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  1. Well same can be said about an omnivore making dosti with meat. Omnivory is a huge decisive evolutionary skill and in most mass dyings like ice age ending and stuff, it’s omnivores that are least affected. Evolution works by ‘ use it or lose it’ and I know that it won’t affect humans for maybe a 1000+ generations but going exclusively vegetarian is a wrong genetic preference to have for an omnivore
  2. Yes i agree. Hence I see the Chinese folk practice of ‘ skin the creature alive so it’s the freshest possible meat’ to be barbaric and way too much. Any mass scale industrial process will be less individualized and more thoughtless than a cottage industry. Doesn’t matter if it’s steel mill or local blacksmith moortiwalla or if it’s industrial egg farming vs local mausi with 6 chickens and a rooster. We have to adjust our expectations of what minimal suffering is accordingly
  3. At the risk of sounding dumb, I must ask, what’s the difference between you and a botanist ? My mom is a MSc in Botany. Are they the same thing ?!
  4. Sorry but all our philosophies say accept who you are. What we are, is an omnivore species and every living creature suffers when turned into food. Therefore suffering of food is valid and farming animals and plants is a necessary suffering.
  5. Makes no difference to me. Food is food and it’s moral for us to do what we wish to food to take care of logistics
  6. As in research paper on Jstor. Sorry I was wrong - they are not mostly homos, they just have a much stronger than average predilection towards it: close to the 10% are exclusively Homo. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3085551/ You may be right about the gender thing but not Homo. It’s accepted by science and we have evidence of it biologically in other animals. It also makes evolutionary sense to lower % of male parentage to increase chances for superior genetic sample to prevail more, as most animal mating has alpha male + zillion females pattern in mammals. Also LOL at Homo being a western thing. India has the most open acceptance of homos in history FYI. Kama sutra and temple carvings are evidence of that. Your uprightness is more of a recent thing and Hindus were much more sexually liberated, much like the Greeks and the Romans. Our survival of sexual liberated nature is extensively derided and ( perverted ) by the Islamic invaders and Hindu modern uprightness is a factor of that. This is nonsensical since there are plenty of married or common law ( effectively married for all legal purposes) women with kids from prior marriage/relationships. That doesn’t mean all single moms would get married Depends on the age of the kids. If they are super young, then yes. If older, maybe not unless it seemed stable enough. and it’s a pretty stupid question to ask a married man because my answer will always bias towards no as I am already married...
  7. So ? Fyi, this is known as the Filipino model. Almost all Filipino gays have wives and a special friend and wife knows. 100% false. Stop making up nonsense. Sheep don’t live caged up, they roam pastures and there is plenty of evidence that most male sheep are bisexual by choice. And again, almost ALL animals exhibit homosexuality in nature, not caged. If you wish I can cite actual research evidence from natural observations on this.
  8. Um, homosexuality is natural for a minority of ALL male populations in kingdom animalia. And for some, like sheep, homosexuality is actually a dominant trait. Also, if you wouldn’t marry a girl because her ex ditched her, it makes you a chewt.
  9. Most men have a simple checklist for clothing: 1. Does it look and smell clean ? 2. Does it still fit me ? 3. Is it comfy enough for the weather ? If yes to all three, we wear it. Until our wives come and tell us ‘ we are going to someone’s wedding, be less comfortable and wear a tie !’
  10. Let’s just merge everything into one mega thread. Cricket chit chat jokes all for one and one for all
  11. If you read the actual scientific report, they all say it’s a very rough estimate because simplistic ‘ how much ice will melt= how much net rise in sea level = which coastlines are screwed’ projections do not take many things into account. for eg, Kolkata, Basra or Baghdad most likely won’t go underwater, despite being in the ‘below sea level projections’. Why ? Two words: silt load. When you sit on a delta, especially high siltation delta like Ganges-Brahmaputra or Tigris-Euphrates, you sit on a land that is slowly rising due to silt accumulation. 2000 years ago, the sundarban coastline was near Barrackpore. 3000 years ago, Basra was 50km into the Persian gulf. We have to take into account the siltation rates near deltas. another thing to take into account is isostatic rebound: entire Scandinavia is rising because areas of ice sheet are where the crust is depressed into the mantle due to the weight of the ice. When that ice is gone, the land rises. Scandinavia sees 1cm per year land rise due to this. there are many such factors to consider that isn’t in these alarmist reports.
  12. The major problem with the IAF is that it has a complete end user customer mentality and always wants the absolute best thing on the market. Problem with this is, we will never get a domestic industry if we don’t go through the growing pains. Nobody ever puts out a world beater engine at first try, they go through decades of iteration and production line upgrades. The Chinese have realized that there are no shortcuts to engine development amen have bitten the bullet. Their WS series is underpowered compared to the Klimovs and AL-31 derivates but they are sticking with it. This is why J-20 is underpowered. But IAF did not learn its lessons from the Kaveri fiasco. Now it wants a 120 KN engine for its AMCA project in the F414/RD-33 weight class. Which means IAF requirement is for a 40% higher performance on the absolute best middle weight engine on the planet- the F414. The babus need to be firm with IAF or else we will forever be a third rate Air Force dependent on imports.
  13. India is not getting any more Su-30s after the 278 are delivered. We will receive about 36 more. IAF does not want any more Su-30s, since it’s a heavy fighter that costs a lot more to fly ( 2 seater vs 1 seater) and IAF feels its need for heavy fighters is satisfied. currently IAF wants medium to light class fighters- something that is small and cheap and can act as point defense air superiority fighter, meaning it doesn’t need long range. This is where the Rafale and the Tejas come in. India paid 200 million per Rafale for 36 of them- about 3 billion of that was for one time India specific enhancement development and research ( such as takeoff from high altitude like Leh, enhanced radar, OBOGS, gps navigation for Indian air space etc). This means the next lot will be about 40% cheaper and India is likely to get at least another 36 once this order is completed in early 2022. the rest will be done by Tejas mk1a and mk2. Oh we are also getting 25 MiG-29s this year- these are sitting in Russian hangers as brand new but undeployed due to their budget cuts and apparently we pay only 20 million per aircraft.
  14. Well we already have received 3, 15 more will come this year. Rafales are fine for India for the foreseeable future : it can massively outclass F16s and JF-17s and is equal to any Chinese aircraft not named J-20. But the J20 is underpowered and is definitely not going to be based in Tibet so, it has a huge handicap in entering our airspace. Our current problem is falling numbers, not quality.
  15. Efficiencies of scale matter. China is building a destroyer every 2 months I think. It also has the vast raw materials infrastructure present on epic scale. we don’t. So for us a lot of the overhead cost gets divided into smaller units and thus costs per item goes up ( ie, if it costs 1 billion to set up fabrication facility for a destroyer, China orders 50 and so each destroyer has a +20 million price tag. India orders 10 and has a + 100 million price tag). This is sort of the same reason why per unit price of a much more advanced F35 is lower than that of a Rafale( F35 costs 90-110 million per aircraft, Rafale costs 110-200 million). Coz LM gets to distribute overhead cost into 3000 F35s ordered while Dassault gets to distribute it over 250 jets....
  16. Make India a Dharmic rashtra with official sponsorship given to Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikh institutions. Then give freedom to practice religion to all religions. Just like UK which is an officially Christian Protestant nation. Problem solved
  17. That’s a stunning growth rate for a 14 trillion dollar GDP. China is also undergoing fast demographic aeging, meaning nowhere close to as many young people entering the economy, which means its economy can grow at a slower pace than India and not increase unemployment
  18. This is why I am largely silent on the issue. ” When your enemy digs their own grave, you should help take out the dirt “ - old chinese proverb.
  19. What dumb people do not understand, is bigotry really has two classes of applications: thinking philosophy X is superior to philosophy Y and thinking people of philosophy X are superior to people of philosophy Y down to every last person. The first type of bigotry is what moves the world forward and is what smart people make, the second type of bigotry is the ball and chain that moves the world backwards and stupid people make. @Mariyam, FYI, in my views, is better educated than you in the political sphere and just as, if not more intelligent. Don’t be the second class of bigot.
  20. Kerala and WB are two separate kind of Islamist problems. WB is the long conquest game: illegal Muslims from Bangladesh come in, set up shop and clear out Hindus from their area and take over. Long term plan : to unite Bengal with the mullah 2/3rd. They are bloodyminded about slow creep but are not the most politically active or rich. Kerala has millionsn of gulf Muslim malloos funding them. In my time in ME met quite a few ‘arabized’ mallu muslims - like dress like one, fluent in Arabic and desperately looking for any Arab wife to become citizen in the gulf. They have crap ton of money they funnel into Kerala mallu community. Kerala is not about slow Muslim takeover, it’s about significant minority slowly becoming the elite minority by leveraging money. They are way more political and outwardly aggressive in agenda.
  21. Muloghonto

    Indore !!!

    Yeah I am not a fan of rosogollas either. They are like the ‘kale salad’ version of sweets to me: too healthy and tastes just ok
  22. Muloghonto

    Indore !!!

    For us, those who like the texture of sondesh almost always prefers gujias . as far as Bongs are concerned, our top sweets tend to be Komolabhog( super jalebi), rabri ( fried milk film), pithepuli ( Bengali crepes), rasmalai. Kids love soanpapri though most adults don’t like how messy it is. rest of Indian sweets are ordinary compared to them except one: firni
  23. Muloghonto

    Indore !!!

    This is weird. Both you and Maryam rated Sondesh highly. In my experience, most bongs don’t like sondesh - to us, it’s too basic and it’s the McDonalds version of sweets. As for brand name, KC Das or Keshto Ghosh ?
  24. Muloghonto

    Indore !!!

    In my experience, what Kolkata street food are really leagues and leagues ahead of Mumbai or Delhi, is in Chinese street food. We set the standards much higher than rest of India due to the Hakka community in Kolkata. And to be fair, phuchka is the same everywhere. Mumbai phuchka has more chaat masala in the potato, Kolkata phuchka has more amchur in the water. but if you want any other type of street food; especially those monstrosities of boiled grated egg deep fried in ghee with crap ton of masalas, topped with a fried egg served on a egg basted bhatura, Delhi and Mumbai are way better
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