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  1. cric_fan

    Afghanistan will be a showstopper in 2023

    They won’t. Rashid will be around 37. Mujeeb will probably be found out.
  2. Your f@nny must be on fire hahahahaha you biatch. A thapar in your face.
  3. Challo they have held on to one
  4. Probably just doesn’t brush them enough
  5. cric_fan

    Worst selection for CWC2019

  6. cric_fan

    I am ashamed, SOS

    Who is this..
  7. Last I tried I couldn’t get a ticket. Maybe the ones who bought them mostly gave up & didn’t bother turning up.
  8. Why do you bother with it. You only come back here crying about it.
  9. https://media.giphy.com/media/3oEduXsiOxVxONcmis/giphy.gif
  10. Amir on fire. Getting the ball to swing.
  11. cric_fan

    Afghanistan-Pakistan equation

    I am glad Ind beat Afg Afg fans are next level scum on social media
  12. Probably will. Cannot stop smiling at Indian’s. Cringy guy.

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