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  1. What a hero, hain ji? Ambati gave up biryani and got a hundred in 3 months. Bhagat Singh gave up his life but couldn't even get independence in 3 years.
  2. No one is. I'm calling it out as I see it playing out.
  3. This is not a comment on Rohit's captaincy potential or Kohli's captaincy performance, but to remove India's best batsman from captaincy, against his express wishes (I assume), at a time when he is at his very peak form, well injury and other acts of God aside, I don't think that's happening this side of the world cup, and even after that only if he/ Team India combust in spectacular fashion in that tournament.
  4. NameGoesHere

    Damning scoreline hides India's competitiveness

    I wish I had thought of this excuse back when I was a kid. Pappaji, pappaji, I phailed in my exam once again, but if you look an my answer sheet did you see how close I came to getting the right answer so many times? Saala, no matter, he'd have thrashed me anyway
  5. NameGoesHere

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    When many were declaiming Pant as the second coming of Gilchrist, I'd refused to believe the hype. But now that he's being termed a hack, I'll say give him at least a series more. Let him have 5-10 Tests in a row to make his case. Saha was my first choice, but with his injury, well... Pant's neither the Next Best Thing (ever), nor is he a hack (for now). Just a possible talent who could do reasonably well (and 'reasonably well' is the standard we can expect at best given the wk field of talent right now) if given opportunities, so IMO he should be given them to make his case convincingly- one way or another. Right now we're all seeing him get dissected on the big stage. We need to see how he recovers.
  6. NameGoesHere

    After Party Shastri

    This is a good comment, and a counter perspective. It is very much needed in a forum were we can often seem to gang up. But let me explain why - in this case- we're right. I have seen Shastri since the days Gavaskar pushed his case, leading to him becoming a bowler, then a batsman and then an allrounder for India. While he was never comfortable long term in any of these roles he had grit ad he had b@lls. Ravi Shastri was not a good bowler, nor was he a good batsman but he had more guts than a lot of his team mates. That much i'll give him. And he did brilliantly one time and win the Champions of Champions trophy and that famous Audi car (look it up- Shastri was a God around that time). However the fact is - he was bog average, but bog average with a confrontational personality. Soon crowds in India, who figure out things pretty fast were shouting "Shastri hai hai". Let me put that in context- I've never seen an Indian audience do that over a sustained basis (years) for any player. Use it FWIW. Later one, despite all the shenanigans, he comes across as someone who is a bullshitter, frankly. He's got NO measurable skills, at leats that is what it seems like. Turns up for press conferences for the good times, missing elsewhere. HIs entire glib fast talking schtick is just that - a fast talking schtick. At the end of the day audiences realize this. I.e that he's a big talker who claims go deliver results, a dubious connection. That's the reason so many of us don't like him. It's not irrational, it's our best judgment based on his own record.
  7. NameGoesHere

    Rank your top #5 favorite Indian Cricketers !!!

    Abey tu dandaroy hai ya Dr BoseDK?
  8. NameGoesHere

    Rank your top #5 favorite Indian Cricketers !!!

    Chadrasekhar no, was too young for that. Rest yeah.
  9. NameGoesHere

    Rank your top #5 favorite Indian Cricketers !!!

    OP asked for favourite, not necessarily best. 1. Mohinder Amarnath . . . . 2. Dravid 3. Sehwag 4.Bhagwat Chandrasehkar 5.Virat Kohli.
  10. NameGoesHere

    Pant has passed first test with flying colors

    I dunno let's give him more time, because he was patchy.
  11. What with this Pujara and now Iyer crap of absurd, surreal self-promotion, it's like they could be Pakistani cricketers.
  12. And given how he bats in Tests, he'll probably miss his own private chartered plane- by a wide margin.
  13. Every now and then I realize what it must be to feel like a Bangladeshi fan all the f*cking time....
  14. My conclusion after parsing through reams of data, conducting multivariate analysis summarised in a PowerPoint deck: L*n pe thand Kacheri band Mukadma Kal Ladenge

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