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  1. NameGoesHere

    PCB takes 'strong notice' of India's army caps

    I take exception to Pakistani players saying "Thanks be to Allah" and doing sajdah on the pitch.
  2. NameGoesHere

    Match Ka Mujrim tracker

    Forget match ka mujrim, the way we're effing comedy dancing about we'll soon be nominating the best match ka mujra moments for our 'brave' boys. And there'll be plenty of those.
  3. I told you fellas a while back and you shoulda listened to me: he's not The Great Wall of Guntur... ...he's the Great G@@ndu of Guntur.
  4. NameGoesHere

    If Rayudu plays the world cup....WE RIOT

    How dare you speak suchlike against L**dbati Raju, also known in Marvel Comics as the superhero The Great G@@ndu of Guntur?
  5. NameGoesHere

    India has a top order problem

    We're not going all the way on this gilly, folks.
  6. NameGoesHere

    I bow to the Universe Boss

    19 ball 50 the fastest by a WI batsman.
  7. Great wall of Guntur? Great G@##du of Guntur more like.
  8. NameGoesHere

    2nd T20. Ind vs Aus at B'luru

    Pancho this batsman Short--every time I do a quick read of the cricinfo commentary and his name comes up I'm phucking thinking the bowler bowled short....
  9. NameGoesHere

    Consolidate like thalai !!!

    Thala - a guy with a lisp saying 'saala'. Just sayin'
  10. From a dynamic, effervescent Mahi to a stinking- the -joint three day old can of Mahi-Mahi.
  11. Swear to god that looks like Ambati Rayadu's snuck up and gatecrashed in a burka.
  12. I voted for Rayadu, but the EVM machine registered Bumrah.
  13. NameGoesHere

    I bow to the Universe Boss

    He's full on entertainment. He's Caribbean, big unit, sometimes speaks of himself in third person, declares himself the greatest every now and then, and sometimes can even pull off exciting knocks. He's not in my team, so no heartburn either. Saala aur kya mangta? And here we have L**dbati Rayadu.
  14. Vague allegations, general accusations - A shower of $hite.

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