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  1. Only thing I wish IPL had more of is showcasing young fast bowlers and BCCI showing they are watching performances as a path to T20. same with big power hitting batsmen. Around the IPL time there are quite a few but names go quiet once there are selections.
  2. ThePhenomenal1

    DK-the T20 legend Fan club

    I wouldnt play DK in ODIs he just cant grasp the format and he isnt going to get you a 100. Better he plays in T20s id play him for sure in 2020.
  3. ThePhenomenal1

    T10 League

    T10 is unnecessary
  4. Kohli is Kohli.. Rahul and pant need to learn. 1-1 decent, could have won the series if not for rain.
  5. Damage done so now india just need to play on
  6. Aussies commentators were also saying how rohit had only 1 dot ball in his first 8 balls. Showing he's gotten better at strike rotation, less pressure on the batting. Dhawan with another 4!
  7. Said back in 2013 that Dhawan should hit more sixes since he's got a great batswing, power, timing and movement. Dhawan-Rohit showing why they are the best.
  8. ThePhenomenal1

    Rishabh Pant performance watch thread

    Team needed 120 odd from 70 odd balls and he helped chase that down. If it was dhoni and pandey for example, that RRR would have been climbing. pant did well with dhawan to make it look easy
  9. ThePhenomenal1

    Will VK ever have a fanatical fanbase like SRT, MSD and Dada?

    Its a good thing as we have to move away from mob-thinking fanatic fanbases. More educated (as in aware of issues, bigger picture, world issues, and not placing a sportsman as their god) fans is whats needed
  10. ThePhenomenal1

    IND v WI | 1st T20 | 4th Nov 7.00 PM | Kolkatta |

    Khaleel seems like a rhythm bowler. Hope he hits 140kph today
  11. ThePhenomenal1

    WC19: Trends and Innovations

    India has been innovating in having 2 wristspinners strike together. Not many teams do that, albeit india were forced to after ashwin and jadeja flopped. Jadeja however is back now...
  12. ThePhenomenal1

    Khaleel Ahmed progression watch.

    Shami in rhythm is a great odi pacer shami-bumrah-khaleel would be my ideal combo
  13. ThePhenomenal1

    Congrats Rohit on 7th 150+.

    Asia cup isnt the same as an icc tourney in which rohit failed to take on a steaming in amir. Just saying when its a crunch game he can go missing
  14. ThePhenomenal1

    Congrats Rohit on 7th 150+.

    Want to see more matchwinning innings against tougher opposition. Like a steaming in australian or pakistan bowling attack. But he is a vital cog in the team.
  15. ThePhenomenal1

    I am glad India lost

    A lost series could be whats needed for india to wake the F up!

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