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  1. I’m a supporter of pandey but he’ll be over 30 by 2023 wc and we cant have a team of 30 year olds again. Lets back the youngsters from day 1 and build up to it.
  2. What use will dhoni have in t20s? He made no impact other than the bangladesh run out in 2016 t20 cup, he can only run 2s and the odd heave boundary. Kick this guy out and lets bring in some big hitters
  3. ThePhenomenal1

    BCCI has invited applications for coaching staff for the Indian team

    Good to see India need to appoint a psychologist as well because india have recently been crumbling in ICC knockouts. No shame in wanting a stronger mindset. I bet aussies do that. Get a psychologist and lets improve the mental strength. fielding coach - jonty, or kaif. Need better ground fielding. Head coach - ganguly would be great. But team doesnt seem to like a headstrong coach.
  4. ThePhenomenal1

    Shreyas Iyer's whining continues.

    Nothing wrong with wanting an opportunity, at the end of the day guys like manish pandey and manoj tiwari and many others got a few games, did well and never got another game. Iyer did well, scored a few 50s in the middle order, aggressive batsman, strike rotation. And yet discarded. So should he remain quiet like tiwari and pandey or speak up? What does he have to lose? He’s not being disrespectful, not pulling anyone down. It may work for him, he’s already captain of DC.
  5. So ODI and T20? Because whats the point of kohli being test and t20 captain? He cant win a single ipl and rohit has won 5, with 4 as captain
  6. Now is the perfect time to make the changes. Or else they’ll say its too close to t20 wc to make changes. Fools like this forget the 2007 wt20 had a fresh squad and new captain. England have won the wc because they made great changes
  7. ThePhenomenal1

    ICC ODI ranking

    I can’t remember the exact timeframe but i’m sure india won a game to jump ahead of england (maybe afghanistan?), but england took back the 1st place in ranking when they beat india. So it must have been max 1 and a half weeks that india were on top.
  8. ThePhenomenal1

    ICC ODI ranking

    Not a dig at you OP but who cares about ranking, i’d rather India have won the cup and be ranked 7th. India have lost the hunger and/or method for winning ICC trophies
  9. ThePhenomenal1

    This match has brought cricket back to life in England

    England have to move on from the old people image, dont know why they hosted the final at lords. You need big atmospheres, not golf or tennis vibes.
  10. ThePhenomenal1

    Karma for New Zealand

    I'm talking about the single moments that can change a game. Like when the ball hit stokes' bat and went for 4 runs after running 2. Of course NZ played better than india on the day but india were staging a comeback and that runout was crucial. India may have still lost but NZ lucky that it wasn't given as a no ball.
  11. ThePhenomenal1

    Karma for New Zealand

    I know Dhoni is past it but in a pressure game you never know. Buttler got out when 40 odd were needed. I'm just saying luck plays a part and it favoured NZ that day, and england today.
  12. ThePhenomenal1

    Karma for New Zealand

    Also the ball dhoni was run out on was a no ball because of the number of fielders outside the circle. not saying india would have won but that left a bitter taste. Glad england won.
  13. ThePhenomenal1

    Could have been India

    Defensive play doesn’t win you a world cup. Kapil in 1983, imran in 1992, aussies 3 wc wins in a row, india 2011 they were more aggressive than idiot kohli in 2019, 2015 aussies were aggressive, 2019 england had aggressive tactics. Look at morgan giving archer the super over, where Kohli doesnt even trust shami for a semi final despite great stats. despite dumb picks like dhoni, dk and jadhav we had a good set of players and 2 wins would have seen india win it. But they had the wrong mindset
  14. ThePhenomenal1

    Team for Test Championship

    We need to introduce 5 new fast bowlers in the mix and rotate them. We cant go back to bhuvi all the time or rely on the current trio. By rotating we can keep things interesting and hopefully develop 1-2 world class pacers. We have to continue the fast bowling culture.
  15. ThePhenomenal1

    Focus should now be the T20 world cup next year

    We can't play dhawan in t20s, he struggles to rotate strike and this method hasn't worked for the last 2 t20 wcs, we always ended up replacing him with rahane in a crunch game and lost. Lets just bring in some youngsters. Rahul should open with rohit and go strong in the initial overs, play his natural game kohli at 3, pant at 4, kohli should play to hit boundaries and not just accumulate. Rana at 5, Hardik at 6, krunal at 7, and then bowlers who can bat at 8-11, with bumrah at 11.
  16. ThePhenomenal1

    Steve Waugh hits the nail on it's head.

    Only Rohit, Dhawan and Kohli have made 100s in Australia in ODIs. Pant has a test 100 as well. So they needed a middle order player who has played a clutch innings and taken india home. Pandey was that guy, he deserved a chance to fail and instead we got DK, it's shocking. Had pandey been at 4 at least he could rotate the strike and keep it ticking, not sure about his chances against swing but he's a gritty player he might have found a way and helped india recover. How could india just discard pandey after that 100 against a wc winning aussie side, that's like the biggest sign that you have a reliable middle order batsman.
  17. ThePhenomenal1

    Steve Waugh hits the nail on it's head.

    Absolutely. He finished the 5th odi in australia in 2016 when we were losing 4-0 and the previous game we failed to close from an easy position. It was clear he had guts and determination, decent technique but fight. Top fielder as well. But then wrongly added to t20s and miscast. our selectors are terrible and had pandey been backed for even 2 years im sure he would have got results.
  18. Indian cricket feels deflated since the semi-final loss. Should I now be excited for another bilateral series which will only pump up the stats of these chokers? if dhoni was dropped and rohit made captain of t20 and odi, then i’ll return. I want youth in this indian team, and terrible bowlers like bhuvi to be dropped from odis
  19. ThePhenomenal1

    Steve Waugh hits the nail on it's head.

    I was always in favour of manish pandey ever since he won india the game in australia in 2016. The guy is a gutsy player, was wrongly played in t20s and not given a fair run. He would have been good in a small run chase. Rahane is quality but prone to failure when the pressure is on.
  20. ThePhenomenal1

    Steve Waugh hits the nail on it's head.

    I will always respect the aussies for making the tough decisions. They dropped Steve Waugh who captained the 1999 wc and was a legend, before the 2003 cup. Can’t believe BCCI would do the same thing. Kohli has no guts either.
  21. ThePhenomenal1

    Ian Smith commentary in final moments

    To me that’s the greatest match i’ve ever seen. I only started watching full time from the start of that cup, but what a match. Amazing commentary.
  22. The passion has gone from kohli. Back home from the game and although australia lost, the best innings for me was Smith’s. It took a run out to remove him, and Edgbaston booed him out of the stadium. Clutch player.
  23. Must find out who decided to bat Dhoni at 7. Kohli? shastri? Dhoni himself? This has to be exposed
  24. Im at this game and let me tell you, smith has made me a fan today, when everyone else but carey failed he has stuck in and given his team a chance. And this is after a 1 year ban and booed out of the stadium, hats off.
  25. Rashid doing what chahal and kuldeep couldnt.

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