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  1. Umesh Yadav has regressed under Kohli

    Under Kohli? Nonsense. He was never that good in the first place.
  2. But how phaaaaaast were they bowling??
  3. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Bhai burnol chahiye?
  4. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Muhammad Husnain. Pretty much unknown. Pace unknown but rumored to be touching 145k. The way the batsman took evasive action for the short delivery tells us he is quite nippy.
  5. Well said. Dhoni haterz triggered. But I don’t agree he has a lot of cricket left in him.
  6. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    This kid has been hand picked by Waqar for Islamabad. Lovely runup & action. Stumps flying all over the place.
  7. Greatest fast bowling spell you have seen

    https://youtu.be/iaJawRckPwE https://youtu.be/xFFzRakUbBo

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