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  1. as i have said before .... thats what we believe .... so what you say or believe thats not our problem ..... :)
  2. the word Allah has been mentioned in (pre-islamic) different books/languages/religions .... or in Simple words, Islam is the way of Life, and simply means, is to submit your will to Allah .... which all prophets/messengers did in the pre-islamic era ....
  3. thats what we believe .... ofcourse one or two wikipedia links cant give you the whole volumes of books and research about pre-Islamic history or his prophets/messengers/books ..... so whats you say or believe thats not our problem .....
  4. as you wish ....
  5. Islam was always thre since beginning of time .....
  6. after more thn a decade, they still need airstrikes in a Broken country, dont they have ground Intel to do Ops etc ?
  7. Former Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi announced on Friday his decision to leave the Pakistan Super League (PSL) franchise Peshawar Zalmi.
  9. The answer is Simple .... The Arrival of the Imam Mehdi and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ (PBUH) ....
  10. Off-topic- well, we have observed one minute silence for the british attacks victims .... but did france switched off the illumination of the eiffel towers today for this ? At least 200 people killed in Mosul air strikes just asking....
  11. ist confirmed ? i heard the terrorist was a british born convert.
  12. Dubai’s Burj Khalifa will be lit up with the colours of Pakistani national flag Thursday evening.
  13. ^ don't flatter yourself ..... China celebrates 70th World War II anniversary