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  1. India played much better against SA than Australia! And Aussies have similar conditions to SA and came early to practice Lol Can't say it was background issues, aussies have been below par since 2nd test. At least india gave a fightback and were in the game in every test.
  2. ThePhenomenal1

    Siddarth Monga: a journalist lacking in credibility

    Loved when Shastri called him out and had a joke at his expense LOL
  3. We have guys like Kishan and KL Rahul sitting out in T20s for guys like Manish Pandey who are suited for ODIs. What power hitting !
  4. We'll get pace allrounders only if we back Hardik and people see there is space for them in the team aka DEMAND! Just like now we've got an abundance of pace bowlers, we'll get pace all rounders once we build that culture
  5. Pandya should play every LOI game we need him to come good and he seems like a big occassion player. If he grows as a player and has a good 1-2 IPLs he will be a very handy player. india's issue is relying on him too much where their primary bowler choices are weak or weak batsmen are picked. Thats why we need a settled middle order so he can do his thing.
  6. Pandey almost cost the match he is only suited to odis, although its not uncommon to be in similar run chases in odis. Lacks the power game needed atm.
  7. ThePhenomenal1

    Has DK effectively replaced MSD in T20 cricket?

    Yes no question about it.
  8. ThePhenomenal1

    KKD hatsoff

    Exactly he was using his bat like a sword incredible innings.
  9. ThePhenomenal1

    KKD hatsoff

    We could use him in t20s as wicket keeper and odis. No way dhoni could do this today. Get DK in while he's in form.
  10. ThePhenomenal1

    KKD hatsoff

    DK has so many shots in the book, and showed he can be a clutch player. Gonna be hard to forget this innings. well done DK
  11. ThePhenomenal1

    Nidahas Trophy Final [ Ind vs BD ] - March 18th , Colombo

    One of the best T20 innings in Indian cricket history, maybe in all history. I'll never question DK again unless he costs us a world cup of course. The man has earned his T20 spot, heck even ODI. What a f*cking innings.
  12. ThePhenomenal1

    Nidahas Trophy Final [ Ind vs BD ] - March 18th , Colombo

    There's a reason Rohit has won 3 IPL's as captain. And 4 overall.
  13. ThePhenomenal1

    Navdeep Saini bowling with genuine pace now

    Agreed but shami may not get in if he is found guilty. Get bumrah, bhuvi, saini, umesh and a young left armer for variety. Plus spinner in kuldeep/ashwin
  14. ThePhenomenal1

    Navdeep Saini bowling with genuine pace now

    Just give saini a go he needs to play in england. Other than bumrah cant remember the last time indian selectors showed foresight.. Shami in 2013? give young prospects a chance and back them. Under kohli saini could be a big threat to opposition i think.
  15. ThePhenomenal1

    Get the feeling that Manish is settling in...

    Main thing is he got india to a win. Sri lanka bowlers were pumped up, india 4 down and away crowd cheering the sri lankans. still he got india home. Pandey is a gutsy player dont mind him using a few t20s to get settled for odi games. Very useful player.
  16. ThePhenomenal1

    I have to fight my way back to contention again: Nathu Singh

    Problem is the frequency of introducing new pacers, its like 1-2 per year! And they get easily discarded unless they do a bumrah and perform from game 1. These pacers need more chances. as far as age, rabada was drafted early as was ishant. Point is we have to try and who knows he could turn to be a matchwinner
  17. ThePhenomenal1

    Reason behind Mohammed Shammi's decline

    Hope shami is cleared if he's innocent. Big gap between cheating and rape/attempted murder.
  18. ThePhenomenal1

    I have to fight my way back to contention again: Nathu Singh

    India should have introduced him in odis but they're content on the same set of pacers. Then when the likes of bumrah and bhuvi get rested we fall back on unadkats. May as well give these guys a chance!
  19. ThePhenomenal1

    Still no KL Rahul

  20. ThePhenomenal1

    Mohammed Shami has best SR among Indian bowlers

    Needs to make a major comeback in ODIs. Forget rest, just rotate him in tests. Bumrah, Shami, Bhuvi/Umesh/Thampi
  21. ThePhenomenal1

    Reason behind Mohammed Shammi's decline

    Allegations aside, a shame how he was dropped from ODIS with such a good record. Wicket taker, high pace, death bowler, had it all
  22. ThePhenomenal1

    Why is Jaydev Unadkat playing for India?

    A shame guys like Thampi and Siraj are sitting out, we must have more. 140kph t20 bowlers in india?!
  23. ThePhenomenal1

    DK > Pant

    Right kind of cricketer is pant, only 3 games into his career guys. Give him a chance.
  24. ThePhenomenal1

    Busting Cheteshwar Pujara and his overseas myth

    Pujara has to be replaced or play at 5 with the old ball (dont want to risk rahane though) Any ideas on who should replace him?
  25. India should have at least drawn the series, aussies showing how its done. Preparation, picking best players and applying themselves.

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