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  1. Why don’t you stop being petty & childish- stop targeting a supposedly inferior cricket league & go after the perpetrator?
  2. Where did he says he loves Pakistan? Stop twisting he’s words. Read he’s comments in context.
  3. Difference is, SL cricket did not try to sabotage Pakistan cricket & is actively playing vs Pakistan- because they understand the incident had nothing to do with Pakistani cricketers. The actions of India are petty & childish. If you really are that powerful, go after the perpetrators.
  4. Petty stuff. Ridiculous. Why are you targeting PSL/Pak cricket? Go after the ppl who carried out the attack. Leave Pakistan cricket alone.
  5. cric_fan

    PSL 2019 Telecast banned in India

    I can’t post where I want to. You are probably just bitter about cricketers participating in PSL. That’s the bottom line.
  6. cric_fan

    PSL 2019 Telecast banned in India

    I can comment on what I want to. You can’t stop me. My responses are based on the thought process of some here.
  7. cric_fan

    PSL 2019 Telecast banned in India

    Im sure the players are not low as your way of thinking. I don’t care about PSL or IPL anyway.
  8. It’s you who made the allegations so you provide the proof...you don’t have any do you?
  9. ‘Your’? Don’t associate him with me, whoever he is. Do you have proof of where zakaat money goes?
  10. I find it pathetic people here are targeting Pakistan cricket. Go after the culprits. Not the cricketers.
  11. cric_fan

    PSL 2019 Telecast banned in India

    So you want to blackmail players? Nice! Award for bakwaas post of the yr goes to you sir. Who are YOU to decide where a cricketer plays to earn a living?
  12. Daammmm!! What a epic knock this. Congratulations!
  13. Stfu. You know jack about Zakaat. Yes emotions are raw, it doesn’t give you the right to chat bakwaas.

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