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  1. Excellent points from a guy who is a world cup winner and has won championships like the wt20 and IPL. Also has a great number of test wickets. sure he can be comedy but the sky commentary role has brought out the analyst rather than making baseless statements about ashwin. Respect to Bhaji
  2. ThePhenomenal1

    CoA to Ravi Shastri – Batting slump ‘unacceptable’

    Good, time to put pressure on Shastri after this garbage.
  3. ThePhenomenal1

    Does India need a foreign coach?

    http://www.espncricinfo.com/india/content/story/256518.html This is the kind of coach we need.
  4. England will obviously post a lead here but a small lead or large lead is the focus. Once tail is exposed then get kuldeep and ashwin in. I would get ishant and shami to pick at this middle order now.
  5. Even if they get england's top 6 or 7 out cheaply, can they go for the kill and get the tail out like england did yesterday? Cause that remains to be seen and it decided the last game.
  6. What happened to Kohli's india they were so promising.
  7. Kuldeep wasted that review. Another 2 overs of shami slogging could have got us to 120 LOL
  8. ThePhenomenal1

    At 87/7, could India have won if they had bowled England out for 120?

    India just finds a way of losing games from winning positions. Perfect opportunity to win a 4th innings chase in edgbaston but no application. Throw dhawan and vijay out.
  9. Pujara for dhawan to open with vijay. These 2 bat well together and opening could give pujara the space he needs. KLR at 3 , bumrah for yadav.
  10. ThePhenomenal1

    India tour of England : 1st Test at Edgbaston | 1st Aug 3:30 PM

    That c*nt shikhar dhawan needs to be dropped good, such a carefree and irresponsible approach in batting and fielding.
  11. ThePhenomenal1

    India tour of England : 1st Test at Edgbaston | 1st Aug 3:30 PM

    If only shithead dhawan and vijay applied themselves, we could have maybe been 3 down. Lets see if DK and kohli can do it. Id bring shami ahead of pandya, just to get out there and wack some 4s. Put pressure on england. Pandya is there after as backup.
  12. ThePhenomenal1

    How much can we chase here?

    All about partnerships, even 35-40 run partnerships with one big one can do it
  13. ThePhenomenal1

    India tour of England : 1st Test at Edgbaston | 1st Aug 3:30 PM

    Even a lead of 30 runs will help, england bound to be under pressure. If india is to lose wickets then it should be to great balls, dont poke

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