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  1. Because you want to jinx KXIP so that Rohit wins this one.
  2. #43: RCB v KXIP | Banglaore 8 PM IST

    May be master plan by players like Kohli, ABD, Dhoni, etc? Perform less in this IPL, other teams may not be willing to bid for them and can easily be bought by the home teams again..
  3. #43: RCB v KXIP | Banglaore 8 PM IST

    Dhoni is playing like a crap now. His captaincy was pathetic. But not sure how Kohli is better than Dhoni w.r.t only IPL. Of all the current generation of Indian captains in IPL, Kohli has the worst record. RPS was playing like sh$t last year and as a captain Dhoni is to be blamed for that. But atleast he could try to justify saying he got the creamy layer of crap players and the only dependables were going out injury after injury. But not sure what justification Kohli can give for this IPL, As a matter of fact for his captaincy tenure in the whole of IPL. He is the best available player to captain India at the moment. But if RCB manages to retain him next year, they have to seriously thin of handing over the captaincy to someone else.
  4. Match #31 | RCB vs GL | 27th April | 8:00 PM IST

    But they have played so far only 6 games.

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