat women ? Substantiate that ridiculous claim, kiddo. Quoted an Israeli general saying that the tests given to women are failed by more than 50% of elite infantry, hence they are reduced. But chauvinists like you simply want to focus on the fact that the tests were reduced, to preserve your frail male ego. Except there is no physiological argument against women in the military. Still irrelevant to military requirement. Women are less than 5% away from elite men's athletic ability, which is way beyond what is required for military performance. LOL. Olympic athlete women lift 100 KILOS with no problem but this guy thinks women can't carry 100 lbs of equipment. Never gonna happen, as i said. Statistical sample sizes are largely the most abused field in human idea survey. Hence exit polls are usually wrong. Statistical sample size is applicable to production line or linear systems sampling. Clearly not your field, so i suggest you STFU. it means nothing. People are not linear factory parts. This is why the only credible people statistics is a CENSUS, not a random survey. I am a professional in field of stochastic modelling, you moron. First learn what data is relevant and what isn't. Clearly a soft-science peddler like you is out of your depth here. homosexuality is noticed in virtually ALL species on the planet. Homophobia is noticed only amongst humans and largely, amongst religious people. So homophobia itself is unnatural. Democracy is not tyranny of the majority. Laws are expression of the will of the people, within the bounds of fundamental rights derived via universalist principles. Doesnt change the fact that women too are turned on by hot male bodies. And if men are too weak to resist a half-naked woman, then they should cover themselves from head to toe too, for equality. You are clearly not a psychologist or a psychiatrist if you think women don't rape men. I can shower yuo with scholarly articles precisely on that, so begone with your charade.

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