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  1. cric_fan

    he's back

    It’s Kira I believe
  2. cric_fan

    Parthiv Patel as a pure opening batsman in tests?

    Bring back Laxman & Dravid whilst at it
  3. No chance whilst the mighty Kohli is around
  4. cric_fan

    Moving forawrd, the best eleven to win the series..

    Jeez..so much wrist slitting here.
  5. Shastri is s grade one idiot. Kohli is he’s boss. Hiding behind him.
  6. cric_fan

    Last time Ind went in with 4 seamers at Perth

    Fast bowlers get all excited when travelling to Perth. The wicket may be fast, but the ball needs to be put in the right areas. Also, there is no Warner to contend with this time so advantage India :p
  7. cric_fan

    Best year for INDIA in SENA ever

    Congratulations! The match was closer than expected. Pujara the man.
  8. Yawwwn. Ind trying all sorts of jinx tactics. This match is India’s.
  9. :giggle: Saaleh useless. Full credit to NZ however.
  10. Where are the wrist slitters now Ind will win this..easily.

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