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  1. Hasan Ali from Pakistan seems like a fantastic bowler.

    NZ has become a fortress of late. This is Hasan’s first series where he really has struggled. Don’t celebrate yet Indian bro’s.
  2. Hasan Ali from Pakistan seems like a fantastic bowler.

    Biggest phateechar here callling others phateechar lmao
  3. The astrologer needs to find a new job
  4. Shubman Gill or P. Shaw --- who is better?

    Gill is the more exciting of the two. Can hit boundaries with minimum effort. Very classy. Shaw is great but does not tickle my cricket senses.
  5. Man, you guys are still banging on about this..
  6. Akmal genes have caught up with him. He will most likely fade away like his cousins. A shame.
  7. Tendulkar convinces shastri to apply

    Okay so it is the midget’s fault that Shastri was appointed
  8. Lakh laanat on this performance
  9. Two trundlers operating at 128kph. Fukn embarassing. I want to cry.
  10. Take that haters & wrist slitters
  11. Fking hell some serious wrist slitting going on here. Everyone just take a deep breath & calm down ffs.
  12. Prithvi Shaw

    Right handed Lara (identical bat lift). Freak talent.

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