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  1. Guys calm down. You guys take things too seriously. My response was to OP. Im not disagreeing that Boomrah is a world class bowler!
  2. Where is Bumrah in the wicket takers list at this WC? You should be questioning him, not Amir
  3. NZ will win Ind fans jinx has worked
  4. These two are settled. 250 on the cards.
  5. cric_fan

    Ball of the tournament ?

    Shadab says hello. Got rid of Kane with a beautiful legspinner.
  6. Why are you Modi bakhts obsessed with Islam. Why is it relevant?
  7. Needed a special delivery to get rid of Kane. Wah!
  8. They are good buddies Akhtar is the quickest to 1m YT subscribers from Pak apparently

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