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  1. ThePhenomenal1

    Kohli wants 3 more pacers

    Link: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/cricket/india-in-australia/virat-kohli-looks-ahead-says-three-more-pacers-needed-to-manage-workload/articleshow/67418798.cms He said this in the post-match press conference. Great to hear from the GOAT Indian Test Captain! Important to rotate bowlers. Plus Umesh needs to work on his game, Bhuvi needs more games and Bumrah, Ishant and Shami need rest. Who would your 3 pacers be and why?
  2. ThePhenomenal1

    India were ranked 7th in tests when Kohli took over

    Said this in another thread: Kohli, to me, is India's greatest test captain already. 1. Inherited a battered and bruised team who got drubbings in 2 overseas cycles 2011 - 2012, 2013 - 2015. I laugh when people say Kohli is lucky to have a fast bowling attack like he has. They forget they all played under Dhoni (except Bumrah). Kohli brought tactics, motivation, fire, agility, fitness, fast bowlers being wicket takers and not containers, he backed and praised his pacers. We saw this change even in 2015 Sri Lanka series with Ishant, and all pacers in West Indies in 2016. Kohli helped take India to number 1 from the gutter. 2. Home dominance - no series lost, beat every team they faced, made fast bowlers prominent on subcontinental tracks, ashwin and jadeja bowled better than they ever did under Dhoni, fields set to get wickets, all rounders built through ashwin and jadeja. India crushed every opposition, and played better than even previous indian teams at home. Faced top teams like SA, Aussies, England with strong squads and beat them. 3. Overseas wins - not perfect but better than dhoni and previous captains. Wins in SA, ENG and AUS in the same year. 2 wins in Aus in same series (would have been 3 but for rain). First team to win series in AUS. India has gained respect under Kohli's leadership, it is the true number 1 and has validated its ranking. 4. Alpha AF! Not meek, surrendering to opposition, umpires or media. He gives it his all, backs his team, and often has the last laugh. 5. The future - created fast bowling culture, opportunity to youngsters, blueprint on how to win overseas as a TEAM. Now looking for 3 more pacers: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/cricket/india-in-australia/virat-kohli-looks-ahead-says-three-more-pacers-needed-to-manage-workload/articleshow/67418798.cms KOHLI is the GOAT for Indian Test Captains. Always knew he would change indian cricket for the better - a team I can be proud of!
  3. Kohli can now see the effect of bringing in youngsters to the side. New faces, skills, energy, mindset. Mayank, vihari, pant, - all handled lyon well, fearless, took the game to the aussies. Pant 2nd highest run scorer for series and bats at 7, gives india great depth. Jadeja the premier spinner. Now kohli has to do the same in Odis
  4. Special mention to Captain Kohli who to me is the greatest Indian test captain already. Would have his legacy cemented further if he gets more tests and series wins abroad (WTC coming soon!)
  5. Always knew Kohli’s india would achieve great things but they had to get past team selections and passengers in the team. Thats what they did in the 3rd and 4th tests and deserved the series win! massive respect added to the indian cricket team now. Truly the number 1 test side. What a great achievement!!
  6. ThePhenomenal1

    Match thread: Ind vs Aus - Final test, Sydney (3rd Jan to 7th Jan)

    This is why bad light stopping play is such a joke yesterday, could have allowed india to use spinners but umpires just pussied out. Should be 3-1 for definite but not not sure cause of stupid weather. anyhow, this series has been defining and will be a huge plus point on Kohli’s India. The true number 1 test side.
  7. ThePhenomenal1

    Congratulations to the Indian cricket team

    I dont care if its a “weaker” australian side. We didn’t tell Smith and Warner to get banned. And no one cares that our 2012 England series squad was weak either. Or that England won 3-0 against a weak Sri Lankan side - people actually use this to praise england, which is fair enough. Yet people downplay india’s achievements due to hindsight and weaker batting. We are playing in foreign conditions, and we have won a series in Australia for the first time. Lets enjoy this as a brilliant achievement!
  8. ThePhenomenal1

    Congratulations to the Indian cricket team

    Incredible achievement, highlighting India as the number one side. The respect of this indian team has gone up massively in world cricket. Hoping we can still bowl out aussies for 3-1 but happy either way!
  9. ThePhenomenal1

    Bhajji rants again about the pitches we serve in home series

    Well said my friend. When england and south africa roll out green tops and matches end in 3 days, the skills of the losing side (touring team usually) are questioned and ridiculed. When the same happens in India they blame the pitches. In the 2017 Ind vs Aus series there were a variety of pitches offered, and Australia had a great track in the 4th test. Yet India triumphed, in one of the best home performances ever. Quite right, from 2015 - 2017 the Indian team ran through everybody. And have performed well away as well. But jealous Harbhajan cant take that!
  10. ThePhenomenal1

    Is it justifiable to neglect Jadeja by any yard stick??

    Ive been saying for time now that Jadeja is better than ashwin. even at home against england in 2016, he got us the 4th test wickets on a flattish pitch. Kumble seems to have helped him on line, length, variations, flight etc. Brilliant fielder, gives it his all in tests. Batting at 8 gives us great depth. However should remain a test player, dont believe he has the matchwinning ability in odis
  11. ThePhenomenal1

    Sydney Weather Forecast

    Yeah why tire our bowlers out? Bat again till just before end of day 4, get 450 on the board and thats it. aussies will be demoralised knowing they’ve lost the series. Then go for the kill.
  12. ThePhenomenal1

    Rishabh Pant performance watch thread

    What a player. Has become centre stage in this series, ahead of even Kohli haha missed his hundred due to UK time being early morning but il catch highlights. Props to jadeja as well for supporting pant. Pant should replace dhoni in the wc lineup
  13. ThePhenomenal1

    Match thread: Ind vs Aus - Final test, Sydney (3rd Jan to 7th Jan)

    Been reading this forum during this series but had to sign in to say this: WTF! I remember falling asleep (2am UK time) when pujara was on 180 odd, thought 400 was in the bag. Wake up to watch the end of a 200 run partnership between Pant and Jadeja. Wait... WHAT?! Absolutely brilliant. Away from home, destroyed any remaining hope and team spirit of the aussies, pant showing his amazing talent and what he can do. Hope the selectors are watching - they dropped this guy from ODIs? Has hundreds in England and Australia in his debut year, and he’s a keeper! This is the number 1 test team by far. 600+ runs on the board! Kohli’s india surely have the series win now. Wow.
  14. Only thing I wish IPL had more of is showcasing young fast bowlers and BCCI showing they are watching performances as a path to T20. same with big power hitting batsmen. Around the IPL time there are quite a few but names go quiet once there are selections.
  15. ThePhenomenal1

    DK-the T20 legend Fan club

    I wouldnt play DK in ODIs he just cant grasp the format and he isnt going to get you a 100. Better he plays in T20s id play him for sure in 2020.

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