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  1. UK hands over 7 Sea King Helicopters to Pakistan Navy
  2. they are using the left wicket for the warmup/practice matches , its short boundry from left side, almost 30m something ....
  3. still need explanation ?
  4. Pak vs BD - Warmup match The match is on left wicket so no need for any explanation.
  5. Rolling Thunder : Twin-seat JF-17B/FC-1B fighter makes first flight Congrats to PAC/CAC .....
  6. Speciality of Ramadan in Sehr Mosques from Different Parts of the World in Ramadan Free Sehri and Iftar in Different Parts of the World Sehr and Iftar Inter-Faith Iftar Parties
  7. @ 2 , 3 ,4 wives in every house ? WTH is this ? itni lambi lambi choor de aunty nay ..... I have only met A person in my whole life , who has only 2 wives ( even that for some personal medical reason ) ....
  8. Pakistan to get more Saab 2000 Erieye Aircraft
  9. Turkey Successfully Test Fires Its First Indigenous K.A.A.N Missile System
  10. India successfully test fires Agni-II Ballistic Missile
  11. in before people start bashing Islam, maybe, the lady professor have her own interpretation/understanding of Quran. whatever we know is, the slavery was allowed only for the limited period of time , becoz it was already in the culture of pre-islamic Arabia and other countries etc. Islamic teachings was always against slavery, there are many such incidents where people have to free the slave if they done any kind of sins, Islam encourages to free the slave ( muslims, christians or jews etc) whenever a muslim master commit any sin, like breaking the fast in ramadan etc etc. it was orderd to free the slave. becoz Islam wants to demolish the slavery system with the time. in this day and age , theres no culture of slavery, so its not needed. thre are many Islamic scholors says that its not needed now. its very simple thing to understand. people need to use their own brain, becoz Islam never stopped them to using it.
  12. thanks for the concern buddy ....
  13. Yes... withdraw from ICC too .... ICC will crumble down ...