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  1. cric_fan

    At Edgbaston

    Keep on imagining
  2. cric_fan

    Inception vs Matrix

    The Matrix P1 Inception is overrated.
  3. cric_fan

    I love Kohli , the batsmen !!!

    Daddy batsman
  4. And vice versa for Ind batsmen Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  5. Yea, and? How is that even relevant? Stick to the topic. Thanks.
  6. After two warmup matches, India are finally accustomed to English conditions.
  7. ‘Injured’ Lets hope he manages to put Eng bowlers pants down.
  8. Who is carrying out the killings?
  9. Yeh and what will that achieve mr crap commentator?
  10. cric_fan

    Happy Independence Day

    Happy Independence Day folks
  11. We were led to believe by some here that Ind have turned a corner after defeating SA in a dead rubber..
  12. We all expected a close contest...not chittar to this extent.
  13. Off topic: is it true that Vijay was banging Kartiks’s wife..?
  14. cric_fan

    Both Pak and WI recently won Test in england

    Chal nikhal. Phateechaar

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