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  2. Healing power of Shehzad .....
  4. now, dont try to be imaginative about Dhoni and Jadeja .....
  5. munnay, who taught you these kind of words at home ? dont demonstrate your upbringing here on this forum .....
  6. "thick head" case, indeed... munnay, according to FTP india have to play with pakistan, now if india dont wana play, thn , as you wish .... like i said, it was a formal request, PCB knew that India wont play with us.... so we can arrange series with other board .... so, move on....
  7. This phorum needs a Pakistani Mod, ASAP .... thre should be democrazy in the phorum ....
  8. munnay, get this in your thick head. its not difficult to understand, it was a formal request, as Malcolm said in his post. so both boards can move on. PCB knew that BCCI wont play, so we will arrange series with some other country ....
  9. munnay, you wana seal the indo-pak border, go ahead, we have no problem with it ..... so, if someone is a student/professor of defence matterst thn , he/she should have the mental age of 12 ? .... fine. seems like you have some OCD problem with chinese phatakey .... so sad....
  10. will , someone seek the death penalty bill on plants and vegetables too or not ? .....