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  1. Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    If Shardul doesnt work out then we have an abundance of domestic pacers to try. Point is, we need another quick bowler to pick up wickets.
  2. Bhuvi picks up an ODI 5-fer

    Looked at his stats and compared with Bumrah i thought Kumar had underachieved. But has a great arsenal in his bowling now and will pick up wickets. Very handy bowler that we must treat right and manage properly.
  3. Ashwin to play County Cricket

    Confirmed. Great decision. http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/20337425/r-ashwin-county-cricket-stint-confirmed Ishant is also playing. Pujara will return to Nottingham. Jadeja is in talks. Discuss!
  4. Rahul at 4 but Hitman will open?

    Time to move on from Rohit. Rahul and Dhawan opening could be lethal.
  5. He's a talent for sure and he has been performing. T20s, ODIs, and now Tests. Very crucial for overseas tours
  6. Ashwin to play County Cricket

    It is good to see Big name Indian cricketers play CC again after a while. Will only help their game and mental strength. Imagine if Ashwin becomes an even better bowler and learns a trick or two about picking wickets overseas.
  7. 3rd Test : SL v IND | 12th AUG 10PM IST | pallekele

    Expecting India to finish this game by Day 3 tomorrow. What a crushing win and end to the series that would be. 1st Test: Won by 300+ runs 2nd Test: Won by an innings 3rd Test: Could win on Day 3 Chak de India
  8. Hardik Pandya scored his first test century

    Still thinking about what he could have done in the CT final.. Maybe got it close or given us more hope. Real talent. 100 x more brains than Jadeja. Farming strike, playing to the situation and stepping on the pedal. Took the game away from SL.
  9. The importance of a fit Md. Shami when we tour SA, Eng, Aus, NZ

    Kohli is too reluctant to try out new pacers and rotate umesh and shami. Someone like S Thakhur or M Siraj could have been brought in but its the same old 'ishant is backup' mentality.
  10. 1st Test-SL v IND | 26-Jul-2017 10 PM IST | Galle

    Don't know how good Mukund is but we need to give chances. Also need to groom another opener who could better cope with overseas conditions. KL Rahul not always available and M Vijay getting older.
  11. Hardik Pandya : The test allrounder

    Pandya is also valuable because he's not of the 'natural game' mindset. He learnt from Dravid that you have to play according to the situation. Jadeja on the other hand will always go out slogging.
  12. Definitely, adding more weapons like this to the armory will do wonders. However, pace should continue to be encouraged. We've only started to build a pace culture.
  13. Kohli is officially the greatest Chaser in the game

    He was only like this since last year asia cup. Before that he would chase any Pak score and give some MCBC if he wanted. Even last year he chased in the pak asia cup match and world t20 game. Has lost his big match marbles though.
  14. Nothing much will change with Indian Cricket!

    Spot on. Its about utilising your resources and giving them chances to win games. Pak did this with zaman and the results are there. Always have to back youth
  15. India ‘A’ teams for South Africa tour announced

    A shame they cant do this for the main team, which has let indian cricket down
  16. WTF is this series???

    Terrible series. Kohli has lost it not playing rishabh pant. Wasted opportunity for India. When will india bring in youngsters?
  17. New Zealand knocked out is good

    They can be a dangerous team to face in the semis or finals. If India qualify and happen to face bangladesh they will fancy that much more. Not saying we should hope for easier teams but this is a gift! Thoughts? And congrats bangladesh!
  18. Most prolific pair in ICC Champions Trophy history Quite a few 100-run partnerships Many 50+ partnerships BUT THEY PLAY THE SAME WAY - SLOW. What is their legacy as of today? Are they up their for india opening pairs?
  19. Anyone else feel they cant get into this series because we're playing older players and we're coming off a heartbreaking CT final loss?
  20. Surprise Surprise... india bat first and almost have a hundred run partnership. Had india batted first in the CT final they would have less pressure and could get 300+
  21. Liked your post but I will add that selectors can introduce even more young talents like Sarfraz, Krunal pandya, hooda, samson, ishan kishan, shreyas iyer, pandey, thampi, nathu singh, rana, so many players, chahal, axar. Yet they keep selectiom ashwin, jadeja, yuvraj, dhoni, rohit
  22. Anil Kumble steps down as coach

    If thats the case then Virat may have cost india a world icc tournament. Disgraceful. Then has the nerve to laugh with pakistanis who had the sense to listen to their coach after the first india game BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO WIN. Pak players had no ego, sarfaraz took the right calls and listened to his coach. Results are there
  23. Team India Arrives In The West Indies Amid Coach Crisis

    West indies beating india would only help indian cricket. get a new captain and new blood.
  24. Anil Kumble steps down as coach

    If true, shows how important and valuable kumble was. The spinner appears to be Ashwin and despite having a phenomenal test season the coach questioned his CT selection. Shows he was aware of need of LOI specialists and trying new bowlers like Kuldeep yadav. Kohli's arrogance has cost india if true.
  25. Did anyone say this? interested

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