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  1. yeah, becoz I have a Killlaa attitude ....
  2. whats wrong with you budy ? why so serious ? i mostly come here for fun and kidding around with indian fellows. why are you talking about my studies into discussion ? I rarely talk about defence related issues , and only on defence related threads, where sometimes i am serious. and yes keyboard warrior is just for fun.... nothing else. so take a chill pill ....
  3. use anything you like .....
  4. If you wana stay long on any Indian forums, you need to adopt " tit for tat" policy.
  5. victim ? no no no, i dont play victim card, instead if someone try to attack me thn i will make him/her The Victim. i go with the tit for tat policy. if someone trying to troll me or abuse me thn he will face with equal troll or abuse in response. and if someone gves me the respect, i will give him/her the respect in return.
  6. IMO, we have fought 2 wars and 2 battles, so becoz of the size of the Indian army, we needed the new doctrine after 28th May 1998, to stop Indian forces advancing ( or cold start doctrine ) into pakistan territory in future conflicts. so we chose the Option ( b ) in your post. I wont go into too much tech terms, becoz i dont know the exact tech behind NASR missiles, its classified. i can only tell you whats the neutral ( non- pakistani ) defence sources/analyst said about it on different articles and reports. as far as i know in my limited knowledge, NASR warhead isnt based on pure plutonium or uranium etc, its purely based on Neutron so its contrast to strategic nuclear weapons. Its a Multi-tube Ballistic Missile , one NASR missile can carry minimum 1kt of nuke and can wipeout the area about 2 to 3 km where the opponent Army is fielded, the Neutron bomb is known for the low yield destruction, with initial maximum lethal damage but without causing any long-term damage to the land or environment. In war situation the border area/villages are already evacuated anyway. meaning, after few month, the effected area will be useful and livable again. its contrast of strategic nuclear weapons, where the area and land wont be useful or livable again for long-term/years. the radiation level of Neutron bomb will start reducing faster after the first few days/weeks of explosion ( debatable / different theories , and depending on the environment of the area, air, humidity etc ) , compared to any strategic nuclear weapons. thats all i can say on this.
  7. bhai meray, thn you should say that china own the nukes of pak and N.korea for threatening thre neighbours in first place, becoz i was using technical issues and ToT for missiles tech and you are referring to the strategic and national security issues in ur post. but its fine.
  8. uncle, mind your language.... and maybe you need some glasses not me, the post you are qouting isnt about china-india war on himalayas ....
  9. its has the range of 600 km, not 60 km. as i said in my above post that maybe we gt the help of chinese in NASR becoz of the MLRS ..... so i dont know exactly.
  10. well , i have never met any atheist in personal in pakistan, but i have met many non-pakistani atheist abroad.
  11. bhai meray, i am not govt of pakistan analyst at all, but i was in the defence studies, so you can say i am kinda defence analyst. thre are many private org or semi- govt org and think tanks where a person can serve as defence analyst... coming back to your post : as i said above, no one gt the "Death Penalty" since 1947 till this day according to the pak blasphemy law. means no one gt the hanging till this day. about salman taseer , the bodyguard who murdered him got the Death Penalty. means the bodyguard gt the hanging and he is now in his grave. he tkes the law in his hand and he got Death penalty. and about other incident where the mob justice doing all the act and take the law in there own hand. i am against the mob justice and anyone who takes the law in there own hand. the pak blasphemy law is ( kind of ) to protect from getting killed by mob. becoz its the responsibility of the Court to decide. and it can be vary by case/country/school of thoughts.
  12. off-topic , sorry to the OP. nothing is tilted towards india's favor, its the indian media narrative, not your govt or army. they knw it very well. there are various tactics to counter these SAMs / BMDs , nothing is invincible in this modern era of tech. pakistan knows the challenges .... for example: Raytheon has the solution for SAMs/BMDs etc, so i am sure many other countries also have it .... and pakistan knw India will go for the SAMs/BMDs in future .... it didnt come out of thin-Air from nowhere.... From, Dec.2010. Also, the Shaheen Series and Babur cruise missile series have many versions to counter BMD environment .....
  13. I have never seen anything like this in my childhood, so i cant say anything.
  14. It depends on the cases, it vary to cases, countries, school of thoughts in Islam ... since 1947 till this day, no single person gt the death penalty due to blashphemy law in pak.