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  1. NameGoesHere

    Pant has passed first test with flying colors

    I dunno let's give him more time, because he was patchy.
  2. What with this Pujara and now Iyer crap of absurd, surreal self-promotion, it's like they could be Pakistani cricketers.
  3. And given how he bats in Tests, he'll probably miss his own private chartered plane- by a wide margin.
  4. Every now and then I realize what it must be to feel like a Bangladeshi fan all the f*cking time....
  5. My conclusion after parsing through reams of data, conducting multivariate analysis summarised in a PowerPoint deck: L*n pe thand Kacheri band Mukadma Kal Ladenge
  6. Can he please do it with his significant other(s) and not on the damn field please?
  7. You mean tantric.shakti (don't forget the dot)
  8. NameGoesHere

    FAO Test Cricket fans

  9. NameGoesHere

    ONE innings.

    I'll make it worse. 5 of them failed to seize their opportunity - twice.
  10. With ailaaaaa, the sycophantic BCCI passed the Ya-Ya test a long long time ago.
  11. NameGoesHere

    Fakhar Zaman 200 coming?

    Outstanding innings.
  12. NameGoesHere

    HIMA DAS- You Have Made us Proud

    Wonderful. Want more.
  13. NameGoesHere

    Time for Dhoni to go?

    I'm a long time admirer of Dhoni's leadership, playing ability and sheer will that saw him win so many games at the death But it's time to go. Just like we (or I at least) associate the 2011 cup win with that indelible and iconic six off Kulasekara, I don't want to see a half-cocked, half -a -second -behind Dhoni at the 2019 cup tarnishing my memory of such a fine career.
  14. NameGoesHere

    Time for Dhoni to go?

    He should go like a tracer bullet.
  15. New meaning of Dhoniconda: What happens when an anaconda ties itself in knots and slowly chokes to death.

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