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  1. 16 minutes ago, BeardedAladdin said:



    India did fine post 1991, but the question is: where do we go from here. Do you want to keep growing at 7.5%? Is that EVEN SUSTAINABLE? What does the youth of india - and there are plenty - average age of 27 - see themselves doing? Where does the progress come from, now that the world is looking beyond internet, and looking for the next big invention? How should India maintain that growth rate?


    Will India keep producing IT coolies and engineers? And civil servants? Who will employ all these people?


    Let's look at the facts.


    India's GDP per capita is on par with a country like Iraq. Even the best indian city - new delhi - has a GDP per capita of $4,600.


    Meanwhile, other developing countries - ones that had the same GDP as india back in the late 80s and early 90s - China, middle eastern countries - have 4 times the GDP. Not surprisingly, they aren't full democracies. Even the poorest Chinese city is performing better than Delhi.


    Commitment to performative democracy means the private sector in india remains massively underdeveloped, doing business is nearly impossible, and infrastructure projects aren't even considered, let alone financed. How many highways does India have? How many major cities outside of the metros have actually developed a manufacturing base? India has a shitload of unemployed people, and the number will KEEP GROWING.


    Indians are deluding themselves if they think we'll get vikas through performative democracy. Look at the caretakers of India's democracy - India's politicians: they are all stupid as *. How many politicians are there on merit? Can these people meet the expectations of the youth? I don't think so.

    The bolded part is  complete nonsense.

    Which middle eastern country that has 4-5 times or more per capita GDP of India was 'same as India' in the 80s ? All the Arab oil rich countries became oil rich in the late 60s & 70s. 


    You also conviniently side-stepped democratic countries who've made it rich from 3rd world status while being democracies : America, Israel, Singapore, etc.


    Neither have you specified, how turning India away from democracy will cause India's economic acceleration. Explain to us, why having an autocratic government will suddenly make India an industrial powerhouse.


    India *IS* getting 'vikas' through democracy. It is the only major third world nation to have enjoyed the stability of a true democracy, while showing continuous progress. 


    As long as economic growth rate is greater than population growth rate, it means the country is getting richer. Slowly but surely.


    16 minutes ago, BeardedAladdin said:

    I'd prefer to have one central body made up of the brightest minds from the private sector being in charge. Let them implement a 10 year vision. No elections, no nothing. 10 years of land acquisition, uninterrupted infrastructure projects and commitment to manufacturing/indigenous industry. It could completely change India's course, and it would put India's population to work.

    Yes, genius idea. Lets give 'bright minds' unlimited power, in a country where the police are corrupt, cases take 15 years to make it to court, etc. and hope these 'bright minds' don't use their 'bright minds' to fill their own pockets. Maybe you fancy yourself as one of 'those bright minds' because in my experience, the ones who advocate for autocracy are usually the ones standing to gain personally from it.


    Your idea of what it takes to spark an industrial revolution is completely out-dated and ignores the global economy. Gone are the days when consumers of one nation mostly consumed their own produced products , with a few 'niche and exotic goods' exceptions.

    Now, the whole world consumes the cheapest product. Does not matter where it is made. 


  2. 5 minutes ago, BeardedAladdin said:

    No, this is not fine. 


    I'm so glad you're canadian.

    Well the process is working. Your eagerness to experience a faster journey to 'first world-hood' does not justify such radical propositions as advocating autocracy- which is another word for dictatorship. As the saying goes, you cannot argue against success and the same template of Indian progress has held steadfast since independence. Every decade, our % of illiterate & poverty-stricken has come down, our HDI has gone up - aka, India is progressing to first world status, except not in your liking of 'instant-fixes'. 


    This is one of the mentalities i think inherently makes the die-hard BJP/RSS types anti-patriotic : they are latent advocates of autocratic 'just rule'. Ie, fundamentally against the populous, aka fundamentally anti-nation itself. 


  3. 33 minutes ago, coffee_rules said:

    Even after 2014, if we think that, "does not hold its politicians accountable like most western (notable exception being the US) voter bases are. Not a flaw of democratic system, flaw of a third world nation. ", then you are living in a bubble or under a rock. How did the change come about in 1999 and 2014? I think that the voting public knows how to fix it (1977, 1989 is an example) , You elites don't give enough credit to the masses you think that they are not good enough for a democratic system

    The reason BJP won, is not because they are more accountable to the public, but because they are more pro-economy, pro-defence and not the incumbents.

    However, Indian public simply does not hold its politicians to specific agendas when elected like most western voting public does.

    I live in a province, for eg, where win-loss is determined largely on the issue of roadways spending, fishing farms, tourism and (lately) high degree of environmental accountability for resource-extraction.  How a ferry deal went down in 2004 affected the elections (turns out we bought 2nd hand norweigian ferries and sunk the government). India simply does not have that level of accountability- yet.


    But with increased education, it will happen in another generation or two.

  4. 35 minutes ago, BeardedAladdin said:

    Of course they don't hold them accountable, how can they? Semi-literate people - the majority of the indian population - are more interested in where the next meal is coming from. Poverty inspires dependence, and the government is huge in India. The government is asked to provide, and people are dependent. You can't hold someone accountable when you allow them to control you, when they are the hand that feeds you.

    So with time, as Indian poverty levels are going down and population is becoming more educated, these problems will slowly resolve themselves.


    35 minutes ago, BeardedAladdin said:

    I'm not calling for a dictatorship. I'm calling for an end to farcical democracy. I like what China and Middle Eastern countries like Qatar and the UAE have done. That's the model for a developing country. China and India had the same GDP per capita in 1990. China, and other developing nations have a GDP per capita that is 4 times that of India. At its current growth rate, India would need another 30 years to become the 2018 version of China. That's a fact.

    You are clearly calling for a dictatorship several times in your post. 

    China and ME countries are NOT comparable to India, which historically has had far less centralized control than king of centralized control- China or the king of brutal repression- aka ME. 

    What works for China, is irrelevant to us. 

    35 minutes ago, BeardedAladdin said:


    The west become more 'democratic' as time went on. Their democracy wasn't what it is now, nor was their population, plus they caught the industrial revolution first.

    Sure, but its a fact that they became democracies with 20-25% literacy rates and their progress continued with democracy. Just like whats happening with India. 

    35 minutes ago, BeardedAladdin said:


    and what do you mean by "our strengths"? You're canadian. lol


    I have heard your arguments before, its the same old centrist nonsense. No solutions. The same old Nehurvian secularist nonsense calling for maintaining the status quo. Sorry, but neither you or me will be alive in 2100. If i didn't know better, i'd think you were trolling

    The solution is simple patience. We are making progress in every ten year time-frame. In every decade, our poverty has gone down, education has gone up. You just want a quick fix. Whereas India is empirically, demonstrably on the right path via democracy.

    Its fine if India does not become a first world nation in our lifetimes- so long as its on the path to progress, thats all that matters.

    Rome wasn't built in a day, neither will be India.


  5. 1 hour ago, BeardedAladdin said:

    Surveys show that over 50% of indians would support authoritarian government.


    I am among those people. What has democracy EVER done for India's growth prospects? Absolutely nothing.


    You have an enormous population of mostly poor, semi-literate people electing street-smart but largely incapable politicians.


    One election cycle after another, nothing ever happens. Politicians are more concerned about winning elections than they are with implementing a long-term vision.

    This is mostly because Indian voter base does not hold its politicians accountable like most western (notable exception being the US) voter bases are. Not a flaw of democratic system, flaw of a third world nation. 


    1 hour ago, BeardedAladdin said:

    Short term thinking is pervasive, right from the banks - who rightly refuse to lend for long term infrastructure projects, the institutions - who look for quick fix solutions, and the people - who have a socialist friendly sense of entitlement; "i just need to work hard for a few years, then i'll live a comfortable life.".


    Democracy has destroyed the developing world - all it does is keep society fragmented, divided and incapable of long term vision.

    Nonsense. Every third world democracy has shown better HDI progress than every third world dictatorship. 


    1 hour ago, BeardedAladdin said:

    The only reason it works in the west is because they have a literate population; and they industrialized a long time ago. Democracy works nicely when you're a fully developed country - with established institutions, a homogeneous population, and literacy. But it fails when you're developing country, it slows growth and decision making.

    The west started its democratic process when the average literacy of the western nations were 25-30%. You think USA had a literacy of 99% in 1700s ?!?

    Your statement is categorically false, because under democracy we've had US go from third world to 1st world status, same with South Korea. 


    1 hour ago, BeardedAladdin said:

    India is pretending to be a first world country with a lot of third world people.


    India's only solution is authoritarianism, and a majoritarian government. We have the BJP in power, which is a good thing - but they need to take the step towards making india more authoritarian, by destroying institutions of democracy and unifying india around a more homogeneous identity.

    Authoritarianism in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural nation like India is a recipe for disaster. The problem with authoritarianism, and i can quote you historical references on this, is for every Frederick the Great/Ashokas, you have ten Aurangzebs and Hitlers. 

    India is *NOT* a homogenous nation. And that is one of our strengths. Long may that continue. 

    1 hour ago, BeardedAladdin said:


    I sense a lack of willpower from the BJP, they aren't being pushed by the RSS or maybe they just don't think India is ready. Is it too early? Who knows. Whatever the case may be:

    With each passing day, the chance of authoritarianism is fading in India, as India *IS* progressing and getting more educated. 


    1 hour ago, BeardedAladdin said:

    There are only two directions for India in the long term: 1. Break-up into smaller countries. If the BJP-created collectivism fails to main itself. 2. Authoritarian rule. If the Congress party and its regional allies are destroyed.

    False. We can continue on the path we are on the long term and by 2100 be a first world nation, if resources & global-warming allows



  6. 1 hour ago, Vilander said:

    Dude you are being a tool now you want to do poverty tourism lol india has 1.2 bil people the only country you can compare yourself is canada, aus has too few people and too much resources to take pride over civic amenities compared to a over populated developing economy like India. Everything costs resources that are not available from sanitation to garbage removal its a slow process. If you want to feel proud compare your self with Canada, how many syrian immigrants did you take in. How long do you think you can keep ind chinese and indonesian people from entering aus lol..immigration of people is bigger than nations its a natural process like the sea currents. I see australia as an elitest small minority country and a natural resource hog.

    Australia compared to Canada, is like comparing Afghanistan to India, socially speaking. 

    The Aussie culture,simply speaking, is about 30-40 years behind rest of the western world and about 20 years behind the US in terms of progress. 

    They are the 'dead last in implementing human rights' in practically every category. Just about the ONLY thing Australia did, humanely, before other western nations, is give women the right to vote. Thats it. 
    Torturing/discrimination against the natives ? dead last. Immigration ? dead last. Race-relations ? dead-last.


    I went to Australia last year - Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania. Going there, is being transported back in the 1990s. Remember the American Pie/Friends style of humor, where racial/gender/religious steriotypes are the butt of jokes and made fun of back in the day ? That is Australia TODAY.  They are the social laggards of the western world. 

  7. 3 minutes ago, Hydra said:

    Ok if you say so but the proof is right there in front of you and your nation is the most racist country on the planet but hey you are Indian so I don't expect you to agree keep beating your chest.

    Err, India is firstly, not my nation anymore. 
    Secondly, India is actually far less racist than most western countries, because the concept of race itself doesn't exist in vast parts of the country. 

    Casteism is not racism, so get your accusations right. 

    3 minutes ago, Hydra said:


    Don't want to get into an argument I did say that was my impression of India when I travelled there seems like you can't handle the truth about your country.

    Coming from Aussies, who are quite literally the butthole of the western world and the ultimate laggard in human rights of the western world, that is pretty rich. How long was it again, since you stopped kidnapping Aboriginal children as a society ? Oh right...barely 2 decades. 

    I can tell from the get-go that your 'travel' didn't really teach you anything about Indian culture or the nuances of it. 

    Most likely yet another missionary idiot who thinks he knows from pre-conceived notions.


  8. 26 minutes ago, Hydra said:


    Here is your bullshit 21st century and still making people clean sewers with no protective clothing we have robots and technology to do that sort of work.

    Nice way to dodge. Again, i ask you. Where are these magical public washrooms of yours outside of the downtown heart of Sydney/Melbourne ?

    As for you having robots and technology to do that stuff- are you saying Australia is the first country in the world where humans are not cleaning the city drain-pipes or septic tanks in the yard ? 

    Go try your BS somewhere else. I don't know how old you are, but judging from your ignorant posts, chances are i've been living in the west for longer than you've been alive. 


    Maybe you Aussies need to get your heads out of your a$$es and not be the 'afghanistan' of the western world in terms of backwardness. Your nation's reputation for racism, bigotry and backwards mentality ranks below the 'deep south' of the US to most western eyes. 




    And here I thought you said there was no caste system in the cities must have read wrong.

    I said that caste does not make one a latrine-cleaner in India. Which has nothing to do with your random youtube video. 

  9. 22 minutes ago, Hydra said:

    We have public toilets and they are clean compared to India if you do find a public toilet in India you can smell it from a mile away they are disgusting.


    You have public toliets ? like except four or five in downtown Sydney, where are these magic toilets of yours ?

    Sure, the toilets in India are disgusting. But i'd rather have a toilet, than have no toilet and be forced to go behind a trash-can in public.  In India, it is far easier to find a communal toilet than anywhere in USA/Canada/Australia i've found. England is marginally better, but thats just pretty much London. 


    The problem in India is the caste system where the lower caste people are made to do the dirty jobs and cleaning toilets is beneath others.

    You know jack-**** about India if you think that is the case. In cities, its not just the lower castes who clean toilets. And in villages, there are hardly any 'public toilets'. 


    I have never seen anyone defecating or urinating in public in Australia it is possible I am not saying it's not but I know the fines are very steep.

    Bull$hit. If a tourist like me can see people taking a piss in public at 3am after your bars close, then you must be living in the absolute boonies to've never seen such a sight. 

    In the western world, practically every dude (and most chicks) end up taking a leak outside somewhere- far more frequently for guys (like weekly/bi-weekly) and far less for ladies (like once or twice a year) but this is standard 101 western behaviour after drinking in bars/partying/concerts etc. 
    Because there are hardly any public toilets outside of a few select spots in most of the western world. 


    You guys having such a high fine is nothing more than a cash-grab by your government/police. Surprised they could sell the con to you folks so easily. For us, its no more than a citation at first time and 50 bucks a second time. Coz well, when you gotta go, you gotta go. 

  10. 3 hours ago, Hydra said:


    Yes we do have a small population and yes we are very strict when it comes to illegal migrants and that's a good thing.


    I have been to India I travelled in India for 8 months so I know a little bit about the country I enjoyed it but I also hated it.


    Hated the fact that people throw rubbish everywhere in Australia even though there are no fines for littering we just don't litter that is called pride in the country.


    But if you urinate or poo in public there are big fines if you urinate in public you get a $425 fine on the spot.


    Yes, we are naturally blessed with abundant natural resources that the world wants and needs but we have very strict environmental laws.


    I understand India had a very big population but the lack of public toilets is a disgrace sanitation is a basic part/need of life, hygiene standards are very low as well maybe I am wrong but from what I saw that's the impression I got.


    Like I said India was a good experience but I hated going to a beautiful place and then you look around there is rubbish everywhere sad to say this but Indians don't have pride in their country.


    Don't want people on here to take offence for saying all this but if you do then it's up to you these are just my impressions.



    You guys better have public toilets every 10 blocks then, otherwise its pretty insane law to fine so much for peeing in public. 

    When you gotta go, you gotta go- what do you expect Canadians or Americans do, when they gotta piss and they are outside in the city, waiting for a bus or two late in the night ? go pee behind the garbage can. Happens all the time even in the most civilized of countries. 

    Same thing with drunk people and taking a dump. Don't blame people for going when they need to go by stupid BS 'pride in the country' nonsense, when it happens in your country too due to lack of public washrooms. 


  11. 11 hours ago, cric_fan said:

    Wtf....there are people out there that measure happiness :giggle:


    I dont think they measure happyness. They measure 'feeling of happiness'. Ie, i don't have to actually judge if you are happy or not. But i can still ask you ' on a scale of 1-10, how happy are you?'. If you say '7', i'd say 'cric_fan' is above average feeling of happy and since happy is  feeling, ergo, 'cricfan' is above average happy.

    I dont think you can measure happy- that much is given.


  12. 10 hours ago, Vilander said:

    big cats get confused when non prey animals ( like humans) standup and look them in the eye, are not scared and do not loose eye contact show their back or cover in fear ,so prey instinct does not take over yet. This guy was lucky..if it was say a female with cubs or a prime male it would have thought of him as a challenger or threat and killed him. 

    Does not work unless the predator is in a very rare, off-mood. Otherwise,all one would have to do, is behave like the alpha around lions and tigers and they would * off. 

    It only works on predators that are pack hunters and when the pack is too small or does not have a true alpha - like with wolves, raccoons, hyenas etc. 

  13. 37 minutes ago, someone said:

    It not just adultery but many serious crimes. And had such allegations occured to any common man, his job, career, social rep would have already destroyed. So Shammi is lucky that as a celeb he still has support.


    BCCI shouls really suspend him offically till verdict is announced. He is already lucky that he isnt sacked yet.

    Disagree that they are destroyed on the basis of an allegation from a spouse. Infact, celebrities are more under the microscope, as they make the papers and are pre-judged on it like you are. Nobody pre-judges Ram Singh nobody on such allegations before it goes to court .

    Nothing should happen to him till the allegations are proven in court.


  14. 14 hours ago, someone said:

    Wrong. These are serious cases of attempted murder, rape, domestic violence, abuse, adultery. And had he been a ordinary man working in a decent company or MNC, he would have already been suspended and most likely sacked plus would be barred from society. He is a celeb so is getting benefit of doubt which an ordinary person wouldn't.

    These are allegations. If the above is proven, sure, ban him by all means and toss him in jail. Adultery is irrelevant to the professional career. Ordinary men don't get fired for these type of allegations from a spouse either. 

  15. 7 minutes ago, Bilal78 said:


    So do we.


    we have atleast 10-15 bowlers in domestics that can do just a decent job.

    Nope. I am not going by domestic performance, but actual, international performance. Until you actually have 6-8 bowlers who have been given international opportunity, are still available for selection, performing and have performed decently, it doesn't qualify as bench strength. its simply 'future potential', thats it.

    Right now, the only teams with greater proven bench strength in fast bowling than India are AUS and RSA.


  16. 6 minutes ago, Bilal78 said:


    I agree with you on that.


    I was only trolling on Srinath not being a fast bowler to get you riled up but tbh Anwar did give him plenty of Phaintas.


    India will always produce WC batsman, first Gavaskar then Tendulkar then Kohli and now KL.


    Indian bowlers arnt bad as they do a job for India, Decent prospects however the bench strength isn’t great.



    I think the bolded part is where you are wrong. First off, India has always produced high quality spinners. ( Don't say now that Indian spinners are home-track bully, because except for Warne and Murali, all spinners are home-track bullies). As for fast bowlers, India is yet to produce a worldclass express bowler or even a worldclass fast-medium bowler since Kapil. But what India has better than most teams (excepting probably only Aus And RSA) is depth in pace bowling. We have 6-8 pacers currently who can come into the test or ODI team and do an okay job. 

  17. 9 minutes ago, Bilal78 said:


    I have been watching cricket since 1983 and there has hardly been a WC Indian bowler.


    Srinath was nothing special, amazed how he got some success.

    Dont change goal-posts now. You said fast bowler. Srinath was a fast bowler. 

    As for producing a world class bowler, Pakistan hasn't produced a world-class bowler or world-class batsman since the late 90s. (ie, since Akhtar and Younis Khan debuted). India has produced plenty of atleast one category (batsman) since then.

  18. 10 hours ago, Lala said:

    Oh come on yaar. U r trolling here. Dont compare amir  with your mediocre unadak or shami. Amir came to international cricket when he is 18. He is our strike bowler. Even though after 5 years of banning he was selected to pakistan xi straight away because this guy is seriously talented. yeah u r correct Amir won't make the India C squad because since he talented he will be made to India national squad if he was born India :phehe:. Pakistan is always the warehouse and power house of bowling in Asia. Indians have always to tell about match fixing of amir. They might have forgotten Azarudin, Ajay Jadeja, Sreeshanth, Etc. Also people do mistakes. Once they learnt lessons they won't do again. punishment received. Amir also did mistakes but now he is in the right path. Assume after 5 years who can come to the national side of India? only like Nehra the grandfathers can make to indian squad afer 5 years :hysterical:. So dont troll without any facts man. :finger:

    Amir had the beginner's luck of being an unknown quantity. Once he was a known commodity, he can't buy a wicket. Guy lacks stamina or pace in the longer format. Ie, overrated. 

  19. 10 hours ago, someone said:

    That's very incorrect. Your actions will have consequences for celebs. That's the reality. There are footballers have been banned and careers destroyed due to nazi salutes, racism, and other controversies. Our cricketers are no different.

    Nazi Salutes, racism and other controversies are not personal domain issues. Nobody got banned for nazi-salute in their living room. They got banned for Nazi salute on the pitch - ie, during the playing, professional environment. 


    What Shami does off-field, as long as its not criminal, is of no concern to ours. What he does on the pitch, behaviour-wise, is of concern.


  20. 22 hours ago, narenpande1 said:



    And who told you Australia and Shane Warne should be benchmarks for the kind of characterless behavior that is acceptable ?


    australia is culturally different. Our cricketers are looked up as role models.


    we are not such a talent poor country that we should accommodate a person of such low moral character in our playing XI.


    it is okay to not be married, get divorced, remarry etc... but it is just NOT okay to have a wife beater, a characterless third rate Casanova in the team. 


    Anyone would be outraged of the kind of allegations with proof that Shamis wife has made - Shamis tame response is that of a guilty man

    moral character has zero bearing in a professional setting. We need to set the example of professionalism first and foremost- ie, if you are not a criminal, is not detrimental to being a team player and good at your job, you keep your job, period. 

    I could care less if Shami thought women are scum, hindus are idiots, buddha is a God or what he does in his free time with other consenting adults. As long as he gets along with his co-workers, is producing performance worthy of being in the team and is not a criminal, he stays. Period.


  21. 7 minutes ago, Singh bling said:

    Indians were also quick to revolt against Britishers too .In 500 years of islamic invasions rule destruction of temples forced conversions , There was never united revolt against muslim rulers but in 50-100 years Indian soldiers mutined against Britishers

    a tiny portion of them revolted. Which is why it was squashed so quickly.

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