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  1. doesmt change the fact that which dominates history, is of greater historicity. forgetting ones history is an issue to many of us. you have said yourself that what s remembered or not remembered is of no consequence. Therefore you are saying remembering your ancestors and history is of no consequence. Busted. Facts don’t care about your feelings. That which is more prevalent in history is more historical. Simple. Your example backfired and now you can only laugh but present no logical counter. As usual.
  2. We were scattered ?? Lol. Greeks did remember their history of Alexander, the diadochi period, Roman conquest, etc. Despite being conquered by Christianity and then Islam. This proves that being conquered is no excuse to forget ones history. Nobody conquered the Tamils or mallus till literally the British. Yet they forgot about kalabhras. It’s because our civilization has been dominated by the likes of zen who think remembering history is of no concern
  3. no amount of nuance and contextualizing will change the past and the fact that what dominated our past, defines our cultural history more. it is. It’s a far bigger concern than picking a name you like coz u just feel like it. I am sure your ancestors would’ve been glad to know that you consider remembering our history and civilizational history to be of no consequence at all. Sorry but I have proven, thanks to you, that your entire position is anti Indian history and anti Indian cultural legacy. Hence India >> bharat. And always will be.
  4. common sense says that which gets used most frequently in history has greater historical usage and greater cultural history. Sorry but no. Remembering history is key to having a civilizational narrative. My issue is our people forgot their history and have no historical consciousness and it’s a civilizational flaw that plenty of other conquered people don’t have. The Greeks didn’t forget Byzantium despite 8 centuries of direct ottoman rule. Jews didn’t forget their history despite being scattered. Neither did the Chinese. But Indians did, Iranians did, Sri Lankan’s did, etc. There is no shame in admitting our cultural weaknesses and rectifying them. Thank you for proving my point that your entire position is anti history and anti cultural history.
  5. nothing is crashed, my argument is consistent: that which gets used most often in history, is the most representative of history. yes, quibble about semantics because your ignorant Hindu pride cannot deal with the notion that our Hindu civilization is inferior to China or the Jews when it comes to remembering history. The Chinese dynasties or the Jewish kings are common knowledge to their masses. Ours is not. Hence we are inferior at it. Hence Hindu doctrine on history is being modified by Hinduvta. Pretty clear.
  6. unsubstantiated opinion. it doesn’t change the fact that this persons history is that if being identified as a donkey. Preference cannot erase that which is history. No, because what is relevant to history is what it was. If donkey was used way more often, then donkey is more historically relevant. sorry but those are facts. China didn’t always win, like us they too got conquered by outsiders a lot. Same with Jews. They remembered because in this particular thing- historical preservation- they are better than us. thanks for proving my point that our culture doesn’t consider history important, which is why you take a stance that’s insulting to our history. No point has been adddressed, they just have been disagreed by you without any substantiation.
  7. I am shaming a civilization for forgetting its own history. Kannadigas forgot the Rashtrakutas and satavahanas. So did the Andhra. Bongs forgot the palas. Biharis forgot the mauryas,Shunga, Kanvas, guptas etc. This is a collective culture fail from us. No two ways about it.
  8. you are entitled to disagree but that doesn’t make you right. nonsense. That which dominates history, is more relevant in history. sophistry. We erase by changing the term. Those who do not remember major things about their history have an inferior position on how to treat history vs cultures who do remember their history. Nobody in China forgot the Han or xia or sui dynasty. No Jew forgot the kings between David and Herod. Yet no Indian remembered 300 bc-1000 ad major dynasties for the most part. Ergo, Indian/ Hindu methodology of history is inferior by results.
  9. You can. And they will still be less aligned to our cultural history. You are wrong and your methodology is wrong. length of usage decisively links to cultural history. You can say cultural history isn’t important to you and that fine. But you can’t dismiss cultural history as a factor of cultural alignment. That’s illogical. hindu methodology of history is inferior, hence we are rectifying one of our weaknesses. We are the culture that forgot the mauryas the shungas the rashtrakutas the satavahanas. So your orthodox Hindu methodology has objectively failed and therefore isn’t qualified to talk.
  10. It is a key criteria because that which is used more has more historical prevalence. what has more historical prevalence is more culturally aligned. And they’d be wrong. Some People think earth is flat and they are wrong. Tomorrow people may think that a new word is more culturally aligned than what is our cultural history and they’d be wrong too.
  11. Arre baba, my point isn’t to debate the true nature of titles and what it really meant, whether daroga( from mongol Darugaruxi) is a more valid title than amatya.... it’s simply to demonstrate the fact that pre British era, hindustan was far more commonly used by our own Hindu ancestors than Bharat
  12. Dude, the point is, our culture should NEVER have forgotten about the Mauryas or Guptas, period. This isn’t about which nitty gritty historian is correct re: finer details about Ashoka, this is about our cultural SHAME at forgetting our glorious empire of the past. Even the south is guilty of this: nobody remembered the Satavahans either. This is solely our cultural shortcoming, nothing else
  13. Saying it’s irrelevant doesn’t make it so. History is culture and our own ancestors used it more than Bharat. This makes India more culturally aligned than Bharat. See, you have no logic and reasoning on your side, just ‘ I say so’ mentality. Good thing you don’t live in India
  14. I believe his official proclamation was under the name of ‘ samraat hemchandra vikramaditya of hindustan’
  15. India is more culturally aligned because it has been used by our people the most in history. That’s basic facts. Sorry but we won’t let you erase the term that is tied to our history. It’s india first on the passport, Bharat second.
  16. Just before panipat. I believe it’s just after the last Suri king died
  17. I am afraid of heights but I developed it somewhere in the 12-15 range while being a kid who grew up ‘climbing over every brick wall in my area running around like crazy’. So I mostly push through it and find ways to compose myself when the serious bout of vertigo hits while hiking for eg in hilly areas. i found skydiving was a bit scary but once off the plane, it felt exhilarating and composed coz the ground was just an abstract colour and pixel maze and I got used to falling before making up shapes below me as easily. With bungee it’s too real and too close all the time and it’s like one side of me is going ‘stfu u can feel this elephant sized rope around you’ while the brain is going ‘ omg omg omg falling dying falling dying’
  18. We did and we will continue to do so, history should never be a subtraction but only an addition to the real actual tales ( not Marxist whitewashing) of the events. This lends to the idea that we should indeed preserve the term that is historically the most dominant term, as our most dominant identity term. This is the attitude shift that needs to happen re: history or else like zen, we will rename it to something else and just like how we eventually forgot Ashoka, samudragupta or shatakarni, we will do so again with all the nuances that come with the written accounts of India and Hindustan in its full scope.
  19. Sure but that doesn’t change the fact that Hindustan is way more historically significant a term via usage than Bharat. This is fact, this is history and it needs to be remembered and given primacy as is, due to this reason. My point re: jews doing the same, which zen couldn’t answer, is pertinent to learning from those groups who are masters at preserving their history, unlike us, who historically and culturally forgot our greatest heroes. The fault for not remembering and honouring history by Hindus, is not due to conquest or dominance of foreigners- if that was so, Armenians, Jews, etc would’ve forgotten their history too. But they didn’t. And the reason is simple: they don’t seek to forget historical terms and terminologies due to a new fad
  20. Yeah because more travel stories are clearly more important than not helping the economy of a nation that is waging war against your nation of origin. More evidence of memememe culture
  21. Not advice: judgement. It’s your money to waste and spend on the mememe culture and it’s my prerogative to judge it as a frivolous wasteful self obsessed behaviour. Consistent with the idea of giving tourism $$ to the arch enemy nation of the country of your parents origin and cultural motherland
  22. If I didn’t get it, I wouldn’t have been skydiving and flying cessnas before your nuts dropped, kid. some of us don’t waste money on such frivolous persuits when there are a million more cost effective ways to have fun and contribute to society than wasteful flying license or dropping 100k on an old restored ford model T. You wont get it either.. at least not yet
  23. There are way way better and cheaper ways to make side income than a commercial piloting license. Glad to say that my kids aren’t growing up with this level of wasteful self indulgence as a goal.
  24. No, even in bharatiya literature. Samrat hemu’s proclamation was as samrat of Hindustan. Shivaji used Hindustan way more than Bharat. The last historical treaters composed by Kalhana in 12th century uses Hindustan and aryavarta way more than Bharat. The other names dont stand test test of time ? Hindustan is still just as often used as bharot in Bengali and way more in Hindi.... religion and Mahabharata played the part in making an obscure term like Bharat more popular in the last 200 odd years
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