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  1. One of the biggest weapons that neo-orientalists have...

    Culture always changes and the ones that strive too much to protect every aspect of culture, end up backwards like the muslim world. Culture is art, food, customs, dresses, literature, music etc. Of this, the one that has changed the fastest and continues to change, is the literature, because of the language component. To enjoy an ancient art form- be it sculpture, painting, dance or music, one simply has to have an open mind and sit through it. To appreciate avijana shakuntalam in its original Sanskrit, however, requires pointless hundreds of hours of learning a dead language- that serves no other purpose whatsoever and one can argue, that literature, is the most easily translated art-form, where a good translator can keep the tone, intent and scope of the original work, to a huge degree.
  2. One of the biggest weapons that neo-orientalists have...

    Yep. Purpose of language, is communication. A dead language,by definition, fails to serve the fundamental purpose of a language. Its fine to study dead languages for scholarly purposes - this is why people still study Coptic, Punic, Hittite, Sanskrit, Latin etc. But to teach the common populace a language that is no longer in use is quite literally a waste of precious time and resources.
  3. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    @Garuda Havn't heard from you since i posted the source re: Genghis Khan. Tucked tail and ran away ??
  4. US-UK-France launch military strikes on Syria

    Says i am delusional, then proceeds to speak for everyone, demonstrating delusional behaviour. Bravo. Go try and hide India's rapists instead of exposing them, some more.
  5. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    The biggest reason why they left after WWII and not WWI is because of Gandhi- Gandhi's marches and bandhs made the Raj a deeply loss making entity.
  6. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    The naval mutiny IMO was the reason for the hasty partition and hasty retreat of the Brits- because they were scared that if news of mutiny of British forces spread, it would nose-dive the morale of the British forces elsewhere. However, the Naval mutiny was not relevant towards independence, which was long since discussed. The two major parties in India's independence was the Tehran accords and Gandhi.
  7. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    1. I didn't say polyandry was the norm in ancient India- i said it was prevalent. 2. As for Bongs and bravery -if you have a chance, visit Port Blair. In Kalapani, were the most violent revolutionaries incarcerated by the British and over 50% of the inmates were Bongs. Bongs, then Marathis, then everyone else is the order of those who were the most violent towards the British. 3. Those who fight when overmatched are not brave, they are stupid. For the point of fighting, is to win. 'Live today, fight tomorrow', as the saying goes. Porus wasn't brave- he was stupid.
  8. US-UK-France launch military strikes on Syria

    Everyone, as in everyone who upvotes my posts, paedophile follower!
  9. One of the biggest weapons that neo-orientalists have...

    Right after you substantiate the claims you've made. stop running away, kiddo.
  10. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    Learn to read, fake psychiatrist. I made a claim and then presented the source of that claim, which is a chronicle of the mongols, by the mongols.
  11. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    That is a first hand source, moron. When i do link peer reviewed sources, like the one which said homosexuality exits in almost all extant clades in animal kingdom, you tucked tail and ran.
  12. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    I have sourced peer reviewed article that shows homosexuality exists in almost all extant clades in animal kingdom. Taqqiya is not good.
  13. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    Sorry, almost all actual scholars disagree with you. He is the main reason why the Raj started to lose massive amounts of money in India. The british were in INdia to make money, not colonize. A smart lawyer like Gandhi realized astutely that a salt march is worth a thousand revolutionary actions in the big picture.
  14. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    Sure. Does not change the fact that he did more for Indian independence than a thousand bhagat singhs
  15. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    https://jigjids.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/the_secret_history_of_the_mongols_the_life_and_times_of_chinggis_khan1.pdf Now kindly go read and see how Genghis was a better hubby than Ram.
  16. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    Bhagat Singh is an overglorified guy because of Punjabi dominance of Bollywood. There are thousands like him or more impactful than him that don't get the proper recognition. And Gandhi still accomplished 100x more than Bhagat Singh or any of the other 1000s like Bhagat Singh. When it comes to Shaheeds and martyrs for the independence movement, Bengalis are the bravest of the lot. Which is strange, because before the British, you'd have to go back a thousand years to find a brave Bengali.
  17. Congress party's vision for India

    An Indian-origin man, sitting in Canada, advocating that poor Indians should accept their fate of being poor, nothing to be ashamed of being poor and they shouldn't want more material stuff, that this man himself is experiencing, in the name of 'bad to exploit people, bad for mother nature', is the height of elitist hypocrisy. You'd have fit in the British East India corporation as a bootlicker pretty well.
  18. Are Ramayan and Mahabharata real?

    There is no shame in admitting that Ramayana and Mahabharata are largely works of fiction, that has shaped our cultural heritage. For that, is the objective truth. One can value the impact of a book to a culture and still admit that the book is not factual.
  19. Are Ramayan and Mahabharata real?

    And thats precisely why Rome and the west have a far greater sense of their heritage than Indians. Italians don't give a flying fig about Aeneas. Or the epic stories of the Aenid. They care about their ACTUAL history. The Caesars, the Empire, the Republic, the city-states. Indians meanwhile, know jack $hit about the ACTUAL historical stalwarts of India. No one knows or cares about Amogavarsha or Indra III or DevaPala or Nagabhatta or Mahapadma Nanda. The Hinduvta narrow vision of psuedo-history is confined to debating Ramayana, Mahabharata and the Aryan migration/non-migration nonsense. All the while, ignoring the actual rich 2500 years of history we possess. No concept, idea or culture, is beyond reproach or beyond change. That our ignorant ancestors formed their beliefs around the stories of the Mahabharata/Ramayana is no justification for us to hold it sacred, with the far superior knowledge we possess. Sure, it is part of our heritage but it is not beyond questioning either. Nothing is and that is the way of the scientific mindset- to always re-evaluate, investigate and go by the latest information at hand.
  20. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    It is emotional bondage, if your argument is 'once you are married and a.parent, you can't leave'. The promise means not a whole lots if you are going to be gone 15-20 years. The father has a role more than just providing. But experience has taught me that when a human wants to leave, it's always the best option than forcing them to stay by social or emotional pressure. In in the grand scheme of things, if all a person can say they've done wrong in their life is leave their family after setting them up for life, I'd say they have a very successful life.
  21. Samskrita Bharati - online learning

    As i said, got better things to do with my life than learn a dead-language. I will learn Sanskrit- when i am retired. The whole hindu 'stages of life' dictum applies to me here.
  22. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    you will find,that the bulk majority of princes and kings did not posess these qualities in ANY civilization. Roaming aruond the ganges valley 2500 years ago is pretty much my definition of NOT having a good time.If you want a good time back then, you went to one of the major cities and locked yourself up in a pleasure garden. Not travel to unknown parts roughing it. Its like super crappy backpacking.
  23. Samskrita Bharati - online learning

    lol hardly anyone takes Sanskrit to any level. Maybe its a hindi belt phenomenon but rest of India does English + mothertongue + Hindi. Nobody in my school took Sanskrit...it wasn't even offered...neither was it offered at my cousin's school in Mumbai.
  24. One of the biggest weapons that neo-orientalists have...

    Do YOU know Sanskrit ? You are one of the most RW hindus here....... Maybe if you asked yourself why you don't know Sanskrit ( i am willing to wager, its most likely that you can think of 20 different things you'd rather be doing than learning a dead language with no practical applications ), you'd know why RW hindus dont learn Sanskrit either. Its not like RW christians are falling over themselves to learn Aramaic or Latin or Greek either......

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