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  1. Anything less than 2019 World cup is not acceptable

    Kohli needs support from his co batters. The base is there. Just needs to be well executed. Will Dhawan/Sharma be part of the WC?
  2. How do you rate Virat after this SA series?

    Very highly. Mentally & physically strong.
  3. An unbelievably special series win

    Very mature. Idiot
  4. King Kohli vs Sir Viv in ODIs

    Kohli is ahead of his contemporaries in this era & Viv was ahead of the rest in his era. It has to be said that modern cricket rules have been tilted in favour of batsmen..there is no balance. Take for example the Aus v NZ match from the other day...the size of the boundaries is a joke...friggin edges were going for sixes. ICC needs to step in a standardise the size of boundaries. But take nothing away from Kohli..he’s only competition is ABD..who it seems has not much interest left for the game. The one thing Kohli needs to rectify is his stat in major tournament knock outs...time is still on his side... otherwise he may end his career as a bilateral king.
  5. An unbelievably special series win

    Kohli is daddy of all ODI batsmen ever
  6. Everyone just calm the fk down fgs
  7. How is this even relevant? I can say yours is a team that was smashed on the big stage vs Pak? You guys are so childish. A series win is a series win.
  8. Urmmmm not not in 90’s. Go back to sleep mate.
  9. When Ind does it..they are daaaaaaaaaa greatest in the universe. Pak does it..meh. Series win is a series win.
  10. Congrats Team India !!!

    Congrats. About time too.
  11. Urmmm no. We have already won a series in SA actually. Calm down
  12. Second from Asia after Misbah Kohli haters where are you hiding
  13. This hate for Holding is OTT. Calm down fellas.
  14. Phatichaar poster. Disappears when Ind are losing.
  15. How dare he criticise India
  16. Can klassan finish it for saffers !!!

    Yeh Klaasen tho Guptill ka bhai laagta hei
  17. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    17yr old Shaheen Shah is causing somewhat of a buzz. Nice action & is said to be clocking in at 145kph.
  18. Bat: Kohli Bowl: Bumrah Field: Pandya
  19. Wasim at 50 still able to move the ball around
  20. You should be a standup comedian
  21. Yes and Indian’s look 12 Mavi looks 25. Porel 30.

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